The Meetup


She flicked through her phone as she sat there, waiting. People buzzed around her, and she filled her time watching them go in their various directions, rushing to a gate or rushing toward the baggage claim. She just sat there waiting, her stomach gently churning. This was by far the craziest thing she had ever done.

It had all started simply enough. They had started chatting online. Truth be told, they had started chatting on an erotic chat site. It was pretty random, he said ‘hi’, she replied, and a little while later they were deep in an erotic conversation, urging one another to pleasure themselves in ways that would be totally indecent in any other setting. Typing things you can only type in such a situation. But it had been satisfying, she had orgasmed, she was fairly sure he had too, and his imagination had a way of clicking with hers…and so here she was, waiting.

There was more to it than that, she normally didn’t keep in touch with guys she chatted to online, but he said he wanted to turn their chat into a story, and she was intrigued. So they chatted some more, sometimes it was random messages, other times there was a clear sexual focus, and the story kept building. He published it online. There she was in print, the description of the girl was her, the things she did were the things she had written to him when they chatted. It was a turn on. Others seemed to like it too, the story got a good rating from readers.

They swapped images they found online of the things they wanted to do, they turned that into chats. More than once she had cum in her chair or her bed, her panties around her thighs. Once she sent him a photo of her playing with herself while they chatted. She was pretty sure he liked it. Another time, after some prodding she had sent him a photo of her boobs. She wasn’t sure what she was thinking at the time, other than she was horny and the thought of taking a photo made her excited. She was surprised when he sent her a message recommending she delete the photo from their chat, but she liked that he was being considerate, it had served its purpose, he had cum, and so had she!

Their chats continued. They definitely stimulated one another’s minds and other parts as well! My gosh, she had even sent him a photo of her pussy. She was so turned on at that moment she couldn’t help herself. He messaged her after and told her how he had played with himself thinking about it, looking at that photo, imagining himself there. She liked how it made her feel.

But, he lived on the other side of the world. It was convenient in so many ways, there was no blurring of the lines. It was comforting for her that she could express her fantasies with him, and not have the threat to live them out. He engaged her mind; that was all. But their chats continued. He was fun; he complimented her dress sense as much as her boobs; he was growing on her.

So, when he mentioned he was coming to the US, for work he said, the jokes started. “Maybe we should catch up!” “What do you think?” “We could do this.” “We could do that.” “Vegas!”

It was funny for a short time, but at some point her mind piqued, maybe it would be fun. “So, would you really do it?” she had asked him one night. “Well, why not, if you’re really interested???” Every warning went through her head, you don’t agree to meet guys you chat with online. Her head filled with thoughts of all the horror stories she had read about in the news. She didn’t reply to him straight away, he didn’t push it. She raised it with her roommate and her other friends; they all said no, it was a crazy idea. Of course it was! But the idea still stuck in her head, there was a naughtiness to it for sure!

They didn’t speak for days, and then she saw him online one night. “Thinking about Vegas?” she messaged him, hoping to draw the conversation out again. His reply was polite, he thought the idea might have died, but he was booking his flights to the US for his work trip. He understood that it was a crazy idea, and could only work if they both wanted to. There was certainly no pressure he kept saying again and again and again. “It would be nice to chat in the same time zone though! lol” he finished.

A day or so in Vegas would be expensive, but he could pay for the room he said, she was still at university, it wasn’t really in her budget. Their conversation then turned to what they were doing, and as it had done before, it became sexual. Later, as their chat progressed, her panties around her knees and imagining him fucking her like he was describing she suddenly typed “let’s meet in Vegas.” “Ok” he replied, and she came right then.

He offered her the chance to pull out various times, but she didn’t want to sound like a coward, after all their whole game had been based on a bit of a dare.

Her thoughts then turned to expectations. What would he expect, what should she expect? They had chatted about so many things, thing that one either shared with a lover or a stranger! Would she be expected to live those out? Would he want to? Would he be like he had described in their chats? Could Kurtköy Escort it be possible to have sex as perfect as in their chats? Is it possible to have a normal conversation across the table from someone who you’ve sent pictures of your pussy? Oh man!

