The Love of My Life Pt. 03


This is the third instalment to the story of my erotic liberation and the love I still have for my husband fourteen years later. If you want to appreciate love being the basis for erotica, read Parts 1 and 2 first.

Dr. Jen.


It had been four weeks since Rob and I had begun dating. In the six years between when I had first given up my virginity to a high school crush and Rob, I had never experienced an orgasm while having sex. In the last three weeks, I had enjoyed as little as three, and as many as six in each of the three weekends we had spent together. Rob had taken me with his lovemaking from Miss Completely Inhibited Catholic Good Girl to increasingly wanting to explore just how slutty I could privately be for my man.

Second year Meds for me and his first year of law kept us both pretty busy Sunday night until Friday at 5:00. We were both used to getting high marks and were driven to be successful at university. Weekends were spent at Rob’s high end condo owned by his grandfather overlooking the Saskatchewan River in Edmonton. We were disciplined enough that I could take over my books and study for the week ahead, and the Christmas exams that would follow in three weeks time, while still getting in quality social (and wonderful sexual) time together.

We had each given the other nicknames to express our growing mutual affection. He called me “Kid” because of his ridiculous understated humour that thought such a moniker perfectly appropriate for a 21 year old man to address his 24 year old girlfriend. I retaliated, referring to him as “Cowboy”. After all being raised all my life in small town Alberta, what better to call the rich kid city boy from Toronto.

This Friday night we were once again back at the student union pub in the Great Hall where we had first met. This time I was showing off my new “boyfriend” to my fellow meds ladies and they were all trying not to flirt too much with my man’s mixture of hot bod and brains. Rob was polite, charming, and wisely never responded to my friends insistent teasing.

As the evening at the pub was drawing to a close, the DJ put on a slow song. I grabbed Rob’s hand and dragged him to the dance floor. I had begun to enjoy a new sense of confidence in my own sensuality, and just how easy it was to make Rob’s cock canlı bahis hard and wanting. As we were finishing our slow dance I whispered in his ear that I had a surprise:

“I went on the pill last week Cowboy. I can’t wait to get home have you take me bareback and fill my pussy with your cum.” Presto – his cock sprang to life and I gently ground my hip into his crotch, then pulled him back toward our table with “Time to head home to the ranch Cowboy.”

My room mate and best friend Laura had spent as much time on the dance floor with her other girlfriends, Rob and I, but also had thrown back more beer than I was used to seeing her consume. Rob had picked Laura and I up at our shared apartment and thrown my weekend bag, laptop and homework in his trunk, all with the expectation that he would take her home before we headed over to his place.

As we made our way to Rob’s Audi, Laura was having difficulty keeping her balance with the depth of snow that had accumulated in the three or so hours since we had arrived at the student parking lot. Leaning on me, we both slipped and fell on our asses. While I scampered to my feet, Laura just lay in the snow, spreading her arms and legs and in her best seductive voice slurred, “Does either one of you want to make it with an angel in the snow?”

I looked at Rob as if to say, “What do we do now?” Rob pulled her up by the arms, hoisted her over his shoulder and carried her to his car. I ended up in the back seat, she dumped into the passenger seat, only to quietly snore the rest of the way back to our apartment. When we arrived, Rob again gently carried Laura into the building, me leading the way. With her hands around his neck, Laura suddenly started to snuggle into Rob and as he lay her down on her bed. When he stepped back to leave the room, she said, “If you leave now Cowboy, there won’t be any three way this weekend.”

I knew that Laura loved to tease about sex and say the outrageous. Looking back now, I suspect that she was almost serious at that moment, given all the signs that I missed when Laura would hint about the growing conflict she felt within about her sexuality; and her hidden desire to experience sex with another woman. I helped her out of her clothes and leaving her panties on, finished her sleeping ensemble with an old T-shirt bahis siteleri I pulled over her bare breasts. As I lay her down on her pillow, she put her arms around me and kissed me full on the lips, telling me I was the best. As I say, I guess I was blind to the signs of her conflicted sexuality, but more about Laura in a future instalment.


All the way back to Rob’s apartment, I thought about how it would feel to have a bare cock in me for the first time; whether I would be able to feel him spurt inside my womb. My basic first year anatomy and reading (already I knew I wanted to be a gynecologist) suggested that sensation was a Harlequin Romance fantasy, for aside from my recently discovered G-Spot, most women had no feeling past the first two or three inches of their vaginas. Nevertheless, I was eager to find out.

As soon as he closed his apartment door behind us and our winter boots were off, I threw off my sweater and bra onto the hallway floor, grabbed the hem of his sweater and T-shirt and began to lift it over his head. Fourteen years later, I still find it magically erotic to make out with my husband, fully clothed from the waist down, my bare breasts pushing into his bare chest.

Slowly I began pushing Rob towards his bedroom, never breaking the physical contact of our torsos.

“OK Kid, what would turn you on the most? That I make you come with my tongue and then fuck your brains out? Or do you want me to fuck your brains out, then suck my cum from your pussy while make you cum with my tongue?”

Rob had begun to realize early in our relationship that I felt the taboo, the dirty language and acts, to be terrible erotic and arousing. We were also both discovering with my newfound sexuality that there were times being submissive was a total turn on, but that there were also times that I wanted to be in charge. The thought that my man servicing me between my legs and wanting to clean my pussy of his cum coursed through me. I felt like my ears and my core had both heard his filthy request and I was aroused beyond my belief.

“Yeah, I want you to fuck me like a good little cowboy and then suck all cum from my pussy”, I demanded.

We didn’t make it to the bed. He stripped in the hallway, pulled the rest of my clothes off and bahis şirketleri pushed me so that I was bent over the arm of his cold leather couch, my ass in the air. No preliminaries, he lined up his cock and with my arousal, easily filled me with his cock in one shove.

“I am going to fuck you for me. I am not going to last. I am going to use your pussy to fill it with my cum, then I am going to eat you to the best orgasm of your life!”

Mercilessly, Rob jack hammered his cock into me, his balls slapping against my labia and clit. Premature ejaculation was never an issue with Rob – in fact much the opposite. As he continued to pound into me, gripping my hips. I felt his continual thrusts against my G-Spot. Just as I was starting to feel my orgasm building – his intensity increased, and he literally screamed something unintelligible and held himself, buried in me. While I could not feel him fill me with his cum, I could feel the pulses in his cock as he spurted into me.

Rob made clear that his fucking me was only the warm up to the main act. He pulled me up, spun me around and pushed back onto the couch. Swinging me around so that I was sitting on the couch, my legs spread, and my pussy crudely displayed, he fell to his knees, put my thighs on his shoulders, and began lapping, alternating with my clit and the inside of his pussy.

At this point my vagina was still fairly dilated as a result of his pounding, making it easy for him to insert the full width of his tongue into my vagina with his lips between my labia. Grabbing my ass, he then sealed my vagina with his lips and began sucking – as if to vacuum his cum from my pussy. The experience gave to a physical feeling and response that was incredible, but not entirely comfortable. As I tried to get his mouth to release, Rob only gripped my ass harder with both his hands, forcing my pussy onto his mouth. The sucking and tongue fucking, combined with his using his nose to rub my clit, became overwhelming and I know I screamed a torrent of filth as he forced me to cum. And then I squirted.

In fourteen years together, Rob has made me squirt less than a dozen times. That was the first, and as I felt the pulses of moisture leave my pussy, he kept his mouth sealed over me. I don’t know how much he swallowed, but after I was done, he looked up at me with a huge grin on his wet face, wiping his lips with his tongue, only to say, “God, I could eat and drink your pussy for the rest of my life and I would still not get enough!”