The Newlin’s, Marcie , Mark Pt. 11


Party On — Marcie Parties with Collegiate Musicians

Marcie found herself back at school without her roomie, Laura. She found herself growing lonely without her best friend and lover, and eventually became bored by what was on the TV and went for a stroll.

A block or so from her dorm apartment, she heard a piano being played and followed the music until she determined it was coming from a particular window on the second floor of 145 Frontis Street. An etude by Chopin was being played and played well. Marcie stopped and listened.

She was still standing there when it ended and a voice from above called out, “Hey there, did you enjoy it?”

Smiling up at the girl hanging her head out the window, Marcie said, “Yes, I did. You’re very talented.”

“Thank you!” The girl called down. “Want to come up and join our little party?”

The girl buzzed Marcie in and she climbed the stairs to the 3rd floor where the party sounds seemed to be coming from, found the door ajar and walked in.

There were three girls in the room. A petite, very slender girl with long blond hair was standing by a large Steinway sipping a glass of wine. A redhead, in a cutoff t-shirt showing off two nice breasts and cutoff jeans showing off an even better ass, handed her a cup with some wine in it.

“Welcome to the Wanna be Wicked Woman’s Club. I’m Evie, our musician is June and over on the bed half juiced is Eileen.”

“I’m Marcie. Nice music. It sounded great from out on the quad. Are you a music major?”

“No, just a frustrated child of a music teacher. Hard to get it completely out of your system.”

“How well I know. I am music major—piano at that, so my compliment should be taken very unseriously. What’s going on beside the etudes?”

“Nothing. We were just sitting here complaining about being half smashed, all sexed up and no boys.”

Marcie smiled and said, Yeah, I understand …” she gave the girls, especially the redhead a thorough inspection, whistled and said, “That’s my wolf whistle, and I want you all to know you don’t need boys for everything, you know.”

Evie giggled and said, “Afraid none of us have the nerve to try gay sex.”

Marcie was aware that the three girls were staring at her, and attempted to justify her statement by adding: “I mean, we all masturbate, right? So that’s essentially a girl making love to a girl. Perfectly normal, arguably not gay,” She finished her wine, leaned against the piano and asked for a refill.

Eileen was next to the box of wine and took Marcie’s cup from her and filled it to the brim. Marcie accepted the glass and toasted everyone, and then added, “So, if a second or third hand were to get in the act, who would know?”

The precipitated a lively debate, which everyone relished. As most will agree, there’s nothing an alcohol consuming group loves more than the alcohol itself than talking about something and rendering an opinion that’s basically predicated on alcoholic fumes.

It turned out all three of the girls had had an incident at some point in life, so the subject wasn’t completely new to them. But none had ever actually tried making love with another girl. The conversation grew livelier and the box of wine was quickly emptied.

“Got an unopened box at my place, June offered, and everyone trooped down one flight to her abode to watch as she managed to open the wine without spilling any.

Evie confided to Marcie that hadn’t been the case when Eileen tried opening the wine upstairs.

“She damn near spilled a gallon of the shit on the rug, you know?”

“Go to hell, Evie!” Eileen shouted.

“Hey, hey, let’s not pick on anyone. We all screw up now and then,” Marcie said cheerfully, then finished off her wine and held her glass out to June, who shouted, “Go to hell! Pour your own!” then laughed uproariously at her perceived witticism.

But when the laughter died down, it was June who said, “”I’m horny as hell. I move that we go into my bedroom, strip naked in the dark and grope the hell out of each other. Can we agree to vote on it?”

It took a moment, but all four women raised their hands.

“Motion carried!” June shouted and walked directly into the bedroom, shedding her top as she did.

Evie, the redhead, peeled off her cutoff t-shirt revealing a lovely pair of D-cup sized breasts as she stumbled into the room after June. Marcie followed, waiting until she was in the bedroom before stripping off all her clothing and then waiting and watching as the others slowly followed suit.

After forming a kind of circle, they all finished their wine and carefully placed their glasses on the bedside dresser. “Lights, please,” June called out, and Marcie who happened to be closest to the light switch, did the honors.

Suddenly it was very dark in the room. Evie giggled. Marcie suddenly felt the tentative touch of someone’s hand on her arm and she turned. The hand moved to her breast then pulled back. Marcie reached out slowly into the darkness, found the hand and pulled it back onto her breast.

Murmurs of excitement could be heard almost güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri continuously now. The girls had agreed beforehand not to speak, for to do so would tell the others who they were touching and who was touching them.

