The Julie Journals: Ch. 04 Tony


She picked up her journal, the one she had kept ever since she had learned about adult life, and as she turned the pages she smiled as the memories came flooding back to her as she recalled the pleasure and knowledge they gave her. She came across and entry in marked … “Black Bull, road race, Stevie.” She remembered how after she left home following the party, she lived as a gang slut before escaping to be saved by Mary. At recalling Mary’s name she recalled how what seemed like true love had dissolved into a life a petty arguments and disagreements. In the end, unable to stand Mary’s possessiveness, the continual bickering and Mary’s accusing questioning every time she went out, Julie packed her bags at 22 and left. Julie had found a home for herself in the army and had spent the last two years training, fucking and riding. As a present to herself, Julie found solace in a motorbike of all things and after a few scares soon became a good if somewhat aggressive rider, often engaging in road races against guys. It was one of those days when she met Tony …


… Seeing the Black Bull pub, the designated finishing post, appearing rapidly in the distance Julie allowed herself the luxury of glancing back under her arm to see where the other rider was. Seeing a speck behind her she laughed into her helmet and dipping the clutch, grabbed a big handful of throttle causing the large bike to rise onto its back wheel. Keeping it there until she knew the bikers outside the pub had seen her wheelie she dropped the front back down before turning into the pub car park, where she deliberately dabbed the rear bike causing the bike to snake its way to a halt. Stepping off the bike Julie removed her helmet and holding it in one hand, fluffed out her long wavy brown hair with the other. She was still smiling broadly and walking into the pub when the other rider pulled to a halt, to the shouts of derision and humour from the gathered crowd. Pausing at the door Julie turned and to blow a kiss to the crestfallen guy and shouted gaily, “Old and slow Stevie baby, you owe me a drink and twenty quid.”

Julie walked into the pub and after getting a bottle of coke she unzipped her black leather jacket and turned to survey the pub. She stood against the bar with one elbow resting on it, causing her breasts to strain against the tight tee shirt barely covering them. The cold combined with the adrenalin rush had caused her nipples to harden and were nearly poking through the material. Most of the guys just waved or nodded at Julie, having known her for nearly a year now, they knew she was strictly off limits. Julie was reliving each corner in her mind when she heard a voice beside her say in a loud voice, “nice tits darling mind if I cop a feel,” and a large hairy paw reached towards her chest.

The guy yelped with pain as Julie’s right hand snaked out and caught the man’s fingers and bent his wrist savagely the wrong way whilst twisting his arm so the elbow was also bending the wrong way against the joint. Julie pushed her other hand into the man’s trousers and gripped his testicles tightly, and with her nails digging in to his tender parts, she smiled sweetly as she enquired, “have you ever learnt to read?”

The man despite the excruciating pain shooting through his body nodded weakly and started to read the writing on Julie’s tee shirt. Written like an extract from a dictionary it said — Eng Lang bitch: a female dog, fox or wolf, and underneath written slightly smaller was — the real meaning: you don’t interest me and you can’t afford me so don’t mess with me and don’t touch me or you may just find out what this BITCH can do.

Still with the same cold smile on her lips Julie enquired whether the man had read it and when he nodded weakly she released the martial arts grip and withdrew her hand from his trousers.

Instead of being sensible and walking away, the man, embarrassed in front canlı bahis of his mates took a swinging slap at Julie’s head. Julie just ducked under the clumsy swing and stepping close drove her knee into his already bruised testicles. She danced back as he doubled over in agony and picking up the coke bottle from the bar was just about to smash it over his head when she felt her wrist being grabbed from behind. Julie turned full of venom but her anger faded quickly when she found herself staring into a pair of bright blue eyes set in a calm but smiling face. As the man picked the bottle out of her hand and placed it carefully on the bar she heard the most beautiful melodic timbered voice say softly, “I think you have made your point love.” With that the guy picked up the fresh pints and turned to walk back to the corner where he was sitting quietly with a few pals.

Julie stood there open mouthed for a short while before her brain clicked into gear and she stomped over to the table where she stood hands on hips ready to pour out verbal venom on this stranger who had the cheek to become involved in her affairs. The words froze on her lips when he looked up from his drink, and as when he smiled at her she felt her pussy start to tingle, a reaction she hadn’t had about a man for a few years. The stranger raised an eyebrow at her and enquired how they could help, she found herself lost for words and without speaking spun on her heel and walked away, confused how anyone could have that effect on her.

