The Scandalous Stewardess 4


The Scandalous Stewardess 4″The Scandalous Stewardess”Chapter 4When Davie didn’t appear in the dining room at lunch time, Peter Knight was seized with a strange feeling of apprehension, although hetold himself it was probably unwarranted. The sexy blonde stewardesswas also conspicuously absent, however, and a casual inquiry to Benny,his maitre d’, informed him that Miss Byers had requested a picnic lunchfor two. He decided to go in search of Davie. He just didn’t feelright about his guileless daughter spending too much time with the older”Friend,” who was not to be trusted, in his opinion.He walked down to the beach and shielded his eyes against the invading rays of light, looking to infinity in hotly directions. Nosign of Davie or the sensual blonde. He went to the woman’s bungalowand knocked politely. No answer. He tried the door, found it unlockedand went in. The room had been made up and was noticeably void ofoccupants. He left the bungalow and walked to the house. Again, noone. For some reason, his concern was mounting. He tried to tellhimself that he was being an over protective old fuddy duddy, but thetension in his stomach grew. Finally he climbed in the Porsche andheaded along one of the narrow dirt roads that paralleled the ribbon ofwhite beach. He stopped periodically, idling the Porsche and walkingthrough the low foliage on the dunes to scan the shimmering sand. Wherethe hell was Davie?He was just about to climb hack into the Porsche and head back inthe other direction when he caught sight of some movement in the bushesabout 500 feet away. A female stood up–God! It was Trish Byers, nakedas September Morn!Instinctively, he squatted down and tried to hide himself until shehad resumed her supine position on the beach. She hadn’t seen him. Christ!–that broad. He was certain Davie must he with her . . . lyingunder the sun with that scheming sexpot. Was she naked as well? Hebroke out in a sweat, remembering Davie’s candid admission of the nightbefore: “Slumber parties. I didn’t want to go when I found out what wasgoing on–what was expected of me. But they gave me a really hardtime. Called me names and made fun of me. So I . . . I finally had togo along . . .”No! Not my Davie! Not my precious little girl!He turned off the ignition and left the Porsche in the middle ofthe road. Then he walked stealthily to the cluster of foliage behindthe spot where Trish Byers had gone to the bathroom. It was a shallowdepression in the verdant dune. A dark, wet island in the alabastersand and a crumpled wet tissue provided confirmation. He avoided thoseand crept silently to the elevated ledge of the dune.What he saw blew his mind completely and made his eyes pop and hisjaw drop and his cock swell to hardness inside his crisp, tailoredslacks! Davie was there, all right! His beautiful daughter was lyingon her back on a bright striped beach towel and was totally naked! Herlong, slim legs were spread apart and her arms were outstretched and hereyes were closed. Her incredibly beautiful young breasts stood uprightfrom her chest, the rosy little nipples like delicate raspberries. Hedrank in the beauty of his daughter’s flat abdomen and smooth, suppleyoung thighs, marveling at the perfection of her body.Next to her knelt the stewardess, her woman’s body another marvelof enticing feminine pulchritude. Goddamn! She was the sexiest thinghe had ever seen, he had to admit. Big jugs, perfect mounds of edibleflesh whose nipples were large and hard as pencil erasers. Her hipswere high and angular, flaring just below her slim waist, and the darkblonde pubic hair at the base of her smoothly rounded stomach glistenedwith reflected light from the sun as it was trapped in the dewy drops ofperspiration that clung to the furry growth.There was a salacious smile on the blonde’s sophisticated face asshe poured a dark oil into her hand and leaned over Davie. No! Shewasn’t going to put it on h s daughter’s tender, naked body!Oh, yes she was! And she did–beginning with the c***d’s lovely young throat and working her way across Davie’s shapely shoulders anddown her arms. There was something too goddamned seductive about theway she was doing it–much too seductive. He wanted to shout at her, toget up and show himself and tell her to get lost. But he couldn’t. Hiseyes were riveted to the scene that was enfolding below him. And hiscock was rock hard; confronting them now was out of the question.He