The Long Road Back Ch. 01

Big Cock

Many thanks to Oldnakeddad for the editing; your efforts are much appreciated. This is the beginning of hopefully several stories that trace a man’s return to the world of single people following a divorce. Hope y’all enjoy.


I’d just finished packing a box of the ex-wife’s belongings, including the toys she’d used over the last four years, and was setting it in the corner with the rest of the boxes she was supposed to come and get in a couple of weeks.

I heard the doorbell and, not knowing who it was, hollered.

“Come on in! I’ll be down in a minute!”

I finished taping the box closed and made my way to the stairs. I figured it was the realtor coming by to help me get the house on the market on Monday.

Donna was quite the looker, happily married, and a friend of the ex, so off limits, but that didn’t stop me from peeking down her blouse to see her enticing cleavage as she walked below the stairs and into the kitchen.

I was shirtless and wearing a pair of shorts because it was unseasonably warm and the work had me pretty sweaty. I wiped off with a towel I kept in one of my belt loops and when I was done, looked down to see another woman walking into my house.

She wasn’t as sexy as Donna, but in her own right, she wasn’t a bad looking woman. She had moderate sized breasts that stood up on their own (at least, I didn’t see any bra straps under her tank top straps), and a pair of short shorts that made her tan legs look as though they went on forever.

The apple shaped butt at the top of those wondrous legs drew a second glance. Her hair was cut in a bob and the color of straw—quite appealing in an odd way as I had always preferred long, brunette hair. Overall, she was quite attractive, which caused my mind to wander a bit.

I made my way downstairs just in time. Donna was making her way out of the door but took time to introduce me to the other woman.

“This is Tanya. She’s your cleaning woman. Would you help her carry in her supplies? I have to leave to go work an open house.”

My first hint that I was in for trouble should’ve come when the cleaning lady made a suggestion.

“Get your tongue off of the floor until after I’ve cleaned it. Besides, it’s not polite to stare, no matter how fine my ass looks in shorts.”

All I could think of at the moment was…busted!

Anyway, Tanya proceeded to tell me.

“I prefer to clean a house my way so, based on what Donna has told me, I plan to be here the whole day. I’ll start with the downstairs and work my way up and, since you’re packing the master bedroom, I’ll wait to do it last.”

I replied.

“That’ll be fine and if you need anything, just holler. I’ll be packing boxes.”

The next couple of hours seemed to crawl by as I made trips downstairs with one box after another. At one point, I got to the bottom of the stairs only to run smack into Tanya and a full bucket of mop water. Needless to say, the water went everywhere, and if I thought she had nice breasts before, seeing them soaking wet in a white tank top…they were fantastic!

I stammered as I started to brush the water off of her with my hands.


It was the classic “idiot moment” in all of the cheap comedy movies, but there I was doing exactly that and, to my surprise, Tanya didn’t ask me to stop. My wiping quickly became rubbing and then fondling as I pinched her hardening nipples between my fingers until she reached down and started to pull her top off.

“Would you like to borrow one of my T-shirts?”

She continued to take her top all of the way off.

“Yes. Thank you.”

My penis went from its semi-erect state it’d been in all of that morning to rock hard in about two seconds and, illegal bahis since we were still standing so close together, she immediately felt it and a little smile formed on her face.

“Hmmm. It appears someone would rather I not borrow a shirt. I guess if you can go topless, so can I.”

I just stammered something about needing to change my shorts and turned to go back upstairs. I’d made it about two steps when Tanya grabbed my waistband from behind and turned me around.

“Why don’t you just drop them here? I need to go throw my things in the dryer…I can take yours, too.”

That did it. I stripped out of my shorts and, having been commando all day, didn’t have anything else to take off. By then, I was standing in front of Tanya as bare as the day I was born and with a raging hard-on standing perpendicular to the rest of my body and approximately breast level on her. I was flummoxed [bewildered]. I had no idea what to do, all I knew was that a half-naked woman was standing in front of me and I was frozen stiff.

Tanya laughed as she grabbed hold of my penis—mop bucket, be damned.

“Well, I guess I’m going to have to do all of the work around here today.”

