The Loving Husband Ch. 15


The short synopsis of this story to date is included below, but reading the previous chapters may help. Also, in this chapter, I explore something else that was recommended by a reviewer.


This is the continuing story of a cuckquean, my wife, Ann. She had been reading cuckold stories on line and decided that she was a cuckquean, a kind of female cuckold. This was based on how enthralled and excited she became by imagining me having sex with other women. I was shocked, but she pursued it. She didn’t show any tendencies toward the humiliation or denial part, but loved knowing I was having sex with other women. Apparently, this started with some voyeuristic tendencies about watching someone she was involved with have sex with another woman when she was in college and now she got off on thinking I was having sex with other women. I didn’t understand it, but she pursued it and I started doing so.

In the last chapter, I had thought that Ann’s cousin was coming over for me to take a more regular lover, but instead Ann had invited the still fairly newly married Sandra. Sandra let me fuck her on her wedding day both before and after the wedding. She and her husband had both played around, but Sandra was the real instigator. She and I had fun and Ann joined a little. She didn’t seem really bisexual, but loved sitting on the face of another woman while that woman cleaned her pussy of my cum. Ann just loved being in control.

So now I was supposed to conduct a regular affair with Sandra.

It was a week later before I got a chance to join Sandra one evening while her husband was working. It was the Friday night after our last encounter. Her husband was working 3-11pm, so I took off work early and got to her house about 4pm.

She had told me to come straight from work because we were going out for a bit. I was horny and Ann denied me sex for four days to make sure I was that way. She laughed about it. Damn wife! I loved that bitch!

When I got to Sandra’s I was still in my suit. I had had a meeting that day that required something more than business casual, so I was in a suit. I was hoping to change out of it, but Sandra came to the door in a figure-hugging little black dress. She looked scrumptious. Her small, but delicious 5’3″ frame was definitely highlighted by it.

“Hello, gorgeous.” I grabbed her and kissed her hard, putting both my hands on her ass.

Sandra kissed me back and then squirmed out of my grasp. “Hold your horses there John.” She walked over to the hallway mirror and checked herself out. “I want to look good for the club.”

“Where are we going?”

“Well, it’s a club that some of my friends and I used to go to for dancing.”

“You want to go dancing?”

“Yes. I want to have a little outside-the-house fun time before we get down to the fucking.” She grinned and gave me a hip bump.

“Okay. Let’s go.”

We made our way out to my car and drove to the next town over, Sandra providing direction as needed. When we finally arrived, it looked like it was too early for the place. There were only a few cars present. I looked at the clock. 5:30. Maybe there were some happy hour folks there, but not much else.

We entered and I could see that there were actually a few folks there drinking and starting to party. I guess they were getting an early start.

Sandra went to find a table and I went to get some drinks.

I got back to the table and Sandra was waiting for her drink. She gulped about half of it down immediately and then grinned at me. “I’ll be right back.”

Sandra disappeared into the back, where I assumed the ladies’ room was while I sat and sipped my drink. The place was not very busy.

It took a while, but eventually I saw Sandra coming back. She plopped down heavily and grinned at me.

What was going on? “What?”

Sandra just continued to grin at me. “Just checking the place out.”

“Well, that shouldn’t take long. It’s pretty deserted right now and you’ve been here before, so you know where everything is.

“I know. Just checking to see if I know anyone.”

We sat there drinking for about 30 minutes and then I went for a second round. Sandra remained at the table to hold it as people were finally starting to show up. When I returned with the drinks, Sandra was again thirsty and gulped down a lot of her drink. She put out her hand. “Let’s dance.”

I’m not a very good dancer, but I followed her out onto the floor and we bounced around with a few other couples. We danced two dances and then headed back to the table. We took our time and nursed these drinks until Sandra finally stood up and announced that she was going to “make the rounds” of the club. I just shook my head. What the hell was she up to?

I nursed the second drink, trying to ensure I could drive when Sandra showed up with two other girls in tow. These two were dressed in nice, form fitting dresses showing that one was slender and one a little more voluptuous. They were both good looking.

“John, these Tuzla Escort are friends of mine, Tory and Barb.” Tory was the 5’7″ slender one with brown hair cut so it just touched her shoulders and big brown eyes. Barb was the shorter, more voluptuous one. She was probably only about 5’2″ with blonde hair, blue eyes, and cleavage that wanted to draw your eyes to them permanently.

