The Samantha Conners Beginning

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The Samantha Conners BeginningI met Samantha Conners while I was attending a formal function at the University of Michigan. It was a catered awards ceremony that featured a limited pay bar, but a bar nonetheless. If you’ve ever attended any formal function that requires a suit and tie and involves a plethora of educated know it all’s then you understand the NEED for some kind of alcohol to be involved!Anyhow, I made my first trip to the bar to purchase a bottle of wine for my table because they were all strangers to me and desperately needed something to loosen them up. I had never had to sit with such an uptight group of people with zero personality and figured some drinks would do the trick. That bottle disappeared in the blink of an eye and suddenly the table began to lighten up. Off I went for a second, and then third bottle of wine and after about 30 minutes our table was the loudest in the room with laughter and conversation. Drinks always work to get people to just open up!By now, others at our table are buying bottles for the group so I decide to get myself a shot of Jack because…. WHY NOT? As I’m standing at the bar awaiting for my shot to be poured, I hear a voice from over my shoulder say, “Damn I wish I was at that table. They are having a riot!” I turn to see this GORGEOUS brunette wearing a tight red dress that showcase her, shall we say, God given gifts of breasts along with the most sexy shade of red lipstick to show off her beautiful dick sucking lips!! QUICKLY I turned back towards the bar because I was NOT expecting to see what I clearly thought should be a mainstream porn star standing behind me at this sort of function!! I nervously and laughingly respond with “Yeah that’s what 5 bottles of wine looks like with a group of stiffs.” and proceed to tell the bartender sakarya escort that her drink is on my tab.As she steps up next to me at the bar and says “You didn’t have to do that! Thank You so much… I’m Samantha.” and reaches out her hand. I quickly shake her hand and respond “Hello Samantha… I’m Simon. It’s really nice to meet you. Enjoy your evening.” and immediately turn and walk back to my table. As I sit down, my view is directly towards the bar and I can see Samantha looking over at me with a sort of subtle “did he just walk away from ME?!” look on her face. I knew at that point that I had her attention but I was still VERY shocked at this unbelievable sexy Goddess that was at this nerdy function! Honestly, I walked away because I’m not that “dime a dozen” cookie cutter guy that believes I’m every woman’s gift from God… I’m extremely humble when it comes to women and am not a fan of making a fool of myself by believing I can get any woman. However, I was certain I had her attention and was interested to see how this may unfold. I’m humble until I know a woman is interested… then I start the hunt :)As the speeches kicked off and recognition’s were given, I could see Samantha at her table. She sat 3 tables closer to the stage than I did as they placed (for some unknown reason) those who were to be recognized towards the back of the hall. I guess to prolong the ovation as each of us approached the stage to be recognized because they each needed their moment in the spotlight to last as long as possible but I digress. Her right shoulder side was towards me so it was very noticeable when she would look back at me. We locked eyes a few times and shared smiles much like middle school k**s do when they like someone. Soon the speeches and yammering of the talking heads came escort sakarya to an end and I had a feeling of what was going to happen next…. Samantha was going to set herself up to end up with my cock in her mouth.See, if a person uses common sense and reads body language, you, male or female (or however you identify, you get the fucking point!) can quickly know if you have an Alpha (Dominate go getter), a Foxtrot (Fake – all talk), a Sierra (Submissive to everything), a Tango (Toy to be used), a Whiskey (Whore for ATTENTION) or a Zulu (Nothing). I could tell that Samantha was certainly an Alpha but I was trying to figure out which kind of Alpha she was. Then she showed her hand. She magically had a friend at her table who happen to know someone at my table and they both came over to say hello so she could be introduced. I think her eyes stopped looking at me for the duration of the handshake of the introduction and that was about it. “So you’re an Alpha Tango I see.” went through my mind because a true Alpha would have came over on their own to secure their prey.She made her way around the table and bumped my shoulder and saying she’d like to buy my next drink. We went to the bar to get that drink and chatted some small talk on the way. We ordered two shots of Jack and downed them together and laughed as she ordered another round. We downed those and I said “Now I owe you a shot” and she looked over out of the corner of her eye and said “That you do but how about a little later?” with a wink and she walked back to her table. HOOKED!! She had me hooked just as I had her hooked and we both knew it.The night ends and neither of us say anything to each other as we are walking out of the hall. I hadn’t noticed before but she had arrived with a date (her boyfriend) and they were sakarya escort bayan now walking out hand in hand. I caught a glimpse of her looking at me with a smirk as she exited the hall and I thought “Man this girl is a fucking rock star!”I return to my hotel from the hall, shower and climb into bed. Needless to say Samantha is on my mind! As I turn on the television and start to relax, I get a notification on Facebook Messenger of a new message…. It’s Samantha. She doesn’t hold back. “I wanted you to just OWN me tonight.” she said. I was taken aback for a moment and asked, “So was that your boyfriend with you tonight?” She replied “Yeah but I do what I want, he’s a push over.” That was all I needed to hear to know this girl was for real! She said she wanted to see me cum. Without hesitating I turned on the video and live streamed me jerking off for her. Her response was ‘OH Shit… hang on… he’s in the room with me. Let me go in the bathroom.” She watched as I blasted a load onto a hotel towel (ALWAYS bring your own towels when you stay at a hotel lol) and she responded… “I want a load just like that in my mouth tomorrow after I finish my exam. Remember… you owe me a shot!!” I said “That I do” and gave her my room number.That next day Samantha Conners of the University of Michigan came over to my hotel and made her debut on Oral All-Stars. We spent about 2 hours fucking around and it wasn’t until our second round of fucking that she said “Grab your phone and record me taking your load!” This is why that load isn’t as thick as the loads in the videos that were to follow… this was busted nut number 4 or 5 that Samantha had milked out! Needless to say… I plan on making more future trips to Michigan to get Samantha in more videos.PLEASE… Take the time to “LIKE”, “COMMENT” and “FAVORITE” the video and each photo of Samantha Conners to show you support her and want to see even more of her!! Ego is what needs to be stroked (along with the cock!!) to keep women wanting to perform for men otherwise, what is the point?