The Reverse Massage


Tonya had finally arrived in the yet another town, transferred from her last position at the lawyer office that she once occupied in New York. She was sent here to fill the temporary position vacated when the new office president decided to slash most of the old employees. She reported to the office, only to find it closed for the day

“What a good day I’m having” she muttered.

Arriving at the airport, she had lost her luggage, missed the shuttle to the office, and got stuck paying $45.oo on a cab, all to find it closed.

She kicked the ground in front of her and looked through the glass doors. No one was around, not even the usual security guard. The office building appeared completely deserted, and that’s when she noticed the sign on the side door. It was a small note, barely noticeable from the street. It stated that the office was now closed and relocated down the street, three blocks down to be exact.

She picked up her briefcase, shrugged off the anger, and started the walk toward the new office, muttering unladylike words as she went. She passed a convenience store, a dry-cleaners, massage parlor and various other little boutiques along the way. She took mental notes of the stores she wished to visit before going back to New York.

She arrived at the new office about twenty minutes later, her feet tired and her hair frizzled due to the light breeze that blew down the narrow street. She pushed open the door and felt the cool air inside the tiny office.

“Hello, may I help you?” a soft voice echoed in her ears.

Adjusting to the lighting inside the reception area, she looked at the tiny brunette sitting behind the desk. She couldn’t have been more than twenty-two. She was a petite young girl; her hair put up in a ponytail, cascading over her shoulders. Her tiny glasses resting on her pert little nose. Tonya looked at her in admiration.

“Yes, I am Tonya St-German. I was transferred here from the New York office. I have an appointment with Mr. Charles.”

The receptionist looked down on her desk to the appointment book, and found Tonya’s name.
“Ah yes, here we go. You are a little late though. I’ll see if he’s still in his office. Please take a seat.” She picked up the phone as she filled Tonya in.

Tonya sat across from the desk, watching the petite brunette place a call to Mr. Charles. She motioned to Tonya that he would be only a few moments. Tonya examined the rest of the room. A pine wood coffee table stood in the middle of the room, surrounded by black Italian leather couches. Across the table lay strewn a few business magazines, a couple of Life magazines and one thick volume titled The Successful Career of Max.

Tonya waited patiently as Mr. Charles finished in his meeting and made his way to where she was sitting.

“Miss St-German I presume?” he said extending his hand.

She reached for his hand, standing up, and exposing a little more leg then she had anticipated. He got a very good look at her long legs before she readjusted the hem. She noticed his stare, and decided she might have to file this for future reference.

They walked back to his office, a beautifully decorated room. On the walls were priceless paintings by famous artists, various sized pieces of art on ornate bookshelves. Tonya was amazed by the fullness of the room, considering the location of the business.

“So Miss St-German, may I call you Tonya?” he asked.

“Yes, please do. St-German was my ex husbands name. I haven’t had the opportunity to change it back yet.” She smiled back at him. Mr. Charles wasn’t as old as she had expected. Maybe in his early forties, Mr. Charles was a handsome man. He had the greenest eyes she had ever seen, and his salt and pepper hair made him look very distinguished. He moved gracefully she thought, and watched as he made his way around the desk.

“Not a bad butt either,” she said under her breath.

“Please call me Tom.” He replied. “Now then, New York has informed me that you are familiar with Income Accounts. As you are aware, we are having a problem with our current accountant. The Income Tax Department has been insisting on checking our books. A quick glance into the ledgers, and I noticed some discrepancies. I called you down here to find those missing monies, and explain the results to the I.T.D.”

Tonya looked closely at Tom as he explained their situation. She shifted uncomfortably in her seat at the mention of I.T.D. She hated working in cooperation with them, but that was in New York. She thought maybe that out here it would be different.

“Well, if you don’t mind Tom, I would like to get started as soon as I am settled. I came directly from the airport, and haven’t had the chance to check in yet.” She said, motioning to her clothes.

“I understand,” he said “Come back tomorrow morning, and we’ll have an office set up for you and all the ledgers will be available to you.”

“Thank you Tom. We’ll see you in the morning then.” She stood and shook his hand, feeling the strength in his handshake.