We all shook hands and said hello. Sandra asked me to get the three of them some Tequila shots and beer. I was going to raise my eyebrows and say something, thinking that I was brought here just to be the wallet for a night out when Sandra leaned over to say something in my ear.

“Be nice and you will definitely reap the benefits.”

I smiled but had to roll my eyes. She and I were going to fuck later anyway. Was she saying that she was going to invite them to join us? “You bringing your friends home?”

She stared directly at me. “Abso-fucking-lutely.”

Okay, in that case, I could get a few more drinks. I went to the bar and got three shots and four beers. I also got a couple of waters because I knew at least I was going to be thirsty.

When I got back to the table, the three ladies were on the dance floor. They saw me and came back to the table, chattering noisily over the music. They all grabbed a shot and looked at each other. They did some strange little chant they all knew and threw back the shot. Then they guzzled some beer, giggled like they were 17 and sneaking booze, and headed back to the dance floor. I felt a little left out, but stayed put and hoped this wouldn’t take too long. I didn’t like sitting alone.

I was starting to get a little anxious. I thought I was meeting Sandra for a quick round of sex, but instead we were in a dance club drinking. She was visiting with her friends and I was sitting there paying for drinks. I was hoping that we could all head home soon. I didn’t want to be up all night.

I was watching them dance and I could see that they knew each other well. Tory, the taller one, moved with grace; she had that light and athletic look. Sandra was sexier in her moves, but Barb, well, she looked like pure sex. She moved her body so that she shook her hips and her ass jiggled under that dress. Then, getting a look at her tits, I could see them bouncing around and trying to, apparently, break free. These three garnered attention from the young guys, but they just blew them off.

During the second song after the drinks, I saw Sandra flag down a newly circulating waitress and order some more drinks. I wasn’t prepared for this level of spending, but maybe it was a good investment. At least Sandra was going to be horny and be ready to fuck.

The drinks showed up at the table and it was six more shots and three beers. I paid the bill and, even though I wasn’t that old, felt a bit like an old letch with his young trophy escorts.

The girls wandered back and joined me. They again went through a little ritual with the shots and drank some beer. I watched carefully. I was ready for a little drunk and horny, not drunk and sloppy. I hoped it didn’t come to that.

The girls finished their third shot and drank some more beer. Then Barb looked at me and grinned. I smiled back. She walked over right in front of me and jumped sideways into my lap. She was soft and pliant and felt good. She smiled at me and leaned over to whisper into my ear. “Sandra says you are not just a good guy, but a good fuck.”

I was a little surprised at that. “Yeah?”

“Yes, and she said I can come home with you guys.”

“Is that right?”

“Yes. Sandra and I have shared guys before. We were roommates in college and had quite a lot of fun.”

“Do you know her husband?”

“Yes. She loves him, but needs about three times as much sex. She brings home other girls to fuck and sometimes lets him have fun with them, but I don’t really like him.” She looked directly into my eyes. “I like you.”

“You just met me and don’t know a thing about me.”

She grinned. “Well, I do know that she loves that cock. Just in case you don’t know, she showed me a little snippet of her wedding night engagement. You and your wife had quite a bit of fun with Sandra and her husband.”

“Yes, we did. Well, since you saw that, then why don’t we go back to Sandra’s and have some fun.”

Barb wiggled on my lap, her well rounded ass feeling quite good. “Oh, we will.” She turned back towards the other two. “Sandra is trying to get Tory to join us. Tory is a bit bi-curious, but has yet to have sex with a woman. Maybe with a man there she’ll feel more comfortable. Sandra has wanted to get Tory into her bed for a long time.”

“Well, I would be glad to help with that.”

Barb looked down at her chest and so did I. She looked up at me and grinned. Then she looked down again and drew my eyes as she reached up and pulled her top and bra out from her chest. Her tits all the way to her nipples came into view. She held it for a second and then put everything back. I Gebze Escort looked back up at her eyes.


“It’s not a tease, it’s just a preview of coming attractions.”

“I certainly hope so.”

“Oh, don’t doubt it. I’m going to show you them again. And then I’m going to fuck you.”

“We’ll see. We need to get back to Sandra’s place first.”

“Okay, let me get this show started.”

Barb slid off my lap and went over to the other two. She waved to me and shouted over the music. “Go get the car and pull up out front.”