The fingers grew bolder on Marcie’s breast, moving slowly over her breast until the nipple began to extend. Another hand landed on her belly and Marcie’s excitement accelerated.

As she herself grew wet, she began to smell the excitement of the others. She recalled a similar odor at Laura’s when she and Jane had lain together, legs and arms entangled as they touched and licked at one another in the wee hours of the morning.

Marcie reached out and found a shoulder. She took a half step closer, lowered her hand and felt the curve of a firm breast with a rock hard nipple.

Not June, she’s almost flat-chested. Not Evie either, she’s too busty; she thought, and then snorted, thinking, I’m like Goldilocks and the three fucking bears. Well the process of elimination tells me I’m feeling up Eileen. That works for me. Now does she like what she’s feeling on me?

Marcie duplicated the other’s move and quickly put a hand on Eileen’s stomach. Eileen sucked in her breath then leaned in and tried to kiss Marcie on the lips, but got her should instead.

They both laughed.

Almost immediately the other girls started giggling.

June’s voice sang out: “I know who I’ve got hold of!”

Marcie shushed her, but everyone continued giggling.

Marcie’s fingers moved downward and became entangled in Eileen’s pubic hair. She could hear the other girl’s breathing becoming gasps as the fingers on one hand pinched the other’s nipple. Her own excitement grew and the hand on her belly grew bolder and moved down into her bush.

Tit for tat, Marcie thought. Well one good turn …

She leaned forward and whispered into Eileen’s ear. “Fuck me with your fingers. I want it sooo bad. Pull me, fuck me, suck me.”

Eileen complied and Marcie returned the favor. Both girls had a finger in the other’s twat.

Eileen forgot about being silent and moaned, “Oh, that’s good … ohhhh shit! Oh p—put another finger in there!”

June having overheard her, giggled, “Someone’s getting frigged.”

“Yesssss … oh god … yes! Mmmmm, faster, please, go faster! I’m so close!”

Of course, Marcie obliged her.

“Oh, honey, yes—yes—yes!”

“Like that?” Marcie teased.

“Yes … oh, fuck yeah! Can you … deeper? Please?”

“Jesus, what are you doing to her?” Evie asked her voice filled with lust.

“Just some basic fingering,” Marcie replied casually, although she was ramming her fingers in and out of Eileen’s sodden cunt like an engine’s piston.

Suddenly Eileen bucked and her hips moved to thrust against the finger. Marcie never hesitated, adding a third and then a fourth as Eileen’s knees began buckling.

Marcie followed her to the floor; lowered her head to Eileen’s cunt and began to eat her.

Eileen moaned softly, but her hips were thrusting and she was gasping for air.

“Ahh… I never … Ohhh yeah … like that—like that!”

June giggled, “What are you guys …?”

“They’re doing it for fuck’s sake. Can’t you tell?” Evie crowed deliriously.

“But I thought we would only be kissing …”

“Oh … you don’t want my finger here?”

“Evie … what the fuck?”

“Should I stop?”

Just then everyone heard the unmistakable sound of Eileen’s orgasm overpowering her.

“Jesus Christ!” Evie moaned. “That was so fuckin’ fast!”

“Oh—Oh—Ohhhh!” Eileen sobbed; “Please … can you put your tongue in again?”

“Sure,” Marcie said loud enough for everyone to hear.

“Oh, God. Ohhh … Ugh—ugh—ugh! Jesus!” She cried out softly, but her hips were thrusting and she was gasping for air.

“Marcie? Hey Marcie?” One of the girls called out.


“Would you mind if we put on the light so we can watch?”

“I don’t care, but ask Eileen why don’t cha?”

“Eileen?” Evie called cautiously.

“I don’t fuckin’ care as long as this Goddess keeps me cumming.”

“I’ve changed my mind. No lights,” Marcie said. “But you crawl over here and I’ll do you too.”

“It was an offer they couldn’t refuse and both June and Evie made their way over to where Eileen and Marcie lay on the floor.

Marcie was overheating and needed to get off, but knew she still had to take care of the other two before she’d have them all over her for the remainder of the night.

Marcie knelt on the floor softly stoking the side and breast of the dazed Eileen next to her.

A hand touched her shoulder and she reached out and put her arm around her new companion. From the smooth swell of the hips and rounded, hard cheeks, she knew it was Evie, the shapely redhead.

“I never ate a girl before,” she whispered into Marcie’s ear then sent her tongue darting in after her words. The smell of the Eileen’s pussy was still heavy on her lips.