Tom illegal bahis walked Tonya to the reception, and informed Janney, the receptionist to set up an office for Tonya for the following day. Janney mentioned she would make the necessary arrangements and welcomed Tonya to the office.

Tonya made her way to the hotel that New York had set up for her. A quick call to the office she had left twenty hours earlier, and they extended her expense account. She needed new clothes, and it would only be right if the company supplied them for her.

Leaving her briefcase in the room, she made her way back down to the lobby and approached the reception desk.

“Excuse me, but could you point me in the direction of the nearest shopping mall?” she inquired.

The lady behind the counter mentioned that two blocks up was a vast mall, covering at least two city blocks. She also said that if Tonya didn’t find what she needed in this mall, she didn’t need it. Smiling back at the woman, and thanking her, Tonya made her way out into the bright daylight.

The thoughts of her terrible beginnings to her day came crashing back to her, and again she muttered to herself. She looked forward to spending some money, one of her favorite pastimes. She found the mall. It was kind of hard to miss. It was huge, neon signs lighting the afternoon sky.

The shops were all so beautiful, with various wares for sale. Her first stop was at this chic little boutique which sold business attire for women.

Making her way around the store followed by a friendly older salesclerk, Tonya picked out three suits and proceeded to the changing rooms. Once inside, she felt comfortable again. She tried the three suits, deciding to select the first one. It was a navy blue pantsuit. The pants were casual fitting and the matching jacket was a mid-length cut.

Taking the suit up to the cashier, she pulled out her business credit card and started the process that would keep her going for the rest of the afternoon.

Her second stop was at a shoe shop. She picked up three pairs of high-heeled shoes, one black, one white, and one red. She also bought two pairs of casual shoes and a pair of running shoes. Again her expense account was being dwindled.

The final shop on her excursion was the lingerie shop. She wouldn’t use her expense account here. There was no need for the accountants back at the office to know what kind of sexy outfits she wore under her business wear.

Not knowing how long she would be in this town, she decided it would be a good idea to purchase enough under garments for a week’s worth of work. She found two sets of panties, three for the price of one. She picked up four sets of bras, for daily use.

Finally content that she had enough bras and panties for work, she looked around for sexier ensembles for the nightlife. After all, she wasn’t going to sit in her office all week.

Walking toward the back of the boutiques, she found what she was looking for. A large selection of outrageous outfits lined the walls. Tonya walked through the racks of provocative lingerie, selecting a black lace teddy, a full mesh bodysuit, and a purple satin matching bra and panties.

Tonya was about to leave the back area when she noticed the outfit she wanted to purchase. It was a hot red silk negligee. It was gorgeous! She picked out her size, held it out in front of her, turned it around a few times, and checked the price tag. She whistled as she saw it was seventy-five dollars.

She seriously thought of putting it back on the rack, then looked at it again. It had a slit on both sides up to there, and an inlay of fine lace around the chest area. Tonya was about to place it back, then thought better of it.

She made her way to the changing rooms, and found an empty one. She slowly slid the lock into place and placed her purchases on the bench behind her. She hung the negligee on the hook behind the door and proceeded to remove her business suit. She hung her black jacket under the hanging lingerie, and started to unbutton her white blouse. She felt the cool air from the air-conditioned change room on her newly exposed skin, giving her slight goosebumps.

She reached for the side zipper on her slacks, unfastening the top button as she did. She slipped off her slack, putting them carefully on the bench. She adjusted her pink panties, pulling them out of her behind. She hated when they did this, but it was a common occurrence for her.

She gently tugged at the front closure of her bra, and her ample bosom, released from their confines, fell out easily. She gently reached under her breasts, rubbing the sweat that had accumulated. She felt free and relaxed now, eyeing her naked reflection in the full-length mirror inside the small change room.

Tonya turned to face the red lingerie hanging on the door and slowly removed it from its hanger. She slipped it over her head, feeling the silky material flow easily over her shapely body. She adjusted the chest area, sneaking a few sensual touches illegal bahis siteleri as she did. The material against her naked skin felt good, and her touching her breasts brought a little moisture to her crotch.