I took another quick gulp of my beer and left. I grabbed my car and pulled up right in front of the door. The three ladies came out and all I could do was groan. Three women were going to be at Sandra’s for sex. Fuck! How the fuck was I going to handle these three vixens? Or would I even get the chance once Sandra got started? Maybe she was going to keep Tory for herself and I was going to just get Barb.

Barb got in the front with me and Sandra and Tory got in the back. It was about 20 minutes back to Sandra’s house. I pulled away and as soon as I did, Barb reached over and started undoing my belt and pants. I looked over at her as I drove and she was focused down on my crotch.

I glanced in the back seat and Sandra was leaning into Tory and they were kissing hard. I could see Sandra’s hands were down below and out of sight. I was wondering if she already had them on Tory’s pussy, but I couldn’t look too long. I was also paying attention to Barb who was fishing my cock out of my pants.

When my cock came free, I looked down at Barb and she looked up at me and grinned. “Hard cock. I love hard cocks.”

I just watched the road and tried not to get too distracted. But then again, how can you not be distracted when a beautiful, voluptuous woman is leaning over to give you road head and you can hear two women in the back seat making out and probably feeling each other up. Fuck!

I drove almost exactly the speed limit as we reached the town where Sandra lived. I came to a stoplight and while Barb continued to slowly slurp on my cock I hazarded a glance into the back seat. Holy shit! Sandra had Tory lying flat on the seat with one leg on the floor and the other up on the seat back. Her panties were dangling around the ankle up on the seat. Sandra had her face buried in Tory’s snatch. Tory had her eyes closed, her hands on the back of Sandra’s head, and was moaning.

I looked down at Barb and loved the way she sucked cock; there was no hesitation and she worked hard at it. She was at this moment bobbing up and down after having slowly licked and then sucked on the head. I was just distracted enough that I wasn’t in danger of cumming.

The light changed and I continued, trying hard to pay attention to the road.

When we finally arrived at Sandra’s house, I tapped Barb on the head. “We’re here.”

Barb looked up briefly and then at me. “You don’t want me to finish you off here?” She definitely had a mischievous grin when she said that. She knew that I wanted to be able to fuck all of them at some point and didn’t want to cum in the car.

“No, thanks.” I turned to the back seat. “Let’s see what’s going on back here.”

Sandra pulled her head up and looked at us. Her face was shiny even in the dim light getting into the back seat from the surrounding streetlights and house lighting. “Tory just had her first cum of the night and I know that she’ll need more.”

Tory looked very relaxed and had a big smile on her face. “Yeah, that.”

We all laughed. “Ready? The lights will come on when we open the doors.”

Sandra looked around. It was almost 9pm and pretty dark. “Let’s just make a run for it.”

Barb was not undressed and opened her door and got out. I checked out Tory as the lights came on and could see her pussy more clearly. She didn’t do anything until Sandra sat up, opened her door, and moved from between her legs. I watched her closely as she closed her legs and took her panties off her ankle.

She looked up. “See something you like?”


She grinned. “Good, then let’s get into the house and you can show me.”

Tory jumped out and by now Sandra had the front door open. I tucked my erection back into my pants the best that I could, but it was difficult sitting behind the wheel. I walked quickly to the front door and went inside.

By the time entered the house, the girls were nowhere to be seen but I heard them up in Sandra’s bedroom. I walked up there and the scene that greeted me reminded me of a dream I had once when young and read a story about group sex. All three were naked, their clothes strewn about haphazardly as it was evidently done very quickly. Sandra was on her back on the bed, her legs spread and thrust into the air. Barb, delicious, voluptuous Barb was sitting on her face, her fleshy tits on display. They were delectable. Tory was on her knees, bent over, her face buried in Sandra’s pussy, returning the favor from our trip home.

I Aydınlı Escort watched as I slowly disrobed. I could see Sandra’s tongue every so often as she licked Barb’s pussy. Barb was moaning and loving it. I couldn’t see much of Tory eating Sandra as Sandra’s legs and Tory’s hair got in the way. I moved around and looked at Tory from behind. Her slim body looked fantastic bent over like that with her beautiful ass stuck up in the air. Her pussy was wet and swollen from the attention it had received from Sandra in the car.

