The One Night Stand


Callie could hear the giggling coming from one of the cubicles as she made her way back to her office. Being the supervisor of the department she knew it was her job to re-focus her teams’ attention on the job at hand.

She paused at the cubicle, and smiling at the young women gathered there, reminded them that the project they were working on was due at the end of the week. One of the women standing there moved aside slightly and Callie saw what all the commotion was about. The ladies were sighing at the pictures in an adult women’s magazine.

Leah, her assistant said, “Look Callie, isn’t he gorgeous?” She pointed to a picture of a man sitting on a couch, apparently nude. Apparently, because there was a guitar standing on the floor between his wide spread legs. The name under the picture identified him as Dawson Stewart.

What caught Callie’s eyes though, was the fire evident in those wide, clear blue eyes. She realized she was holding her breath. Trying to sound nonchalant she smiled, “Well yes he is very handsome but he’s not really showing anything is he?” She turned to make her way back to her office but Leah caught her hand.

“Wait Callie.” Leah flipped a couple of pages and there was that same man again.

This time he was reclining on the floor on a bed of pillows. His guitar reclined next to him as if he might feel the need to suddenly break into song. This time he was completely nude except for that cowboy hat. Behind him was a roaring fire. But the hot flames of that fire didn’t burn nearly as hot as the fire evident in those hot blue eyes.

Callie’s eyes finally tore themselves from those piercing eyes to take in the rest of his body. Her gaze roamed slowly down over his broad shoulders, his massive chest, taut stomache and came to rest on his fully erect, very large cock. Callie’s breath caught in her throat and she felt her nipples tighten and her thighs clench.

Callie was no longer aware of the other women talking around her. She jerked her eyes back up to the man’s face and it was then that she noticed the knowing smile on the man’s face. Her whole body flushed. It was as if he knew just exactly what she was thinking. What she needed.

She silently admonished herself. That was an utterly rediculous thought born of working too much overtime. She smiled again at the young women squeezed into the cubicle and gently reminded them to return to their work. She hurried back to her office, closed the door and leaned back against the cool metal hoping it would help bring her temperature down. It didn’t.

A steady rain was falling as Callie walked from the subway stop to the news stand. She stood in line to buy a newspaper just as she did every day of her life. Her eyes roamed over the various magazines that were also for sale. Suddenly her eye caught the cover of that same magazine and on the cover was the very man everyone had been swooning over that afternoon at work. Dawson Stewart. She looked around before she plucked it off the rack. She paid for her purchases and slipped the magazine between the fold of the newspaper.

Callie unlocked the door to her apartment and headed straight for the bedroom. There, she threw her purse and newspaper on the bed before stripping off her clothes and stepping under the warm water of her shower. She groaned softly as the water slid down her body, feeling like a million warm fingers caressing her. She knew her nipples were hard. They’d been that way ever since she’d seen the man’s picture earlier. Cautiously she cupped her breasts and gently squeezed those ripe nipples. She gasped as she felt the jolt all the way to her core. Slowly she slid one hand down between her thighs and was not surprised to find her pussy slick and ready. She couldn’t believe she’d become so aroused simply by looking at a nude picture of a man. Men were supposed to be more turned on by the visual weren’t they? She hurriedly finished her shower and still nude climbed into her bed.

She flipped the TV on for some background noise and picked up the newspaper she’d bought on her way home. The magazine slipped out and Callie’s heart jumped in her chest when she looked into those eyes again. She threw the paper on the floor and quickly scanned the magazine cover to cover. She barely glanced at the rest of the men featured inside. All of them were younger than the man on the cover but none of them had the same intensity in their eyes. And not one of them had an erection quite as impressive as Dawson’s either. She read a few lines about him, finding out that he was indeed a singer. The guitar wasn’t just a prop. Callie closed her eyes and for a moment wondered what it would feel like to have his cock deep inside her. To have him fill her completely. Again, she looked at those eyes and that sly smile and a delicious shiver ran through her body. Sighing she flipped the light off and settled down to sleep.

Sleep however, was an elusive thing. Everytime she was on the brink of sleep, she canlı bahis saw those devilish blue eyes probing into the recesses of her mind and soul. Then it was as if he were in the room with her. Moving over her, then inside her, touching her knowingly as if he’d made love to her hundreds of times. Callie groaned in frustration.

