The Seventh Date Pt. 04


Well, it’s safe to say last night was the worst nights sleep I’d had in a long time.

You never quite realize how much you’ve taken having access to your penis for granted until you have a device being the only thing blocking it from touching the backside of the woman of your dreams. I’m not too sure how she found it comfortable herself but as far as I’m aware she slept through everything, even being a tease in her sleep by grinding against me as we lay in the spooning position.

I felt like a defeated bitch but we’d decided on one week so I was going to see out the remaining days at the very least before I make a decision on continuing wearing, I’m sure I’d be able to talk her around it and give it another try later on in the relationship.

This was our first night sleeping together so I’m not too sure if she had purposely decided to wear the sexiest underwear she could find or not but my sexual fantasies were running wild but enough about that.

Being the big spoon has never really been exactly enjoyable for me as a man, the face full of hair, awkward “boners” and dead arms can get a little tedious although I had missed sharing my double sized bed with someone.

The time was 8 am before Tegan finally showed some sign of life, rolling over to face me whilst letting off a yawn and one big morning stretch, arms tensed high in the air. This was the first time I’d seen her without makeup and it was definitely worth the wait. Boy, did she look beautiful! I always told her that she would look amazing without makeup anyway but I suppose it’s more of a confidence thing, I know I feel ten times confident with a little bit of effort put into my hair and a spray or two of aftershave so I can’t say anything!

I was waiting for her to talk first but she was just looking me in the eyes with the cutest of smiles on her face as she reached in for a soft kiss.

Instead of enjoying the moment I was just worrying in case I had a bad case of morning breath, trying to breathe as little as I could just to be extra safe.

But then I started worrying about turning blue and looking like Papa Smurf so I eventually decided against that.

“Did you sleep well?” I said softly, finally breaking the silence.

She let off a quick giggle before saying “Yeah, something tells me you didn’t.. you look like you haven’t slept all week.”

“Hmm, I wonder why” I mumbled in a grumpy tone, looking down towards her chest at the key almost begging to be snatched. “It’s definitely been more difficult than I expected so far.”

“Aww, it’s only been 4 days, just think about when you haven’t been released in two or three weeks,” Tegan said in a teasing tone, winking at me as I wiped the look of pure dread from my face.

“Yeah, I don’t think we’ll be getting to that stage anytime soon” I gasped, forgetting about the whole breath thing. Her reaction didn’t really suggest that she was disgusted at all so I’d finally got the reassurance needed and forgot about it.

“But where’s the fun in that, at least give it a try first!”

“I’d like to see you not be able to touch your moo moo in a week” I exclaimed, laughing to myself at the face I’d just called her vagina such a childish thing.

“That’s because I’m the boss” She winked again, quickly changing to a strict dominant look. “And if you call my perfect pink pearl a moo moo again I’ll press it so tightly against your face smothering you until you’ve learned your lesson.”

This Maltepe Sınırsız Escort instantly made my penis twitch.

“Oh yeah, is that a threat?” I teased, knowing full well that she was definitely not joking.

“No, it’s a promise… try me.” She said bluntly, biting her lip while she looked deep into my soul, then her eyes looked down to my cock.

I decided to not call her bluff and instead rolled out of bed before she decided to mount my face. One thing I haven’t mentioned yet is the weight of the chastity. This was something I’d never really thought about before trying it out and it had definitely taken me by surprise pretty fast.

She decided to get straight into the shower and go about my new routine of using plenty soapy water and a dab of antibacterial liquid soap that Tegan had given me, making sure to get inside the device as much as possible and then making sure to dry to the best of my abilities with a swap. The first shower I’d tried using a hair dryer on a cool setting to try off but that caused chaos erection-wise!

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Tegan had made the tastiest looking breakfast for us both downstairs. Compote waffles with strawberry and peanut butter jam, better than the efforts that I’d usually go through first thing in the morning!

