The Older Virgin


I approached the old school with a great degree of interest. Six years I had spent here; six years of raging hormones and no girls to even look at in our all male seminary. Taught by priests, the only female form we saw during term-time belonged to the holy Sisters who did our laundry and cooking. They belonged to the neighbouring convent and were, in general, so old that not one of us even fantasised about them. Except Sister Maria, of course.

Sister Maria was the exception. For one thing, she had not forgotten how to smile and she didn’t look on me and my fellow students as something the devil had sent to tempt her into sin. The fact that she had the most beautiful brown eyes and had curves that we all wanted to investigate didn’t hurt either.

But now, ten years later, Sister Maria was gone, the seminary had closed down due to a downturn in vocations and the centuries-old buildings had been bought by a multi-national company as a new Head Office. The Sisters had all been moved to different parts of the country. Or so I thought.

I had wanted to take one last look before they knocked the old building down and built a modern monstrosity in its place. All that was to remain was the historic church building and the old cemetery so I had taken advantage of some spare time to drive the two hours to my old alma mater. Never could I have foreseen how the day was to turn out.

Walking round the building, so many memories flooding back, I came upon the small graveyard behind the church. Someone was tending to one of the ancient graves and I had to smile as the thought occurred to me that I could go to hell for the way I was admiring the full, round arse of the woman kneeling on the grass, oblivious that she was presenting a beautiful image to the world as she leaned forward to place some flowers in a stone vase.

My approach must have startled her as she suddenly turned her head. Her face was as beautiful as her arse (not the kindest of compliments, I know, but I’ve always been turned on by a round rear end) and it was a face I was sure I knew although couldn’t quite place at that moment. It was only when she smiled that I recognised her.

“Can I help you?” she asked in her softly spoken way.

“Sister Maria?”

A sadness seemed to cloud her smile for a moment at my question but she recovered her composure and smiled again.

“Just plain, old Maria now, I’m afraid. I left the convent a couple of years back but was lucky enough to secure the position as gardener here until they finally tear it all down. Do I know you?”

I knew that I must have been one of hundreds of boys that passed through during her time as a nun so took no offence as I introduced myself. I explained that I was just taking a final look round.

“Of course I remember you, Alex. You were always one of my favourites. I was just about to take a break. Would you like to join me for tea?”

I didn’t for one moment believe that I had stood out any more than the rest of my peers but I was more than happy to accept her invitation. As she led me to her small cottage which, she explained, came with the job, we talked easily about some of the characters we had both known all those years ago. As I was walking behind her it also gave me another opportunity to admire her fine arse. The curves that she had tried to hide beneath her nun’s habit were uninhibited now and the long flowing skirt she was wearing clung to her cheeks like a second skin. My mind couldn’t help but wonder what she would look like without it.

As she prepared the tea in her modest kitchen I took the chance to broach the subject that, so far, we had both avoided.

“When did you leave the convent?”

She stopped short, her back to me, and sighed.

“It was only two years ago.”

“Any particular reason?”

She turned and the sadness had returned to her face, her beautiful eyes downcast. She sat down at the kitchen table opposite me and clasped her hands in her lap.

“I just couldn’t remain faithful to a church that had caused so much harm.”

That was all she said but I guessed immediately that she was referring to the recent sex scandals involving so many priests.

“I’m sorry, Sister.” I didn’t know what else to say.

Again she blessed me with her sad smile. “Just call me Maria. It’s hard to think of myself as not being a nun so I suppose it must be hard for others who knew me then not to use that title.”

She stopped for a moment, alone with her thoughts, her head once more bowed. Then she looked at me with those eyes that I could easily fall in love with.

“I just don’t understand any of it. Why would they behave like that? Why throw it all away for momentary pleasure? Is sex so wonderful it’s worth risking everything for?”

It hadn’t occurred to me until that point but the beautiful woman sitting in front of me, almost in tears, Kurtköy Escort was still a virgin. She must have been in her mid forties but she had never known the touch of a man, or a woman, and I could only pity her for all that she had missed out on.

