The Loanshark Ch. 02


Chapter 2: It’s Payback for Laura and Sammie

I didn’t see Laura any more that night. I slept on the sofa. In the morning, the bedroom door was still closed and I assumed, locked. I cleaned up, made my own breakfast, dressed, and went to work.

It was a tough day at work, constantly thinking about what happened last night and what might yet happen. I think I still held out some hope that everything would work out and life would go back to normal. When I got to front of our apartment house and started up the stairs towards the door, I heard a voice from behind me. “Hey, Sam.” It was Gino’s goon Carlos from yesterday. “This way, we’re going for a ride.” He was standing by the driver’s side of a limo. There were two other men, Hispanic, muscular and wearing lots of gold jewelry, standing on the curb side of the car. My first thought was to go in and lock the door behind me, but they had me boxed in. They would have grabbed me before I could put the key into the lock and open the door.

With much fear, I turned and slowly walked down the steps. I entered the car through the rear door one of them was holding open. Within a minute, they were all in and as Carlos pulled away from the curb he said, “Hey Sammie, meet Rico and Charlie. They help the boss with special jobs from time to time.” No one offered to shake hands.

The windows were tinted dark so no one could see inside. There was silence for a few moments and then he said, “We’re taking you out to Long Island. Your wife’s getting ready to make her first movie. Gino thought you might want to watch. “

How considerate. I really didn’t know whether to be relieved or angry. Evidently, they weren’t going to chop me up in little pieces and feed me to the fishes. But what were they doing with Laura? Yesterday Gino mentioned coming back today and signing a contract. I guess that was just a ploy to get me to calm down.

“Is Laura all right?” I said, maybe a little louder than I intended.

“Hey, not to worry, she’s going to be all right. I’ll bet she enjoys it, just like yesterday.”

Anger rose quickly and I lunged at him, but the guy next to me grabbed me by the collar, pulled me back, and pushed a switchblade into my neck in a flash.

“Hey, Sam, are you serious? Where ya’ goin’ with that. We’re doing you a favor you know. Most guys don’t pay their debts end up in an alley kissing garbage can covers. Hey, Rico, I think Sammie needs a lesson, don’t you? Show him what you got.”

Rico let me go and settled back in the seat. I looked over at him. He had a smirk on his face. Slowly, he unzipped his fly. He pulled out a massive thick soft penis, with a big uncircumcised head. He stroked it and pulled back the foreskin while I watched. His friend in the front seat turned to watch with a big ugly smile on his face.

“C’mere, Sweetcakes.” Rico put the knife on my neck, grabbed my by my hair and forced me down to his lap. “Suck it, Sammie, suck it.” I could feel the point of the switchblade just under my ear. I opened my mouth to accommodate him and started sucking up and down.

“That’s it, Baby, nice and slow. Squeeze me with your lips and tongue.” Evidently, Rico was an expert on receiving blowjobs.

“Hey, Rico. Don’t make a mess back there. Gino’ll throw a fit.”

“Guess you’re going to have to swallow it all, Sammie.” I glanced up and he was smiling. He forced my head down until his dick hit the back of my throat. He was choking me with it. I struggled to breathe, but only got short gasps of breath before he would pull my hair and force me back down. Finally, after a few minutes, I felt hot, thick cream spurting up into the back of my throat, and I could hear him moaning. It seemed like he held me down for an eternity while I forced myself to swallow it. When he was done, he slowly let me up. I had some cum on my lips that I wiped off with my fingers. But he grabbed my hand and forced it back to my mouth. “Eat it all, Sweetheart. Don’t make a mess. I don’t want to get in trouble with the boss.” I had to suck my fingers dry.

“Hey, Sammie, we got more of that for later on. Rico’s a real animal.” It was Carlos. They all laughed. I’m not sure what they meant, and I didn’t want to ask.

The rest of the trip was quiet, almost boring except for the fact that my insides were churning thinking about the fact that my wife was going to be in an adult movie and I was going to watch her perform.

We finally pulled up to what can only be described as a mansion. It had a long circular drive that curved around to the front under an overhanging roof. The double front doors were massive and imbedded with crystal windows that had colorful images of birds that I’m sure never visited New York in their natural state. We all got out. Carlos walked right up and opened the door as if he lived there. Rico and Charlie brought up the rear. We entered the foyer, which was sliced by a huge stairwell leading to a set of rooms on the second floor. Carlos walked up the stairs and we followed.

