The Night I Knew I Was Hers


The night I knew I was hers. I had been dating Jasmine for a few months. I was trying not to get involved to deeply with her since she was just coming out of a divorce.

Anyway on this particular night I had no plans to see her so I’d been stopping at first one bar then another. Thinking maybe I might see a nice young lady at one that might take me home with her. I’d played in a small pool tournament at one spot and finally stopped in at this club before calling it a night. I was feeling no pain by this time in fact the bartender told me I should call a cab because they had been writing tickets quite freely of late. I sure didn’t need a DWI, so while I was nursing my drink wondering if I should chance it or call a cab, I thought of calling Jasmine instead. Since no other sweet thing had stepped forward to volunteer. So I went over to the payphone dialed her number and hoped she was there. After three rings she picked up. After saying hello and asking how she’d been it had been a few days since we’d talked last talked or seen each other. I got down to the heart of the matter telling her that I was more than a little to hi to drive my bike up the hill to my place would she, could she please come and give me a ride home. Maybe it was the fact that I’d call rather than chance getting a ticket or she just wanted to see me she said give her a bit and she’d be there to pick me up. I thanked her and said I have a drink waiting for her when she arrived.

I was talking to a guy next to me when I heard the door to the club open. I had told the bartender that when she arrived I wanted a drink for her; I turned my head to see that it was Jasmine. Then I signaled the bartender for the drink. I turned back to Jasmine to see her walking toward me. She was wearing a full-length rabbit skin coat. I could see below the hem of the coat black nylons set off by black pumps with ankle straps. Her long blonde hair falling to the middle of her back, she had very red lipstick that set off the rest of her makeup; she looked stunning, wow what a cabbie!

Jasmine walked right up to me then opening her coat. As it was the bartender was serving her drink and the guy I’d been talking to have turned to watch too. She must have really enjoyed the looks on the three of our faces as she held open her coat for us to get a good look.

What we saw was the black nylons held up by a black lace garter with no panties so we could see she was a real blonde, trimmed so there was just a small V below the garter she also had a matching black lace bra with no cups so her perfect breasts with there small areolas and now very hard nipples were plain to see. I took a deep breath as she said to me “Are you ready to go?” closing the coat.

I answered, “Yes I am! Guess you don’t want that drink then?”

“Well sure I could have one since you already ordered it.” Eying the bartender with the drink still in his hand wondering if he really had seen what he knew he had. The guy next to me was speechless as I moved over to make room for her at the bar. As she climbed onto the bar stool she let the back of the coat hang behind the stool exposing most of her legs and the garter straps to view. Just knowing her bare bottom was touching the leather of that stool and watching as she crossed her legs adjusting herself to a more comfortable position exposing even more of her lovely legs; the top also fell open displaying her deep cleavage. Put a very large bulge in my jeans.

The bartender Dennis wouldn’t let me pay for her drink, which she drained in two long drinks. But had another, stronger one I am sure, there as she was drinking the first. The guy setting on the other side of her now still hadn’t been able to say a word but just stared at her and me. While I finished my drink Jasmine had been served three more. Perhaps in the hope that something more than me getting a ride home might happen. Instead Jasmine downed the free drinks with pleasure. Then as we were leaving gave Dennis and who ever else were lucky enough to see another peek at her charms. We walked out the door into the cool night air she let the coat fall open again as we headed to her car. She was illuminated by the moonlight and the glow of the streetlights allowing a clear view of this beautiful lady that had come to pick me up. When we reached her car before she opened the door güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I took her in my arms pushing her back against the side of the car. Our lips meant in a deep hungry kiss as our tongues spared with each other. She ground her mound against my thigh. While my hands roamed freely over her exposed ripe body. She reached for my manhood rubbing me thru my pants. She moaned as my fingers pinched her hard nipple. Our mouths continued to mesh together. I felt her hand tugging at my belt then undoing my pants she reached in to grasp my straining cock stroking me. I could feel her saying” mmmmmm I want you!” around our kiss. As I felt my pants slide to my feet and her hand on my ass cheek pulling me to her as she rubbed her very wet pussy on my stiff meat.

The only response I could utter was “You want it right hear or shall we go to your place?” She answered by moving just a bit hiking her leg as she guided my cock into waiting moist love fissure her heat was intense. Headlights shown on the side of her car sliding across it exposing us in there glare, as I was trying to comply with her need to be filled now. The lights went out you could hear the motor stop but no doors opened. I knew we were being watched and hope they were enjoying the show as much as we were performing it. Jasmine came almost as soon as she realized we were being watch; moaning loudly letting all who could hear know that she had. I stopped stepping back then away from her exposing her to the full view of our audience. She handed me her keys as I unlocked then opened her door letting her slip in. I went around to the driver’s side after pulling my pants back up. As I started to get in I saw she had removed her coat and was setting there sucking her finger in just her lingerie.