Her breath caught in her chest, one of her hands went to caress her breasts while the other moved down to her throbbing pussy. She slipped her finger inside herself then rubbed her clit vigorously. Her breath came out in a rush and she began to pant. But after a few moments she knew her fingers weren’t going to be enough.

Callie blindly yanked the drawer on the bedside table open and her hand closed over the vibrator she kept there. Flipping the switch she slipped it into her dripping pussy while her other hand squeezed her breasts and pinched her aching nipples. Two thrusts and she came hard and long. Finally sleep overtook her.

The next morning Callie walked briskly into the building where her office was located. Outwardly she looked as calm and poised as usual. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. Despite the orgasm she’d given herself last night she’d woke this morning with her nipples hard and tingling, her pussy wet and throbbing. She smiled hello to her co-workers as she entered her office. Thankfully she sank into her chair. It was then she noticed a big pink envelope placed in the middle of her desk. She smiled. Someone had remembered today was her birthday. She opened the card and something slipped out. She picked it up. It was a ticket of some kind. She gasped when she realized it was to a concert featuring the very man who’d plagued her dreams all night long. She was going to see Dawson Stewart in person! Tonight!

She felt the dampness soak her panties.

Callie felt so out of her element that night as she sat in her front row seat. She’d had to work so late that she hadn’t had time to go home to change before the start of the concert. It was hot and humid and Callie needed some kind of relief. She had slipped into the ladies room and slipped her bra, hose and panties off and stuffed them into her bag. She also unbuttoned a few buttons on her blouse. It did feel a little better, but she still felt so out of place. So there she sat in her business suit while all around her young women were dressed in impossibly tight jeans and even tighter tops. Some with Dawson Stewart’s picture on them.

Suddenly the lights dimmed and the music started. The crowd of young women around Callie were on their feet screaming in excitement. Callie rose and stared at the dark stage. Suddenly smoke began billowing from both sides of the stage. The spotlight hit the stage and the silhouette of a man in a cowboy hat slowly emerged from under the stage. The screaming increased in volume when the man walked into the spotlight and launched into the first song of the show and Callie got her first look at Dawson Stewart, the flesh and blood man. God he was gorgeous. He was dressed in black from head to toe. His jeans just tight enough to lovingly hug his package. Knowing what those jeans were covering, Callie couldn’t seem to stop herself from staring at his crotch.

Callie was only vaguely aware of the screaming, clapping and singing going on around her. She was completely mesmerized by this charismatic entertainer. His hat was pulled down so low it was difficult to see his eyes. But she knew the fire was there. A couple of times she could have sworn Dawson glanced in her direction but dismissed the thought as wishful thinking. Then between songs he stepped away from the microphone, took a drink from a longneck sittiing on a stool behind him. Dawson stepped back to the mic and told a rather naughty joke. The audience laughed. His deep voice washed over Callie and she shivered. Suddenly he thumbed his hat away from his eyes a bit. He looked straight at Callie, smiled and gave her a wink. Then he settled the hat back into place and began another song. Callie was stunned.

Fifteen minutes later Callie was even more stunned to find herself in Dawson’s bus. She had been plucked out of the audience before the concert was over by two very large men and escorted to the bus. She assumed they worked for Dawson but all they would tell her was that Mr. Stewart wanted to meet her. She sighed deeply. She knew why she was here. And she knew that by bringing her here this way she was being given a choice. She could walk away if she wanted to. Callie had never been a one night stand before but she knew she wasn’t going to pass up this chance. And maybe, just maybe she could get this man out of her system if she fucked him enough tonight.

Callie was startled when the door to the bus opened suddenly and Dawson Stewart jumped on. He turned and locked the door then turned to Callie. He was so close all the breath left her body. He whipped the hat off his head and tossed it on the couch. Then he turned the full power bahis siteleri of his blue eyes to Callie. He smiled and Callie’s heart thumped wildly in her chest.

In a very deep voice he said, “I’m glad you stayed. Give me five minutes to shower.” He walked toward the back of the bus stripping his sweat soaked shirt as he went. The sight of his sweat slicked back sent Callie hurrying after him. She stopped in the bedroom door. He had finished with his belt and was sliding the zipper of his jeans down when he noticed Callie. He looked at her and Callie choked out, “No shower…please.”

