The Neutralizer Pt. 08


The end. Or is it?

Once her pussy was red and swollen from his attentions, his motions ceased and turned to pacifying caresses. “There we go, baby,” he soothed. “Look at all this medicine you made just for me. Goddess, it’s all over your thighs. Mhmm…gotta drink it down.”

He didn’t loosen her arms, but lowered them, threading them over his neck instead as he moved to lay between her legs once again. “Hold tight, baby. We’ve got all day,” came his words as his head descended.

* * * * *

Three months later

Ina sniggered quietly to herself as she not-so-innocently carried a vase to the bedroom and placed it on the nightstand, which just so happened to be by Joberi’s side of the bed. She couldn’t wait to see the expression on his face when he saw it tonight.

It hadn’t taken them long at all to fall into a routine. After being fully reinstated as Zhertiko, all of his duties were returned to him with special provisions allowing time off for medicinal treatments. His nights ended with his evening preventive extraction and nursing, and his mornings began with a double dose of positive matter from Ina’s cunt. And thank the Goddess for that. They both had learned the hard way never to skip a dose when he had obligations for the day. His days off… ha, those were another matter. There was just something so primal and animalistic about his feeding when he missed a treatment. Meowww.

She was glad to have retired from the Zhertum. The fulfillment she received from being Joberi’s full-time Neutralizer…well, that was more satisfying than the thrill of any mission she had gone on.

The snick of a door caught her ear. “Ina? Where are you?”

A grin tipped her lips. He was home early. “In the bedroom!” she called out, arranging the vase so it sat at just the right angle on the nightstand.

The air shifted behind her as two long arms wrapped around her waist. “That certainly is a pretty purple flower. Not as beautiful as you, though. Where did it come from?” he mumbled into her neck.

Her grin grew wider. “Ohhh…it was a gift from Dr. Daru.”

Joberi’s arms contracted as he grabbed her to his chest and snatched her away from the flower. “WHAT? That better not be what I think it is!” he growled down at her, his brow furrowed.

“Yes, it’s your Wsidu flower. He said your orgasms fed it so much that it triggered a pigmentation change.”

He warily studied the dark purple flower with suspicious looking stamen from the safety of the foot of the bed. “He did, did he? And just what is it doing by my side of the bed? Does it still…”

The laughter Ina was trying so hard to hold spilled out of her. “If only you could see your face! canlı bahis I’m sorry, baby…Daru didn’t send it. I bought it at the market this afternoon because I simply couldn’t bear to pass it up.” She hugged him tight and looked up at him with twinkling eyes. “Do you forgive me for teasing you?”

Relief swept over his face like a curtain. “Why, you little…”

She screeched at the sudden invasion of his tickling fingers on her ribs and collapsed, causing them both to fall to the bed.

Lying on their backs, hands intertwined, happy sighs filled the room.

Joberi rested one hand underneath his head. “That certainly was a bizarre experience. I can’t say that I’d ever want to go through it again, but I just might, knowing it would bring us together like this. I have to say, though…seeing that…”—he shuddered—”flower…makes me wonder if I need a safe word.”

“You silly boy. What would you need a safe word for? It’s not like we get too extreme.”

“Well, it never hurts to have one. Just in case.”

Ina scoffed and glanced at him. “Okay. Mine is…hmm. I can’t think on the spot like that. What would you like yours to be?”

A thoughtful expression rested on his handsome face. “Meatloaf,” he announced.

“Meatloaf? Okay…whatever that is…”

He rolled on top of her, linking his fingers with hers and pinning them above her head. “You may need your safe word sooner than you think. After all, you subjected me to some pretty harsh treatment.”

“All to save your life, though!” Ina protested.

“I’m thinking I may need a Wsidu flower of my own for you, my little flower. Tit for tat, you might say. What would you do for love?” He waggled his eyebrows deviously.

A squeal erupted from her. “No, Joberi! A-anything but that! I won’t do that!” They both cackled in laughter.

“My little flower,” he repeated as he gazed into her blue eyes. Dipping his head to her neck, he inhaled her scent before licking a path up to her ear. “Do you see any black in my eyes? Because I’m feeling a bit”—sharp teeth grazed down her neck—”aggressive, you might say. I may be in need of emergency treatment from my Neutralizer. What do you think?”

“I’m thinking you might be right. And just where were you planning to get your medicine from?”

His hands slid down her raised arms to squeeze her breasts together. “Right here”—he nipped the tops of them, first one, then the other—”and right here.” One hand slid down to cup her pussy, grinding the heel on her clit. “And you’re going to let me drink everything I need, aren’t you? All the positive matter your body can possibly make. Your Zhertiko might drain you dry this time.”

Ina writhed underneath him. “Goddess, yes, Joberi…anything bahis siteleri you want.”

“I could start here.” He massaged her cunt with his strong hand until a throaty moan pushed from her. “But I think I’m going to start here.” His proclamation was punctuated with a stinging bite to her nipple through her shirt.

