The Next Weekend – The Offer


PJ called me on Wednesday evening. I answered. “This is Bob.”

PJ sounded excited. “Are you ready for some good news?”

I answered. “I’m always ready.”

She continued. “It took me Sunday… Monday… and Tuesday… to convince Sue. I even told her about our lunch waitress that was shy… but was going to try dressing for her boyfriend. I think that was what finally convinced her.”

“She had lunch today with Jay, that’s her boyfriend, and since it won’t cost him anything he agreed. I’m excited! She’s going to do it! He has no clue.”

I replied. “That’s great! Now that we know she is willing I can finish the blouse and skirt I’ve already bought and started on. I knew you could convince her. Sue has known me for a little while. She’s comfortable dancing close. She admits she’s enjoying sharing hugs and nice kisses. Her letting me see her naked and allowing me to ‘dress her sexy’ is just another step.”

PJ answered. “You already bought a blouse and a skirt to alter for her?”

I spoke. “Since I dance close with most girls I can judge their size pretty accurately. What I have chosen will fit her fine. Yes, it will be extreme!”

PJ remarked. “I would expect nothing less.”

I spoke. “I hope you will go to dinner and dancing with me on Friday. We should go dancing at one of the other places near here. That way if Sue goes dancing at our favorite bar…. we won’t be there for her to ask questions. Just more anticipation for her until Saturday evening.”

She spoke. “I will buy the pair of bikini panties so you don’t have to.”

I answered. “Thank you. But I could. I’m not bashful about shopping in a lingerie department.”

PJ laughed. “That doesn’t surprise me.”

I asked? “What did you tell Sue the offer was?”

She answered. “Like we had talked about. I stressed that she was agreeing to you dressing her ‘Any way you want… NO restrictions’. She’s seen how I’ve been dressed so she knows she will be dressed sexier and more exposed than she has ever been.”

I replied. “I just wanted to be sure she understood the offer. I didn’t want her to show up on Saturday and get mad about how I had chosen to dress her.”

PJ spoke. “It’s too late for her to back out now. Everything is already arranged. I need to get off the phone since she will be home soon. We do share one phone. See you Friday. I’ll be ready by 6:30. Bye.”

I answered. “See you then. Bye.” I hung up.

I sat down to review in my mind what I had chosen.

My thoughts. ‘Sue’s skin is really pale, almost milk white. Her hair is dark so her bush probably is too. She had bought a long sleeved white blouse… and then couldn’t wear it. The blouse I bought is short sleeved, button up with a small collar and totally sheer with no decorations. It can be worn not tucked in so it will be free to move. It’s the softest pale peach I could find. Light shining through the blouse should give her breasts a little color. But it’s so sheer I’m sure her areola and nipples will be clearly visible. The skirt has an elastic waist that I’m sure will fit. It’s dark brown and pretty full. It’s a heavier material so her bush won’t show thru. At only 12 inches long there’s going to be a lot of thigh showing above her boots. It should wake Jay up. I’ll finish it tomorrow.’

It was Friday night and I was on my way to pick PJ up for dinner. When I knocked on the door Sue answered it.

She spoke softly. “Hi, Bob. Please come in. PJ’s almost ready.”

As I stepped in she gave me a longer, tighter hug. Her kiss was soft and lingering.

I spoke. “Tomorrow night will be fun. I’m looking forward to meeting Jay.”

Just then PJ walked into the front room carrying a small travel case. She was dressed appropriately sexy for staying local.

She spoke. “Hi, Bob.” She gave me a really nice hug and kiss. “Sue, I’m staying at Bob’s tonight. You won’t have any trouble finding his house tomorrow. Here’s a little map I drew for you with the address.” She handed it to Sue.

Sue looked at the map. “This makes it easy. Jay and I will see you about 5:00.”

We all said good-bye. Then PJ and I left.

PJ spoke. “It’s been pretty quiet in the apartment the last couple of days. We haven’t mentioned Saturday until just now. She is so nervous and full of anticipation. I want to just leave her alone with her thoughts and not be here so she can’t ask questions. I hope you’re OK with that. My clothes for tomorrow are in my case.”

I spoke. “You know I’m fine with enjoying your company at my house.”

We had a nice dinner and danced at a bar that was a few miles the other direction from town. On Saturday we slept late and spent the rest of the day with PJ getting used to being nude. We talked about how we hoped the evening would go.