Her roommate offered her money, “in case you need to get out and book a room somewhere else”. Her friends still thought she was crazy.

He sent her a message, it was a picture of his boarding pass “Sydney to Los Angeles” it read. He was on his way.

So now she sat there, waiting. She knew she was going to arrive first, and had thought about going to the hotel and checking in, but she had decided to meet him at the airport and catch a taxi together, try to make it a little more normal. It was only going to be about an hour. She was scared, excited, nervous, turned on, scared and excited.

Finally, her phone beeped. “Arrived” the message said. “Meet at baggage carousel D?”

“Ok” she replied, and taking a deep breath, picked up her carry-on bag, stood up and started walking toward the baggage claim area. Holy crap it was real.

A, B, C…D! There were people everywhere, but standing there was a guy she knew had to be him. He was standing with a suitcase, a backpack on, typing on his phone. He finished typing as she walked toward him, and her phone immediately beeped, it was him. He looked like he had described, and she was happy with what she saw.


It seemed such a stupid thing to say to someone that with whom she had shared so much, but it was all that seemed appropriate at the time.

He smiled at her, “Stacey, hi, great to finally meet you” he said as he opened his arms and moved in to hug her like a long time friend. She relaxed and leaning into him accepted his hug. It was warm but polite, the awkwardness of their first meeting lying just below the surface.

“Have you been waiting long?” he enquired, and a normal conversation flowed as they walked together through the airport toward the taxi stand.

As they drove toward the centre of Vegas, they continued to make small talk. She was surprised how relaxed he seemed, not realising the tension he was carrying inside whilst trying so hard to put her at ease, but neither could escape the reality: they were both headed toward a hotel in a strange city with a person they had never physically met before, but with whom they had shared some most intimate experiences. This could go a number of ways, and many of them were not good. He didn’t seem like a serial killer though, and he was working overtime to try and make her comfortable. They sat on opposite sides of the taxi, although he kept eye contact with her and kept smiling at her.

“How weird is this?” he asked her. “I am scared as hell!” Stacey replied. “Glad I’m not the only one then!” He smiled back, and she felt more comfortable.

“Really? You look totally under control, like you do this all the time!”

“Stacey, I’m so jetlagged, I couldn’t change my expression if I had to! But I can’t believe we are doing this, I am just hoping I don’t make a dick of myself!” That made her laugh; this weekend could be great if they allowed it to be.

As the taxi drove onto the Strip, Stacey’s eyes darted around her. “Woah, look…” was all she could say. “Its nuts” was all he could reply, and as the taxi turned up the drive leading to Caesar’s Palace, they both looked at one another nervously, before bursting out laughing. For some reason, she felt, they got one another.

“Sir, madam, we have you staying for three nights in a room with two double beds, is that correct?” The lady at reception asked. “Sounds right.” Was Mark’s reply. He had wanted Stacey to feel comfortable, to know there was no pressure caused by sleeping in the same room, it had meant a bit more of a boring room than might otherwise have been on offer, but Mark was never really sure how Stacey was feeling about this little adventure, and so he was careful not to scare her. The persona he had adopted in their chats, may have been confident , but he wasn’t exactly like that. Maybe in looks, but that persona was more someone he longed to be rather than who he was.

For her part, Stacey felt a mix of relief and disappointment when she realised they would have the option of separate beds, which summed up her mixed emotions about the entire adventure. If they had only had one bed, then she wouldn’t have had any option, but to share it with Mark, but with two beds, she may need to make a decision, and she didn’t want him to think she was backing out of anything that might happen or upset him by turning him down if she had to.

The room was small, but nice. Mark offered her the choice of bed and explained that he was more than happy for her to make herself comfortable and he would sort himself out after.

“Thank you Mark, you’ve been a true gentleman.” She smiled at him from across the room. “But this is your room too, I don’t want you to think I’m a free loader!” They laughed at one another again. It was clear to each of them that they were both nervous, which Maltepe Escort in a way helped to relax them both. Laying on their separate beds they started to talk like two normal people meeting for the first time. Explaining their backgrounds, filling in gaps from their chats. It was early afternoon now, and the travel and the emotional tension had taken its toll, and the conversation eventually slowed and both found themselves asleep on their separate beds, resting.