She carefully rubbed the negligee, removing any creases and admired herself once again in the mirror. She looked at each angle, noticing that the slits went up higher than her hips. Her breasts fit perfectly into the lace, her nipples covered by the silk.

She imagined wearing this for her lover, a faceless man, for she wasn’t presently involved with anyone. He would sweep in, pick her up and put her gently on the bed. Kissing her deeply and running his hands along her body, feeling silk one moment, then bare skin, as he would find the slits.

She quickly put these thoughts out of her head as she heard the salesclerk knocking on the door.

“Is everything okay in there?” she asked softly.

Tonya responded with a crack in her voice, and told he she would be right out. Her mind was made up; she was going to spend the seventy-five dollars.

After changing back into her clothes, paying the clerk and taking her purchases back out into the fading daylight, Tonya realized how painful it was to go shopping. Her feet ached from the walking, and her back felt like it was on fire. That’s when she remembered the massage parlor up the street from the office.

She returned to the hotel room at the Carlton and dropped off her newly acquired outfits. She picked up the yellow pages in the night table and searched for the telephone number of the parlor. Finding it easily, she dialed out and waited anxiously for someone to answer at the other end.

“Hello, Madame Chia’s Massage Parlor. How may I help you?” asked a soft female voice.

“Yes, hello. What time do you close tonight? And do I need to place an appointment?” Tonya asked over the phone.

“We are open until midnight dear. And we are a drop in parlor. No appointments necessary. Anytime you wish to come in?”

“I was thinking I would probably be there in about half an hour or so.” Tonya replied.

“Very well dear, we’ll see you then.”

Tonya hung up the phone and walked into the large bathroom. She thought that a shower would be a good choice before she went over to Chia’s. The water felt revitalizing on her skin, and she debated if she should indeed go. She let the water drown away most of the stress from this morning, but her feet and back still ached.

She threw on the jumpsuit she had bought earlier with her running shoes and walked over to the massage parlor. As she drew nearer, she could see the large Chia’s sign in the front window. Behind the sign was a large black satin curtain, blocking the inside proceedings from the outside viewers.

Tonya opened the door, a small bell signaling her entrance. A small woman came out from somewhere in the back. She smiled at Tonya.

“Hello dear. Was that you who called earlier?” she asked.

Tonya simply stood there and nodded her head. She was suddenly quite aware of the nerves taking a hold of her body. Her palms were sweaty, and her knees were weak.

“No worries dear, we have several options here at Chia’s. What would you like tonight? A soft, relaxing massage? A full body intense massage? Shiatsu?” the little lady asked, taking Tonya’s hand.

“Ah…the intense sounds good. Does that include feet?” she said pointing at her aching tootsies.

“My dear, anything you wish, we can arrange.” The lady gently pulled her toward the back of the receiving area, making her way through a curtain separating the reception to the rooms beyond.

Tonya was flooded with beautiful sights. Various ladies were here, dressed in various states of undress. Some blondes, a few brunettes, even a redheaded goddess was here. Asian, Caucasian, African American. There were more than 15 girls here, and Tonya absorbed most of it.

The little lady continued. “Of course, if you prefer, we do have a few gentlemen masseuse her also. Gino? Paul? Andre? Could you come out here please?” she called behind her.

Three gentlemen came out of a tiny office toward the back of the establishment. Gino was an Italian bodybuilder, Paul was a Caucasian bartender and Andre was a French butler. Tonya eyed this delicious candy assortment in front of her, and took an instant liking to Paul, the bartender.

“I see you have made a choice. Paul, would you be so kind to show this lovely lady to one of our rooms?” the owner told the bartender.

“Certainly Chia, it would be my pleasure.”

Tonya felt herself go flush as she thought to herself,

“No really, it will be my pleasure”

Paul took Tonya’s arm and led her to the “bar” room. A large wooden bar stood against the far wall with two tables and chairs across the room. The atmosphere was that of a pub, with soft music filling Tonya’s ears as she glanced at the assortment of alcohol bottles behind the bar.

“They’re not real. Colored water, for effect” Paul mentioned, catching her looking at canlı bahis siteleri the bottles.

“Ahh.” Was all she could say.