noticed an empty wine bottle next to a large straw hat. Damnthe bitch–she’s gotten Davie high! He knew all too well how fast winegoes to the head on a hot afternoon!Davie stretched her body languorously, a controlled reaction to hedisturbing sensations of pleasure that were coursing through her body. Despite a feeling that she was getting into something she shouldn’tallow to happen, she couldn’t help becoming excited by her olderfriend’s tender application of warm oil on her body. She felt a littledizzy from the wine, and from the relentless sun. But it was sowonderful to lie here and feel those gentle, knowledgeable hands on herflesh. Trish was a wonderful friend, and so understanding . . . Talking to her was like talking to a ther****t; she made no judgments,raised no eyebrows . . .not even when Davie confessed what had happenedat those slumber parties. Every kind of lovemaking is beautiful, Trishhad said, though there’s nothing like a man. But pleasure is pleasure,and why (deny your body any of the wonderful experiences that arepossible between two people . . .?Lying under the island sun, so far away from the izmir escort dreary and depressing life in New York City, Davie had to concede that what Trish said was probably right.The lustful blonde’s blue eyes widened as she placed her oil-ladenpalm on Davie’s blossoming breasts and began to caress the tender fleshin slow, thoughtful circles. Her lips curled into a self-satisfiedsmile as the young nipples swelled to hardness under her ministrations. She used both her hands to massage the firm mounds of sensitive flesh,feeling her own cunt secreting the liquid of her desire in increasingflow. Trish was almost trembling from pent-up arousal as she continuedstroking and massaging Davie’s breasts gently, slowly . . . ever sogently and ever so slowly. She had promised herself that she would nottouch the teenager–today–but Davie’s accounting of her lesbian”slumber parties” was more than she could have hoped for. This k** hashad her cunt eaten before, and she’s licked a few pussies herself. But she’s never been sucked bya pro like Trish Byers! she said to herself. This is going to be easierthan I thought . . . God, oh God, this is going to be the sweetestlittle cunt I’ve ever had!The voluptuous blonde eased her fingers off Davie’s upthrustbreasts and poured more oil into her hands. Then she resumed hercaresses, allowing her hands to slide down and across the smooth, flatbelly and over the sloping hips and down the sides of the excited girl’sthighs and calves, pressing her fingers between each of Davie’s toes andmassaging her instep and arches.Shit! Peter Knight swore silently, the hitch really knows herstuff. She’s going to turn Davie on for sure! He agonized over thelascivious sight, wanting to interrupt and spare his lovely daughter theshameful experience of being seduced by the sex-mad stewardess. ButDavie would die of embarrassment if she knew her loving father wasspying on the two of them. That would really give her cause for shame! She just might decide she couldn’t or didn’t want to face him everagain, and he would swallow sand before he took that risk. It washorrifying, but he had no choice other than to lie low and pray to Godhe could get out of there without being discovered. But as for theblonde pervert–he’d fix her ass, all right!Trish’s hands were moving slowly up the dark-haired teenager’s barelegs now and Davie’s flesh shone with the generous coating of sun tanoil the stewie had applied.”Doesn’t it feel great, Davie?” she whispered to he naked teen. Her voice was ragged with sexual excitement.”Yes . . . oh, yessss,” Davie answered quietly. She squirmed onthe towel a bit, so that her thighs were even further apart. I know aman’s hands would feel better, but, whatdya gonna do?” she said withfeigned lightness. “There ain’t nobody here but us chicks!”Davie managed a weak smile.The clever batch! Knight said to himself. She’s not only out to seduce Davie, she wants to turn her onto men, too! I’ll cut her titsoff! Despite his anger and revulsion, he was becoming increasinglyturned on himself, and it was all he could do to keep his own hand awayfrom his aching cock. He couldn’t understand it–ever since Davie hadarrived he had found himself giving in to the a****l in him, a lustingb**st he had had, of necessity, to keep in a cage. Now the b**st wasroaring from its cave, and louder all the time. That Trish has got tobe the hottest fuck