By about 4:30 everything was set. PJ was dressed in a very short white skirt and a sheer, black lace blouse. She would certainly get Jay’s attention. She had mine! Her boots matched the black blouse. I had on dress jeans, a western shirt and my boots. The skirt and blouse for Sue were hanging Anadolu Yakası Escort in my closet. She wouldn’t get to see the skirt until she was putting it on. She wouldn’t get to see the blouse until after I had put it on her. My camera was sitting on my dresser.

About 5 minutes ’til 5:00 Jay’s car drove up. They each opened their own door and got out. We waited for them to knock.

I answered the door. “Hi, Sue. Nice to meet you Jay. Come on in.”

They stepped into my front room. The girls shared a little hug and kisses on the cheek. Jay was surprised when Sue turned and gave me a hug and a simple kiss.

Then Jay saw how PJ was dressed. His face showed he was really surprised. Before anyone said anything else PJ was leading Sue down the hall to my bedroom.

Jay asked?” Where are they going?”

I replied. “Have a seat in that high back rocking chair and relax. They’ll be back.”

He walked over to the rocking chair which had a perfect view of the hallway and sat down.

About that time PJ came walking down the hall and sat down on the couch. Jay watched her every step. He was startled when I started down the hall. He seemed confused at what was going on.

PJ spoke. “Jay, just relax. We have a surprise for you. I’m sure you will like it.”

His voice was trembling when he spoke. “I like your blouse. You look very pretty.”

PJ went on. “Bob and Sue will be out in just a few minutes. They’re getting your surprise ready.”

Jay seemed to relax a little. “Where are you taking us for dinner?”

She answered. “We’re going to a really nice restaurant in the city. The food is delicious. We’ll all go together in Bob’s car. That way we can visit.”

Meanwhile in the bedroom I was talking to Sue.

The first thing I did was give her a long, tight hug and a really nice kiss.

I spoke. “Jay will have to get used to us sharing hugs and kisses.”

Sue was just standing there kind of looking around.

I spoke softly. “This is not the time to be shy. You know me and trust me. Please completely undress. Everything except your boots.”

I could see Sue was struggling. “PJ is just right out there talking to Jay.”

She started to unbutton the flowered, long sleeved blouse she had on. She finally took it off and laid it on the bed. Next she slipped her camisole off over her head and laid it on the bed. Her bra was pretty plain but it fit her well. She paused.

She undid her denim skirt and took it off. She laid it on the bed. Next was her half slip. She was now in just her bra and panties which were plain like her bra.

I stepped over to hold her for a minute. “You’re almost there. Let’s do this.”

I stepped around behind her and unhooked her bra. She let it slide off her shoulders and fall into her hands. She tossed it on the bed. She slowly stepped out of her panties and tossed them on the bed.

I spoke softly. “Turn around for me.”

She very cautiously turned around to face me. I held her tightly to me for about a minute. She finally stopped shaking.

I spoke. “Let’s get you dressed and go surprise Jay.”

I stepped over to the dresser and picked up the bikini panties. I handed them to her.

“Tie them in bows.”

She actually giggled. “I’ve never worn panties so tiny.”

I stepped over to the closet and pulled her skirt out.

“This brown skirt will go nicely with your brown boots.” I handed it to her.

I spoke. “The tag goes in the back. It should rest on your hips…not up at your waist.”

She held it up to look at it. “This is really short.” She stepped into it and pulled it up.” It fit her just fine.

I spoke. “Sue, you have very shapely legs. You should be proud to show them off.”

She answered. “Thank you. I’ve always been shy.”

I spoke. “Turn around facing away from me.”

She turned around. I pulled the blouse out of my closet.

I spoke softly. “Let me put it on you. Then turn around so I can button it.”

She held her arms back. I slipped the blouse over her arms and up over her shoulders. She turned to face me. I buttoned the small buttons but left the top three undone. It fit her perfectly with just enough room that it wasn’t tight.

Sue spoke. “I’ve never had a man dress me.”

I stepped back to get my camera. The peach color was perfect.

I spoke. “Stand by the door so I can take a couple of pictures of a SEXY SUE. One of all of you from the front then one from the waist up from the side. Smile for me.” Click. Click.

I sat the camera on the dresser. Took her by the hand and walked her over in front of a full length mirror on the other wall.

I carefully watched her expression. At first she had a look of panic on her face. Then she turned a little this way and that… and smiled.

She spoke softly. “I never imagined I could look like this.”

I reassured her. “Sue, you are a very pretty young lady. You have a very sexy body. Thank you for accepting PJ’s offer and for trusting me. The lighting at the restaurant will be very Bostancı Escort subdued compared to this. I’m happy to see… everything in good light.”