“Sex can be wonderful, Maria, but it’s not something that can be explained with words. I’m afraid it’s only something you can understand when you experience it.”

Her answer dumbfounded me.

“Can you show me, Alex? Can you help me to understand?” she pleaded. “I want it to be someone I can trust to treat me gently and to make me a woman.”

I simply stared at her. I didn’t believe she meant what she said but already my mind, (and my cock), were imagining the possibilities. Seeming to read my mind, she said,

“Please, Alex. I know what I am asking. I’m old enough to be your mother and I’m sure I’m not anywhere as pretty as your girlfriends but men I could trust to ask this of just don’t come around too often.”

All I wanted to do at that moment was tear her clothes off, throw her across the kitchen table and take her but I knew that, if I did, I would destroy the huge amount of trust she had placed in me. She was wrong about one thing, though; yes, she was probably old enough to be my mother, just, but she was absolutely gorgeous and any man would have been delighted to be her lover, first, last or any number in between.

As I said, even when she first had first joined our confined community, she had stood out a mile from the other nuns. Her generous curves were unable to be totally hidden by her severe black habit and I wasn’t the only boy who masturbated at night imagining what we would like to do to the holy Sister. And our fantasies were anything but holy.

As I was later to discover, she was of Italian descent and her veil had previously hidden what was a full head of luscious black hair which now seemed to complement her smooth olive skin perfectly. The fact that she stood at only five foot four seemed to accentuate her luscious curves even more and I couldn’t believe I was being offered the chance to see her naked. Because naked she would have to be. If we were going to do this, we were going to do this right. It would be very easy to frighten her at this stage, no matter how much she believed it was what she wanted. I was going to have to force myself to go slow, to be patient, gentle, and I couldn’t wait to get started.

I stood up, took her by the hands and drew her to her feet.

“I would be extremely proud to be your first, Maria, but if you change your mind at any point, you must tell me.”

She simply nodded, her beautiful eyes shining with fear, anticipation and, I hoped, just a little lust. As she stood less than a foot from me, I leaned down slightly to lift her chin and placed the first kiss a man had ever given her on her soft lips. She didn’t pull away but I felt she wasn’t sure what to do next so I wrapped my arms around her and drew her slowly towards me, covering those last few inches of innocence between us.

I kissed her again, softly, gently, and let her feel the tip of my tongue licking her lips. Instinct seemed to take over at that point for her as she opened her mouth slightly and allowed me in. Gradually I felt her body relax and we spent the next few minutes sharing that kiss which seemed to engulf us both with passion and want.

Eventually, I pulled my head back from her and noticed that her eyes had been closed. As she opened them, seeming to wonder why I had stopped, I told her.

“Maria, take me to your bedroom.”

This simple instruction caused her whole body to tremble in my arms but she simply nodded and led the way. The bedroom was at the back of the cottage and as she led the way I had the opportunity to once again revel in the sight of her delicious, round cheeks.

Once inside the bedroom, however, it was my turn to momentarily stop. Maria may have left the convent but someone had forgotten to tell her bedroom. It was exactly how I imagined her room in the convent would have looked. All it contained was a single bed, a small wardrobe and a desk. There was even a crucifix above the bed.

“It’s not much, I’m afraid,” she said apologetically, her back to me, as if she was afraid to turn around and see my disappointment.

I stepped closer behind her and gently kissed her neck, causing another tremor to pass through her. As I placed my hands on her womanly hips, I kissed along the collar of her blouse until I reached the other side. Turning her to face me, I once again kissed those luscious lips and was delighted when her mouth opened to accept my tongue even before I licked her.

Taking this as a sign of encouragement, I pulled her close to me, and allowed my hands to travel down her back to finally reach their goal and cup the generous curves of her bum. As her kissing became Maltepe Escort more practised and more responsive, I allowed my hands free rein as they roamed over her rear end, feeling the curves that no other man had ever been lucky enough to feel.

