The Nudist Beach Ch. 01


I was on vacation. I had two weeks on this gorgeous tropical island, and I was feeling lonely as hell, but also loving the freedom that comes with solitude and independence. I had been on and off with my boyfriend for a few years. After a while I just got tired of the same old cycles of irritation and frustration, and I decided to walk away. Make a fresh start. Do something for me without caring what anyone else thought. I was in my thirties, feeling hot, and I was ready for adventure.

I was hanging by myself, driving around and camping. The day was warm and breezy. I woke up early, full of energy. I showed up just after sunrise to my favorite beach, which happened to be clothing-optional. It was a serene little cove tucked down behind a cliff, and once you made the climb down there, it was actually pretty big. There were palm trees, rocks and big crashing waves.

I liked the mornings here. It was usually deserted, and today the sun was shining bright on the sparkling golden sand. I went a little ways down and found a semi-private spot, a sort of cove formed by some fallen tree branches and low rock walls. Someone had been building a nest.

I laid down my blanket and shed my clothes. As soon as the warm sunlight hit my bare ass, I became slippery wet in my crotch. There was something about being naked in nature that made me mad horny. I wanted to fuck everything. I had gotten caught jacking off a few times, once at the river and once at the beach, but I didn’t care. It was natural, I’m sure guys got caught all the time. (I even let a teenage boy take pictures of me when he caught me at the river, shh!)

So on this day I did some stretches on my blanket, with the morning sun warming my tush, and started looking around for things I could fuck myself with. I looked through my beach bag. Suntan lotion? Nope. Wrong shape. Fruits hmmm…papaya, not really. Mango? Yes, put that one aside. Tomato? Not today. Avocado, hmm, cucumber, yes!

I pulled that one out, feeling a little tingle in my clit. Score. Sorry, sandwich, but sometimes it’s worth the sacrifice. I peeled the mango and ate it lustily, standing up, at the edge of the waves. It was sweet and perfectly ripe. Kind of like my puss, I thought. I ate the whole thing, letting the juices drip all over me. I rinsed some of it off in the foamy froth, but I rubbed some of it into my skin. I didn’t mind being sticky.

I stretched out like a cat, admiring my scratched, unshaved legs, nicely muscled from hiking so much. You couldn’t take my sex appeal away, even if I was grungy and un-groomed. My breasts were full and firm, taking on a nice golden glow from being exposed to the tropical sun. My silky brown hair was getting long. I stood tall, feeling strong, breathing deeply.

I looked around. The beach was still mostly deserted, although a few people were trickling in. There was a couple at the far end of the beach, and someone who appeared to be napping a little ways away. I went to my little seaside nest and lay down on my blanket. My puss was wet and I started thinking really naughty thoughts. I was imagining someone eating me out right there on the beach, and then sticking it in. Banging me hard until sand was wedged into my ass crack. Squirting into my mouth.

I got creamy wet and I rubbed the sweet, slimy mango pit gently between my legs, pressing it against my clit. I flipped onto my stomach and positioned it directly under my vulva, wedged into a depression in the sand. I spread myself open and slid lightly up and down on it. A wave of hot energy rippled through me. It felt exactly like a huge, warm tongue licking me fully and firmly. I pulled back a little bit, so I wouldn’t get too excited too fast.

I pushed up on my arms and looked around. Took a few deep breaths. Just casually sunbathing, that’s all. Some more people were trickling in, but they were in the distance. No one seemed to be paying attention to me. I lifted a knee up and stuck my fingers into my puss, pulling up towards my g-spot. A tiny cry escaped me. It felt so good to have pressure right there, and I wanted to push against something hard.

I fumbled around for the cucumber. It was kind of a smaller one, which was fine with me. It would make it less obvious, in case anyone looked closely. I pushed the cucumber inside myself, easily, as I was slippery wet. I pinched the tip to get a grip, and pushed it in and out a few times, massaging my sweet spot. A huge wave went through me and I lay back down on my stomach, repositioning my vulva over the slimy mango pit and pushing the tip of the cucumber down onto the base of it to give a deeper thrust. “Oh fuck,” I groaned softly. That felt way too good. My clit started pulsing like crazy.

I lifted my head up and noticed that the napping person had moved a little closer to me. Apparently to be more in the sun, was my lazy thought. I could tell it was a man, he was shirtless, wearing red floral shorts and sunglasses, his baseball cap pulled down low over his eyes. He appeared to be snoozing, bahis firmaları lying on his back, hands under his head. I looked at his chest muscles, the little circles of fur around his nipples, and I had the urge to bite them. I felt a warming in my pelvis, spreading outward into the rest of my body.