Tanya pushed me down onto the stairs, knelt in front of me, started caressing my penis with both hands, and occasionally slid one down to play with my nuts in their sac. I was in heaven (for all of about two minutes) as I exploded all over her, all over me, and all over everything.

Talk about embarrassing moments! There I was, a grown thirty-eight year old man and couldn’t handle having a pretty woman play with my cock for two minutes without blowing a load all over her.

I started to apologize, but instead, she put a finger to my lips.

“Shh, that just means you’ll last longer next time. Now, let’s go get cleaned up.”

Not knowing what to say, I just got up and followed Tanya to the top of the stairs.

“Which way to the master bath?”

All I could do was point.

She led me into the master bath and straight to the shower then turned on the water.

“Get in.”

Then she started to take her shorts and panties off.

The cold water woke me from my daze and brought me back to reality, so I started to adjust the handles to warm it up—right then and there, I knew I was in my element.

Taking showers with a woman was one of my favorite things to do and had brought me tremendous luck during the old days and even with my ex…before she found chastity and I (unwittingly) became celibate.

I turned around as Tanya was closing the door and, with the warm water spraying down onto my back, after I reached out and pulled her into my arms, I felt her body pressed up against mine.

I turned us around in the shower so it was spraying onto Tanya’s back, then turned her around so it could wash my earlier mess from her stomach and breasts. I slid up tight against her back and reached for the soap as the water poured over her body.

I slowly started to rub the soap across her shoulders, down her arms, and then back up along her sides. As I was gently brushing the edges of her breasts with my fingers, I moved my hands up and caressed her shoulders and neck. While washing her breasts and lightly pinching her nipples, I ran my hands back down her front, and over her stomach, while washing her whole torso with soft, gentle rubbing motions.

As I turned her around to face me and pulled her in close, I started to wash and caress her back while slowly moving down until I was kneading her tight cheeks and sliding my fingers into her crack. Then I moved down further until I felt the hot, slick gap that awaited my touch.

I took the shower head down, changed it from a light spray to the throbbing massage illegal bahis siteleri setting, and started to rinse her body. Starting at the base of her skull and using the pulsing water, I moved it along her hairline behind her ears and then down across her shoulders. A soft moan escaped Tanya’s throat as my free hand massaged the muscles of her neck and shoulders.

I moved more quickly, finished rinsing her body, and once again turned her around so I was behind her. I lathered my hands with body wash and, starting at her feet and working my way up, slowly started to caress and cleanse her legs.

After massaging her calves, thighs, and finally the inside of her thighs, I reached for more body wash and then moved my hands to the point where her legs met and softly washed away the morning work.

Tanya’s breathing became more labored, so I helped her to the seat at the back of the shower before reaching back for the shower head and rinsing the freshly washed junction between her legs. The pulsing water flowing over her excited and exposed clit sent Tanya over the edge, and she tried to muffle her moans of disappointment as I turned the water back to a light spray and hung it on the holder.

I sank to my knees in front of her and, alternating side to side, started to kiss her knees as I massaged and caressed her thighs, and then slid my hands up her body to her breasts. I started to caress and fondle them, pinch her nipples, and feel them harden even more under my gentle assault.

Once again, Tanya started to moan as I moved my mouth up her inner thighs, finally bringing my tongue to bear on the same, hard nub the water had previously been caressing. I continued to suck on her clit, slide further down to lick and nibble at her lips, slide my tongue up and down her slit, push my tongue into her waiting vagina at one end, and rapidly flick over and around her hard clit at the other.

Tanya started to squirm and pant.

“Please, don’t stop? Give me more!”

I moved one hand from her breast down to her vagina and quickly slipped a single finger into her hot, slick hole. Her moans increased in volume as I slipped a second finger inside of her and, while I was gently caressing the space between her vagina and her anus and stroking her puckered brown hole, Tanya elicited another series of moans.

I continued licking and sucking her clit and vagina and playing with her anus and breast until Tanya clamped my head (like a vice!) between her thighs. She screamed out with pure pleasure and was pushing me away as I tried to continue suckling her swollen clit.