Dawson’s blue eyes darkened like a stormy sky and he held his hand out to her. She took it and he pulled her to him so hard it knocked the breath out of her. His lips covered hers with a kiss so hot she saw stars behind her closed eyelids. His fingers tunneled through her dark hair and his breathing became choppy. Callie slipped her hands around Dawson’s neck and stroked his blonde curls. She pressed her body close and felt his straining cock hot against her tummy. She was unaware that Dawson had managed to unbutton her blouse and skirt until he put a little distance between them so he could slide them off her body. She gasped when the cool air hit her heated skin. Dawson groaned low when his gaze slid over her nude body. He stood there just taking her all in. Callie had to fight to keep from covering herself with her hands.

Looking into her eyes Dawson reached out and gently cupped her breasts. Callie closed her eyes and moaned softly. When he tweaked her hardened nipples her eyes flew up to his and she couldn’t stop the moan that escaped her lips.

Her hands slid down his chest, her fingernails slightly scraping over his flat male nipples. He closed his eyes for a bit. “Mmmmm…baby,I like that.”

He bent his head and began to tongue her breasts but he didn’t touch her nipples. Callie’s knees trembled. She couldn’t believe how badly she wanted his mouth to suck her nipples. His breath hot on her breasts he growled, “What’s your name baby?” Callie couldn’t remember her name, his tongue was getting dangerously close to one nipple. But he stopped, waiting. Finally Callie whispered, “My name is Callie.” And then she moaned loud when his tongue rasped over one nipple while his fingers pinched the other. This continued until Callie couldn’t take it anymore.

“Please Dawson…oh God, Dawson please” Callie begged. Her legs quivered and Dawson pushed her down on the bed.

“Please what baby” Dawson asked, looking into her flushed face. When Callie hesitated he took a nipple into his mouth and sucked hard. Roughly he said, “Tell me what you want Callie.”

Breathing heavily she said, “Fuck me Dawson. I want you to fuck me. Now!”

Dawson groaned deep in his throat. “Oh darlin’ I’m gonna fuck you alright. Many times and in as many different ways as I can think of.” He kissed her tummy then tongued her navel. “But first I wanna lick your pussy.” He shoved her legs farther apart and his tongue found her creamy folds. Callie glanced down and gasped at the sight of his blonde curls mingling with the darker ones covering her mound. “Damn, you taste good” he growled. Callie reached down and grabbing his hair pulled his face into her. His tongue lapped at her juices then flicked over her clit once…twice and Callie screamed as the orgasm roared through her body.

When Callie came back to earth she realized that Dawson had shucked his jeans and was lying beside her caressing her gently. Callie pushed him down onto his back and began a sensual assault of her own. She kissed him slowly, sucking on his bottom lip. Then she tongued his ear and found this was one of his pleasure spots. She kissed her way down his chest, her tongue and fingers pausing to torment his nipples just as he’d done to her. She took one nipple into her mouth, sucking hard while her hand closed over his huge, pulsing cock. She slid her hand up and down his cock. After a moment he stilled her hand. She looked up at him, his chest heaving. “Suck it” he demanded. Smiling, she slid a little further down his body but she didn’t take him into her mouth right away. First she licked his balls and the very sensitive area underneath them. She rolled them gently in her hand, then sucked them into her mouth. “Oh God baby…you’re makin’ me crazy.” One of his big hands grasped his cock while the other pulled Callie’s head up to it. She licked him teasingly. His eyes grew even darker. “I want…I need…to fuck your mouth.” Callie nodded and lowered her mouth onto his cock, devouring him. He held her head and thrust his aching cock deep into her mouth. It didn’t take long before streams of his hot cum were sliding down her throat. Then she licked his cock clean.

A few minutes later Callie wanted him again. This time she wanted that enormous cock pumping into her pussy. She began kissing and sucking Dawson’s nipples again while her hand teased his still semi-erect cock. It began to bahis şirketleri grow in her hand and she took the head into her mouth and sucked as hard as she could. Dawson groaned loudly and began thrusting into her mouth again. Breathing heavily Dawson said roughly, “Give me your pussy Callie.”

Without hesitation Callie swung her body around until her pussy was hovering over Dawson’s mouth. His tongue began darting in and out of her and Callie began to moan, sucking on Dawson’s dick harder and harder.