Stacey woke first, opening her eyes and looking across at her roommate for the weekend sleeping soundly on the bed next to her. It was early evening. Thinking it was a good opportunity for a shower and to prepare for the night, she quietly climbed into the shower. As the water rushed over her she still wondered what the weekend might hold. Mark seemed really nice so far, and everything he had said prior to meeting him had proved to be accurate, but there was still so little that she knew. She was grateful they had separate beds.

When Stacey opened the door out of the shower Mark was sitting up on his bed and flicking through his phone.

“Morning sleepy” she teased him.

He laughed, “to be honest I don’t think my body knows what time it is, but I guess the clock says it’s time for dinner. I will grab a quick shower.”

Mark walked past her into the shower and she rifled through her bag for an outfit to wear.

After a shower and a tidy up, Mark opened the shower door, already dressed in jeans and nice fitting shirt. He couldn’t believe his eyes, Stacey was wearing a shortish skirt, and a tight fitting white singlet. The singlet accentuated her slender shoulders and long arms, and the skirt length seemed a perfect mix between modest and sexy. Any man would be happy to be seen walking with her, he thought to himself.

They decided that for the first night out, they would wing it in terms of restaurants, and after Mark quickly used the bathroom and flushed the toilet, they set off out the door for the first night out.

After walking around the casino floor for a while and looking into some of the designer shops located around the hotel, they settled on a restaurant and sat down for their first meal together. After they had got themselves comfortable, they looked up at one another, and staring into one another’s eyes burst out laughing. In one of their first chats online, they had roleplayed a couple on a date at a restaurant. Would this night be like that?

“Well, here we are!” Mark stated matter of factly as the waiter poured the wine he had chosen. “Here’s to a fun weekend.” And they each raised their wine glass and smiled at one another.

“My roommate has messaged me four times already asking if I’m alright, and its only 8pm” Stacey laughed.

“Its good that she is concerned, it’s better than her not caring at all.” Mark reassured her.

“True. So how you feeling after your long trip?”

“I think I’m just waking up now to be honest, no idea if I’ll get back to sleep tonight, but I’ll worry about that later.”

As dinner was served, Mark and Stacey continued their conversation, each finding out more about the other. In many ways they knew a lot of intimate detail about one another, but there was a lot that they each didn’t know. After dessert was served, and the last of the wine was drunk, and with both feeling the effects of the wine, they agreed that one of the nightclubs would be a good idea for a couple more drinks before calling it a night.

It was still relatively early and so getting into the nightclub at the hotel was easy. Inside it was dark, and the music and lights thumped away. They were both still too scared to hold hands or show any affection, but as Mark lead Stacey through the crowd, he placed his hand gently in the middle of her back. Feeling his touch through her singlet brought back memories of some of their chats where they had described touching one another, and it gave Stacey a slight tingle down her spine, and her heartbeat quickened. She enjoyed his touch, as innocent as it was.

Grabbing drinks they both managed to find a small table and sitting down close to one another they sat and watched some of the action on the dancefloor as various groups or couples bopped away to the beat. With the music so loud they had to sit close and yell a bit to be heard, and as Stacey’s bare leg brushes his jeans, Mark felt his cock twitch in his pants. She smelt good and he enjoyed looking down at the slope of her breasts as the tight fabric of her singlet stretched across them.

Stacey leaned in closer. “So Mark…” she shouted over the music, “did you have a favourite chat of ours?” she asked with a raised eyebrow. Having felt so tense and nervous all day, the alcohol was helping her relax, and her memories of their chats, the things they talked about and the things she did to herself during and after had come flooding back to her.

“Well…” Mark stumbled, caught by surprise. “Are we talking about this now are we?” He looked at her. “Why not?” Stacey smiled back.