As she didn’t object to any of this and, indeed, her own hands were starting to relax a bit and move around over my back, I reluctantly released her cheeks and brought my hands to the front. Looking into her eyes I reached down and opened first one, then two, then three buttons at the top of her blouse. Meeting no resistance, I opened the rest of them before slowly pulling the blouse out of the waistband of her skirt.

I kissed her on the neck once again then, trailing kisses down her smooth skin, I slowly eased her blouse open to expose even more of her virgin body. Her breasts were round and perfect, fully encased in her bra but that wasn’t going to be the case for much longer. Kneeling down, I kissed down her stomach as my hands moved round to the small of her back and drew her to me once again.

Her arms still in her sleeves, Maria placed her hands on my shoulders and seemed to steady herself. I looked up and noticed her eyes were again closed but I also noticed her full breasts were heaving up and down just as her breathing became ever deeper. Her bra was plain white cotton, as I had imagined it would be, with no lace or adornments, but at that moment it looked like the sexiest bra I had ever seen.

I decided it was now time to push her on to the next step and stretched up just a little to kiss the underside of one of her bra enclosed breasts. She simply sighed as I used my tongue to search along the white cotton until I found what i was looking for, her nipple. I closed my mouth around it, using my teeth to gently squeeze it and found it quickly responded by growing within its tight cotton prison. Moving slightly on the floor, I transferred my attention to the other one, as my hands finally eased her blouse off her shoulders. It slid down her back and fell to the floor. I’m sure in her days in the convent none of her clothes ever lay on the floor but those days were gone now, forgotten in the heat of the moment.

With that barrier removed, I reached behind her and easily released the clasp of her bra. She suddenly opened her eyes in surprise. I’m not sure if it was shock at how easily I had achieved this or at the realisation that her breasts were about to be exposed to a man for the first time. Either way, she smiled down at me and allowed me to continue.

As her bra fell away, I looked up to feast in the sight of those gorgeous breasts before I stretched up once more and took her nipple into my warm mouth. I sucked slowly at first but, when Maria wrapped her arms around my head and pulled me closer, I tried to take as much of her virginal flesh into my mouth as I could.

While my mouth continued to explore both large breasts, kissing and sucking wherever I wanted without resistance, my hands reached round to the back of her skirt and opened the button on the waistband. Lowering the zip, I slid my hands under the waistband and eased the skirt down over her hips.

Keeping my eyes fixed on her face, I felt rather than saw Maria simply lift her legs, one by one, to step out of the skirt that now lay in a pool at her ankles. I stood up at that point, wanting to savour the sight of this trembling, sexy woman standing before me in only her white cotton knickers. Kissing her once more, I laid her down on her single bed before starting to kiss my way down her body.

Reaching the top of her knickers, I kissed and licked my way along the top of them. In the confines of a single bed there wasn’t much room for manoeuvre but as my mouth progressed down one leg and up the other, Maria almost imperceptibly spread them a little and allowed me to taste the warm soft skin of her inner thighs. I couldn’t ignore the sweet smell of her virginal pussy which was now only inched from my face.

As Maria’s breathing became almost a pant, I spread her legs just another little bit and ran my tongue along her cotton covered mound. She suddenly moaned, her back arched and I thought she was going to orgasm at that point. If that was the case and if this was to be her first one then I wanted to make it as special as possible.

As my tongue made her crotch wet, the soft cotton seemed to slip between the folds of her lips and she instinctively placed her hands on the back of my head and pulled me deeper into her. All of a sudden her knickers were soaking wet and I knew it wasn’t from my tongue. After all these years her pussy juices had started to flow and, now that they had started, there seemed to be no stopping them.

The pressure on the back of my head increased, Maria’s back arched ever higher and her moans became a scream as this beautiful forty something woman had her very Tuzla Escort first orgasm. Her head was thrashing from side to side at this unknown pleasure and I had to hold her at the tops of her thighs to prevent her from escaping the ministrations of my tongue. Not that she made any indication that she wanted to escape but all the years of pent up frustration had suddenly been released and her body didn’t know how to cope.