“Ahhhhhhh! Teeth, Joberi—teeth!” she shrieked as he chuckled around her bud.

He released her hands and sat up to straddle her, unzipping his pants and freeing himself as he did. Lazy strokes traveled up and down his semi-hard shaft. “Open your shirt.”

Button by button, she obeyed, revealing her undergarment. “That, too,” he commanded.

Fully topless, Ina lay bare before him. He leaned down, forearms supporting his weight, and brushed his lips against hers. “Open for me, Ina.” He licked inside, tangling their tongues together.

At the same time, he took her breasts in both of his big hands and squeeeezed from the fullest part to the tips, lingering as he lightly pinched her nipples. Mhmmmm. Then his fingers tightened.

“Agh!” she yelped. “Goddess, Joberi. That hurt!” She frowned at the angelic expression on his face.

“Sorry, baby. I just needed to get the antidote close to the surface so I could do this. Sit up against the headboard.”

Ina lifted up and rested her back on the solid frame as he straddled her hips. “Do what?”

“This.” Joberi slid his foreskin down, then leaned forward, placing her rosy tip against the head of his thickening cock, right against his slit. He rolled the fleshy skin back over, covering her nipple with him. “Thrust your chest out.”

Aroused beyond belief at the act, Ina arched her back so her breasts stuck out. He wrapped a hand around her breast, milking it, and squeezed her bud through his foreskin, coaxing fluid out of the tip and against his glans.

His hands were so big. And warm, too. The one massaging her breast felt like a furnace. Ahhhhhhh… The sensation was unlike any other. His strong hand firmly kneaded the soft globe while the fingers of the other squeezed and pulsed on her blanketed nipple.

“Mhmmmm…” he moaned deeply.

“Look at that,” Ina marveled. “Snug as a bug in a rug.”

“Or a nip in a tip.” Milk slowly gathered in its shallow fleshy container as he rhythmically compressed and released her breast. When it could hold no more and dribbles escaped, Joberi dragged his foreskin down, letting the collected liquid gush out and splash onto his pants and the bedding.

“That is soooo sexy,” Ina purred.

Staring hotly into her eyes, he held his hard cock, rolling the glans around her other breast before pinching his slit open and stuffing as much of her nipple as he could inside bahis şirketleri of him. “Hhh!” Gasps rang out.

“Milk it into my cock,” he commanded. Ina obeyed, arousal pulsing to pool in her cunt as she wrapped both hands around her breast and drew down together in a steady, firm motion, positive matter trickling along the path of gravity.

“Ahhh…I can feel it going down. Goddess…do it again, Ina.” She squeezed her legs together to relieve some of the pressure before draining more fluid from her breast directly into his urethra.

“Ohhh, Joberi. I can’t take it anymore!” Arousal level through the roof, she smacked his hand away and enveloped his swollen cockhead in her mouth, sucking out her milk and his precum and swallowing it down. Goddess. We taste so good together.

“Ah!” His hand grabbed the headboard, hips thrusting lightly as Ina stroked his shaft and palmed his balls. “Mmmmhhhh. So close—so close. So clo—” An urgent beeping emanated from his wrist.

“No no no…don’t answer it,” she groaned around his cock. “Ignore it. Whoever it is can talk to you later.”

“I’m sorry, baby, but I’ve got to. It could be important.” He reluctantly tore himself away, looking almost mournfully at his angry erection as he adjusted his uniform. A quick glance to ensure Ina was out of view, then he answered the hail.

A small holographic figure appeared. “Greetings, Zhertiko Joberi. Your immediate presence is required at InterGalactica Headquarters. Zhertum Vrenkil has been recovered and placed with the others.”

“Affirmative.” He ended the communication. “Hear that? They found Vrenkil. Do you want to go with me?”

“Of course. Give me a moment to get ready.” She grudgingly rolled out of bed and headed to the refresher. A sharp gasp from Joberi halted her steps. “What is it?”

His gaze was intensely fixed on the purple flower on the nightstand. “By the Goddess, I could have sworn that thing just flashed and moved…”

Ina smiled secretly as she walked away.

* * * * *

InterGalactica Headquarters

Joberi and Ina quietly slipped in and sat in the back of the domed room, catching the tail end of the High Krudox’s droning speech.

“…recovered multiple Zhertum from the clutch of the Grifus, and that is why we have called this assembly today. We seek volunteers from among you to administer positive matter to your fellow brothers and sisters in arms to begin their rehabilitation process.”

At the High Krudox’s nod, the curtain behind him dramatically opened and a spotlight shone down to reveal row upon row of naked Zhertum bound to metal tables. “We begin with Zhertum Vrenkil. Who volunteers to become his Neutralizer?”

“I do,” boomed a deep voice, its resonant echoes reaching every nook and cranny of the dome. From the edges of the crowd, a giant barrel-chested man stepped forward, a resolute and determined glint in his eyes.