“Is—is that her I smell?”

“Yes, now feed me one of your tits!”

“You güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri wanna suck on my tits?”

“I’ve wanted to ever since I first saw them. They’re fantastic!”

Evie was holding a breast up to Marcie’s mouth before she finished talking.

“Can—can I finger you?” Evie asked meekly.

“Sure,” Marcie replied.

A moment later Marcie felt another body next to her.


“Yeah … is it okay?”

“Yeah, spread those legs for me, okay?”

“Yeah, of course,” and she did so just as Evie’s finger found Marcie’s twat.

Marcie noted June was soaking wet and tried two fingers instead of the usual one.

They slipped in easily and she moaned.



“You can use three fingers you want too.”

“Really? Three?”

“That’s what I said,” she replied as she fingered June vigorously.



“Hold that tit to my mouth with your free hand would you?”

She did, and Marcie contented herself with gnawing on the other girl’s turgid nipple until Evie complained it as starting to hurt, and she stopped sucking and concentrated on June’s cunt.


“Mmmm, Evie?”

“Can I kiss you a little?”

“Sure, I’d like that. Then June and I will try it, okay June?”

June was starting her orgasm and hadn’t heard Marcie, but it didn’t matter. Marcie now understood that whatever she wanted to do with the girls would be fine with them.

A few turbulent minutes passed before Marcie remembered Eileen, and brought her back into play, having her go down on Evie while she did June.

It worked to perfection, for within two minutes Eileen had Evie clawing at the air and cumming harder than she’d ever had before.

Shortly after that June experienced a similar crushing orgasm and wound up slapping the floor and screaming Marcie’s name over and over.

They rested in place for some time then June got up and turned the lights on and after making sure the blinds were fully closed, all four of them got on the bed and took turns eating one another out. They didn’t stop until each girl had gone down and brought the other three to a rousing climax.

Marcie had trouble walking back to her apartment at 4:30 that morning, and swore off any type of sex for at least three full days.

She managed to keep to it even when Laura returned the following night, claiming her period was early that month.

Monroe, Louisiana — Party On!

Mark’s plane landed at Monroe Regional Airport almost exactly on schedule. He was to be met by a County commissioner, named Charlie Dell, which surprised him that someone of that importance would take it upon themselves to greet him, a college student at the airport, but Mark knew little of the real world and what made it go—namely corruption and greed.

It was 102 in the shade when Mark stepped off the twelve passenger Cessna and found himself accosted by a pudgy man in a rumpled white linen suit and Panama hat.

“Good tuh meet ya’all, Good tuh meet yuh, yes sir! I’m Charlie Dell one of the County Commissioners. Well the only one whut’s gonna be greeting yuh today anyhow.”

“I’m pleased to meet you, Mr. Dell,” Mark said taking the man in.

“Now you are—you are, Mr. Newlin, correct?”

“Yes, I am,” Mark answered accepting the outstretched hand tendered him by Dell.

“Gonna hep us build this library ain’t ‘cha?” Dell said amicably as they shook hands. Mark noted that dell’s hand was sweaty, almost clammy against his.

“Um, yes … I suppose I am. Are you here to take me to my hotel Mr. Dell?” Mark inquired, not realizing Dell was someone of importance in Monroe.

“Oh, no … I—I’m uh, just here tuh meet you and ask a question or two about the library and how you see it. You unnerstand?”

“Well … um, so what’s your question?” Mark looked around hoping to find a shady spot they might stand in but saw none unless they retreated back into the terminal.

“Oh … well yes … we’re very concerned about storm water here in Monroe. Just how does your design manage storm waters?”

“Um, well Mr. Dell, I don’t know that the design is innovative in any new way, but it does address storm water management by utilizing the latest strategies with respect to drainage at the site. This would include reuse strategies for rainwater, graywater, and wastewater. If needed, and I doubt that Monroe with all its annual rainfall actually needs it, but should that be the case, we can at a very low cost add a means of conserving potable water as well.”

“Do tell,” Dell said and sucked on his rear molar as if trying to draw a particle of food from it.

“Mr. Dell, I have some diagrams from the federal government that show how water arrives on the site, how it is currently used or reclaimed, and how it presently leaves the site. This is something you might want to discuss with the lead architect, Ezra DeZarn.”

“Ah, yes—yes, I suppose I will. Well then Mr. Newlin, I’ll leave off my err, interrogation until another time.”

“Oh, then güvenilir bahis şirketleri you’re not here to give me a ride to my hotel?”