I decided that that was my first move. I crawled up behind Tory and Barb watched me carefully with a smile on her face. I put my left hand on Tory’s ass and she just moaned a little. She could tell that I had climbed up on the bed behind her.

I took my now throbbing cock in my right hand and leaned forward. I dragged the head up along Tory’s slit and she moaned into Sandra’s pussy. That made Sandra moan into Barb’s pussy and Barb exhaled suddenly.

I centered my cock on Tory’s pussy and started pushing. I worked it in a little at a time to pick up her lubrication. She was hot and tight and just the scene had me on sensory overload. By the time I got buried in her pussy, Barb was cumming on Sandra’s face. She jerked and all her muscles spasmed as she came all over Tory’s face. I just kept my cock buried and watched as she writhed on Sandra’s face, her voluptuous body shimmering and shaking. Her tits alone could mesmerize a man. When she finished, she just fell off to the side and took deep breaths. I looked at Sandra and her face was soaked. I guess Barb was a wet one.

Sandra was now starting to get into it and, unlike Barb, she was a talker.

“Oh, yeah, Tory. Eat that pussy. Make me fucking cum.” Sandra grabbed ahold of Tory’s head and started humping up against it. “Yeah, baby, eat that pussy. Suck that clit.” Apparently, the curious Tory was doing very well at eating pussy. Well, she was a woman after all and took less training then we men did.

I grabbed Tory’s hips and watched my cock as I pulled it slowly back and then pushed it back in. Tory moaned into Sandra’s pussy and she liked that.

“Oh, yeah, John. Fuck that pussy hard. I love it when she moans into my pussy.”

I pulled back slowly, watching my cock cum slowly out of Tory’s pussy. Her inner lips were clinging tightly to my cock. I then slammed it back in, rocking Tory and causing her to both move and moan onto Sandra’s pussy. Sandra was ready for that.

“Oh, fuck, I’m cumming.” She rocked her pussy under Tory’s mouth. “I’m cumming you little slut. You fucking pussy eater. I’m cumming…” Then Sandra just let out a loud “Ugh” after each of her spasms and Tory kept her going for a while.

Finally, Sandra pushed Tory’s head away and pushed herself away from her mouth. “Oh, Tory, you are very good at that. I can’t believe it’s your first time.”

I had stopped for a second when Sandra came, but now Tory was ready for more. She grinned at Sandra. “I loved your pussy, Sandra. I think I’m going to like having sex with men and women both. It doubles my chances of getting laid.” Then over her shoulder she let me know what she needed. “Just fuck me hard now John. I need it hard and fast. I need to cum again and I want to cum on your cock.”

Barb was recovered now and crawled up to Tory. “Tory, I want to crawl under you in a 69 and watch John fuck you. Then when he fills your pussy with his cum, I want you to sit on my face so that I can lick your pussy and suck his cum out of you. Okay?”

“God, yes.” Tory was now moaning with each thrust.

Tory was rocking back into me as much as I was thrusting into her. She definitely wanted to be fucked hard. And now Barb was crawling under her to suck my cum from her pussy after I filled it up. Just the thought was driving me close to the edge. I watched as much as I could as Barb crawled under Tory. Tory was so into being fucked that she didn’t even pay any attention to Barb’s pussy. She just wanted to cum and have me spray her insides.

And so we worked toward that. I grabbed Tory’s nice hips and fucked her hard, plunging my cock all the way into her cunt. I could feel the swipe of Barb’s tongue a little as she licked Tory’s pussy where we were joined. I was fucking her hard enough now that I couldn’t feel much other than my cock slamming into her pussy and my hips slapping up against her ass.

Finally I could feel Tory’s breathing increase and her response to my thrusts getting ragged. She was bucking against me and reacting to my fucking and Barb’s licking. I was getting close and hoped it all worked out. I looked down and had a great view of my cock sliding into a great, tight pussy, the lips clinging to me. Underneath, I could make out Barb’s face, her eyes only barely coming into view as she worked Tory’s pussy.

Suddenly, Tory let out a big groan and started shuddering. She jerked against me and her pussy spasmed, forcing me over the edge. I groaned and buried my cock into her shooting as she spasmed. I then jerked a few times, emptying my balls into a fantastic, fucking pussy.

Barb spoke from underneath. “Nice job. I could see Tory having a great orgasm and then I watched as your cock and balls flexed and filled her up. Now, it’s my turn.”