I put my head down in my arms and went back to what I was doing. I’ll be surreptitious, I thought. Tiny movements. I pulsed my hips lightly toward the mango pit, feeling it get warmer and slimier under my crotch. The cucumber was hitting me deeply, and I felt like I could be close to letting it go. I slowed my movements and took some deep breaths. Just napping.

I glanced around. This time the snoozing man was sitting up on his elbows, looking in my direction. He saw me looking at him and smiled. Before I could put my head back down and attempt to ignore him, he was moving his big beach towel closer to me.

“Hey!” he said. “I hope you don’t mind, but it’s such a nice, sunny spot right here.” I instantly froze all movement in my pelvis. I felt the wetness oozing down around my thighs, and I had the urge to scratch myself, but I resisted. I felt crazy tension in my whole body, and I pulled my thighs a little closer together, to try and hide my secret.

He introduced himself as Nick, said he was on vacation for a few weeks, needed to get out of the cold. “Me too!” I said and he broke into a big smile showing some pokey, crooked teeth, which I found to be quite enticing. I had a thing for pokey teeth, and I instantly started having vampire fantasies. (I also had a thing for biting, if you couldn’t tell.)

I found myself enjoying the sound of this man’s voice, kind of low and soothing. He was asking me about myself, making me laugh, making jokes about the hippie culture around here, and how loose and easy they could be.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Like sex parties. And naked yoga.” I laughed, thinking about the naked yoga I’d been doing all morning, and the fruit stuck up inside of me. I asked him if he had ever been naked at a nudist beach and he said he had, a while back. I told him maybe it was time to give that another try.

He said he was thinking the same. He quickly glanced around and fumbled with his shorts, and then slid them off. I felt a big smile come over my face and my clit started throbbing against the mango pit. He was built beautifully. Nice muscles, light brown fur on his chest and a dark brown treasure trail on his lower stomach, leading to a gorgeous cock that could probably turn a straight man gay. Or at least curious. He had brown, curling pubic hair framing his perfect dick, which I loved. Au natural. Even though he was relaxed, I could tell he had substance and girth. I wanted to see it hard.

Now I was starting to feel awkward because this young man was looking lovelier to me by the minute, and it seemed like he wanted to hang out. I couldn’t pull the cucumber out of my puss right in front of him, so I had to lie there on my stomach, trying to keep my pelvis still, trying to keep my expression normal. Part of me wanted to laugh.

He was lying on his side, propped up on his elbow, head resting in his hand. Smiling at me as he made little volcanoes in the sand with his fingertips. He didn’t seem to be as shy as I thought he was before. He was displaying his glorious package full-frontal in my face, and as I looked closer, it seemed to be twitching slightly, right before my eyes. Oh shit. My puss started to quiver again and pulse around the cucumber. Shh, I told my little muffin. Be patient.

I lay back down. The sun was making me drowsy. “Hey,” he said. “I want to tell you something, but I don’t want it to come out the wrong way.”

I was intrigued. “What is it?” I asked.

“Your booty is beautiful,” he said. “I mean, your whole body is, but your booty is really hot. Golden in the sun.”

“Thanks,” I said. “That came out perfectly. Your teeth are cute.” He laughed and gave me another show of his sparkling smile, and I wondered what kind of mark would be left on my skin if he bit me. He stared at me, and then asked if he could rub suntan lotion on my back. I smiled. “Sure,” I said.

My crotch started pulsing and I felt nervous, wondering if he’d be able to see the cucumber peeking out from down between my thighs. I was dripping wet and yearning intensely for him to touch me. Maybe he already knew, I thought. Maybe he didn’t care. Whatever, I was basking in sandy sensuality. I was ready for weird stuff to happen.

I found my suntan lotion and handed it to him. He scooted over closer, moving onto my blanket. I could feel his semi-hard cock pressing lightly into my thigh. A wave of warmth went through my body. I felt like I was in rhythm with the ocean, throbbing with the crashing of the waves. He said that my ass was like living art and he really just wanted to put his hands on me. I heard the squirt of the lotion, then he rubbed his hands together and placed them gently on my back.

