The last 36 hours… poppers and dildos

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The last 36 hours… poppers and dildosCompletely true account…I’ve just spent the last 36 hours fucking my brains out with 2 big black dildos, while getting high on poppers. This was the first time I ever used poppers, but I’m hooked now. There’s an incredible feeling from taking a few deep inhales. My entire body gets warm, my head spins, and my heart pumps, and I get so fucking overwhelmingly horny! It also aids in getting the big dildo in my tight, virgin (to real dick) ass.I started with a little 420 as I laid a towel down on the bed. I laid the dildos, the lube and the popper bottle there too. Having never sniffed before, I decided to open the bottle, and take a little sample while I was getting undressed. Oh my god, what a rush! Within moments, my head was spinning, and I was ripping my clothes off to get to my cock. I knew I wanted a dildo in my ass, so I immediately opened the lube, and rubbed some on my hungry hole. I started by slipping a single finger in, and then added two, then three fingers sliding edirne escort in and out of my lubed ass.I climbed up on the bed, and laid back. I lubed up the smaller of the two black dildos, and unscrewed the poppers again. With my cock rigid, this time I took 4 long deep sniffs from the bottle, and put the top back on quickly. As I laid on my back, and reached for the dildo, the poppers started to hit- BOOM! As my head spun, and my body filled with warmth, I started easing the dildo into my hole. I moaned, and squirmed as I stroked my cock, and fed the dildo to my ass. For the first time I didn’t need to ease the cock in and I felt the slightly painful “pop” of the head sliding over the inner muscle.Ecstasy, is the only word to describe what my body was feeling. I slid the dildo in all the way to the balls, and just paused for a moment with my body shuddering in pleasure. I started sliding that fake cock in and out, and jerking myself in rhythm. After a few minutes of this pleasure, I moved to a escort edirne kneeling position, took another hit of 420, and started lubing the bigger 10in black monster. I was overcome with lust for this giant cock, and on any other day, I would be unsure if I could even take it.I removed the dildo I was using, and brought it to my mouth for a taste. Silicone and lube mixed with my ass, tasted yummy, and fed my orgy of lust and desire. I placed the giant cock underneath me, with the head just teasing my hole. I stared to ease down slowly, and I felt the greater girth challenge my already loosened ass. This one was going to hurt. I reached for the poppers, and started sniffing. I don’t recall how much I used, as my head was buzzing and hands shaking as I replaced the cap, but I sniffed quite a bit.As the rush overcame my body again, I eased down on the big black cock underneath me. It hurt a little, but that only fed my desire to take it. POP, the head was in, and I moaned out loud. Barely able to remain edirne escortbayan upright, I started riding that big fucker. I had never taken such a big dildo so quickly before! I paused for another hit of the poppers, and then got right back to riding, and stroking my cock furiously. I was in a haze, and moaning, and saying “Fuck me daddy, fuck my ass” and, “I am such a little fag bitch, I love cock”. I was repeating “I love cock” and moaning as my orgasm started. I placed my hand in front of my cock to catch the juice just as I started spurting. My entire body convulsed as I half laid, half fell over on the bed. My cock just kept shooting as I took some cum I caught, and brought it to my mouth for a taste.I kind of passed out for a few minutes with the taste of cum on my lips, and a giant dildo in my ass. I cautiously removed the dildo; the pain was minimal. I cleaned myself up, but I left everything in place, as I knew after a break, I’d be back to it.I’ve been poppered and high with a dildo in my now sore ass more times than I can count over the last 36 hours. I’m at the point where I can’t even get hard now, but I still fuck my bitch ass… and love it!I think I might be ready for the real thing, as long as I have my little brown bottle handy.