The New Game Ch. 12


Chapter 12 – Better Offer

I rolled over and hit the alarm clock but the annoying sound would not stop. I opened my eyes and saw that it was after 11am. The sound continued and I finally identified it as the phone. I watched Brooke, who was still next to me, reach over casually and pickup the receiver. After a series of one word answers she put the phone back on the hook.

“We need to get dressed,” she said to me in a somber tone as she rolled over to face me.

She was now wide awake and the look on her face was rather serious.

“What’s going on,” I asked as I climbed off my bed.

“Everyone is coming here,” Brooke informed me calmly. “Apparently, we need to have an emergency meeting.”

She seemed very calm about the whole thing, so I echoed her serenity.

“Did they happen to mention what the emergency was,” I asked plainly.

“No,” she answered softly as she began to unwind her lovely frame from my sheets.

I didn’t say another word. I scrambled around my room for appropriate cloths and then made my way down to the kitchen, leaving Brooke to get herself ready for our guests. I put on a pot of coffee and waited for them to arrive. I was reading the newspaper at the dining room table when the doorbell rang. I made my way downstairs and opened the front door.

Much to my delight, Nikki was the first to arrive. She entered and gave me a small kiss on the cheek. Her expression made me think that she did not know any more than I did about today’s event. She headed up to the main level of the house while I waited at the door. I noticed a car pulling up in front of the house. The car parked directly in front and both Mindy and Leslie emerged.

They made their way to the front door, both greeting me with casual kisses on the cheek. Mindy was her usual self, but it appeared to me, that behind her sunglasses, Leslie was worried. I didn’t think now was the time to explore the weird vibe she was giving off any further. I assumed that, in a short time, I would know the cause of it.

As Leslie headed up the stairs, I saw Emma’s car whip around the corner and screech into our driveway. Emma was out of the car quickly and walking with a purpose. She stormed through the front door and stomped up the steps without as much as a word. I closed the door behind her and followed her up to the main level. Brooke had joined the other women and they were all seated in the living room.

Emma stood there in front of them as I took a seat on the floor. She didn’t speak and she didn’t move for what felt like an awkwardly long time. Finally she opened her purse and pulled out a disk. She held it up but could not make words. She handed it to me along with a folded note. I put the disk into our dvd player and read the note to myself. I turned on the television and returned to my seat on the floor.

“Only watch this when you are all together,” I read the note aloud.

The note was not signed and I had a distinct feeling that whatever we were about to see on this disk had already been viewed by Emma.

The disk began playing and the scene was eerily familiar. We all watched as the camera panned a very light colored room, landing on a large bed with a white, floral print comforter. I knew I had seen this room before but could not put my finger on it. The camera continued around the room, past the daylight filled window, over a desk, past a closet and then back to the bed. The frame stopped on the bed and we all waited for something more to unfold.

You could feel the air sucked out of the room as several of us gasped when Sienna came into frame. She stepped into the center of the screen directly in front of her bed. She was wearing a white blazer, which was buttoned just beneath her bosom, and a matching white skirt. She looked down at her feet and then directly into the camera while smiling a very evil smile.

“Hello Miss Emma and the rest of you,” Sienna began. “I wanted to deliver this message in person but my sister advised me against it, so here I am.”

I glanced around the room and all eyes were glued to the screen. The last time we got a video from Sienna, it set off some major alarms within our framework and I knew that the ladies were immediately concerned about a repeat reaction.

“You all know that we have lost our boytoy Bradley,” Sienna continued. “Of course you know that, you are the ones that caused it. But let’s not go into all that messiness right now, let’s focus on today’s lesson. Today’s lesson is that when you back a wild animal into a corner, it has no choice but to strike.”

The camera panned to the left, towards the desk area. More audible reaction came from the ladies sitting around me when Kylie came into frame. She was on her knees, wearing only a lavender lace bra and panty set. She was aggressively sucking the cock of a man seated in the chair, though his head was out of the frame. Kylie had her right hand wrapped around the thick, meaty cock as she jammed it in and out of her mouth. She then stopped, held canlı bahis the cock in her hand and looked at the camera.

“Consider this strike one,” Kylie snapped as she returned to sucking the fat rod in front of her.