By then, of course, my raging hard-on was back and I was in need of some relief. I grabbed the body wash, leaned back against the wall of the shower under the shower head, and started to stroke my shaft.

Tanya was lounged back against the far wall of the shower (her eyes were closed), and the water was running down her body. As the water started to cool, she opened her eyes and watched as I stroked my hard penis. She reached for me, pulled me close and, replacing my hands with hers, stroked my shaft and caressed my balls.

I was already on the verge of cumming, so when she sat up, rinsed the soap off, and swallowed the head of my cock, I exploded (again) and pumped my seed into her mouth as she swallowed it. The water had turned cold by then, and I had to reach up to turn it off because my legs became so weak, I was forced to sit on the floor.

After having just spent two full loads within twenty minutes of each other, I was done. I couldn’t get off of the floor of that shower to save my life, nor did I want to…or so I thought! I’d been sitting there for what seemed to be only ten seconds before Tanya was right back at canlı bahis siteleri it—reaching down to pull me up.

I remember thinking, ‘That’s quite odd’ before she, rather matter of factly, said.

“If you think I’m going to let you get away with giving me only one orgasm, you’re wrong! I knew about your little dry spell from the beginning and it’s going to end here and now!”

I wasn’t about to turn away an opportunity like that, nor did I care how long she wanted to go at it. We got out of the shower and toweled each other off before going to the bed in the bedroom.

Once on the bed, she laid back.

“You owe me an orgasm and I want to collect!”

My poor penis wasn’t functioning at that point, so I did what any good man would do when a debt is owed to a woman—I went down on her as if I was eating a cherry pie!

There wasn’t a slow, smooth approach that time. I just dove straight in and shoved my tongue into her hole while my fingers danced lightly across her lips to open her up to the methodical attack of my tongue, lips, and teeth. I drove my tongue in and out of her, as if it were a tiny, little prick, before moving up and swirling it around her clit, sucking it into my mouth as it hardened, and nipping at it with my teeth as I sucked on it.

I slid one hand up her body to a breast and nipple, which was already hard from the action taking place between her thighs. I slid my other hand lower and pushed two fingers into her hot, wet box. Her natural lubricant made for easy passage as it was flowing freely out of her and down her crack toward her tiny little hole, the one I’d decided was going to get a finger or two as soon as possible.

With my fore and middle fingers buried in her vagina, my mouth clamped onto and around her clit, and my other hand massaging her breast and nipple, it was time to take the plunge. I split my ring and middle fingers like a Vulcan halo and let my ring and little finger venture further south toward her puckered little asshole.

I started to rim her with my ring finger and worked in the lubricant that was flowing from her in copious waves. As I was rubbing my finger across and around her little hole, Tanya started to moan and her moans increased with intensity as I increased the pressure on her puckered hole.

I think she was just about to climax when I pushed my ring finger into her and stopped all movement except my tongue on her clit. I’d never done that before, but having read about it, I knew it took a minute for the receiver to relax and be able to accept more. Slowly, she started to push back against my hand as she was reaching down and trying to push my finger deeper into her, but I couldn’t because of the two fingers I had working in her wet pussy.

I tried to appease her needs by slipping a second finger into her so my little finger and ring finger were in her asshole, my middle and pointer fingers were in her pussy, and my thumb was able to help with her clit—it didn’t take long for Tanya to reach a second climax.

Once again, she pushed me away from her (after completing her orgasm), claiming it was too sensitive to continue and she needed to rest. I moved up, lay next to her and, as our breathing returned to normal, both of us drifted off into a contented sleep.


The next thing I knew, it was dark outside and I was being woke up by the most beautiful sight I’d ever seen in my bed—a sweet, soft, full pair of lips gliding down and around my once again hardening cock.

The rest of the evening and night consisted of more of the same with a couple of more orgasms for each of us, including a simultaneous one as I thrust my penis deeply into her waiting vagina, and concluded with another shower and a few hours of spooning before the dawn.

The sad thing was, it ended as it’d started—with house cleaning—and I haven’t heard from Tanya since, but the house was immaculate when she finished the next day, and I had ended my dry spell in a most spectacular fashion.