The Perfect Night Ch. 02


We walked back to her apartment, too thrilled about what had just occurred to speak. We just walked along enjoying the memories that we had just made at our new, favorite restaurant. It had gotten a little colder out since we had walked to the restaurant, but that didn’t stop the warm glow that seemed to surround us on this brisk night. It was obvious on our faces as we passed beneath each street light how intensely satisfied each of us were. I had a sly smile on my face, and she looked completely smitten and couldn’t take her eyes away from my smirking face.

Walking along, it should have been obvious to both of us that we were both a little drunk…her from the champaign and me from my wine. We were both staggering a little, but to outsiders of our private moment, we just seemed like a couple walking arm in arm who had different strides. She was giggling a little, although there was no conversation to spur it on. I just kept looking around and up to the sky, as if worried that I was being followed by some cosmic force that only I could see. In the few blocks back to her apartment, we passed an older woman holding onto her purse as if it held life’s richest treasures, a boy of no more than 13 skateboarding along the sidewalk (even though it is illegal), and a few other couples. None of the other couples looked as fulfilled as we did, and whether it was noticeable to those people or not, there was no remorse in either myself or my girl as to their dispositions. Although both of us are in our thirties, we could have been taken for a teenage couple who had met at the school dance. Both of us had a radiance which was shining in the darkness, her hand tucked into my back pocket and my arm wrapped around her waist underneath her jacket. Whether or not our hands were doing anything other than resting in their current positions was oblivious to all passerby’s.

As we walked along the almost deserted street, her hand occasionally rubbing up and down my ass, and my hand massaging her waist and just under her excited breast, we knew that we were not done for the night. We strolled along, perceptively innocent and walking arm in arm, teasing each other without even thinking about it. Had this already been the greatest night of our lives? Or, per the smiles on both of our faces, had it only just begun. Just before emerging into the light of her apartment building’s entrance, we paused and faced each other again. Standing there, in the shadow of the alleyway, we again felt as if there weren’t another soul around. She made the first move, reaching her free hand into my other back pocket and pulling my pelvis into her own. Although I had not been as lucky as she was to have reached orgasm in the restaurant, my erection had subsided, knowing güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri that I was responsible for the smile on her face. Now, being pulled up against the heat and desire that had started my own passion, now brought my erection back to life.

As my erection grew against her full embrace, the head of what she liked to call Pete Junior was now feeling the wetness that had been created earlier. I realized that both my boxers and my pants had been drenched in precum, and the cold air that had been passing along this area as we walked did not help the sensation. It felt as if my hot, hard erection was pushing against a cool blast of air. My thoughts turned to the cold showers that I used to take when our first few dates ended. I had been so horny but didn’t want to act on it for a variety of reasons, so I was now feeling the coldness that I had grown to despise. As she pulled me against her, I opened my mouth and let me tongue probe inside of her mouth, moving along her teeth, her gums, and her own tongue. I felt like some demented dental student trying to impress his want-to-be girlfriend with his knowledge of her mouth.

It wasn’t long before I could feel the heat from below her waist up against my own, perhaps causing my wet spot to evaporate into the night air. Having her body next to mine, it felt as though none of the passion from the restaurant was lost. She kept my lower body pressed tightly against hers, no matter how much Pete Jr, wanted to escape from the compression holding him in place. Feeling my erection grow against her own body, knowing that her skirt was no match for what was arising, I bent forward and began to nibble on her earlobe. I knew that this was her Achilles heel, but I couldn’t help myself. If she was going to drive me this wild, I couldn’t help but return the favor. She seemed to melt in my arms as I sucked on her earlobe, and she was grabbing on for dear life to my ass through the back pockets of my pants, but I wasn’t going to let her get away that easily.

Letting my hands move down her back onto her ass, just as she was grasping my own, I pulled her even tighter against me. Pete Jr. was pushing against the fabric of my pants, straining as if with a mind of his own, to push into the source of her heat and passion. We stood there, glued against each other, just seconds away from the doorway to her apartment building, unable to break the passion that we had again ignited. Even though we were hidden by the darkness of the alleyway, it would be possible to anyone passing by to know exactly what was happening. If she had lived on Rush St., we would most likely have been arrested by now and questioned for breaking any number of laws. Luckily, she didn’t live on Rush güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri St., and it was still early enough that the Chicago PD was not out in force to catch any public displays of affection. Time stood still as we were locked in our embrace, neither of us wanting to potentially extinguish the flame that we had sparked.

