The interview

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The interviewIntroduction: My luck finally changed I lost my job as a truck driver and we were struggling to make ends meet. When I say we I mean me and my girlfriend Kirsty she has a good job in IT working in London. I kept applying but was getting no were when out of the blue I got a call from a local firm asking me for an interview. The time and date was set for Tuesday at four. Tuesday finally came around and I was getting ready when the phone rang I answered it and it was Kirsty wishing me luck. She told me to wear her lucky knickers as whenever she wore them she got a promotion or pay rise always something good. The knickers in question were a pair of white lace boxers. I must say it did feel strange putting them on but I thought anything would be worth it. Pulling on my trousers I brushed my cock with my hand and was amazed at how good it felt and my cock started to get slightly hard trying not to get excited and did my trousers up and finished getting dressed. The company was only five minutes away so I jumped in my car and was there in no time.Pulling up to the gate I got out and pressed the intercom the lady at the other end asked who it was and I told her I was her for an interview with john she said I was to drive in and come to reception as she spoke I could hear some giggling in the back ground. I pulled up and went into reception behind the desk was a young girl about nineteen or so. Her hair was in two bunches; she wore a pink blouse which was tight around her bust. She told me john was out and that Amanda would be interviewing me she asked me to sit down and that Amanda would be right with me.As I sat there I looked over to the desk and noticed there was no board along the front edge allowing me to see the young girl’s legs. As I looked over she asked if there was anything I wanted. Thinking I had been busted I blurted out.“What did she mean” to which she replied?“A drink tea coffee or a cold one” “A cold drink would be nice” I replied.She uncrossed he legs and pushed her chair back allowing me a good view up her skirt. I could see the tops of her stockings which were black with kaş escort a lace top and her silky black knickers. She stood up and straightened her skirt and went and got me a drink. She handed it to me and went and sat down again. Only as she sat lifted her skirt up slightly and sat down with her legs apart. My cock started to grow, with that the door opened and in walked Amanda she was about five foot six slim and an amazing pair of breasts she wore a short black skirt and a white blouse which really showed her ample charms off.Marie she snapped “any chance of you covering up”“Sorry miss Stevens “she replied and promptly closed her legs and continued with her work as if nothing had happened. “Would you like to follow me” Amanda asked. I stood up and followed her through the door and up some stairs all I could see was hr tight arse in front of my face I could hear her skirt as it brushed against her bum. I was starting too got a little more turned on and as my cock started to grow the feeling of the lace against me was amazing. She opened the door to her office and asked me to take a seat opposite her desk. I sat down and she sat in her big leather chair.“Ok let me see” she said as she put her glasses on and started to read through my CV. “ You have plenty of experience” she said as she stood up and walked around to my side of her desk and sat on the edge leaning forward she pulled her skirt hem down a little and ran her hands down to her ankles before standing up again. “So” she said“How much do you want this job” she said with a look that told a thousand stories.“More than anything” I replied.“Ok then I want you to remove your trousers”Knowing I had my girl friends knickers on me said I couldn’t. “Look if you want this job you’ll do as I tell you threes plenty of people out there that want a job you know”.I stood up and undone my belt unbuttoned my trousers and let them drop to the floor.“What do we have here” she said reaching forward and talking hold of my knickered crotch.“I I I I can explain” I stammered.“well whats the story then” Amanda asked.So I started to explain the reason and a big smile kaş escort bayan creep onto her face reaching forward again she started to rub my cock through the knickers feeling myself stiffen even more I started to breathe a little more deeply. Moving toward her I went in to kiss her our lips meeting her tongue probing my lips eager to force it’s way into my mouth my hand now behind her head as she still caressed my hard cock through my knickers. My other hand slowly undoing her blouse I really wanted to get to her breasts her white bra proving little protection from my hand. Pulling it down I had her hand in my grasp feeling her nipple grow in my hand.Pushing me back she dropped to her knees in front of me pulling the knickers down as she did before licking the tip of my hard cock whilst wanking me slowly into her mouth. Slowly she stroked me her grip light but firm with her other hand she cupped my balls pulling them down with some force.“mmmmmmmmmm” I let out as she continued to play with my shaft. I removed her blouse and bra leaving her half naked in her office. Standing up she started to wank me harder pulling my foreskin back and forth forcing my pre cum out ,with her thumb she wiped it off before licking it off and kissing me forcing it into my mouth.Lifting her skirt I started to rub her though her knickers which by know were nice and damp. Pushing her backwards onto her desk I knelt down and started to lick her through the lace of wet panties she let out a loud groan and my tongue found her clit pulling her knickers down to her knees I started to suck on her swelling clit making her groan even more. Pushing one then two fingers into her wet snatch pumping as fast as I could.“aaaarrrrrrrrrrrrgggghhhh i’m coming fuck me with your fingers make me cum you dirty fuck” she screamed.Pumping my fingers in to her she came loudly clentching my fingers in her body. With one swipe of her arm she cleared her desk spun me round and forced me onto her desk my hard cock sticking up taking it in her hand and stared to wank me flicking the end of my cock with her tongue before whispering to me “I’M escort kaş GONNA RIDE YOU TO WITHIN INCHES OFF YOUR LIFE” she climbed onto of me rubbing her wet pussy against my hard cock reaching down she guided me into her tight pussy which for a fifty three year old is certainly was. She slowly started to ride my cock feeling her tightness envelope me. As I looked up her breasts were bouncing all all over the place reaching up I caught hold of them pulling on her nipples tightly making her grind herself into me.She started to build her pace up really fucking my shaft really doing my cock she got off my cock and told me to fuck her from behind pushing her down onto her desk I pushed my cock into her wet hole and really started to pump her arse cheeks slapped as I pounded her hole. Her pussy started to clamp around me even harder as I felt her second orgasm surge through her body. Still fucking her as hard as I could I started to feel by balls tighten and spurt after spurt of my hot cum entered her hot snatch. pulling my cock out she turned around and started to suck my cock clean licking our juices from my length. Putting her hand on my shoulders she forced me to my knees telling me it was now my turn to lick her clean.Pushing my tongue into her swollen snatch I started to lick our juices from her tasting my cum and hers together. Getting a mouthful of cum I stood up kissing her sharing our flavours together. As I finished licking her clean she stood up readjusted her skirt picked her bra and blouse up stepping out of her knickers she leant forward and picked them up and placed them in my hand.“now give me yours” she said.I pulled the wet knickers off and passed them to her. She stepped into them pulling them tight into her wet pussy.“now get dressed as we need to finalise your job offer” she said with an even bigger smile on her face. I went to put my trousers on when said “haven’t you forgotten something” pointing to her knickers I put them on followed by my trousers and arranged a start date she shook my hand and said she looked forward to me coming to work for her.On the drive home I thought what a great company that I was about to go and work for I pulled into my drive and my girl friend was there at the door wanting to know how my interview went little did she know I was now wearing my bosses knickers..