“Ok, well, my favourites were Tuzla Escort the ones where it was both obvious we were alone and we were playing with ourselves while we were chatting. It’s not as much fun if I know you’ve got company or people coming and going, because it stops you being able to fully get into it. So my favourite was the one where you sent me a pic of your hands in your underwear, because I knew you were playing with yourself while we chatted and I didn’t have to feel bad about doing the exact same thing!”

Stacey nodded at his response without saying much. “Do you feel like dancing?” She asked him diverting the subject.

“Can I be honest? I actually feel really tired tonight, but would love to dance with you.”

Stacey smiled and put her hand on his. “I totally understand, you’ve come a long way today. Let’s put off the dancing until tomorrow night and get some rest. We should aim to have a look around town and get some pool time tomorrow.”

Mark imagined Stacey in her bathing suit as she made the suggestion and nodded. Grabbing his hand she stood up and they walking out of the nightclub, feeling old heading up to bed while most people their age were only just starting to head out!

Stacey felt less anxious heading up to the room knowing that they had separate beds to climb into. She had enjoyed the night, and she was torn between wanting Mark and not wanting to come on too strong. She had wanted to discuss their chats further but had backed out at his response and the feelings it was causing inside her. Her panties were slightly damp as she had remembered the time she came chatting with Mark, but she was still nervous at the same time. At least she had her own bed to climb into and she could get some rest and they could start again tomorrow morning.

As Mark unlocked the door and they stepped into the room, they could hear the sound of running water, and as Stacey flicked on the lights and turned the corner and peered into the bathroom she screamed.

“Oh no!” She cried.

Mark rushed around the corner to see what she was looking at; it wasn’t good. The bathroom floor was an inch deep in water that was gushing out of the toilet. The carpet outside the bathroom door was wet. Whipping his shoes off, Mark tip-toed through the water toward the toilet, finally managing to stop the flow of the water out of the toilet by turning off the tap beside it. Stacey was already on the phone to the front desk. Slowly the water started draining from the bathroom.

“What a mess.” Mark looked at Stacey and laughed.

Within minutes of Stacey hanging up the phone to the front desk maintenance staff and management staff arrived at their room and Mark explained the situation that had confronted them as they returned to the room. Fortunately, neither of their bags were close to the bathroom, and so they were protected from the flooding, and Stacey’s toiletries were sitting on the bathroom sink out of harm’s way. Quickly the maintenance staff got to assessing the issue and trying to fix it, while the Manager spoke with Mark and Stacey as they sat on the edge of Stacey’s bed.

“Sir, Madam, we are so sorry this has happened to you.” She explained politely. “My staff is just checking room availability, however we will most certainly provide you with an upgrade on your room and make sure you are comfortable and settled into a new room very shortly.

Mark and Stacey nodded. There wasn’t much to say really, they couldn’t stay in this room with the wet carpets, and the hotel was offering to upgrade them to another room. They looked at one another and laughed again, who could have imagined the weekend starting like this! The Manager got up to take a call, returning a short time later.

“Sir, Madam, we have a room available for you in our upgraded wing. However our desk staff have just noted that it has one king bed only. Is that going to be a problem if we offered you that room?”

Stacey stared at Mark, suddenly there was a decision to make again. But at least after dinner and few drinks she felt more comfortable with her roommate for the weekend, and so she shrugged her shoulders.

“I think a king bed we can make work.” She responded to the Manager.

“Great, our desk staff are just bringing up the keys to your room now, and I will escort you to the new room while our staff bring your bags. You won’t need to worry about a thing. I am so sorry this has happened to you both.”

“No worries.” Mark assured her. “Thanks for sorting it out.”

As soon as they both packed their bags, the Manager walked them through the hotel to their new room, explaining along the way that the wing where their new room was located at recently been upgraded and the rooms and views were spectacular. It sounded really nice. Stacey and Mark still weren’t fully prepared when they saw it however.

Walking into the room, it had a feel of an opulent Roman boudoir. In the middle of the room was a large king sized bed, with a satin duvet covering. At the end of the bed was a large round tub and shower, with just a thin wrap around curtain to offer any privacy. A large couch sat in the corner looking out of the large window out onto the Strip. In the corner of the room was an open bathroom, with a door into the toilet the only door in the entire room (other than the front door).