The camera panned up and there was not a lot of reaction among the women, but I was in complete shock. The focus of the camera zoomed in on the upper portion of man’s body and his face came into view. I looked over at Emma and I knew that she had no idea who the guy was, nor did anyone else in the room beside me.

“This is Derek,” Sienna’s voice narrated as the man enjoyed the blowjob he was receiving. “You probably don’t know why this should sting, but your boytoy can explain it to you. Derek is my new toy.”

I stopped the disk where it was and looked around the room at my ladies. They were all focused on me now, looking for an explanation. I shook my head slightly and stood up. I leaned against the wall and faced all of them.

“Derek Johnson was a college teammate of mine,” I admitted. “He was a good guy and for my sophomore and junior years, we were roommates. He is someone that I considered a friend. Mindy took a stiff shot at them by removing Brad from their game. Their response is to attempt to wound all of you by wounding me. This sucks and I am truly surprised and disappointed in Derek’s decision. On the flip side, this is a shot at me. I will not let this affect any of you in any way.”

Without waiting for a response, I turned back to the television and started the disk again as I exhaled loudly. The frame stayed on Kylie orally pleasuring Derek for several long, uncomfortable moments. I had been physically intimate in so many ways with all of these women, yet watching this with them was uncomfortable and tense.

The camera frame then shifted to the left, in front of the closet. A man was standing while we were watching the back of the head of a woman with long black hair bobbing back and forth on his cock. The woman turned to face the camera and we all cringed somewhat when we realized that it was Lisa. Mindy let out a very audible groan as we continued to watch her mother orally please this mystery man. I stopped the disk once again.

“Mindy, if you want to be excused I don’t think anyone will object,” I offered to her.

“I am fine,” she responded firmly. “And I am part of this team.”

I started the disk again as Emma walked over to where I was standing and stood next to me. The frame picked up with Lisa continuing to work the short, fat penis in front of her with her mouth. The frame shifted even more to the left where Sienna was standing.

“This is strike two,” Sienna giggled.

The camera panned back to Lisa, who was still on her knees and sucking. The frame slowly made its way upward, bringing the face of the man enjoying these oral treats into focus. I could not believe it. Emma grabbed the remote out of my hand and stopped the disk yet again.

“Who was that,” Nikki asked.

“Bob Ruffe,” Leslie answered her. “He is a local lawyer.”

“Is he competition or something,” Mindy asked.

“Not really,” Leslie admitted.

“No,” I added. “This is another shot at me. Bob was engaged to my ex-wife but I heard, through the grapevine, that they never made it to the alter. This is just them flexing their muscles. It’s as clear as it has ever been that their goal is to stick it to me, either by hurting me directly or hurting one of you. They just don’t handle being told ‘no’ very well.”

Emma looked at me curiously. I was not sure what she was thinking but she didn’t say a word. I nodded to her and she started the disk one more time. We all watched as Bob enjoyed himself while Lisa took care of him. The camera moved back to the left again, bringing Sienna back into the frame.

“I am pretty sure we have your attention now,” she stated. “So I know you will appreciate strike three.”

The camera rolled further to the left until the bed came into view. Derek was on the bed on his knees. His hands were on the hips of a woman that he appeared to be fucking doggie-style. Her head was down on the bed and tough to see as Derek continued pounding her from behind. Sienna then leaned into the frame and onto the bed.

“Smile for the camera honey,” she urged the young lady whom Derek was ravaging.

The woman turned her head and we all saw who it was. Several shrieks were let out and Emma buried her face in my shoulder as she stood next to me. We were all in disbelief as we continued to watch Derek thrusting into Vivian from behind. She seemed to be enjoying it very much. This went on for several minutes before the camera continued to the left and focused on Kylie.

“Did you really think you were going to get the best of us and have us go away quietly,” Kylie asked with an angry tone to her voice. “You have no idea what you are up against.”

Kylie put her hand over the camera lens and then the screen went black. Emma still had her head buried in my shoulder and I could feel that she bahis siteleri was sobbing. There was a lone tear running down Leslie’s cheek when I looked at her and the rest of the room just seemed deflated.