“Mmmm…” I said, kaçak iddaa “That feels so good.” We laughed, because he hadn’t done anything yet, but the mood I was in, even the lightest touch sent shivers through me. He said it felt good to him too, and he massaged my back using good pressure, moving on to my shoulders and neck. I was groaning, letting him know I loved it. It felt so good to be touched, under the sky and clouds, sun-drunk, slipping over the edge of something, yet not quite sure what that was.

He ran his hands from my armpits down to my hips, brushing the sides of my breasts on his way down. I shivered, wanting to spread my legs and slide all over the mango pit. Holding back. Now his hands were on my lower back and I felt a serious jolt move through my body. He squirted out a little more lotion, and then he began massaging my ass, making little soft circles. It felt exquisite and I told him that it was just what I needed.

“I’m glad to be of service,” he said. “You look so gorgeous laying out here in the sun, like a golden mermaid.”

“Thanks, Nicky baby,” I said. “Everything you’re doing feels good. I like your touch.” He laughed and put his head down on my head. I felt his sunglasses slip off. He nuzzled my hair and told me I smelled good. My whole body was rocking with a gentle throb. He kissed my back, then repositioned himself, straddling my body while resting on his knees. It felt good to be engulfed by him.

He massaged my back lightly and brushed the sides of my breasts again, moving over my hips. Then he started making circles on my lower back and ass like before, only this time with more pressure. The cucumber was pressing deep into me as he moved his warm hands in bigger circles on my booty. He pressed a little harder into my lower back, and my clit and vulva slid all over the mango pit, causing me to shudder. I was almost crying with desire. I wondered if he had any idea what he was making happen. He must know, I thought. How could he not know that I’ve been riding the wave of pre-orgasm this entire time?

“Hey mermaid,” He said softly, putting a hand on my head, and then running it down the entire length of my spine. He brushed the insides of my thighs, found the tip of the cucumber, and wiggled it lightly.

“Uhhh…” I let out a little moan. He pushed against it softly, pulling it back and forth, then he slid his hand slowly up the inside of my sun-warmed butt crack. I felt him lower his strong, musky body down close to mine. The tip of his cock was barely brushing the bottom of my ass crack, gently pressing down between my upper thighs. My entire body started vibrating, and I opened my legs a little bit to give my clit more contact with the mango pit. He brushed my hair away from my neck and I went tingly all over. I felt him kiss me softly on my shoulder.

“Do you want to take that out and I’ll give you the real deal?” He sucked on my earlobe for a moment, as the throbbing grew more intense in my clit. I slid on the mango pit, moving my pelvis up and down. I was breathing heavily, burying my face in my arms, wanting to be nasty and didn’t care who saw it. Needing it.

I spread my legs and lifted my pelvis. He reached in and wiggled the cucumber, causing a little ripple of pleasure to flood through me. He hooked his fingers into it and pulled gently and I felt it start to slide out. He made a corkscrew motion with it as he pulled it out, moving it in circles, vibrating it, sending a flood of heat through me. I was drooling onto my arms, giving myself a slobbery hickey, and then he slid it out and tossed it far into the jungle behind us.

He kissed my neck and slid his cock in and out of the crack between my upper thighs, driving me wild. My clit was maintaining a nice, steady throb, but I didn’t feel any sense of urgency to orgasm. I was buzzing with the beauty of the moment.

He put his palm on my ass and pressed down lightly, rubbing my pelvis around in tiny circles. The mango pit was getting more slippery as my vulva opened up and slid against the firm silkiness. I was purring with pleasure. I loved his touch, his voice, his smell, and in that moment, that was enough for me to feel like I was in love.

He lowered his warm body down closer to me, pushing his sun-warmed cock softly into my ass crack. He ran the tip of it from my inner thighs up to my tailbone and I moaned for him, told him it felt like heaven. He told me that he felt the same, it was like living in a dream, and he could touch me all day.

He said a few more people were trickling on to the beach, but they were way down at the other end. We were pretty much out of view. I felt my body rippling with desire. I started wiggling all over the mango pit, rubbing it lustily with my clit. Damn! That felt way too good and I wanted to save my orgasm to share it with Nicky baby. I took a few deep breaths, eased back.

He asked if he could put it in me. “Yes,” I said. I reached back and took his warm, thick cock in my hand. I stroked it lightly, feeling little kaçak bahis drops of fluid on my fingertips, which I rubbed around on the tip. I wanted to suck it, taste his flavor. One thing at a time, I told myself, putting my fingers in my mouth.