“So I’ve been speaking to my best friend Dani and she thinks it would be a great idea for us to maybe do something this weekend? We’ve not exactly decided on anything yet but you’ll like them. Plus they want to meet you, I’ve told them all about you!” Tegan gleefully said

I nearly choked on my food the second she said the last part.

“You’ve told them… everything?! Not literally everything, right?!” I quickly said in a horrified tone.

“Well…” she took a long pause. “Not quite everything but I can if you want me to?” Tegan responded, looking down at her food with the biggest smirk on her face.

“Yeah, uh… no! I think It’s best if you don’t!” I eagerly said, the last thing I wanted was for her best friend to find out! No doubt she probably has connections with someone from my work and I think my world would come crashing down with embarrassment if they confront me about that.

“Of course I won’t tell her, silly! I think it would be equally embarrassing for me trying to somehow explain that to her.”

I left off a big sigh of relief, getting up and washing my dish before giving Tegan a kiss on the cheek to show my appreciation for the delightful breakfast.

“We can decide tomorrow what we’ll be doing if you fancy it?” She asked me. “Anyway, I’m going to go have a shower.”

I couldn’t help myself but admire her amazingly curvacious buttocks as she climbed upstairs, her thong being smothered between her incredible cheeks.

“Damn, I’ve never seen anything like it,” I said to myself before shifting my attention to cleaning the leftovers.

Some time passed before Tegan called me upstairs.

“Yooo, what’s good?” I said to her in a cringy uncool dad tone, she hates it when I do that so I liked to be a dick every now and then

“Can I try something? I promise it won’t be bad” She said convincingly.

I was a little hesitant at first but she eventually persuaded me that it’s best kept a surprise. Instructing me to lay down on the bed I was very surprised when she decided to use pantyhose to tie me down. I’m not the strongest of guys but breaking free should be easy Maltepe Suriyeli Escort if I need to. She pulled out two more sets of pantyhose from her bag and stretched my legs out as far apart before tying them to the posts.

“Try and pull to see if it’s tight enough” She instructed.

I didn’t want to tear them and ruin the fun just yet so I gently pulled one leg and then the other, instantly noticing that the grip of the pantyhose tightened across my ankles.

“I bet you weren’t expecting that was you? the harder you pull the harder you’re going to make it for yourself, trust me they’ll just get tighter and tighter”

She knew that I would have underestimated them and loved seeing my now slightly concerned face as once again I’d been trapped in her web like a desperate insect.

Part of me now wanted to ask what she was doing but I had complete faith and trust so I just kept quiet, pulling at the restraints every now and then. It was humiliating because you feel as a man, you should be able to break free from this type of bondage really easily but it wasn’t the case.

Tegan turned around and hopped over to my computer desk, I had no idea what she was doing. When suddenly she picked up one of my lighters and candle, Instantly I knew where this was going and but no idea what to expect!

A few seconds later she’d lit the candle and looked at me with a face full of excitement. What had I got myself into this time I said to myself!

“Shhh, you’ll enjoy it! Here, let me close the curtains and make everything romantic” She said letting out a giggle, loving every second of the moment!

She put the candle down and picked up a pair of her panties, quickly stuffing them into my mouth and keeping them in place as she grabbed some tape, forcing them in for good seconds later.

“Baby, its the first time for both of us so I won’t let the candle burn for too long I promise, just enjoy it!” She said to me, I’m sure she would be calm too if the shoe was on the other foot!

Suddenly she climbed onto the bed, lowering down to her knees, hands moved over me. The touches are feather soft and sensual. Barely there, as they travel from my the palms of my hands down my arms, spread over my shoulders then move down over my chest. Coming to a stop and then suddenly squeeze and pinch my nipples. My extremely sensitive body trembled as I arch up slightly. She decided to push me back down by climbing on top and sitting over my cage. Grinding up and down until she got bored. Eventually working herself to sit inches away from my face, she lowered herself to my struggling cock. Leaning forward and backward so the key around her neck was tapping my chastity sending vibrations into my extremely sensitive penis whilst her tight ass rubbed across my face.

