The Masseur


This story is for a friend who inspired this story, hope you like it as much as I did writing it! Constructive feedback is always appreciated.

You come in for a massage and thorough pampering and ask for me by name as you smile at the receptionist.

“Is Jay in?”

“He’s expecting you, Ms. Erin.”

She ushers you in promptly as I’ve cleared my schedule for you. Your eyes light up when you see me in the large room standing next to a padded mat. I smile back

“I’ve looked forward to this all week; you’re simply captivating.”

You undress and grab a towel to wrap around yourself, turning around so I can feast on your lovely form.

“Really? I couldn’t tell.”

You look over your bare shoulder at me and wink, wiggling your voluptuous ass. I suck back some drool as I realize I’m slipping into a trance.

“You always do that to me, Erin, best wiggle in the town! Just go over there and have a seat.”

I get the collection of fragrant oils from the cabinet as you take a seat on the massage mat, and lie face down. I start by rubbing soothing peppermint oil into your skin and immediately feel the tension in your body as my hands caress your back and shoulders

“Looks like you need one of my patented full-service massages.”

You moan as my hands glide down the delicious small of your back to work and knead the inebriating globes of your Bostancı Escort sweet ass and round hips, working my hands down and up your unbelievably sexy legs and feet. Messaging your toes one-by-one, I detect the subtle muskiness of your arousal and my ever-hard manhood throbs in my pants

“Oh God! you’re amazing, you really know how to pamper a girl. Keep it up.”

I smile at the unintentional joke as I work my way back up your oily, smooth legs. Reaching the top of your thighs, I help part your thighs a bit and bend down to inspect your puffy pussy and your hot little asshole. Your slit is dripping and enflamed as I lift the hem of your towel and blow on your excited holes, making you shiver a bit. Then I reach between your legs and start caressing your overheated seam. Up and down, my finger forges its way through your steamy lips, parting them and massaging each between my fingers. Your breath catches and you innocently ask:

“Mmm… is this a new technique you’re trying?”

“This is the special massage I save for my favorite customers. You’d be surprised how tense this area gets; its muscles are constantly flexed and they get overworked like any muscle.”

“UNG, don’t stop!”

“Shh, just relax and let me take care of you.”

“Oh baby…”

After a few moments of labial stimulation, your pussy relaxes and leaks profusely as Anadolu Yakası Escort the smell of peppermint and pussy fill the room. I slid my finger into the steamy cleft of your luscious ass and massage around its length, paying much attention to your throbbing asshole, watching you squirm and whimper:

“OH God, please…”

I smile as I slid my first two fingers deeply into your delicious slit, rubbing your hot pink flesh as your succulence covers my hand. I bring my first two fingers and thumb together around your aching clit and pinch and twist it gently. Your sweet moans turn to purrs and whimpers as you writhe on the mat, gritting your teeth and stammering:

“Mmmm please, make me cum!”

I help you roll over on your back and look in your happy eyes, smiling as I glide my hand up and down your smooth leg.

“Lie back, Erin.”

You do as I told, and I reach between your thighs to rub your sopping pussy from top to bottom. Your breathing is erratic and your body is sweating as my fingers pinch and press your sensitive skin. You giggle slightly.

“Oh God, you’re somethin’ else, baby.”

I bend to kiss and lick your aching, hard nipples, nibbling as I suck. While I push my first two fingers into your hungry vagina and cross them inside you as I pump and twist your wet hole. Your liquid sex squishes and pops with every thrust Pendik Escort of my fingers, leaking from your enflamed pussy copiously. I tickle your G-spot and tease your clit with my thumb and your sexy purrs turn into loud roars and you thrash and buck wildly as your profuse juices cover my hand, your holes, and pool on the mat under you.

“Oh God baby, that’s it, mamma’s so close, baby… UUUUNNNHHH”

I withdraw my fingers and trace them down your perineum and draw circles around your cumcovered asshole. You nod helplessly and close your eyes as I raise my fingers back to your yearning vagina and slide my fingers effortlessly into your accepting hole, pumping you tenderly. My tongue works its way into your moist slit to lash your clit and my lips and teeth to nibble and suck the extreme little nub as I pump your hole gently.

“Oh Shit! Yes Yes YES! JAY… oh god, here it cums… AAARRRGGGHHH”

My face is inundated with your generous fountain of cum as you shriek and squeal delightfully, thrashing and undulating with my rhythmic pumps and delicious tremors of your fierce orgasm. You collapse on the mat, panting as you lift your legs in the air.

“You’re so delicious Erin.”

I slip my fingers from your sated pussy and slide them smoothly into your luscious rectum as I cover your jutting pussy, pumping deeply as your inebriating pussy empties into my willing mouth. You completely relax and settle into the mat, gasping as I inhale your replete pussy and pump your peaceful asshole.

“That’s it. Baby… that’s it… let mamma quench your thirst… oh god, you’re amazing!

“You taste exceptional, as always, love.”