The House Husband


The House HusbandThe House Husband: Part 1″See you later,” she said through a mouthful of croissant. “I’m not sure when I’ll be back tonight, big pitch today.””No problem. We’ll expect you when we see you then, won’t we Mollie.”She kissed her daughter on the cheek and patted her hair. “Remember she has a rehearsal for the play after school tonight.” And she glided out the front door.Graham sighed. Of course he would remember, he was the one who always remembered things. Karen didn’t – she was too busy having important business meetings and working all the hours God sends. Still, he knew it made sense for him to be the one staying at home. His online business was taking off too though, so hopefully it wouldn’t be long before he was contributing as much to the finances as she was.He stood up, shaking the crumbs off his shirt, and picked up Mollie’s backpack. “We ready to go then Missy?””Yes Daddy, come on!” Mollie ran to the door, and Graham marvelled at how much she loved going to school. He’d hated it when he was her age, but then he’d been to an inner city state school while his daughter went to a private school with all the advantages that brought with it. They jumped in the car, and ten minutes later pulled into the driveway leading to the massive car park at St Augustus school. It was a mansion set in lovely wooded grounds, with playing fields as far as the eye could see. It was a boarding school as well as a day school, but they only lived a short drive away so there was no point in sending her away. He told himself so often that if Karen didn’t work so much they’d never have been able to afford this, but at night, when he was alone, this was no real comfort.Mollie ran into the main doors, after giving him a very quick peck on the cheek, and he smiled. Lovely to see her happy. He turned the car around and began to head back out the driveway. There were many other cars heading out from parents of the day pupils, but only one parent on foot. It caught him off guard to see the tall brunette striding out the gates. People never walked k**s to this school – that would mean no opportunity to parade the new 4×4’s around. He pulled up alongside her.”Can I give you a lift somewhere?” he enquired, trying to be as gentlemanly as he could. Her car must have broken down, so thought it was only fair to offer a ride. The woman stopped walking and looked down into the car window in surprise. She hesitated. He knew what must be going through her mind, so he reassured her. “My little girl is in year 2 here. I’m Graham Marsden.”He extended his hand out the window. She shook it, replying “Sally Howell. My Fiona is in year 4. Thank you so much for the offer of a lift, but there’s really no need, I only live round in the village. It’s not a long walk.””It’s no problem, please hop in. I’m literally passing straight through the village anyway.”She smiled, and climbed in the passenger seat. Graham drove off through the iron gates and towards the village. “Thank you. We’ve only moved here recently, and it’s nice to meet people. Are you from the area?””The next town along. So, your car broken down?””Husband has it.” Graham raised his eyebrows. “Ah.” he said.”Permanently. He kept it in the divorce and I haven’t had my new one delivered yet.””I’m sorry to hear that. About the divorce, not the car. Well, the car as well I suppose!”They both chuckled. “Well I’m not sorry. My husband was a cunt. Always was, always will be.”Hearing her use that kind of language with a cut glass English accent made Graham sit up and look at her. She must have noticed that he was taken aback, as she touched his knee and said, “Sorry, he just always brings out the worst in me. It’s left here.”He turned left into the drive of a smallholding. He could immediately see a few goats and chickens running around along the side of the property. Funny, she hadn’t struck him as the type. “I love a****ls,” she said, as if reading his mind. “Richard never did, my ex-husband that is. Hated everything. As soon as I was rid of him I got myself into the Good Life so to speak. I grew up on a farm.””How lovely. I’m a country boy now, but grew up in the city. Always yearned to be in the fresh air though, so we moved here. My wife still works in London though, she can’t give up the rat race.””Ah. Fair enough. Would you like to come in? I can make some tea, and I’ve been baking. Won’t say that they’re astounding, but I do make a very creamy cupcake!”Graham paused before accepting. He wanted to go in with her, but strangely didn’t canlı bahis trust himself. She was an extremely attractive woman. Early 30’s he guessed, not overweight but not a size zero, and she had lovely big breasts, which he had noticed were straining at the white blouse she had on. Fuck it, he thought, it’s only a cuppa, She probably needs the company.”Why not?” he replied.They both got out the car and walked up the picture perfect path to the front door. He felt like he was stepping into a tv drama, it was so perfectly laid out. A gorgeous old cottage, decorated in tasteful, heritage colours, with carefully chosen artwork on the walls. Everything had a handcrafted feel to it, and there was an amazing aroma drifting from the kitchen. He discerned that it was a combination of lemon, almond and cinnamon, mixed with the temptation of freshly made bread. This woman was some kind of 1950’s angel.She ushered him into the large kitchen. The scent got stronger, and he saw why. The counter tops were filled with delicious treats, cupcakes, eccles cakes, scones, breads. He looked a little amazed.”It’s for the church fete tomorrow,” she explained, knowing it probably looked a little excessive. “Trying to fit in early. Tea or coffee?””Coffee please.” He sat down at the massive wooden table. It was solid wood, oak or pine, he wasn’t sure. But either way it was a statement piece.She placed his coffee in front of him, and sat next to him, at the head of the table. She sipped the hot coffee delicately, blowing it a little first.”So what do you do for a living