around, he was thinking as she bent over hisdaughter and let her skillful hands roam wantonly on the young girl’sflesh. I’ll cut her tits off . . . but maybe I’ll get a taste of themfirst!The blonde was poised over Knight’s daughter now, her face dangerously close to the sixteen year old’s; her puffy, globular breastsonly inches from the upthrust schoolgirl’s. Wordlessly, she reached forDavie’s hand and placed it on one of her fleshy, hanging mounds. Davie’s eyes flew open momentarily and she found herself looking up intothe smiling lips of the stewardess. “Don’t worry, honey,” the blondevamp reassured her, “There’s nothing wrong with it. I just want to makeyou feel good. That’s what friends are for . . .”She was unable to control herself any longer, so great was herdesirefor the tender pussy of her young initiate. Her own cunt wassoaked with the juices of her lust. This was the moment she had sopatiently waited for!She leaned further towards tile young girl and touched her lips toDavie’s half-open mouth, letting her pointed pink tongue flick acrossthe warm softness. Davie moaned softly, knowing she shouldn’t acceptthe other woman’s mouth, but she was too filled with needs of her own toprotest. The sun, the wine, the sexy photographs of the guy who lookedlike Randy and the frank conversation with Trish had all conspired torelease her inhibitions and set her longing for experiences she had longhad secret fantasies about. At that moment, she just wanted to cum . … to feel that feeling like no other sensation in the world. And theperverted aspect of he association with a woman who was eleven yearsolder than she stoked the fires of her confused desire. She didn’t carewhether it was wrong or not; she just wanted to keep feeling thewonderful sensations that surged throughout her body.Her arm came up, encircling Trish’s neck. Peter Knight nearly fainted. The blonde’s tongue began to work insanely inside Davie’smouth as she let her hand slide down the aroused girl’s body until itcame to rest on the down pubic mound. She entwined her lacqueredfingertips in the soft, dark hair and began to tickle the flesh beneathit. Davie’s thighs parted izmir escort bayan further, giving the blonde seductress tacitpermission to continue her manual exploration. Which she did.She parted the soft, wet labia and pressed a long finger gentlyinto the sticky cuntal crevice, causing Davie’s clitoris to throb sohard that Trish could feel the little pulse, like the heartbeat of afrightened bird, against her excited slit. She pressed her full-blownbreasts into Davie’s and ground them around and around, thrilling to thedelicious contact of breast on breast, and nipple against nipple. Shepushed her finger into Davie’s vagina, and the girl let out aninvoluntary gasp.But she wasn’t going to spot things for Randy. She had promisedhim a cherry, and that’s what he would get. She wanted a taste of thepie!Trash left the girl’s mouth and began to kiss the turgid, swollen areolas of her sweetly tender breasts, evoking more gasps of excitementfrom Davie. Then she scooted away slightly and threw her leg overDavie’s hips so that she was straddling the breathless teen. Theirpussies came in contact, and Trish began to rock back and forth, her owncunt a volcano of desire. She let out a few moans of her own, but shewas bent on sucking that luscious little slit and not even the fierysensations produced by pussy-to-pussy contact could stay her from herintended task. She could wait no longer.Sliding backwards along Davie’s thighs, she bent down over thegirl’s oil-and-sweat slickened body and flicked her tongue into thesmall crater of flesh that punctuated her abdomen. The dark-hairedbeauty gasped.”What a lovely little navel you have, Davie!” Trish said between pants. “Tasty. Very tasty.”The young girl’s hips began to undulate more freely on the towel. Soooo nice . . . Oh, how good it feels. So what if it’s wrong? . . .and maybe it isn’t alter all. It just feels sooooo good. I can’t stopit . . . I need to cum so much . . . Davie was dazedly thinking.Peter Knight had some pretty dazed thoughts of his own. Oh, Davie,my dearest darling girl . . . what’s happening to you? Why are youletting it happen, sweetheart? It’s wrong, what she’s doing to you. You shouldn’t let a woman do that to your beautiful little body–that’sa man’s job . . .He was suddenly brought up short, realizing what he had justthought. Good God, he was mentally advocating sexual