We canlı bahis entered a bedroom with a large framed picture on the wall. Surprisingly, there were a number of chairs facing the picture. “Rico, tell the boss we’re here.” Rico went out, shut the door, and in a minute was back with Gino.

“Hey Sammie, good to see you.” He held out his hand for a handshake. I really did not want to take it, but I thought I’d better.

“Where’s Laura, Gino?”

“Don’t worry, Sammie, she’s all right, you’re gonna see her in a few minutes.” He looked at Carlos. “Sammie give you any trouble on the way out?”

“No, Boss, hardly any at all. He even gave Rico a blowjob and let us watch.” They all laughed again.

“That right, Sammie? You gave Rico a blowjob?” He had a big smile on his face, as everyone else did. I didn’t answer.

“Hey, we’re ready to start. You’re going to get a big surprise, Sammie. Rico, you, and Carlos take the picture down.”

The two men went over, lifted the massive picture off the wall, and moved it to the other side of the room. It left a window that looked into the adjoining bedroom. Evidently, it was a two-way mirror. The bedroom had a large round bed with white silk sheets and pillows. The room was empty, but I guessed that it wouldn’t be empty for long.

“Everybody sit down.” Gino pointed to the chairs. I had a sharp pain in my gut. We all took our seats facing the two-way mirror. Gino dialed someone on his cell phone and said, “Okay, we’re all ready. Let it roll.”

In a few minutes, a number of people entered the adjoining room. One of them was my wife who appeared tense, but apparently unharmed, wearing a low-cut red slip that clung tightly to her bulging breasts. Her nipples were half-visible above the cut of the bosom. The others were a man with a mobile movie camera on his shoulder, a woman with a scene board, and another woman who looked as if she was telling everyone what to do. Two men entered the room, a large athletic black man, and a muscular blond guy with a deep tan.

“Wait a minute.” Gino got up and flipped a switch on the wall next to the window. We could now hear the woman talking to the others. Her voice was clear, demanding, and authoritative. “You met Calvin and Brad downstairs, Laura, and we explained the scene. Are you going to be able to go through with it? We don’t have time to stop and deal with emotions once we get started.”

“I’ll be all right, let’s get started,” Laura replied quickly and nervously.

“Okay, here’s the set up. When the camera starts rolling Calvin and Brad are going to approach you and sandwich you between them. They’ll slowly start to lift your slip over your head while their hands roam over your body. When you’re completely naked, you’ll undress Calvin who’s in front of you while Brad undresses himself behind you. When you’re all naked, you’ll go down on Calvin while Brad takes you from behind. After that, we’ll just let it flow. You’re only job is to remain compliant and show everyone that you’re enjoying it. Lot’s of moaning and smiling, leading up to the big ‘O’. Is that clear?”

There was no reply. It looked like everyone, even Laura, was anxious to get started. “Okay, then, let’s have a lot of passion and excitement. Give the folks something to remember. Let’s go.”

With that, the girl with the board jumped in front of the camera and announced the scene. This was scene 1. I was praying that there wouldn’t be a scene 2. The director woman yelled ‘Action’. Calvin and Brad approached my wife. I didn’t know what to think or do. I’m sure my wife had never been with any black men and, of course, never with two men at once, at least to my knowledge. I was ready to fight everyone off, charge out the door, grab her, and run, but I knew I wouldn’t get far.

Calvin and Brad sandwiched her as she writhed her body sinuously back and forth between them, almost in rhythm to some unheard sultry music. She almost looked like she was enjoying it. Last night when Gino asked her, she said she had been unfaithful to me a couple of times. All day I wondered with whom she had been cheating, but that didn’t come near to the anguish I was feeling now. Brad lifted off her slip from behind and let it drop to the floor. She was now naked. Her breasts pushed against Calvin and her nipples hardened. She unbuttoned Calvin’s shirt and pulled it off him while he leaned over and French kissed her. Then she loosened his belt buckle and unzipped his fly. His pants slid to the floor and he stepped out of them. He wasn’t wearing any underwear. Brad slipped out of his clothes behind her. In just a minute or so, they were all naked and pressing their bodies against each other. It looked like Laura was holding her own with these guys.

Calvin put his arms on her shoulders and slowly pushed her to her knees until her face was in front of his large strengthening penis. Brad took advantage of the situation to hold her hips and press his dick into her from behind. Laura opened her bahis siteleri mouth to accept Calvin. From there on, it was just a more intense version of what had just begun. Laura sucked enthusiastically, Calvin’s black dick going in and out of her willing mouth, sometimes all the way to the back of her throat. Brad slowly entered her from behind and she jumped a little, but then settled down on him as he worked himself in and out.