I felt her hands continue to massage my ass through the pockets of my pants, and my own remained firmly on her cheeks keeping her up against me as tightly as I could. Surprisingly, she was the first to break the embrace, but instead of pulling away as her hands left my ass, she moved her hands around to the front of my kakis. She turned us both slightly, so that my back was the only thing visible to the street and sidewalk, and whispered throatily in my ear, “I want you now!” I didn’t know what to do as this was so unlike her. I just pressed my body once again into hers and kissed her deeply. As we kissed, we moved a little farther into the protective darkness of the alley so that we appeared as just a form in the shadows and darkness. Her hands moved towards my pulsing erection, but instead of stroking it from the safety of outside of my pants, her fingers moved and unzipped my fly. There I was, my pants unzipped and Pete Jr. pushing against a solitary button on my boxers, trying to force himelf free for what I hoped was coming.

Her jacket was done up, and despite my desire to undo it and take pleasure in her exposed breasts, I held back, not wanting to make her any colder than she might get anyways. She undid the button on my boxers and Pete Jr. popped out as if on a springboard. I let out a slight gasp as my head grazed upon the edge of my zipper, causing a flash of pain that only an unlucky man can know. We stood there in our embrace, our tongues exploring each others’ mouths, feeling our bodies pressed against one another. Despite the pleasure of the situation, my erection was outside of my pants, exposed to the cold air and causing her skirt to be pressed against the inside of her thighs. After a few moments, I couldn’t take any more of this icy-hot sensation, and I just wanted to feel myself inside of her. I stepped back just slightly, and reaching down underneath her skirt, I took hold of her silky underwear and pulled them down. Of course, knowing how she felt about her beautiful lingerie, I helped her step out of her panties so that they did not touch the ground. She gingerly stepped out of them and I placed them inside my pocket so that nothing would happen to them. At that moment, my precious curiosity was finally quenched when I realized she had worn her purple bra and panty set…her favorites, and her lucky underwear. I considered it my lucky underwear güvenilir bahis şirketleri after tonight too. She kissed me again, and there we stood, me with Pete Junior standing at attention mixed in the night air and intertwined in her skirt, and she with a cold breeze blowing inter her nether-regions, but neither of us wanting to break the moment. And all of this just steps away from the entranceway to her building.

We moved back a little more into the shadows, and I pushed her up against the building wall. My right hand moved down and grasped underneath her leg. Lifting it up, my left hand moved her skirt up just enough to give Pete Jr. a clear view of what he had been straining for all night. I moved forward slowly, allowing myself to enter her wet pussy, and I pushed in as far as I could.

By lifting her right leg as I did, I had come to shield any exposed view there might be from the sidewalk or the street, despite the fact that nobody would probably see us hidden there in the shadows. Nonetheless, if things got as vocal as I thought that they might, I wanted to protect her from any potential public scrutiny that might ensue. For the second time tonight, I felt as if we were glued together, and nothing that we could do would be able to break this bond, at least not until we were done here.

Pressed against the wall, I felt her body start to buck against mine, as if to escape from the cold feel of the brick against her partially clothed body. I forced myself to break the feeling that we were glued together, meeting her thrusts with my own. I felt myself attacking her flesh, wanting to get as far in as possible, and causing moans to once again escape my girl’s lips. I heard myself moan in pleasure as our rhythm continued, hearing the slapping sound as our bodies met thrust for thrust. I heard a couple passing by the entrance to the alley, and I plunged my mouth on top of hers to help quiet the sounds of our passion. As the people passed, I kept my mouth on hers, kissing her, both of us trying to moan in pleasure despite our efforts to muffl them. Our pounding bodies took on a pulsating sound as we could not only hear them slapping together, but we also heard the echo off of the alley walls. It was most definitely an intoxicating sound, hearing us both live and with a resonance delayed by just seconds.

We began to go harder and faster, the thumps of our bodies echoing throughout what seemed like the entire city. Our mouths parted and our moans became hypnotic, taking on both dull and metallic sounds from the objects in the alleyway. Then, as a cold wind blew through the alley causing us both to shiver both from cold and pleasure, we both came together, holding onto one another as we listened to our echoed screams and trying to stay warm.

We stood there, held in an embrace, our bodies intermingled and working to milk every ounce of pleasure from each other as the echoes slowly died away. We both stood there, and the glow from earlier seemed to grow and give off an even more intense radiation than has ever been felt.