relations betweenhis beloved daughter and a man! He didn’t mean that. He couldn’t meanthat. She was too young. It was too soon for her to know the pleasurea man could give her. Yet, she knew what pleasure a woman could bring. Wasn’t that worse? Yes, that was perverted! Did he really want Davieto continue her sexual experimentation with the opposite sex, though? Hell, no! So what was she supposed to do . . . nothing? It was alittle late for that.Peter Knight was racked with confusion and torment–much of itcoming from his gonads. He couldn’t deny that he was excited beyondbelief by the obscene spectacle between these two outstanding females,both with incredible bodies. But one of them was his own daughter. Ifhe had a shred of decency, he would turn away from the sight . . . hell,he would have gone out the way he came in; like a guerrilla scout inenemy territory–very, very quietly, and very, very fast! But hecouldn’t not look. He had to watch, though he had a case of lover’snuts that would break the Guinness Book of Records!Trish’s head hovered over the young girl’s silky pubic mound andher hot breath fanned the glistening curls that framed the rosy lips ofthe teenage cunt. Her hands followed, moving from Davie’s breasts downher belly and coming to rest on her marble flanks. She used her thumbsto gently part the trembling cunt lips, exposing Davie’s clitoral buttonto her wanton gaze. “What a beautiful little pussy you have, honey. Oh, what a darling cunt!” Trish enthused, pausing for a moment to peerinto the delicate folds of tissue she hungered for. It was sweettorment, this delay. But she was suddenly seized with unabridged desireand, without further ceremony, buried her face into Davie’s succulentcunt and began to plant fervent kisses on the delicious flesh. Hertongue was a hot poker as she squirmed lower on the sand to positionherself most effectively for the sucking feast she had begun.Trish’s tongue came in contact with the moist, hot clitoral bud andshe began to circle it tauntingly. In a reflex movement, her breathescaping from between her teeth and her body consumed with ragingdesire, Davie reached for the stewie’s head and entwined her fingers inthe blonde tresses of her wanton seductress. Trish let her hands slideupward again over the soft belly to Davie’s firm breasts, cupping andsqueezing them greedily while she continued her oral assault on theyoung girl’s nether parts with her mouth and tongue.”If Daddy could see her now!” Trish mused inwardly as she relishedthe taste of Davie Knight’s young cunt. She derived a spitefulsatisfaction from her prurient act, as well as a deeply pleasurableone. Peter Knight was the one man she hadn’t been able to fuck–asyet. He had to play hard-to-get, with his formal, untouchable demeanor,as though his cock was too good for the average woman. Most likely, itwas! But she was no average woman! And she intended to make damnedsure he found that out! Before she got through with him, he’d bebegging to tuck her pussy . . .She took Davie’s throbbing clit between her teeth and nipped it gently while she ran her tongue around the heated little orb inconcentric circles. Davie cried out and tightened her grip escort izmir on theblonde’s head as she writhed and bucked on the beach towel from thewaves of agonizing pleasure being transmitted through her flesh. Herhead was flailing from side to side in total abandonment to the obsceneact of tongue-fucking that was being perpetrated on her by the sexy,older woman.Trish opened her mouth still wider, moving her tongue downwardalong the smooth furrow of the teen’s slippery slit, wanting to devourDavie’s pussy; wanting to swallow it whole. She began to tongue fuckher then, reaching as far into the secret hole of Davie’s maiden vaginaas she could, delighting in the whimpering mewls of pleasure she wasevoking in the willing girl. If this was any indication of Davie’scapacity for turning on–and it certainly was–Randy would have smoothsailing right up into her little channel! Really–there would be plentyto go around for both of them!Davie writhed and moaned from the incessant lickings and probings into her moist, hot depths. The passion was mounting in her steadily,and she knew she was very close to orgasm, very close to cumming righton her friend’s mouth! Maybe it was “dirty” . . . but it sure feltincredibly good.She was straining and twisting on the towel and she couldn’t keep herself from verbalizing her