She said “Don’t you want to take your pants off too?” as she moved her finger in and out of her mouth. What could I say looking at the way she was sucking her finger… I stood there pulling off my shoes then removed my pants and shirt throwing them in the back seat of the car before sliding into the driver’s seat completely naked with a very nice hard on. I started the car moved the seat back as far as it would go and before I was backing up Jasmine had me in her mouth sucking away as we pulled out of the parking lot and onto the highway you could hear a horn in the parking lot honking.

I drove toward her place all the while getting the best head I’d had for sometime. While I was driving I felt I was about to come but keep holding back to see if I could make it to her place first which was about a twenty minute drive. On the way I asked her if she wanted to make a bet. I bet her that she couldn’t make me cum in her mouth before we reached her place. She said I was on but what if she lost and I didn’t. I told her then I would get to tie her up and could fuck her sweet little ass. It was a bet. She really went to work on me then one hand jacking me off as her mouth sucked her head bobbing in my lap. She had me I would have cum squirting deep into her mouth but as she felt me spasm I felt her squeeze the base of my cock not allowing me to ejaculate. We pulled up to her place then and she said, “I guess you won!” as she got out of the car holding her coat across her arm walking to her door.

I grabbed my cloths and shoes from the back seat and followed her to the door. We went in and lit an old kerosene lamp and candles. She dropped her coat on the love seat in the front room mine soon followed as I went to the bedroom lighting more candles she went in to the kitchen and began fixing us both a drink. She returned with the drinks handing me one while sipping the other. She reached out stroking my still very hard cock. Then said “You will be gentle won’t you I’ve never done it this before” as she reached up to kiss me.

We went to the bedroom I laid her back across her bed then went to her dresser opening a draw. I found what I wanted some silk nylons. I grabbed a handful and walked backed to the bed depositing them on her bare stomach. Then talking one I tied it around her wrist then moved to her ankle then the other; tying one on each limb of her gorgeous body, very slowly and securely. After tying the last one I pulled it to the bedpost and fastening each in turn until she was tied to the bed spread eagle. I stepped güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri back to admirer my handy work. It was beautiful there she was all but naked exposed, open and mind to do with as I pleased.

I traced my finger from her hand down her arm to her shoulder. Then to her neck, her cheek, her mouth letting her suck on my finger as she had hers earlier in the car. Then I withdrew my finger from her mouth making a slight popping sound. Letting it trace down the other side of her face to her right breast circling her areola and hard pebble size nipple. I pinched her nipple causing her to inhale quickly. As pre cum seeped from my aching cock I wanted to just cum on her right then but was enjoying her predicament too much to take my pleasure so. I moved around so my cock was over her face as I continued to play with her breast.

I told her I wanted to give her a safe word so that at anytime things got to be to much for her she could say the word and I would stop other wise all her pleas would fall on deaf ears she could do all the begging and pleading she wanted I would do as I pleased. Our safe word would be “Rumpelstiltskin!”

She nodded her head as she reached to lick the pre cum that was dangling over her lips from my cock. I reached to the head of the bed taking a pillow and placed it under her neck so her head laid back. I then pointed my hard shaft at her red lips parting them as I sunk my cock down her throat feeling her start to gag on it as I hit the back of her throat. I eased back letting her get used to the feeling as she swallowed my manhood. I could feel the muscles in her throat contract around the bulbous head of my cock. I began to fuck her mouth in long slow strokes as I played with her breasts. I took it to the point where I couldn’t hold back any longer as I erupted in her mouth spilling my seed down her throat. I continued to pump my cock into her mouth until she had sucked the last of my cum while I grew soft in her sweet wet mouth.

I reached for her now sopping wet pussy just grazing the outer edges of her pussy lips careful not to touch her most sensitive parts. She squirmed trying to get my hand to massage her where her heat was most intense I just played in the flow of her juices. Until hand reached lower finding her chasm I pushed my finger in to her only a little as she pushed herself onto it trying to get some thing in her to bring her relief. I held my hand still as she rocked back and forth fucking my digit. I pulled my hand back forcing her to strain against the ties to get the finger in side her wet love hole. With my other hand I began to circle her engorged clit still careful not to touch it as she continued pump her hips on my other finger. She was getting closed to cumming herself but I wanted the prolong her need so I pulled my hands from her leaving her in the lurch.

She cried out “NO! Nooooo! Don’t stop now please I am just about to come. Please don’t stop.

I smiled at her and said “Ok where is it, where is your vibrator and I might let you come on it.”

“It’s in the draw of the nightstand right over there.” She answered pointing to the side of the bed I was on.