I flipped over and smiled at him. I loved being exposed to him in the sunlight. It felt so naughty, and yet so right. He saw the mango pit and his smile grew bigger. He touched me softly, then slid two long fingers deep inside me. I moaned and relaxed down onto his hand. He pulled his fingers out and slid them over my sweet, sticky clit, then pushed them back in, stroking me deeply. I was hot all over and I moaned for him.

He picked up the mango pit, rubbing it over my vulva while he kissed me, and then tossed that one deep into the jungle. He leaned down and licked me long and lustily, telling me I tasted like candy. Ripples of pleasure ran through my entire body. He was biting on me and I was hoping the crashing waves were covering the sound of my little cries. My body was throbbing all over. He moved back on top of me and looked into my eyes.

This was the first time I saw his eyes up close. They were deep brown, with little flecks of gold and hazel. Sparkling in a way that made me think he could never be mad, never yell. My temperature rose a few degrees and my heart started pounding harder in my chest. He said my eyes were like the ocean, and I said his eyes were like the woods. We were nature, and in that moment, everything we did was natural.

I felt his firmness sliding up and down my sticky fur as he lowered himself closer to me. He pushed my legs apart a few inches, then slipped his thick, hard cock inside of me. I moaned into his arm, pulling him down onto me. I was quivering all over, aching to be pounded hard, but knowing that we had to be mellow with our activity, so that we didn’t attract attention. My puss was dripping, I spread my legs a little bit more, said, “Give it to me deep, Nicky!” He pulled out and pushed his entire length into me, sending a delicious thrill throughout my body. I was shaking, it felt so good.

“People!” He whispered, and slowed his movements to almost a stop. His cock was buried inside me, hard and throbbing, yet barely moving. Sweet agony. He reached for his towel and draped it over his ass, covering my body with his. “Just taking a nap,” he whispered, biting my earlobe, causing me to shiver. He nuzzled his face into my neck and nibbled me softly.

My clit was still pulsing, burning with need, but practiced at being patient. He pushed his cock lightly in and out of me with tiny movements, and I was squirmy with feverish desire. “They’re passing by,” he whispered softly in my ear, and it sounded like poetry. “They’re gone,” he said, and I gave a big sigh.

“I want you to pound me hard,” I said, “just for a minute.” He pressed his soft lips to mine and I parted my mouth, letting him kiss me deeply. His mouth was delicious, tasting of sea salt, pussy and mango juice. I sucked on his tongue and he sucked on mine, our mouths were making love and I realized I had a new addiction. I never wanted to stop.

He pushed his big, thick cock deep into my slippery wetness and a wave went through me. I groaned kind of loudly, and he fell forward on top of me, laughing and saying, “Shh,” as he smothered me with his sweaty, beautiful body. I put my face in his armpit and inhaled deeply. It was my favorite scent in the world and my body went crazy with desire. We melted together on the beach. If anyone glanced over, they would probably just think it was someone taking a nap. Yeah, right!

He kept his body down close to mine, kissing me deeply. I sucked on his mouth, wanting to absorb his essence through his saliva. He kept his face near mine and moved his hips against me, pressing his cock up into me and pushing against my clit at the same time. I wrapped my arms around him and squeezed tightly. I was burning with need.

“Someone’s coming!” he whispered, and I could feel his cock swelling bigger, as he slowed his movements. Me body was flooded with heat. I was tingly all over and drenched in tension. I pushed my hips up into him hard, gripping his ass and pulling him deeper into me. I moaned, barely able to hold back.

He stilled his body and time stopped. I pulsed my muscles lightly around him and I could feel his dick quiver inside of me. His sweat was dripping onto my face, he was breathing deeply, trying to be inconspicuous but I could tell he wanted to let it go, too.

I pulled him even tighter into me, wrapping my legs around him. I didn’t care who was looking. The towel was still in place, so at least they wouldn’t see ass crack. I felt a throbbing pulse radiating out from my clit, making my body hum. My muscles were tensing up around his cock, and I was having a hard time relaxing.

I started whimpering and shaking. He lowered himself onto me and I loved the feeling of being squished by his big, sweaty man body. He put his face in my neck and kept it there, telling me that I smelled sweet like coconuts. He asked me if I came and I said, “Almost.” He smiled and said he was close too, but he held back when he saw someone walking toward us. I groaned. I really wanted to let it go.