“Oh, heavens no! I just wanted to speak with you before anyone else got hold of you. So … um, welcome to Monroe, Louisiana, Mr. Newlin. I trust we’ll um, meet again.”

Dell turned on his heel and walked away without another word. Mark looked around; spotted a taxi stand about fifty yards away, although no Taxi was waiting there. He picked up his two suitcases and trudged over there, took off his suit jacket and found a spot of shade under an old oak tree and waited until a eventually arrived.


His accommodations were nice enough, especially for a college student; a suite-styled motel, with a clean, functioning pool. There was also a decent restaurant across the street. An hour after he’d showered and dressed in fresh clothing—a U of Nebraska Tee and school colored red shorts, his room phone rang. It was Ezra DeZam, his boss wanting to know if everything was satisfactory.

Mark mentioned meeting Charlie Dell and was surprised to learn that he vehemently opposed the library.

“I don’t understand why would he be opposed to it?”

“It’s simple, Mark. He doesn’t own the property the library’s to be built on. That’s a hurdle I thought we’d cleared. At any rate, you needn’t be concerned; we’ll deal with Charlie when necessary. In the meantime, I’d like to invite you over to my place and get to know you … let you meet some of the folks here in Monroe and my wife, Deirdre is dying to meet you.”

“I have to ask, Ezra … how should I dress?”

“As casual as possible; oh and bring a bathing suit, we might find it humid enough to warrant a swim later on.”

When the call ended, Mark decided to call Rana to tell her he’d arrived and get her to masturbate along with him as they talked dirty to one another.

Rana was delighted with his call and readily joined him in a mutual masturbation that took some twenty minutes to complete.

Next he showered and then called the desk to locate the nearest car rental service. It was part of his expenses paid by the city. There was an avis about a half mile away and the desk told him they could have someone drop him off there in thirty minutes if he wanted them too.

Mark, not a heady traveler by any means, was delighted with the way things were working out, and found himself at the DeZam’s residence just at the stated time.

To his surprise, Mr. DeZam was a man in his mid-fifties, while his spouse, Morgen, was at least twenty years younger and fairly attractive. Moments later Ezra had taken his arm and was steering Mark through a crowded room pausing here and there to introduce him to small groups and clusters of guests who greeted him warmly. Most of those introduced to Mark were quickly forgotten, but he did manage to remember the names of Ezra’s co-architect, Bob Stephenson and Bob’s spouse, a strikingly beautiful blonde named Christie, who wore a revealing dress that displayed her lovely breasts to great advantage.

He also remembered the Mayor, Mortimer Rocheau, a man in his late sixties, and the Town Librarian, Maisie de Lafitte, a spinster type female of undetermined age.

There were other things Mark would remember, such as there being no alcohol at all, although plenty of iced-tea and club soda, along with peanuts, salted and unsalted (grown locally) he learned and lots of conversation, some candid enough to warm anyone’s ears.

As the evening wore on Mark found a seat off to one side of a group of mostly married women and strained to overhear their little digs about their love life or midnight escapades buoyed by their mutual boredom and possible jealousies.

•Corrine’s boyfriend had a smaller than average dick. She admitted that unless she’s “riding cowboy” he doesn’t satisfy her.

•A tall bleached blonde confessed her boyfriend could only have an orgasm when her middle finger made its way up his ass. She thought it strange, but it worked.

•Victoria was the real naughty one, a ditzy blonde with a smile that lighted a room. Her hubby Rick loved to “ride up the chocolate highway” as she called it, and she allowed him to do it on official “holidays, like his birthday, New Year’s Eve, their anniversary and Thanksgiving.” Oh, and since her hubby had to travel on the job, sometimes when he’d return from a profitable sales trip.

•And last but certainly not least, a very thin, but big breasted woman in her late twenties named Paulette sat directly across from him in a blue sequined dress. Mark took another look at her chest and doubted its authenticity. Paulette apparently had a husband who liked getting oral sex in the car on a regular basis. Corrine explained that they had a baby sitter over while they do a dinner and movie. After the movie they end up parked down by Jackson’s Pond. At least they did until nearly getting busted by the cops. Luckily they had enough notice to get presentable, but it was embarrassing because one of the cops was a friend of her father’s. Corrine giggled, “Good thing she was with her husband!”

Mark had a good memory and made certain he put the right name to the stories being told for future reference. It occurred to him that no one had anything bad to say about his new boss, or his wife, or even the Stephenson’s, and he took some satisfaction from it.