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THE SEDUCTION OF STEVENI have always been bi-curious but never did anything about it! I was 24 and my first wife had just left me to go back home to momma again! It was a weekend saturday night and my buddy Steve had called do I want to hang out and have a few beers? I said “sure why not!” He came over with a couple of six packs and after a few we were hanging out in the kitchen just bullshitting at the table and he began to complain about his back how it was stiff and killing him! I told him I could give a back massage if he wanted no big deal I did it all the time for her why not him? ” What the hell” he said I’d sure appreciate it so we went into the bedroom I told him to take off his clothes and istanbul escort relax and to my surprise he did I thought he would balk at being semi-nude with me but no he shucked those clothes like they had lice or something! HMMM I thought maybe he could be up for something more than a massage! So I took off my clothes too and got on top of him in my underwear I began massaging his neck rubbing the knots out of his shoulders and upper back I got some lotion and warmed it up in my palms rubbing it into his tired muscles I worked my way down his back till I got to his ass then he kept rising up when I tried to do them! I happen to look when avcılar escort he rose up and there was a hard on in those briefs so I grabbed it and he flipped over I quickly pulled down his underwear and got his cock into my mouth! He gasped and said “Why didn’t you tell me?” “I’m telling you now!” I said and went back to work on his pecker which was about to pop its cork I kept bobbing on his knob and he exploded in my mouth loads of spunk hit the back of my throat and I swallowed it all! When he finished I rose up and smiled “Guess you liked that?” He just shook his head in amazement so I grabbed it again and said ” Ready for round two? My ass has never been fucked before şirinevler escort want to give it a go?” He got hard again so fast I had to laugh! I seductively stripped off my underwear got some lotion lubed up my ass crack and lay on my belly with my hips tilted up! He didn’t have to ask what to do next as he whipped off his own underwear and mounted me his cock found my rosebud and slid into me too fast I gasped and moaned as his cock ravaged my virgin ass I reached down between my own legs and grabbed my own cock stroking myself as he pounded me! His hips beat a tatoo on my ass cheeks and I was howling as he came deep inside me his cock jumping around spraying cum randomly all around the inside of me and I brought myself to orgasm just as he finished! We lay there spent for awhile laughing and talking we had a few more beers and fell asleep together there was plenty of time for more sex… now we just needed to be together! It was beautiful it was real sometimes I think about him and when I do I smile!