She replied. “You certainly can see everything.” She turned to face me… and gave me a tight hug and a nice kiss. “I’m ready.”

I opened the door and stepped out into the hall. She stepped out and stayed close behind me as we walked to the front room. Jay and PJ stopped talking. I stepped to the side. Sue slowly walked over to where Jay was sitting.

His eyes could not have been any bigger. His smile was from ear to ear. He couldn’t even speak because his chin was dropped on his chest. He tried to stand up and couldn’t.

Sue asked? “Do you like what you see?”

All he could manage was a weak….”DA-A-A-M-MN!”

PJ asked? “Shall we go to dinner?”

Everyone said. “Yes!” We walked out to my car.

I spoke. “Jay, while I’m opening PJ’s door you should open Sue’s door. Ladies always appreciate that simple gesture.”

Jay and I each opened a door. PJ and Sue spoke in unison. “Thank you.”

Everyone got in and we were off to the city. My car has outside rear view mirrors on both sides. I had adjusted the inside mirror so I could see the back seat area. PJ was sitting close beside me. I looked back and could see the color of the upholstery between Jay and Sue.

I had to say something. “Sue, If you get closer to Jay he will be able to see you better.”

I got no verbal response but she did snuggle right up tight to him. Jay put his arm around her shoulder but kept has hand just on her arm.

The conversation on the drive was limited. Everyone was wondering how dinner would go. Soon I was parking at the restaurant. I got out and went around to open the door for PJ. Jay followed my lead.

I spoke. “Jay, Sue, PJ and I are going to show you how to walk into a restaurant when you are dressed this sexy. The lady is normally on the guy’s right.”

I was standing beside PJ. I took her left hand in my right hand. She put her right arm across her breasts and held my upper arm in her hand.

Sue spoke. “Pretty sneaky.”

They did the same and followed us into the restaurant. I stopped at the hostess counter.

“I have a 6:30 reservation for booth 4. My name is Robert.”

She looked at her list. “Yes, follow me please.” She led us to our booth and said. “Your waitress will be right with you.” She walked away.

PJ spoke. “Sue, we’re on this side. You slide in first.” Sue slid in and PJ slid in beside her.

I spoke. “Jay, slide in this side so you are opposite Sue.” He slid in.

I slid in beside him. “Sue, you’re next to the wall so you are right under the light. That’s why I reserved this booth.”

Sue blushed. Jay smiled.

PJ spoke. “The prime rib is their specialty here. We should all order it.”

The waitress came and we all ordered. We all agreed on drinking iced tea. No alcohol tonight. PJ and Sue ordered salads.

I told the waitress. “I have to have your green chili chicken soup.” Then I said. “Jay, you should try it.”

He told the waitress. “OK, I’ll have the soup.”

Jay couldn’t seem to keep from staring across the table at Sue’s silver dollar sized areola topped by hard nipples. My view across the table was just as sexy looking at PJ’s breasts. I was also enjoying my view of Sue.

The waitress came. She sat a salad in front of Sue and one in front of PJ. She set a bowl of soup in front of Jay. She paused slightly and sat my soup in front of me. She made eye contact with me and gave me a really big smile.

We had just finished our soup and salads. The only way Jay knew his soup bowl was empty was when the spoon came up empty. He had only looked down once to pick up the spoon and locate the bowl. After that it was just blind luck. His eyes were focused on Sue’s sexy breasts.

The waitress and her helper bought our dinners and placed them around the table for us. The aroma was wonderful. Everything looked perfect.

There wasn’t much said as we were all busy enjoying the prime rib. I’m not sure how Jay managed to cut bites of meat or get a fork full of potato. His eyes never left Sue for more than two seconds!

When we were finished the waitress came to ask if we wanted dessert. We were all too full. I asked for the bill. She had it in her apron and handed it to me. The total was $40.00 so I added a 25% tip in my head and handed her a crisp $50.00 bill.

I spoke. “I appreciate the excellent service. I don’t need change.”

She was very pleasantly surprised. She spoke. “Thank you, sir. Enjoy the rest of your evening.”

I spoke very softly to her. “We intend to.”

She blushed… and gave me a very big smile.

Everyone visited the restrooms on our way out. The conversation on the way to the car was lively. Jay and I each opened a door for our ladies to get in. Then we got in.

PJ was the first to speak. “I can’t speak for anyone but myself but I think dinner was fantastic!”

Sue was next. “This has all been a totally new Ümraniye Escort experience for me. I hope we can do it again soon.”