Dawson continued to eat Callie out, his one hand anchoring her firmly to his mouth. The fingers of his other hand thrust into her. Then he used the slickness on his fingers to rub over her asshole. Callie groaned again. She knew they were both close to the edge. She stopped. Dawson groaned in frustration. Callie just smiled at him.

“I loved sucking your cock and your cum tasted wonderful, but my pussy is aching for your huge cock to fuck me. I’ve not had one so big before.”

Dawson pulled Callie up his body and kissed her lips, his tongue taking possession of her mouth. His clever fingers sliding through her folds and rubbing her clit. Then one of his long fingers entered her. She moaned. A second finger joined the first and then a third. Callie mindlessly thrust against his hand, riding his fingers. She sighed in frustration when he slipped his fingers away.

Dawson smiled at her, “How do you want it Callie? How do you want to be fucked?”

Callie smiled as her hand worked up and down on his long, thick cock. “I don’t care how. Just so your cock is fucking my pussy.”

Dawson grinned. “Ok then, on your hands and knees.” When Callie was on her hands and knees he positioned the head of his cock at her opening, teasing her a bit. “Please Dawson, I need your cock now.” Dawson plunged his cock into her waiting pussy. They both moaned loudly in pleasure. He pulled almost all the way out and then plunged again. “Faster Dawson, please…harder and faster” she begged. He complied and when he sensed she was close his fingers found her nipples and he pinched them very hard. Callie screamed his name as the waves of their orgasms washed over them.

They slept for a bit. Callie’s back to Dawson’s front. She woke when Dawson began slipping his clever fingers in and out of her quivering pussy. She began thrusting against his hand while he rained kisses over her neck and shoulder. He bit her, leaving a very large love bite on her neck. His fingers, slippery with her juices slid upward between her ass cheeks and gently around her anus. He probed gently. Callie tensed and he moved his hand away. “Have you never been fucked that way,” he asked. Callie shook her head negatively. He didn’t say anything more. Finally Callie said, “I think I’d like to try it though.”

Dawson poured some oil over his fingers and along with her own juices he began preparing her. One hand caressed her breast while the other one probed her tight little anal ring. At first it felt so foreign and was a bit uncomfortable. But he was gentle and made sure his fingers were oiled well enough so that soon he had two fingers thrusting in and out of her ass. Then he added a third finger and began thrusting faster and deeper.

Soon she was panting and actually pushing her ass back to meet his thrusting fingers. He asked if she was ready to try and she nodded. He positioned their bodies to make his entry as easy on her as possible. The tip of his hard cock slid in and she gasped. He pulled out and oiled his pulsing cock. He handed Callie a small vibrator. When she looked at him he smiled, “Trust me.” He slid the tip of his cock back in, then a little more. Slowly he inched his way in almost to the hilt. He paused. “Are you alright?”

Panting, Callie said, “Oh yeah…but Dawson?” “Yeah?” She pulled her ass cheeks wide and slid her ass back taking him all in. “I want it all.”

Dawson groaned loudly and told her to use the vibrator. He began thrusting slowly and Callie flipped the switch and slid the vibrator into her pussy. His fingers were pinching her nipples very hard and Callie was moaning while she rode the vibrator with her pussy and Dawson’s cock with her ass. Dawson grit his teeth. Her ass was so very tight it was killing him not to thrust into her too hard. But her thrusting body made it difficult. As did the moans coming from her. Dawson stopped. Callie moaned in frustration. Breathing heavily Dawson asked roughly, “Tell me what you want Callie.”

Without hesitation Callie panted, “I want you to ass fuck me Dawson. As hard and deep and fast as you can.” Dawson buried his long, hard prick in Callie’s ass as far as it would go. He slammed into her repeatedly. With every thrust he drove the vibrator deeper into Callie’s pussy. Finally Callie came with an intensity she’d never felt before. She could feel Dawson’s cock pulsing in her ass as he released his hot cum into her. They fell into an exhausted sleep.

At 6 a.m. Callie was in her car on her way to her apartment to shower before work. Dawson was on his bus speeding his way to the next city on his tour. Callie smiled. Being a one night stand for Dawson had been a wonderful, pleasurable learning experience.