Over the next few hours Julie discreetly watched the group of men as they talked quietly amongst themselves, but every so often their confident laughter could be heard across the crowded pub, as if they didn’t care what people thought. They seemed unaware that they were a little out of place in what was obviously a biker’s pub, their smart casual wear contrasting with the majority of the customer’s leather clad bodies. Asking around none of her usual crowd knew who they were, so in desperation she asked Gordon the landlord about the group of strangers. The landlord laughed at Julie’s question, but seeing the fire blaze in Julie’s eyes quickly filled her in. “The guy who interfered with your fun is Tony, next to him is his brother Simon, or Drifter as most call him. They are both local lads, their parents own the manor house on the top of the hill. The huge big guy is called Bear and I am not sure about the other two.” He then went on to mention one word which made it all clear to her why they were so confident in a strange pub, “22 regiment,” a single word sometimes used to describe the SAS, the elite of the British Army.

Julie knew that Gordon had served but saw him a new light beyond the tattered beret with wings that sat behind the bar, and as she turned back to survey the group she saw that all but Tony had left. Picking up her coke she walked over to the table determined to find out more about this man. Tony looked up from the book he was now reading, when he saw Julie standing at the table and with a nod of his head invited her to sit as he calmly shut the book. “So you’re SAS then?” Julie asked and was a little surprised when he laughed.

“They are, me I am a just an ordinary guy, my little brother is the hero type not me.” he replied.

Julie found herself captivated by Tony’s easy going and relaxed attitude and as he explained how he had recently moved back into the area she found herself growing more and more to like him. When Tony asked her if she would like to see his new flat she nodded almost eagerly like a young teenager with a crush. Explaining that she had her bike with her Tony casually agreed to go pillion and Julie grabbed the spare helmet from behind the pub counter. Julie’s heart raced as she felt his strong arms around her and could feel his groin pressed into her back. Deciding to give this guy a bit of a thrill and show just what she could do, she twisted the throttle bahis siteleri and snaked through traffic.

When they arrived at his flat Julie was a little surprised that he alighted from the bike without any form of reaction, but understanding dawned on her as she entered the hallway that was covered with bike photos and him holding various cups and medals. Tony laughed off her expressions of awe and waving a hand at the vast living room he invited her to make herself at home. Dumping her helmet, jacket and boots by the door they moved to the open plan kitchen and Tony casually enquired whether she was hungry, and Julie wasn’t sure whether the rumblings in her tummy were hunger or lust, so she just nodded dumbly.

After the simple meal of pasta with a freshly prepared sauce, Julie sat on the comfortable couch, relaxing with a large glass of red wine as Tony continued to captivate her with tales of humour and woe, actually making the corporate world sound interesting. The thing that surprised her the most was this man had made no move on her during the last few hours and she wasn’t sure whether she was shocked or insulted. Deciding to press the point, she asked Tony pointedly whether he was gay or not and his face creased into a broad smile as he explained that he wasn’t but he could read, nodding at her tee shirt. Julie looked down self-consciously and something inside her clicked. Standing up she told Tony it was a silly tee shirt anyway and in one swift movement pulled it over her head revealing her unfettered breasts. Staring deep into his eyes she unclasped her leather trousers and pulling them off along with her knickers stood in front of him naked.

Tony sat there for what seemed like an age looking at her body with an appraising eye but with very little emotion crossing his face. Eventually he stood and walked past Julie to the bedroom where he unhooked a robe from behind the door. Tossing it towards Julie he spoke in low and measured tones, “Julie I am not interested in a casual fuck so that you can work out whatever anger issues you have inside you and if you had wanted to get changed you could have used the bathroom.” Julie stood dumbstruck, the robe crumpled at her feet, and stared at him as he refilled the glasses and held one out to her with the same smile playing across his lips. Julie bent and puling the robe around her sat on the couch and began to pour out her life to date.