“Now make yourself comfortable, take this robe and you can change into it. I will come back and we can get started.” He handed her a silk robe that had been hanging behind the door and walked out of the room.

Tonya looked around the room, noticing the posters of bar adverts and concert listing. No details were left out to complete the room. She continued to look around as she removed the jumpsuit and slipping into the robe. She sat at one of the tables and waited for Paul to return, her chest pounding in nervousness.

Moments later, there was a slight knock on the door and Paul poked his head in.

“Are we ready?” he asked, smiling at Tonya.

She nodded her head as he entered. He motioned her to the bar. That’s when she noticed that there was a small mat on it. This was where he was going to ask her to lie down. How charming she thought.

Indeed, he asked her to remove the robe and hop up onto the bar. She slowly let the robe slip from her shoulders. Paul let out a little laugh and she felt suddenly quite uncomfortable. Was he laughing at her she thought. But Paul put her at ease.

“First time to a massage parlor isn’t it?” he surmised.

“Yes, why?” she looked embarrassed.

“Usual we ask patrons to remove all their clothes.” He chuckled again.

Tonya noticed that she had left her bra and panties on, not sure if she was supposed to remove them. She let out a slight chuckle also, and slipped out of her bottoms as she removed her restricting bra.

Standing naked before this stranger felt weird to her, but Paul was all business, folding a towel as she made her way up onto the bar. He placed the towel under her head, and placed another towel over her bare bottom.

He started slowly, massaging her temples. She felt his warm hands touching her and instantly relaxed. She told herself how much she needed this and let herself succumb to the wonderful ministrations he was providing.

He worked her shoulders, easing the knots covering her back. She felt her troubles melt away at each caress he gave her, and when he worked his magic on her lower back, a silent sigh escaped her lips.

He was now working on her bare legs, gently rubbing the warm oil into her skin. Her legs gave in to the touch, and her muscles clenched and relaxed. She felt good, something she hadn’t experienced for some time now. His touch was warm and tender, yet strong and powerful all at the same time.

He finished massaging her back and asked her to turn over. As she did so, he carefully held the towel in front of her. As she lay down, he replaced it over her chest and pelvis area. He started working her arms. Starting at her shoulder, he worked his fingers down her arm to her hand, then to her fingers.

He seemed to be taking his time as he massaged her upper chest, and she was lost in dreamy thoughts. She could imagine him touching her like this outside of his work. She wished he would touch her breasts, which were now arching toward him, as he applied pressure to her collarbone.

He avoided her breasts altogether and proceeded to her hips. She felt disappointed, but when he pressed into her legs once more, she forgot the sadness and felt the wetness between her legs grow as he brushed her pubic area.

He continued to work his hands over her entire body, and her excitement grew. She felt his hands leave her body in one spot, only to feel them return in another area. This was nice and surprising, and she absent-mindly let a soft moan escape her lips.

She bit her lower lip when she did notice what she had done, and Paul reassured her that it was perfectly normal. His voice was soft, and it drifted her deeper into her little fantasy. She felt him breathe against her skin as he stretch across her, rubbing her entire body in one swift motion.

He stopped, and looked at her. She slowly opened her eyes and wondered if he was finished. She felt so relaxed and wished she had more time with him.

“Would you care to hear about our extra service?” he asked casually.

“What would that be?” she asked hesitantly.

“We call it manual release.” He smiled.

A look of confusion came across her face and he recognized it immediately.
“It’s what you would call female masturbation miss. No penetration, only finger stimulation.” Again he smiled.

How could he have known? Did it show? She looked at him sheepishly, then down at her crotch. No, there were no wet spots. But she did have the need for a release.

“Yes please. Oh yes.” It was almost a plea.

“Very well then,” he started “Lay back, close your eyes and I will do my best for you.”

She was anxious, but also very nervous. Here was this beautiful man that was going to play with her privates, and she was going to pay him for it. She felt his hands on her thighs and instinctively, she parted her legs. The uneasy feelings she was experiencing soon disappeared as she felt his hands rub the inside of her legs.

His fingers traced the outline of her pussy, barely touching her moist lips. A sigh filled his ears and he knew she felt a little more relaxed at the prospect of the option that was put to her.