then?””I work from home,” he replied cautiously. “I have an online business. I take care of my little girl as well, while my wife Karen works.””I see, you’re a house husband,” she chuckled. He bristled slightly, then laughed with her. “Yes, I guess I am really.””What kind of online business do you have then? Anything I would know?” She looked over the top of her cup inquisitively.Graham shifted in his seat slightly. He never liked broaching the subject of his work in too much detail with people he barely knew. “I run a social media style site, bringing like-minded people together. People with…specialist interests.” He gulped his coffee.”What kind of specialist interests?” Sally leaned back on the chair, crossing her legs. She raised an eyebrow as if she already had an idea of what he meant. She seemed like an open minded kind of woman. Maybe he should just tell her. But that might ruin a chance of friendship, and might get all round the village. Who knew how discreet she was? At the same time, something was telling him to disclose all, to confide in this confident, friendly woman. He didn’t know quite why, but he started to divulge his biggest secret. One that only he, Karen and his accountant knew.”I run a website which caters for people who like…well, outdoor sex.” He took another sip of coffee. She didn’t seem at all phased. In fact she smiled cheekily.”Just al fresco sex, or dogging as well?” she inquired casually. That threw him. He had not expected her to be that blase about it.”Both really. I mean, the two go hand in hand these days, and more people are into it than ever before. My site offers information, advice, and the chance to meet people in the local area. It means that people can be clued up before they go, that they know how to play safe, and that above all they have a good experience.” He stopped, aware that this was the most he’d spoken to anyone about this for a long time. She still didn’t seem phased.”Are you into it yourself, or just helping others?” She leaned in towards him. He could see her breasts thrusting upwards, peeking out the top of the blouse as she leaned onto the table top. He could feel himself getting a little hot under the collar.”Erm, I used to be. A long time ago. Before I married Karen.” He cleared his throat. “She knows I have a bit of a chequered past, shall we say. She’s fine with it, but we are very…normal.””That is a pity.” There was a glint in her eye, and he could feel himself stirring slightly in the confines of his jeans.”How so?””Well, it’s a pity all that is in the past for you.” She leaned closer and he moved towards her. Their eyes met first before their lips, then suddenly they were kissing passionately. Her tongue was darting in and out of his mouth, and she pulled on his lip with her teeth. He was completely hard under the table now, his cock straining at his clothes. Her hand was running round his neck and he grabbed her hair and ran his hand through it. bahis siteleri He stopped suddenly and pulled away.”My wife…really, I…””I won’t tell if you won’t.”He paused, then pulled her close again. Her hands fumbled at his zip and quickly his cock was free. She massaged it gently at first but soon picked up speed until she was rubbing him rapidly, banging her arm against the underside of the table. He began to grasp at her heaving breasts, and she guided his hand inside her shirt, popping more buttons as she did so. He pushed aside the lace of her bra until he had full access to her nipples, already hard. He pinched at them playfully. She unlocked her lips from his again and pulled away. Kneeling down on the stone floor, she took his hard cock in her mouth and began to lick the tip. He moaned quietly. Skillfully she slid her mouth all the way down his length and began to suck. He held her hair in his hands to guide her but she didn’t need it. She sucked hard, moving her entire head up and down, following along with her hands, her fingers deftly working their magic. He sat back in the chair, closing his eyes, immersing himself fully in the moment. He could feel her warm mouth enveloping him, making him twitch as her tounge circled his head. He wanted her, wanted her now. He pulled her head up off him, and directed her to stand up.. Unzipping her jeans, he pulled them right down. She kicked off her shoes and slipped the jeans on to the floor. He delved his hand inside her white panties and could feel how wet she was already. Sliding his hand all over the wetness, he slipped a finger inside her and began to massage. He could see her bracing herself against the table and arching her pelvis into his hand. He moved outwards again and found the soft mound of her clitoris and gently brushed over it. Seeing her face contort slightly in pleasure, he smiled to himself, wondering if he still had the ability to make a woman orgasm with just his hands. Karen never did anymore, he had stopped trying to persuade her to get physical with him a long time ago. He pushed a little harder on her soft flesh, his hands wet and slipping easily over and back again. She groaned and leaned heavier on her arms. He squeezed lightly and stopped, thrusting his fingers quickly back inside her, finding the elusive spot that makes women orgasm in a moment. She did. Her breathing became heavy as he pressed that spot, his thumb rubbing her clit as well. She was trembling, and let out a loud moan as her pussy tightened round his fingers. His work was done, he thought, smugly.”Wow,” she breathed. “That was good!”She pulled him close and kissed him again. Hopping up on to the table, she wrapped her legs around him, guiding him to what she wanted. He pushed into her, making her gasp a little. He knew he had a big cock, and secretly used to love when any woman he was fucking showed visible shock at the feeling of him entering them. She was warm and wet, as he knew she would be. He steadied her hips on the table, as he picked up the pace and thrust into her. She leaned back across the table, and gave herself fully to him. Pulling her feet up onto the