I hugged Emma tightly and held her as she composed herself. I had no words to offer. This felt like a very personal attack on all of us, but it was more than that. I could not rationalize what we had just seen. I looked around the room and waited for someone, anyone, to say something.

Leslie walked over to where we were standing and took Emma in her arms. It appeared that the fear I sensed in Leslie had been justified by what we had just seen. Just when she seemed on the verge of pulling herself together, Emma fell apart again. I looked around at the stunned faces of Mindy, Brooke and Nikki, genuinely wishing that I had the magic words to undo everything we had just seen.

“What are we going to do,” Mindy asked with a tone of urgency and fear in her voice.

“Nothing,” I stated simply. “We did not begin this game to compete with anyone and we are not about striking back. Our best bet is to do nothing.”

Emma pulled herself out of Leslie’s arms and stared at me.

“I want my sister out of that game,” Emma snarled, mostly directed at me.

“It was your sister’s choice to join that game,” Nikki said from her seat on the couch.

Emma looked at Nikki inquisitively.

“What do you mean,” Leslie asked her.

“Monica filmed that video,” Nikki informed her. “She was told to give it to me so that I could give it to Emma.”

“So did Monica tell you anything,” Brooke questioned.

“Yes, she did,” Nikki admitted.

“Do you plan on sharing it with us,” I pushed carefully.

“Monica told me that she no longer cares about the rules of their game,” Nikki detailed. “She said that if she has to play their game when she would rather not, then that doesn’t mean she can’t share the details with all of us. She has now become our greatest source of information from the inside.”

“Can we call her,” Leslie asked quickly.

“There is no need,” Nikki halted her. “She should be here momentarily.”

We all sort of stared at Nikki, as if somewhere inside her eyes was the answer that we were all desperately searching for. The tension was thick in the room until the doorbell rang. I darted down the stairs and opened the door, welcoming Monica in quickly.

I led Monica up the stairs to the dining room. She was no fool; she knew that we were all anxiously waiting on her arrival. She took a seat at the table, as the rest of the women filled in the seats around her and I chose to stand behind where she was sitting. When everyone was seated and all eyes were on Monica, I started.

“Help us,” I urged her.

“I will,” she answered me without turning around to look at me.

“Why now,” Mindy questioned sharply.

I was confused by this question greatly, but Mindy’s look told all of us that she was not going to let the discussion continue without an answer.

“Because when you were all at Leslie’s house, I told him that I believed in him,” Monica stated. “If he let me down by hurting Nikki, he would deal with me. But since then he has done everything right and I continue to believe in him. So I want to help.”

“What do you know about the new additions to your game,” Emma asked her.

“I know everything came from Kylie,” Monica explained. “She is the new mastermind. Everything changed when she arrived. She is very angry and very twisted. There are moments when she is downright scary. She is still exceptionally pissed about what happened in Las Vegas.”

Monica turned in her chair to face me. She had a look of great concern on her face as she looked at me.

“She doesn’t like to be turned down,” Monica continued. “When you went home, she was happy and pleasant. I think she thought that she had won. When you returned so did her rage and then when you took out Brad, she went nuts. I mean, during the times I have to be around them I have seen her be harsh to everyone except Sienna. After the website incident, she really tore into her sister. It got ugly and heated when we were all together. That’s when she flipped. She has spent most of her time since then studying you. Your background, your tendencies, your education, your family, basically anything she could find.”

“WOW,” I exclaimed. “I am really a thorn in her side.”

“I think she is about to return the favor,” Brooke spoke up.

“That’s probably true,” Monica added. “She made these moves to get to you, but she’s not done. The more she learns, the more she will use against you. She is ruthless and heartless and vicious. Even Sienna can’t stop her.”

“Do you know what their deal is with my sister,” Emma asked softly.

“Unfortunately, no,” Monica acknowledged. “None of us know the details about each other’s place within the game. It’s very guarded and controlled. I wish I had the answers for you.”

“Do you think they will tell you before they bahis şirketleri make their next moves,” Leslie asked.

“I am not sure, but if they do, you will be the first to know,” Monica replied.

“Thank you,” I said. “I can’t tell you what your help means to all of us.”