I stepped over to the night stand opening the drawer I pulled it out there were two in the back of the drawer. A smaller one made of white plastic and a nice size latex one with the look and size of the real thing but a bit longer. I took them both out stepping back to where I was facing her, standing between her wide open legs. I held up the bigger one of the two then turning it on the buzz of it motor causing it to shake in my hand. I smiled at her again saying,” You like this one?”

I could see the wetness flowing from between her legs as she squirmed on the bed saying,”Yes, yes anything just fuck me with one and make me cum please!”

I drew the tip of the vibrator down from just below her bellybutton to the top of her slit then millimeter by millimeter I moved it toward her clit touching it for the first time since tying her up. She jerked like a bolt of lighting had shot thru her as the tip of the latex cock touched her clit. I held the length of it against her as it glided lower toward her dripping hole. She tried to close her legs around it as it slid past her cunt slipping near her virgin asshole. I turned it around wetting güvenilir bahis şirketleri it all then brought the head back to her pussy. Then I very slowly let the head of her plastic cock find her opening. Making her push herself onto it I gave her just a little at a time. As I began to fuck her with it she moaned as I began to let it fill her depths with its jiggling sensations. Her breath was coming in shallower short gasps as her climax neared again just as she was about to cum I pulled the plug leaving her to beg for me to put it back in her as she tossed about in her bonds. Instead I took the littler one turning it on I laid it on her stomach as I reached for a pillow, placing it under her tush raising her just enough to expose the object of my desire her tight rosebud. She was so wet her juices had run down wetting her ass too. I took the plastic buzzing thing and began circling her asshole with it as I bent to lick her wet clit. Another lighting bolt went thru her as the duel pleasure of the vibrator and my tongue worked on her. As her passion built once again I could feel the muscles of her asshole loosen to take first the point then more of the small vibrator into her rear. Soon I was inserting almost two inches of the little thing into her bottom. She was moaning again coming much closed to her climax again I let it build in her until I was certain she was about to cum. Then I pulled it out and raised up away from her clit she thrust her hips after my mouth as I pulled away begging again for me not to stop. I told her she needed to beg me for something else. She needed to beg me to fuck her tight ass.

She responded with “Oh yes, Oh god yes fuck my tight ass now please! Fuck me hard in my ass until I cum please!”

I had become very hard again while eating her and thinking about taking her virgin ass as she was speaking I took aim at her nether hole placing the head of my cock against her clit rubbing some of her wetness on it then placing the head at her opening pushing lightly as she pushed back . I told her to relax and let herself open. As she did the head of my manhood slipped past her sphincter. As it gripped my cock I sunk deeper into her until I had filled her completely as I rested in side her filling her backdoor as she held her breath. I began to rub her labia pushing on her clit with one hand my other reached for her breast. She took a quick breath as I touched her clit then began to take deeper ones as I played with her breast and clit. I began to move in her as her passion built she would cum soon with my hard cock in her tight virgin ass. The thought made my cock grow harder as it glided back and forth inside her. She cried out as her climax washed over her “Oh yes oh god yes that feels sooo good! Fuck me oh yes harder fuck my ass harder!”

“You like it don’t you. You like my cock fucking your ass don’t you.” I said as she started meeting my thrusts wit her own.

“Oh yes I love your cock fucking me there I going to cummmm againnn! Ohh Oh god yes I am cumming oh god yes fuck me! As she clawed at the sheets on the bed and tossed her head while still impale her tight ass on my rigid pole. I was pulling all but out of her now and ramming it back in as she came and came in a series of climaxes one after the other. I reached for the more life size dildo and as I was on the back stroke I inserted it in her overflowing cunt as she screamed “Oh god yes fill me up fuck me everywhere oh god I love you fucking me like this please don’t stop!” as her climaxes built until I thought she would pass out they grew more and more intense she could no longer meet my thrusts as she just laid there relishing in the feeling that she was having being filled in both holes for the first time!

I could feel my own climax building deep in my groin as I fuck her now very willing ass I told her I was about to fill her sweet ass with cum as another huge climax racked her body which caused mine to exploded deep inside her she came again as I did. I pulled the dildo from her pussy before I fell onto her. I held her as she shook from her climaxes while her legs shivered with pleasure. I could feel her sphincter contracting on my softening cock before it slipped from her tight embrace. We lay together drifting in the afterglow of our pleasure spent.

After sometime I got up untying her from the bonds she barely stirred as I picked her up. Then pulling the bed cloths back I laid her down went around to the other side and crawled in beside her she rolled over embracing me as we drifted off to sleep.

I woke later by the pleasure of a wet mouth and soft sucking on my stiffing cock. I knew I was hers…