table, he fucked deeper and harder. He reached over and squeezed her breasts, pulling at her rock hard nipple. She moaned louder and louder, grasping the sides of the table in ecstacy. He’d made her climax, maybe twice by the feeling of her pussy tightening around him, and he was very close too, but he didn’t want it to stop. He pulled back out of her, taking her by surprise. Pulling her towards the end of the table, he flipped her round until she was leaning across it. He reached around and stroked her, feeling her wetness again. She flinched slightly, sensitive now to any light touch but still wanting him. He thrust into her, making her lunge across the table with the force. He pounded in and out, sometimes slowing down and sliding nice and deep, sometimes fast and hard. her hands were gripping the table still and her groaning was getting louder again. He could feel her arch under him and knew she was going to cum again. As she bounced back on him, he could feel the climax coming for both of them, and as she spasmed round him, he erupted inside her with a roar of joy. As his cock twitched in her, he could feel her deliberately clenching and releasing, knowing that this would milk every drop out of him. She was good.Sweating and panting, they both collapsed onto the cold, hard floor. Lying there, looking up at the ceiling beams, Graham felt the güvenilir bahis whole situation surreal. He’d only met this woman less than an hour ago, yet she was lying next to him, filled with his sperm and glowing from several orgasms. His mind drifted back to his wife. He knew it had become a bit of a marriage of convenience in a way, though he loved her of course. There was just no lust there any more. They used to have a great sex life, it hadn’t been long after they were married that Mollie had come along, and he knew Karen’s love for the family and giving them everything they needed was the driving force behind the incessant working, but really what he needed was a wife, not a cash machine, lying beside him in bed at night.All this was running through his mind, and he hadn’t realised that Sally had sat up and was now getting properly dressed again. He put his recovering cock back into his jeans and zipped them up. He ran his hands through his hair awkwardly. Sally laughed.”It’s fine, your wife won’t find out you know. I’m not going to fuck and tell. That’s just not my style,” she said as she pulled her hair back into a loose knot on the top of her head. “Besides, I’m trying to get myself respected in this village and I don’t think that seducing you is going to do very well for my reputation frankly.”He liked this blunt, honest woman. Refreshing, sexy, funny, classy and, he surmised, possibly as kinky as he was.”Of course. I think discretion is probably the way to go in this case.””Sit back down, I’ll make another coffee. We can chat like adults now we’ve got the sex out of the way,” she chuckled slightly.To his own surprise, Graham did sit down. This wasn’t awkward, or weird. Well, ok it was a bit weird, but certainly he didn’t feel like he had to rush straight out in panic the way he would have assumed he would. She made him feel relaxed, comfortable almost. It did make him a little off-guard.As she sat down across from him again with fresh coffees, he looked at her more closely. Her eyes were so vibrant, so full of life and mischief. She had clearly been through a lot with the divorce and now she was raising her little girl on her own, but she had a relaxed demeanour, and a way of putting you at ease almost immediately which he found very attractive.”Cupcake?” she offered.Taking a delicious looking, expertly iced cake from her, he bit into it. My God, he thought, she can bake. The icing was thick and a dollop found it’s way on to the end of his nose as he bit. Sally giggled.”Here, let me get that for you.”She leaned close to his face and delicately licked the icing off with the very tip of her tongue. She pressed her lips to his and pushed sugar coated tongue between them. He sucked it off greedily.Leaning back completely in her chair, as if nothing had happened, she asked “So, the school. Your little girl has been going for a while, is it as good as they say it is?”Graham had to try hard to focus, which she seemed to be doing with ease.”Yes, erm, yes it is a highly performing school, the fees are extortionate as you’ll know, but overall my Mollie is really happy there. The social side of things is great. Is your daughter in the end of term play?””Yes, we managed to get her a small part, even though it had more or less all been cast by the time we got here. She takes her drama abilities from her mother I think! At least that’s what Richard always said.” She took a large sip of coffee.”So what happened with you and your husband then? If you don’t mind me asking that is.””No it’s fine, I don’t mind talking about it now, it was a relief to have it all over and done to be honest, He was fucking his secretary, I retaliated by blowing our gardener. No major love left in the relationship, and we both wanted out. He was a miserable man, good luck to his new tart, she’ll need it. He’s a complete narcissist as well, pathetic really. He was quite a lot older than me, but I never cared at first, then it became obvious I was just for show, and that as long as he could still screw any busty blonde that passed through his office doors then he was happy to throw money my way and pay for a nice house. That grew old very quickly. I filed for divorce, got it on the grounds of infidelity, and took a nice hefty wadge of his cash. He did get my Aston, but I have a new Merc coming next week. I’d still walk Fiona to school though! And that’s pretty much it.””Fair enough. I suppose it’s better it’s ended then, for you especially.””Indeed.” she looked at her watch. “Shit, I’m sorry, I didn’t realise that was the time. I have my solicitor coming for a meeting in an hour, I really need to get showered and changed.””Of course,” he stood up. “Um, well, I’ll see you again some time.””You can count on it.”