I felt like I was going to die. How could I have done this to her? She was virtually being raped by two large hunks right in front of my eyes, and she was being forced to pretend she was enjoying it, or maybe she really was!

Brad then reached under her, lifted her up and carried her over to the bed. He placed her on her back and spread her legs wide open. While she lay there, he climbed up to the top of the bed while Calvin moved around between her legs. Brad kneeled over her with his hands massaging her breasts, his dick hanging down towards her mouth. Neither one of them were wearing condoms.

Then, as I sat transfixed, with my eyes hardened to the action in front of me, I heard Gino’s voice. “Sam, take off your clothes!”

I was shocked. What was going on? “Sammie, did you hear me, take of your clothes.” He stared right into my eyes.

Despite my reluctance, I stood and took off my clothes. Maybe they just wanted to see if I had a hard-on watching my wife being fucked. Within a minute or so, I was standing naked in front of Gino and his men. I could see they had smirks on their faces.

“Sammie, come on over here and give me a blow job while we all watch your wife get fucked.” I hesitated. “Now, Sammie, now”, he shouted!

I walked over to Gino; his eyes were looking back into the window. He unzipped his fly and pulled his dick out. It was semi-hard and he started to massage it.

“Come on, Sammie, right between my legs. You can watch the action while you’re sucking me off.” He moved his chair so that it was at an angle to the window.

I knelt down, put his dick in my mouth, and sucked his penis.

“Look at that, Sammie; she’s going to service both of them at the same time! I’ll bet she’s been cheating on you regularly. Watch the black guy, see that dick, it’s a monster isn’t it? Look, he’s rubbing it against your wife’s cunt lips. I’ll bet she gets wet fast. You don’t think she’ll need any artificial lubrication do you, Sammie? Mmmmmm, keep sucking, Honeycakes. That really feels good. Can you see your wife, Sammie? Can you see her getting fucked, Sammie, just like yesterday, isn’t it?”

I glanced back at the window, while continuing to suck Gino. The black guy was rubbing his dick head around my wife’s cunt lips. I could see she was getting wet. Brad’s dick lowered his dick into her mouth and she opened to accept it. Suddenly, Calvin, the black guy, was inside her, forcefully moving in and out while Laura sucked Brad’s dick. Brad was massaging her tits, lifting them, squeezing them, moving his hands around them.

I sat there mesmerized moving up and down on Gino’s dick. As humiliating as it was, I was almost getting used to it. It didn’t even seem very wrong anymore. A few days ago, I would have been horrified if someone suggested that I give them a blowjob. If it wasn’t for what was happening to Laura, I might be enjoying it.

Gino kept up the patter. It was obviously his way of adding to the humiliation. “You know, Sammie, usually in these movies, you see the guy pull out at the last minute and cum on the girl’s pussy or tits, but this is a creampie movie? Do you know what that is, Sammie?”

I guess I’m pretty naïve, I didn’t know what he was talking about, and so I kept silent, knowing that he would take pleasure in explaining it to me.

“Creampie movies are for people that like to see a woman’s cunt filled with cum. Sometimes they even go farther than that, but you’ll see what I mean in a minute.”

I couldn’t believe what he was saying. This guy was going to cum inside my wife! You can’t imagine how shocking and demoralizing it was to hear that. I could hear the two Hispanic guys behind me sniggering and laughing. I was sweating and angry as I knelt there, watching my wife being raped by two strange men while I was tasting Gino’s pre-cum.

After about 5 minutes of fucking my wife, Calvin started to pull out, but not all the way. Brad leaned over her, put his hands on her knees, and spread her legs as wide as he could while she sucked on his dick. Calvin gradually slowed his in-and-out motion. Then his dick started pulsating. His body convulsed and shuddered. He managed to pull out so that the tip of his penis was just touching her pussy lips and he was still cumming. Some of it squirted out and coated her pussy lips and ran down between her crevice. I could also feel Gino’s dickhead start to expand and his body tense up. He grabbed my head while he continued to watch the scene through the window.

