The Physio


I’d been telling my girlfriends about this one the night before – over a few bottles of wine. Ok, maybe it was actually a lot of wine and I was definitely feeling the effects of it today. I was actually still feeling a bit drunk and high on lack of sleep. Otherwise I’m sure events would have gone differently.

So, I’d told them, somewhat indiscreetly, about this client – a cute blonde man with a trapped nerve in his lower back that was radiating pain down his right leg. On his first visit, I couldn’t help but notice his boxers gaping open granting me a view that was well worth looking at! Even flaccid, that was one big cock. I couldn’t take my eyes off it! I don’t think he realised I was looking or even that he was on display! I reckon he was in way too much pain to even think about that sort of thing.

The next few sessions I had been, somewhat unprofessionally, disappointed to find that he was wearing button-up boxers – maybe he HAD noticed me looking after all. But I could still see the outline of it through the shorts. And, working on his lower back and upper leg, I’d had plenty of opportunity to ogle.

For some reason, I couldn’t stop thinking about it, about him. I wanted to see it harden and grow. And I knew I had the power in my hands to make that happen. A couple of times, I found myself brushing quite close to it, and I swear I saw a twitch or 2 behind that fabric.

That’s what I’d been telling the girls about – my obsession with this cock. They’d had a good laugh and said all sorts of inappropriate things, which of course, were now running through my head as the man himself was taking off his jeans and shirt and lying down on my table – face down so I could start working on his back. My friends had painted all sorts of wild and interesting scenarios, all dirty as hell – it was hard to concentrate on my job while those thoughts were running through my mind, and this man was lying helpless on my table in front of me.

As my hands worked up his leg, from the foot to the upper thigh, I found myself letting them wander just a bit further than normal, right up to the top of the thigh – one hand on the outside and one hand on the soft inner thigh. So that my hand brushed against his crotch bahis firmaları as I got right into the muscle up there. He definitely jumped. And I felt a surge of power and arousal run through me. I moved my hands up to his lower back, working my way back down, sliding his shorts down slightly as my hands moved onto his firm arse – which clenched nicely in response eliciting an answering clench deep inside me.

Then it was time for him to turn over so I could work on the front. And there it was – the boxers gaping nicely to display that big cock, now slightly tumescent and even more enticing.

I licked my dry lips, unable to tear my eyes away. Cleared my throat, and got to work. But my eyes were drawn again and again and I found my hands gentling of their own accord, my moves becoming more languid than painful. And I could see his cock twitch, harden, and twitch again. My hands moved up his thigh, massaging the muscles, then moved right up his inner thigh, right up into his groin so that it was brushing up against his balls. And I watched in wonder as his cock grew even bigger. I didn’t know it was possible to be that big. Biting my lip, breathing heavily, I glanced up at his face, only to see his eyes wide open, watching me watching him.

My flushed cheeks flushed even further and I quickly dropped my eyes. But there was evidence in front of me of his arousal, his interest. So I allowed my hand to move ever so slightly over until it was alongside that hunk of man-meat. I heard him gasp, which enboldened me further and I slid my hand right onto it and gave a little squeeze. Then I dropped my head and burrowed into the gaping fabric, searching out his hot flesh with my lips and tongue. His groan was the only encouragement I needed as I drew him out through that gap and ran my tongue over his length. And boy, that was some length! It almost reached his belly button. And the girth, my goodness, it was long and fat and beautiful and I gazed in awe for a moment. Then I dropped my head again and took him in my mouth, sliding my tongue and lips over and around his head. He arched his back, let out another great big groan and I felt that power surging through me again. I could feel my panties, wet against kaçak iddaa my hot pussy, the spasm coursing right through it. And I thought to myself – I have the power, this is for me, not him – I yanked off my wet panties and simply climbed on top of him, lowering myself slowly, oh so very very slowly onto his huge, smooth, hot head. His eyes nearly popped out of his head in shock and I laughed – drunk on power, feeling sexy and hot and horny as hell.

His hands grabbed my hips to pull me down onto him and I gasped as his cock started to stretch me wide open. Never had I felt this, never have I had such a big hard cock inside me. I almost screamed with the pleasure-pain of it pushing into me, so big. Oh, and so long, I just kept sliding on and on with his cock going deeper and deeper, where nothing had ever reached before. I was so wet that it was squelching as it pushed into me and I threw my head back, crying out, overwhelmed with the sensation of being filled right up for the first time in my life.

And then it was all in me, and I paused, revelling in the sensation. I lifted myself up, just a bit and pushed back down again, hard, taking the whole length right into me and grinding my clit hard against his pelvis. I spasmed around him and he gasped again. His hands urged me up again, but this was mine to control, not his, so I took my own sweet time, circling my hips, pushing my clit against him, taking my pleasure at my own pace. Then, unexpectedly, I lifted myself right up, far up, so that his cock was right at my entrance and I bobbed up and down there, letting it stretch me wide, my pussy clenching around that smooth hot head. Then I dropped like a stone and he let out a shout of shock and pleasure – and I started to fuck him, that’s the only way to describe it. I plunged up and down, grinding my clit against him on every down stroke. His hands lifted to my boobs and I moaned out loud as his fingers found my hard little buttons. And with that, I came, spasming around him, shooting out wet like a man coming, crying out almost in agony, legs shaking unable to lift me so that I could only rock against him, helpless in the throes of the biggest orgasm of my life.

He grabbed my hips, pulled me up kaçak bahis against him and flipped me over, under him. I could see the pain on his face, from his back, and I felt a twinge of guilt. Then I stopped thinking as he started to fuck me – hard and fast and deep, deeper, as deep as he could go. And my hot, wet pussy softened and sucked him in, all the way. And now I was totally helpless under him as he plunged in and out, his muscles bulging as he held himself over me. And I could feel myself at the edge, starting to go over the edge, then suddenly his body pressed up against me and I felt a finger slide into me, alongside his cock and I screamed in surprise as I started to come, his finger pushing up against that soft spongy spot – I came and came and came, spurting liquid until he was drenched, the paper under us soaked through. and still I kept coming, absolutely helpless under him. His finger inside me, his cock still plunging in and out, his thumb, oh my god, his thumb rubbing my clit as wave after wave of screaming orgasm washed over me. I was crying and laughing and gasping. And then he removed his hand and got to work, fucking me hard and fast, taking his pleasure now, gasping and groaning – the pleasure-pain overwhelming him completely. I slid my hand under him and cupped his balls gently and he let out a moan and came, thrusting hard as he spurted and spurted and spurted into me. His body shook with the force of it, and his hips jerked and jerked, unable to stop. And all the time I was coming again too – all around him spasming and jerking as well, crying out and gripping tightly onto him with my thighs and hands. Not a thought in my head, simply pleasure.

We gradually stilled, both still twitching and spasming, and looked at each other. He grinned, his blue eyes sparkling and I grinned back like an idiot.

Then he lifted himself off me, very slowly sliding out of me – and I felt such a sense of loss, of emptiness – my pussy stretched to its very limit, now needed to be filled.

I became aware of how painfully he was lifting himself up and the guilt surged up as I quickly sat up and helped him. Both of us still grinning like fools, not a word spoken between us.

We both dressed ourselves, slowly and shakily. I opened the door for him and as he passed me (still grinning) I simply said, rather huskily: “there’ll be no charge for today’s session”. And he laughed, I giggled and he walked out the door.