I let out a muffled cry, praying for her to stop as I was so aroused but frustrated at the same time when all of a sudden she did the unexpected and raised the key to the mini padlock, turning it and unlocking me.

I felt so relieved as she slowly pulled the chastity away from me and my penis finally got the chance to breathe!

“Awwww, look at how excited you are,” She said, wiping off the tiny bit of precum from the head of my penis. “Don’t get too used to it, I just didn’t want to ruin your cage.”

Tegan put the tip of my cock in her mouth and I can only describe how amazing the feeling was, I felt like I was seconds away from just exploding Maltepe İranlı Escort all over her because this was the longest I’d gone without an orgasm in years!

After ten seconds or so of sucking and using the tip of her tongue, she gave it a slap, pushing herself off the bed and diverting her attention to the candle.

“I nearly forgot to stop for a minute then” She gloated. “You would have been punished for my mistake, that wouldn’t be fun!” taunting with her tongue.

Taking a look directly down at the flame she decided that enough wax had melted and that it was time. Slowly walking over to me with the candle in one hand purely building up the anticipation.

“Ooh, one last thing!” Tegan said, quickly turning around putting it back down, returning to her bag once more and pulling out a rag before tightly blindfolding me. Great, as if the anticipation wasn’t already enough!

Time started to pass really slowly as I was just waiting for the unknown, was it going to directly burn? Would the pain last for long? Was she actually going to pour wax on my cock?! I pulled for one last time against my restraints for some reason, causing them to strangle my wrists, digging into my flesh to the point that it hurt. When suddenly something I realized that was the least of my worries.

It started off down my chest, just tiny drops here and there working in patterns slowly but surely working its way down to my cock, the burning wasn’t as intense as I’d imagined it. It actually felt good, the sensation was awkward but not painful although the splatters of wax were increasingly building up around my cock to the point I’d let out a few panicky noises before she ran her hand through telling me to relax.

I could feel the wax running down the sides of my chest until it would suddenly dry up and stick to my goosebump covered skin. I wanted to itch so bad at this point but just couldn’t.

After ten minutes or so I heard Tegan blow and then the smell of smoke, I finally felt at ease.

“See baby, that wasn’t so bad was it?” She said.

“mmmm hmhhmmmh mmhphrrr” I responded, mouth still gagged tightly.

“What was that? you want me to sit on your face again while I clean you up?” She teased before suddenly I felt the weight of her pushing down on me again. Not being able to lick a pussy directly above your mouth is incredibly painful I soon found out! I still couldn’t see anything so It came as a shock when I felt an extremely cold wet wipe being dragged across my chest as she wiped off the dried up wax. Going from hot to cold isn’t the most pleasant feeling that’s for sure!

“Now that we’ve cleaned you up, let’s get this little man back where he belongs”

“Mmhmhmhm phhhmmm mmmhm”

“I knew you’d agree!” She said, knowing full well that I was actually saying the opposite!

Suddenly the freedom was being taken away again as she held a fresh wet wipe around my cock forcing it to go flaccid before stuffing it back into the chastity cage.

After that, she ripped the tape from my mouth, pulled the panties out and then sat back down.

“I’m going to watch some TV now, you know exactly what to do” She instructed.

“But I’m already so horny and let you have your fun with me, I just need to cum!” I begged until she sat full weight muffling my mouth again.

“Oh yeah that reminds me actually because I took your cage off your week restarts from now,” She said in an innocent voice before laughing. “And if you say a word I’ll double it, okay?”

I remained silent, working my tongue on both holes.

Now I’m a big fan of the first ‘The Hangover’ movie but after staying underneath her horny, frustrated & with my cock in pain for the entire movie, I won’t be watching it again for a while.