As she finally calmed down, I eased her knickers down, her pussy seemingly relunctant to release them. I didn’t tell her at that moment but I had every intention of going home that day with those knickers in my possession, knowing that they would hold her womanly scent for a long time to come.

As I slipped them off her feet, my eyes returned to the glorious sight of a real woman’s hairy pussy, one that had never been trimmed or shaved. The hair between her legs was as dark and luxuriant as the hair on her head but much curlier. Maria realised what I was looking at and, suddenly becoming shy and self-conscious, tried to cover her pussy with her hands, closing her legs as she did so. I simply smiled at her and moved back to the top of the bed where I kissed her and gently moved her hands aside.

“If you still want to do this, Maria, there will be nothing hidden between us. I am going to undress now and you can see my naked body just as I want to enjoy the sight of yours. All of it.”

She put up no more resistance and, not wanting to frighten her, I forced myself to slowly undress, allowing her the chance to change her mind if she wanted to. Thankfully she didn’t.

My cock had been hard for some time now but, hard or soft, it was going to be the first one Maria had ever seen and I knew she would be apprehensive. I climbed on to the bed, her eyes fixed to the ceiling, and knelt between her open legs. Gently pulling them up so that they were bent at the knees, I pushed her knees apart and her virgin pussy was spread wide.

Running my finger along the length of her slit several times first, I eased it inside and immediately felt her body tense. Waiting for her to get used to the sensation, I asked her if she was ok. She simply nodded in return, unable to trust her mouth to work properly at that moment.

She was moist so, while still slowly fingering her with one hand, I used my other to bring hers down to touch me. Wrapping her fingers around my engorged cock, I withdrew my own hand as she gasped and looked down.

“It’s so big, so hard,” was all she said. Hard it was but I don’t pretend that it is any bigger than most men. To this middle age virgin, however, it must have seemed enormous, and I’m sure she was wondering how it would ever fit inside her.

“Will it hurt?” she whispered as she voiced her real fear.

“It will for a moment,” I replied. “You will feel stretched and a sharp pain but that won’t last and then, I promise you, it will be better than you have ever imagined. Ready?”

Again she nodded so I wasted no more time and slowly moved forward, her hands falling from my cock as the tip finally entered this beautiful woman. She grimaced slightly as she tried to get used to the feeling and gently, very gently, I inched ever deeper into her. Very quickly I reached the point of no return and stopped.

She looked up, questioning, but when she saw the question in my eyes she knew I wanted her permission to push through. Biting her bottom lip, she looked deep into my eyes and nodded.

She screamed as her maidenhood gave way and she finally knew what it was to have a cock buried deep in her pussy. I had never felt so glad that I was the one to do this with her.

I held still until the pain eased and her body got used to the invasion. As her pussy juices began to flow I eased back slightly before moving forward once more. Leaning forward, I kissed her soft lips and was shocked by the passionate way she kissed me back. If ever there was a woman wanting to be fucked it was Maria.

I slid in and out of her tight pussy, each time moving deeper into her. As her pain seemed to be forgotten I began to quicken my pace. Again she surprised and delighted me when I felt her body thrust upwards to meet mine. I knew it wasn’t going to take long for either of us and so it proved.

As I leaned down to suck on her nipples, her orgasm hit and her whole body shuddered as she screamed again, this time in pleasure. I tried to keep thrusting deeply as her pussy contracted around my cock and squeezed it like it had never been squeezed before.

As her orgasm subsided, my cock slid more easily in and out of her well-lubricated pussy and that wonderful, familiar tingling began in my balls. Raising myself just a little, I looked down on her. She was smiling now so I buried myself deeper than ever within her and shot load after load of my cum into her no-longer virgin cunt. I seemed to fill her more than I had ever filled any of my girlfriends before and collapsed on top of her, exhausted and delighted in equal measure.

Still inside her we lay there for some time, sharing the afterglow and wondering what the future had in store for both of us.