“You’re welcome,” Monica accepted. “I wish I had done it sooner.”

She stood from her seat and walked over to me. I was not sure what to expect and was exceptionally surprised when she threw her arms around me and hugged me tightly. She looked up at me as she released me from her grip.

“I have to go get Brian from Nikki’s mom’s,” she said. “You all have a lot to talk about anyway.”

We all watched her turn and head down the stairs. We heard the front door shut as she exited and I casually sat in the chair that Monica had been seated in. I looked around the table at these women, who were still very shook up from all of today’s events. I looked at Emma and she once again seemed close to tears.

“Where do we go from here,” Mindy asked softly.

“Our game was never about competing with anyone else,” I stated again. “We have always been about what is best for all of us and enjoying each other’s company. If they find a need to compete with us, let them. We don’t need to give them the satisfaction of competing back. Let’s just do what we do, business as usual.”

Those words sounded great coming out of my mouth, but I didn’t believe any of them. I wanted to nail those to bitches to the wall for putting this burden on my ladies. I was angry and ready to strike back, but I did not want these women to see it.

“Our game has also been about keeping each other safe,” Leslie added. “I feel a threat to your safety and to Vivian’s as well. I don’t know what her deal is, but I am worried for her.”

“Well, you needn’t worry about me,” I assured her. “I can handle whatever they throw at me.”

“I’m not sure you can,” Brooke interjected. “Especially if you don’t know it’s coming.”

I looked at her as I thought about what she had said. Was she right? What was Kylie really capable of? How far would she take this personal vendetta? I began to worry.

“I need to get Vivian out of that game,” Emma sobbed. “It’s my fault that she’s there. I have to help her get away from those monsters.”

“Actually, it’s my fault,” I corrected her, now feeling very guilty.

“We all had a hand in it,” Nikki clarified.

“How do you figure,” I asked her.

“I urged her to talk to Emma to restart the game the first time Emma shut it down,” Nikki reminded me. “Leslie and she had the biggest fight any of us has ever had. Penny and Brooke got the love from you that she wanted. Mindy is the only one of us younger than Vivian. So what place was left for her? I can’t imagine how hurt and confused and lost she was when she left us.”

We all stared at Nikki in complete disbelief. She had put it in wonderful perspective and she was right. We were all partially responsible for what had happened, yet it really wasn’t anyone’s fault. I still felt like it was my fault, though. That was not about to change.

“Everyone go home,” Emma exhaled heavily. “First thing Monday morning we will meet and discuss what we are gonna do about Vivian. Clear your minds and we will regroup then.”

Without another word she turned and headed down the stairs. Leslie followed close behind her, ensuring that she was alright. Brooke stood from her seat and grabbed Mindy’s hand off the table. She pulled Mindy to her feet and dragged her towards the stairs. I watched as they made their way down to the bottom level of our home. I heard the front door open and some scattered noise as I put my head in my hands. The front door finally closed and there was silence.

I was enjoying the silence and not moving. I just sat there, my head in my hands and my mind racing. Then the silence was broken. There began a repetitive tapping. It was in rhythm and continued endlessly. My eyes widened and I lifted my head. The sight of Nikki sitting directly across the table from rattled me slightly as I was under the impression that I was alone. Nikki was rattling her pink acrylic finger-nails on the table from her index finger to her pinky in succession.

“Hi,” I said to her meekly, unsure about the stern look on her face.

“Hi,” she replied, almost disgusted.

“What’s going on,” I asked cautiously.

“You haven’t paid enough attention to me lately,” she informed me.

“Today has been quite intense,” I stated. “So you’ll have to forgive me.”

“You are right, today has been intense,” she agreed. “So, I will forgive you, if you make it up to me.”

“Ok,” I accepted. “I will make it up to you. Just let me know when.”

“Right now, of course,” she exclaimed.

“Right now,” I repeated in a very questioning tone.

Nikki got up from her seat and walked around the table until she was standing next to me where I sat. I looked up at her and she slowly turned around. Her firm little bottom was exactly at eye level and it looked very nice in the skin tight jeans that she was wearing. Nikki rocked her hips back and forth, showing her me her fantastic backside. She strode slowly away and then sat on the end of our couch.