The Pool Party

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Timmy fucked my ass hard, slipping out a few times, then back in. Brian said he was ready to cum and asked where I wanted it. I told him, I want both of them to cum in my mouth. Timmy and Brian both pulled out of me, I lay on my back as each of them stroked their cum in my mouth. I swallowed every drop.The three of us, showered and got dressed in our swimwear. Brian tied my bottoms, Timmy the top. Very erotic, having both of them tie me up.Once out by the pool, Scotty has started the bbq grill, he said he wants to have some fun too and not to be at the grill all day. Timmy and Brian vacuumed the pool, blew up the toys and mowed the grass. I was in the kitchen making dips and getting the rest of things together for the crowd. Daddy came in to see me at the counter cleaning the carrots and cucumbers before slicing them. He grabbed one of the carrots, took a bite off and slid it between my legs. I had spread my legs a bit, daddy then slid the carrot in my pussy. The coldness felt great in my hot hole. Daddy asked if I liked it and if I wanted him to continue. Stupid question. Daddy lifted me to the counter, pulled my panty to the side and fucked my hole with the carrot. Making sure, he pulled it out to suck my cum from it and back in again.One of my girlfriends walked in, seen what daddy was doing, then snuck out to the patio. She told Brian what I was doing. Brian laughed and said that daddy and I fuck around all the time and that it was ok. A few more people walked in the kitchen, some of them stayed and watched, the others went outside to mingle. Once I was having an orgasm, daddy bent down to lick me dry and my friends applauded.Daddy went to his office and told us to have a good time. I went outside, turned the music up and got me a drink. The party was going strong, when a few of the guys, lifted the girls on their shoulders for a chicken fight. The first girl who lost their top, had to get down and suck a dick, the second and so forth had to do the same.I watched while Scotty got my friend Karen. Brian got Linda and Timmy got some chick Sue. Sue lost her top by Linda. Sue got a hold of Timmy’s dick and sucked him dry in no time. Linda was next, then Karen. Some guy I don’t know came up behind me and untied my top, I laughed and turned to reach for his dick. To my surprise, he had no shorts on and his dick was hard. I got on my knees to suck his cock. His cum was nasty and I gagged. He said I was a lousy sucker. I told him, that he was in the wrong place to be judgemental. Once I got him off, his dick shribbled up alot and was very small. One of the other guys that was there, heard his rude remark and told him to get his shorts on and leave. He wasn’t very happy and started to throw things around. I yelled up to daddy to come help with this idiot.Daddy came down, he told us to call the police and çorum escort have him removed. I asked Brian if he knew who he was, Brian shook his head no, Scotty didn’t know either. Daddy asked around and no one knew him. Knowing this guy, he seen everyone come in and just fololwed. The police got to the house, daddy and Brian escorted the guy to them. The police put him in handcuffs, asked if he had a car. The guy said yes and pointed it out. Officer Ryan (really fucking HOT), ran his plates, found out he has warrants and will be taking him to jail. I had put on a cover up just in time to see Officer Ryan put him in the car. I told Brian that he is hot and I’d love to do him in the back of his car. Brian laughed at me, slapped my ass and told me that I’m a horndog in heat. We started to walk to the backyard, when Brian disappeared.Daddy and I told everyone that the idiot won’t be bothering any of us anymore, that he was going to jail. Everyone cheered and went on with playing volleyball in the nude. I think daddy was getting a hard on, seeing all the tits and dick, flopping around. I grabbed daddy’s dick and told him to join the fun. He took his shorts off and jumped in the pool. A few of the girls freaked out when they saw him.Karen and Linda went over to him and began to caress and kiss on him. Daddy backed up to the steps, where Karen and Linda bent over to suck on daddy’s cock. Some of the guys hooted and hollered as they were sharing the licking. Scotty went behind Linda and began to suck on her ass. His fingers were playing with her pussy. Karen was bent over with her fingers in her pussy, then she would put them in daddy’s mouth.One of Scotty’s friends went over to Karen, pulled her from daddy and stuck his cock in her mouth. From what I could see, he was huge. Karen was gagging on his big girth. Another girl came behind Karen and began to finger her pussy and lick her ass. 