desires. “Ohh, ooooh, Trish, you’redriving me crazy. It feels so good, so exciting when you lick me thatway. Suck it . . . ohhhh suck iiiiittttt . . .”And the stewardess obliged, her tongue becoming a slimy piston asit drove in and out of the teen’s hot, clasping vagina. Davie was morethan she had expected–much more! She was so hot herself that shecouldn’t keep her fingers out of her own cunt, and she substituted thethumb of one hand for the thumb and forefinger of the other to keepDavie’s cunt lips apart while she reached down and made digital contactwith her own fiery pussy, stroking her clit very rapidly, the heat ofimpending orgasm roaring like an inferno through her flesh as shedesperately sought her own release.It wouldn’t be long now, for either of them.And Peter Knight knew that, as he continued to watch the entire erotic display from his sheltered hiding place among the dense, bushy growth. His balls were close to bursting. The pain was excruciating. Never in his life had he seen anything to equal the excitement generatedby those two beautiful women on the beach. Yes–two women. For he knewhe couldn’t pretend Davie was a little girl any longer. She was veryyoung, yes. But she had a woman’s body and a woman’s sexual responses. How could he bear to have her live with him as his little girl when hewas witnessing her as a young and desirable–and desired–woman? Daughter or not, a female, particularly one like Davie, would drive himout of his mind. That was a thing he couldn’t cope with. Thealternative to a filial relationship with Davie was too unnatural toeven consider for a moment. And yet, he a ready had considered it, inhis fantasies. Oh God, why did she have to come to French Leave atall! It might have been better for both of them if she had simplystayed in New York . . .His pretty daughter’s cries of a****l pleasure were becoming louderand louder as the young woman continued to swirl and flick her tonguearound the velvet depths of Davie’s pulsating vagina. Her firm buttocksjerked and spasmed beneath the plunging tongue of the expert cuntsucker. She was going to cum soon; the feeling was building andbuilding . . .Trish, her own brain a bubbling cauldron of lust, flailed herfinger faster and faster against her throbbing clitoris as shefeverishly plunged her tongue in and out of her young friend’s pussy. Davie writhed and squirmed beneath the insane licking and sucking untilshe thought she would scream from sheer ecstasy. Every muscle in herbody was tensed, and her long, sable-colored hair swept the towel as sheflailed her head wildly from side to side. She ground her crotch upinto the blonde’s lusting face as the waves of rapture began to rise,then gather, then crest until . . .”Oooooh . . . oooooohhhh . . . I’m . . . c uuuuu mmmm iiiii nnnng!”she shouted through the hoarse gasps of pleasure. She broke out ingoosebumps and rocked crazily on the beachtowel, her whole body a massof frayed electric cords that sent sizzling surges of ecstasy throughher. She drew the blonde head into her loins with all her might. Hercunt juices inundated the stewie’s face and tongue, flowing down alongthe crease of Davie’s trembling buttocks and pooling beneath her rectumon the towel. Again and again she screamed out her delirium, and againand again the invading tongue and lips brought her continued thrills. Asecond later, Trish was screaming out her own orgasm and undulating onthe fine-grained sand, creating a human foxhole with her voluptuous,climaxing body. Her oscillating finger sent wave after wave of orgasmicpleasure through her body.Peter Knight breathed into his hand to stifle the sound of his ownheated breathing, though the two climaxing females on the beach belowwere hardly alert to sounds other than each other’s cries. He feltheartsick at what he had witnessed, but it was also the most unbearablyexciting spectacle he had ever witnessed. He suddenly remembered howFrancine had liked for him to go down on her. It was the one thingsexual she did like, the bitch. And it was the one thing Davie and hermother had in common, he thought ruefully. Then the devil voice spokeagain in his head: “Shrewd observation, Dr. Watson. Now, what are yougoing to do about it? . . .”He forced himself to lie perfectly quiet until the girls dashed tothe water for a swim. Then he backed down the dune and headed for thePorshe, his mind a blur and his balls a bloated bag of thwarted desirethat screamed for merciful release.