Laura was still sucking on Brad’s dick as he leaned over her. bahis şirketleri Calvin pulled completely out and moved away off camera as Brad slowly lowered himself onto her. They were going 69 with Brad’s lips just inches from her wet pussy. Suddenly, I saw his tongue come out and start licking her. He put his arms under her and slowly and carefully flipped her over so that she was on top and her cunt was directly over his mouth. He moved her off his face a couple of inches. She was now kneeling over him, her thighs on either side of his face.

“Oh, Sammie, look at that. He’s eating the other guy’s cum out of your wife’s cunt. You think she’ll get pregnant, Sammie? Maybe you’ll have a little black baby to take care of. You’d like that wouldn’t you? Mmmm, Sammie, I’m going to cum. Close your lips around me tight, Sammie. You’re going to have to swallow it all. We wouldn’t want to ruin the owner’s expensive rug, would we? With that, he exploded and pushed his dick to the back of my throat. Thick creamy liquid pumped repeatedly down my throat. I was forced to swallow as fast as he shot it into me. At the same time I kept my eye on the window where Laura was forcing her cunt on and off Brad’s face.

The cum flowed in drips and drabs out of her onto Brad’s tongue. He opened his mouth wide and let it flow into his mouth, alternately putting his lips directly on her pussy and then moving off a little to let the camera show the cum going into his mouth while Laura continued to suck his dick.

When there was no more cum, he started groaning in response to Laura’s sucking. “Oh, Oh, Oh.” He squirted a volcano’s worth of cum as Laura jerked him with her hand, lips and tongue. She caught most of it in her mouth. Some of it dripped off onto her lips.

And then Calvin came back into sight in front of her. He leaned down over her and lifted her face to his and began to French kiss her. They were obviously swapping Brad’s cum, both of them swallowing it little by little.

I heard, “Cut!” from the woman director.

“That was great everybody. It’s a keeper. Laura, you were absolutely marvelous for a first time, or was it? Ha ha ha! Everybody get dressed, that’s it for today.”

I heard Gino say, “Okay, Sammie, it’s your turn. You guys put the painting back on the wall.” Rico and Carlos walked over, picked up the big painting, and placed it carefully over the window.

The door opened and all the setup people from the other room entered, one by one, the cameraman, the director, the clipboard girl.

“I don’t understand,” I said, as I stood there before everyone naked and embarrassed.

“It’s your turn, Sammie. Rico and Charlie are going to be your lovers for the next movie. You’re the star, if you know what I mean.” Everyone laughed.

The woman director looked at us. “Okay everyone, we’re just going to let the cameraman take the best shots as he sees fit. Rico and Charlie are experienced, so they know what to do. Anytime you’re ready, guys. Sammie, we’re hoping you make it exciting. I hear you have some experience too.” Everyone laughed again.

They all backed away to the sides of the room and moved the chairs out of the way. It was just Rico, Charlie and I standing next to the bed. The young girl stepped in front of us and announced the scene. When she stepped out of the way, Rico advanced on me. It was almost a replay of what happened in the other room. Rico forced himself on me, opened his mouth against mine, and forced his tongue into me. Charlie was disrobing behind me. While Rico put his arms around me and held me tight, kissing me deeply, I could feel Charlie’s hardened erection move against my crevice.

As he eased up and licked my face, I could see the door open slightly and Laura entering. God, this was totally humiliating, but there was no stopping them. They were both in heat and I was sandwiched between them so close that Charlie reached over my shoulder and kissed Rico. I felt Charlie try to enter me from the rear. Rico pushed me down by my shoulders. Quickly I was down on my knees facing Rico, my backside was offered up and Charlie was forcing his dick inside me. Rico grabbed my head and forced his large, thick erect dick into my mouth.

I jumped in pain as Charlie forced his dick way up inside me. I could see Laura staring at me from the shadows. Her eyebrows raised and her mouth opened in astonishment.

“C’mon, Honey, suck my dick.” It was Rico pushing his dick back in my mouth while Charlie pounded me incessantly from behind. I could feel Charlie’s hot dick-head rubbing against me inside and I was even getting sexually aroused as the pain subsided. Maybe having Laura watch me made me more aroused. Charlie must have known because he reached around and jacked me.

“Ok, Sweetheart, here it comes!” Rico gushed into my mouth for the second time that day and then pulled out a little so the camera could catch the cum spurting out onto my lips. I heard Charlie moaning. He was getting close. Suddenly, he erupted, exploded with a loud cry. The cameraman was almost right up against us and he got close-ups. Charlie pulled out as he continued to cum. I am sure the cameraman was getting pictures of his cum rolling down between my legs.