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When I walked in the house to escort çorum get something to drink, I saw daddy with two guys and a girl. Daddy was fucking one of the guys ass. I’m glad I bought the big box of condoms and layed them all around. Brian and Scotty were helping me clean up some of the mess, we found a bunch of used condoms filled with cum. Wrappers all over the place. It is rude that these people can’t pick up their used condoms, but what do you expect with a bunch of horny drunks. I was loading the dishwasher when Karen said she had to leave. I reached over to hug her, she then kissed me. Not your ordinary kiss, but her tongue in my mouth. I reached down to her tits and tugged on her nipples. I could feel myself getting wet again.Karen stepped back and left, before we got hot and heavy. Linda finished helping me with the dishes. Sue came in to help with other things. She seen daddy and Liz fucking, so she walked over to play with daddy’s balls. The other two guys were fucking each other, then working daddy’s ass in their fucking. Sue got the hint and left them alone. Scotty came in next, plopped his ass on the counter and chatted with us on how much fucking is going on.We finished in the kitchen and went back outside. There was a good song on the radio, I turned it up and began dancing. More people joined in the dancing. We were having a great time, when the police showed up. Sure enough, Officer Ryan was with them. He seen me naked and dancing. I knew he was checking me out, while he was telling me to turn the music down. He asked where my daddy was, like I was a little k**. I told him he was in the livingroom fucking some guys.Officer Ryan looked in, turned around and laughed. I could tell his cock was growing with all the tits and dicks exposed. Him and the other officer left. I told them when they get off the clock in a bit, to stop back by and have a drink or to take a swim. Officer Ryan winked at Brian, then left. I asked what that was about, Brian told me I just have to wait and see.Midnight chimed on the grandfather clock in the house. I was coming out of the bathroom when I heard the doorbell. I had just a thin coverup on when I answered the door. It was officer Ryan. He told me I was under arrest, he hand cuffed me, did a full search over my body, then led me to his car. He opened the back car door and bent me over. that’s when I heard his zipper come down. He must have had a condom on before coming to the door. He slid his dick deep in my pussy. I began to moan, then he grabbed my hair and told me to be quiet. With him saying that, he shoved his dick in harder. Once he felt that I had my fill of his dick in my pussy, he turned me around, sat me down in the backseat and made me lay back. He lifted my legs and shoved his dick in my pussy again. I was uncomfortable cause my hands were behind my back. I told him to please let my hands be free. He got up, undid my hands, then made me suck his dick. I started to pull the condom off and he stopped me. I sucked him for a minute or two, when he told me to get out of the car and put my hands on the trunk of the his car.I did just so, then he spread my legs wide, before inserting his fingers in my ass. He said that my asshole had been used once today and that I didn’t need to be stretched for him. He then put his dick in my ass. One quick push and he was in. No lube, no slow entry, just a quick shove. OMG he felt great. I was in seventh heaven now. Brian came out and asked me if I was having fun. I smiled big and said yes. I heard a lound smack and looked around. It was Brian and Scotty.Brian had slapped Officer Ryan on the ass, then he slapped Scotty’s ass. Scotty was stroking his cock as Brian whipped him. Brian got on his knees and began to suck on Scotty. Officer Ryan pulled from my ass and stuck çorum escort bayan his cock in Brian’s mouth. 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The girls were riding his face, fingering his ass, rubbing their pussy’s on his chest and arms. Sounds like we all had an awesome time. The next morning, some of the peope left and some of them stayed to finish off the beer and food. We actually had another orgy. There was about 12 people fucking in the pool area. The girls (including me) layed on the concrete while the guys, fucked each one of us. Each guy fucked our pussy’s and asses. Some of us drank the cum, some didn’t. What a waste of lucious cum. By the end of the day of swimming and fucking, everyone had left. I was cleaning up the pool and found a shit load of condoms in the filter. I vacuumed the pool, then shocked it. Timmy cleaned up the bar area and swept the concrete. Daddy, Brian and Scotty cleaned up the house. Mom was coming home tomorrow morning and things have to be perfect. the evening went on, we ordered pizza and watched some porn. The four of us fucked and fucked the rest of the night. The next morning, mom came through the front door and seen us sprawled out on the familyroom floor. All of us naked. She said good morning and that the house smelled like a fuck house. I laughed and said that we had fucked all night, til we passed out. I told her to join us if she wanted. She said no and went upstairs. I woke daddy and told him she was home and is upstairs waiting for him to fuck her ass. He jumped up to do just so.I layed back down next to Brian and Timmy. Scotty was next to Timmy in the spooning position. I fell back asleep with Timmy’s dick next to my ass and Brian’s dick next to my pussy. I’ve had so much sex in the past three days, that I feel like a whore. I kinda like that feeling. I really like the fucking I got from Officer Ryan. I also like the fucking tina and I had done together. I don’t think there was a fucking I didn’t like. I think daddy leaves next month for a week, I think another pool party is needed. This time, I will definately will invite Officer Ryan and his cop buddies.