Over the next few hours Tony said nothing but just nodded as the hurt and the pain tumbled out as Julie left out no details of her sordid sexual past and to a degree her present. She told him how she would use sex as a way of punishing herself by sleeping with other women at random and the only time she wasn’t fucking was when she was either training or working or riding her motorbike. Sometimes she would turn to a man for no other reason than she wanted to feel a real cock inside her, but often would never even bother finding out their name, before or after. She felt safe for the first time in years, she felt his strong arms go round her holding her tightly and as she looked into his eyes she could see there was no condemnation or judgment there.

Their lips touched, at first in a gentle kiss of almost friendship, but this quickly ignited the fires of passion and their mouths pressed hard together. Julie felt his hands roaming across her body and she arched towards his firm but gentle touch. He was still clothed as he sank to his knees while she stayed seated on the couch, and a gasp of joy passed her lips as she felt his tongue part her pussy lips. His tongue delicately probed her moist pussy, varying both the intensity of his touch and the areas he licked. As his tongue lapped at her clit she was moaning and pulling at his shirt as his obviously experienced tongue drove her to the heights of orgasm, time after time. Julie pulled him upwards in almost desperation, ripping at the buttons bahis şirketleri of his shirt and running her hands through the hairs on his chest, bending her head to kiss and lick his nipples. As he stood before her she quickly unzipped him and pulling his trousers and boxers to his ankles she gasped as his hard cock sprang into view.

Julie licked delicately at the end of his cock savouring the taste of his precum and loved the velvety feel of his head against her tongue, then with a contented sigh sank her warm wet mouth over his cock. Julie continued to suck in a steady motion cupping his warm balls at the same time until she felt his strong arms lifting her off the couch, meaning she had to break from her sucking for the moment.

Tony laid her gently down beside the fire and held his body over hers, not touching, as Julie lifted her legs around his back and held her arms open wide. She felt him dip his hips and the head of his cock enter her soaking pussy as she opened up to him. He sank lower and lower, gently entering her and her whole body felt on fire with the centre of the raging inferno being stoked by his hard cock. Gripping him with her legs Julie arched up to meet his steady powerful thrusts and felt an orgasm quickly building within her. Screaming in joy she raked her nails across his back as the white lights burst with a flash in her brain. Still with her mind reeling she felt his thrusts become more insistent as he started to build to his own orgasm. He arched his back letting out a cry and then bent to cover her mouth with his, in a passionate kiss as he pumped his seed into her causing another intense orgasm to run through her body.

Julie was in heaven as she had made love to someone for the first time in over two years rather than just screwing and fucking to scratch an itch.

Julie awoke the next morning in the large double bed where Tony had carried her after their torrid session in the lounge. They had fallen into a contented sleep in each other’s arms, waking twice during the night to explore each other’s bodies again and again. Julie snuggled under the covers dreamily as she thought to herself that she could spend the rest of her life here when the door opened and Tony entered clad in a robe. “Breakfast for my Princess,” Tony said with a laugh offering a tray of steaming coffee and freshly buttered toast.

“I know what I want for my breakfast,” Julie replied as she threw back the covers and crawled over to the edge of the bed where Tony stood. Pulling back the robe Julie took Tony’s semi hard cock and began to lick the head. Tony carefully bent and put the tray down as Julie began to suck him deeper into her mouth. His half-hearted protests were waved away as Julie began to suck in earnest on his now erect cock. Tony looked down at the mass of brown hair working on his groin and he felt himself begin to move his hips into her loving warm mouth.

As her mouth sucked in long steady strokes he felt her nails rake gently across his balls sending shivers through his body. He felt himself tense as his orgasm built and tried to pull back but Julie sensing what was happening sucked harder and deeper putting her hands on his buttocks to keep him close. With a grunt Tony exploded into Julie’s mouth and she felt his hot cum splash down her throat. She didn’t release him straight away but sucked and swallowed each of his thrusts savouring the taste as it hit her tongue.

Withdrawing him from her mouth Julie took him a firm grip of his cock and milking the last drop before carefully licking the pearl that appeared at the end. Looking up at him she smiled as she said “I think I am falling in love with you Tony.”

Tony smiled at her replying, “I don’t think I am falling in love with you Julie, I know I am in love with you,” and then to Julie’s surprise and delight said, “Will you marry me?”

Still with his now flaccid cock in her hands Julie took another long suck before looking up and saying, “Yes.”

“Good” said Tony with a smile, “I guess if the end result is decided we really should get to know the boring details about each other before you meet the parents.”