The internet date….

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The internet date….Driving out of London to a nearby market town I wondered what I was doing meeting a girl I’d been chatting to online for a few weeks. Emma was almost 19, and starting Uni in a few months. She described herself as looking a little like Cameron Diaz, and sounded very horsey on the phone when we’d chatted. She had a good sense of humour, and I was curious as to what she was like in the flesh. When she walked in to the bar I was pleasantly surprised, a classic shires horsey posh blonde with a clearly great pair of tits on her slight frame. I bought her a drink, and we chatted for a few hours giresun escort before I prepared to drive back to London. Imagine my surprise when Emma invited me back to her folks place, her father was away on business and her mother was on her night shift as a matron. It would just be the three of us, me, her, and her little b*o who was asleep in bed. I sat myself down on the sofa, and Emma d****d herself across me and we started kissing. Slipping my hand under her blouse I managed to unclip her bra, and as i did so her tit popped out of her top. She looked down at it, and without saying a word got esco up and left the room. Somewhat surprised, i was relieved when I heard her opening the door behind me and entering the room again…..stark naked.My cock stood to attention when she slowly walked towards me, her pert full breasts gently swaying. Without a word she unzipped me, and put my cock in her mouth. Her tongue swirled around under my helmet and I realised this probably wasn’t her first time. Not wanting to cum and wanting to repay the favour, I had her lay down in front of the fire and part her legs. I kissed and sucked her clit until she giresun escort bayan came in my mouth writhing in pleasure, before getting her on all fours and shagging her from behind on her folks living room carpet in front of the fire. I wondered about whether I would wake her little b*o up, but was having way too much fun to move to a more discreet room. Emma groaned in pleasure and commented on how hard my cock was as i slipped in and out of her tight pussie, her cheeks roughly parted by my firm hands so I could get a good view of my cock slipping in and out of her. I pulled out, and came across her arse. I passed out on her bed shortly afterwards, then early the next morning got dressed and left before her mum came back. I don’t know how she explained the carpet burns, but we were fuck buddies for a couple of years after….