Jay was next. “I can hardly believe this is not just a dream. If it is… please don’t wake me up!”

It was my turn. “This is what I call good friends, good food….and most of all enjoying life.”

I started the car and drove out of the parking lot. “Anyone object to me taking the scenic route home?” Silence.

I headed for the back way home where there would be little traffic and I could drive slower.

Jay and Sue were whispering quietly in the back seat.

PJ and I were quietly talking about how well dinner had gone. I thanked PJ for making the offer and then making it happen. She thanked me for using my car and for paying for dinner.

Suddenly there was a little commotion and some little squeals coming from the back seat.

I jokingly asked? “What’s going on back there?”

Sue answered. “Jay found the bows!”

I said. “Jay, put the panties in your pocket. That way you will have something to remind you of this dinner out.”

He replied. “Sitting beside me is the best reminder. I will never forget this night! Thank you two for making all this happen.”

Sue jumped right in. “Yes PJ, and you, Bob, thank you for changing my life forever.”

We all talked a little the rest of the way to my house about how fun our evening had been.

I pulled into the driveway. “You’re welcome to come in and visit if you’d like to. Sue, do you need your other clothes?”

Sue answered. “We’ll come in for 5 minutes. I need at least my blouse for a cover-up.”

We all went in the house. The lights in my front room are pretty bright. No one seemed to care.

Sue and PJ went to the bedroom. Jay and I were just standing there waiting. Our ladies walked out after about 3 minutes. Sue was carrying her flowered blouse in one hand. The rest of her clothes were in a shopping bag.

Sue walked up to me and gave me the tightest hug and the nicest kiss ever.

She spoke. “Thank you for everything. We’re going to Jay’s.”

PJ surprised Jay. She stepped in front of him. She gave him a nice hug and a friendly kiss. “Thank you for coming with us tonight. It was fun.”

They left to go to Jay’s apartment. PJ and I shared a really tight hug and several sensuous kisses.

She spoke. “I really like you….and everything we do!”

I answered. “Me, too!”

It had been a couple of weeks since the ‘Offer’ weekend. PJ and I had continued having fun and exciting weekends plus usually an ‘out of town’ dinner midweek.

Even being at PJ’s apartment several times I hadn’t see Sue. She hadn’t been out to our favorite bar for dancing.

It was Sunday night and I was driving PJ to her apartment from my house. We were seeing a lot of each other and going out a lot but there had been no talk about her moving in with me.

I asked? “So, what’s up with Sue? I haven’t seen her since we were out with her and Jay for the offer dinner?”

She replied. “I’m not sure. She’s been spending a lot of time at Jay’s. She and I work slightly different hours so sometimes we don’t even see each other during the week. I’ve been spending a lot of time at your house.”

As I parked my car I noticed that Sue’s car was there. We got out and walked to the apartment. PJ opened the door and we walked in.

Sue jumped up off the couch and rushed across the floor. She threw her arms around me. The hug was tight and the kiss was wonderful.

She spoke excitedly. “Sit down at the table. I need to tell you both what’s been going on.”

PJ and I sat down on one side of the table and Sue sat opposite of us.

She started. “I can’t believe that since our dinner out….everything has changed. I had wished for a long time that Jay would ask me to be sexy for him. It turns out he was afraid to even suggest that he’d like for me to dress sexy. He was afraid I would think he was weird or something and I would stop going out with him.”

PJ spoke. “Bob has told me that life can be full of surprises. I guess it’s your turn.”

I spoke. “So, give us some details of what has changed. No reason to be shy.”

Sue laughed. “You told me not to be shy a couple of weeks ago. It got me in really great trouble. Thank you, again.”

She went on. “When Jay and I got to his apartment he was so nervous he had trouble getting his key in the door.”

“After we went inside I’m not sure who was more nervous. Yes, we’ve slept together but the lights were always turned off before we undressed. The little nightlight barely gives you enough light to get to the bathroom. We had never seen each other naked except in very dim light. That has changed!”

PJ spoke. “There has to be more than that.”

Sue took a deep breath. “OK. Doing it with the lights on was another new experience. No more fumbling around in the dark. It’s SOOO much better when you can see your partner and their expressions.”

PJ spoke again. “And….?”

Sue blushed deep red. “We did it once the normal way.” A long pause. “Then I told Jay I wanted to give him a special treat. I had him lay on his back. I straddled him on my knees and lowered myself down on his penis facing him so he could watch my breasts bounce. He couldn’t stop smiling. He also lasted a lot longer.”