The Sea Captain’s Wife


It was a familiar ritual for women whose husbands made their living on the sea. Constance stood on the balcony outside her bed chamber looking out over the bay for a glimpse of the tall masts of Jacob’s ship as it came into harbor, hoping that he would either make port ahead of the gale or that he would be waiting offshore for the storm to pass. Many a widow was made by a foolhardy decision to race the storm in.

Even now the cold mist that was falling dampened the thin white cotton of the gown that she was wearing, causing it to cling to her full breasts. The cold, coupled with the constant breeze immediately causing her nipples to harden. She stood in the face of Poseidon’s tempest boldly, nearly as naked as she could as she longed to see the ship making its final turn toward home. If it took her baring herself shamelessly before the sea god to bring her lover back to her bed, so be it.

Flashes of lightning briefly lit up the darkened sky, but none offered her the view she desired. Wantonly, Constance began to caress herself. canlı bahis Just having reached her twenty-fifth year she was a woman with strong needs and because of Jacob’s long absences, she was used to fulfilling those desires on her own. Perhaps, she decided, doing so before the lord of the deep would earn her the favor she desired most.

The rage of Poseidon grew more intense as she continued caressing her bosom. Slowly she lifted the gown around her slender waist revealing more and more of her thighs to his gaze. Constance removed the underlinens she had been wearing and tossed them into the wind. She stood with one foot up on the lowest railing allowing a full view of her most intimate parts as she parted her crevice and began caressing herself.

It was then that she felt his arms surround her body. Constance surrendered to his embrace, thankful that her pleadings had been answered. Although she had not heard him come in, he was home.

Strong, rough hands ripped open the gown as he reclaimed her body. Jacob was taunting the bahis siteleri sea god as he displayed his wife’s firm breasts and his possession of them. Slowly he teased her erect nipples, daring Poseidon to object. Constance felt herself on the verge of rapture under the skillful manipulations. It would take but the slightest touch of Jacob’s hand on the Gulf of Venus to send her over the edge.

She felt herself collapse into his arms as the waves of orgasm broke throughout her body. The fierceness of the storm intensified as all the fury of Poseidon’s rage lashed out around them. She leaned forward, bracing herself against the top rail as she readied herself to be fully reclaimed by her lover. Lightning flashed through her as her husband thrust his rigid mast deep inside her body again and again until he had fully pierced her clam. There was no tenderness, only raw desire, as he thrust repeatedly into her body.

Wave after wave broke through Constance’s body as she was taken by the one and only man to ever search her treasure box. bahis şirketleri Jacob seemed to know no limits as he ravished her young body, bringing her to climax multiple times yet not reaching the release he too needed.

She knew what he was craving and at last she decided to surrender the last treasure she had kept for a special occasion. Jacob moistened his fingers inside her mound and started to massage her back entrance. Constance screamed as his full girth entered her forbidden passage. Her lover worked himself deeper inside with each powerful thrust until he was fully engulfed. She worked herself feverishly toward a final release as her husband built towards his own. At last she felt his warm seed as it erupted deep inside her body.

He took her limp yet quivering body in his arms and carried her off to their marital bed.

Constance woke the next morning to an empty bed. Perplexed she walked to the window to look out over the harbor. All the docking berths were empty. As she looked down the bay she could faintly make out the outline of his ship as it rounded the far point and made the turn for home. As she looked out she came to the awareness that her final threads of innocence had been taken by Poseidon as the price for Jacob’s safe return.