The Healer Ch. 02


He had left Tristessa’s tent in a bit of a confused state. Hell, he was as bumfuzzled as a young man his age had any right to be.

Gloria was waiting and was all over him the minute the sun nearly blinded him come out into the light again.

“You were in there so long. What did she tell you, Mal? It must have been something to take so long. C’mon, Mal. What did she say?”

He looked down at her pleading face, and realized he had no more desire for her. She looked like a child. He felt much older than her and what he had heard in the tent had changed something in him.

“Mal, tell me?” She whined.

“Uh, well she said I would have a long, prosperous life and marry a beautiful woman and have four children.”

Her face crest-fell faster than the parachute ride. Gloria was cute but not the sharpest tool in the shed.

“I’m not feeling real good.” he said “Is it okay if I drop you off at home?”

The ride home was silent until he dropped her off and the walkway in front of her house. She put her hand on the door handle, and looked over at him intently and with a little something like sorrow. “She did tell you something. You’re different.”

He looked at her and she held his look for a moment, and got out of the car. She wasn’t the dullest tool in the shed, either.

He went home and fidgeted. His mind kept going back and forth on whether or not he should go back. He had never experienced anything like Tristessa going down on him so sweetly, but he was wary. They were gypsies, the four guys hanging out front, she was an older woman and might be playing him for a fool. They would take his money. But yet, something drew him back to what she had said and the promise.

His mother was still gone on the business trip with her boss and he had the house to himself. He got on his shorts and jersey and running shoes and went out. He ran trying to clear his mind, but it wasn’t to be. What did she mean, we have only one night? And healing her? Duh.

He ran and worked up a sweat and realized he was pushing a heavy pace without meaning to. He finished his last lap of the park and walked the block to his house.

He stripped and got into the shower and turned it on hot. It stung but it felt good. He thought of her on her knees again and he started getting hard. He soaped his body and when he got to his cock, he realized it was fully erect. He was a mess and didn’t know what to do. He rinsed off and toweled and thought about getting something to eat, but wasn’t hungry, and lay down on his bed, cooling. Naked.

He awoke abruptly and realized it was dark. He got up and looked out the window to see the moon rising in the summer sky. And then he remembered.

He thought about sitting and thinking about his dilemma, but instantly realized he was going back. That was all. And so he got dressed. He wore his white, baggy, canvas shirt and old, comfortable jeans.

He found a parking spot up front near the midway. The carnival was winding down for the evening and as he walked past the few stragglers heading for the exits, he felt the wind come up, blowing empty popcorn boxes and food wrappers in a frenzy. Clouds covered the moon and the only light was the main midway lights on the promenade. The rides were done and their lights gone out, the music was done and he could see Carnies in between tents sitting on wooden boxes passing the bottle.

He approached her tent and it was quiet but for the wind. It seemed dark. Maybe it had all been some kind of sick joke and she had gone home. He paused and felt a rush of desire as she opened the front door and smiled.

She held out a hand and as if magnetized, he moved towards it. She took him into the dark tent and he remembered the way as she led him to the back. She let go of his hand and he heard her light a match güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and saw flame leap from a candle, she lit more and he watched her bending over each, braced on her cane and marvelled at the curve of her ass.

She reached for a bottle on ice on the bedstand and poured two healthy drinks into the glasses waiting. She took them and walked over to him, struggling without the cane. She was beautiful, dark and dusty and liquid.

“Welcome to our night, Mal. You come here a boy and will leave a man, and a very special man, at that. A toast. I toast to your cock. Your beautiful cock, which will do so much good.” And she drank it down.

I didn’t know what to do, so I chugged mine and felt the heat, burning down my throat. I gasped and coughed. She laughed.

“Araq. The drink of the mad. It is good for you.”

She refilled the glasses, put hers on the nightstand and handed me mine again. “Sip it this time.” And she kissed me lightly on the lips, darting her tongue in and out slowly, sensually, and moved her lips so lightly over mine I wasn’t sure if it was happening or a memory.

She stepped back from me, wincing, and kicked off her shoes. I took a sip. She unwound the scarf from her head. The long black hair was woven into a long braid hanging all the way down her back. She kept her eyes riveted on mine. She started unbuttoning her multi-colored blouse until it was open, and then tugged it out of her skirt and off her arms and tossed it aside. She was wearing a black bra.

She reached around and unsnapped it, shrugged shoulders, peeled it and tossed it, too. And stood straight. She had medium sized breasts, perfectly formed like teardrops with silver dollar sized dark nipples that as I watched, shrunk as they became hard and jutted out. She reached over, took a sip of Araq and then hooked her fingers inside her bright cotton skirt, and shimmied it down over full thighs, kicking it aside. I took a sip. Her legs might be painful, but they were perfect, at least to my eyes. The black panties were gone with a wistul toss and I could see the thick swatch of her pubic hair. I meant to sip but gulped the rest and it didn’t burn quite so much this time, but I welcomed the burn.

She had a sip of her drink and with her deep liquid eyes always on mine, hobbled over and filled my glass. She put the bottle back on ice and sat down on the bed, lay back, lifted her legs and spread them.

“Take off your clothes” she said, reaching a hand between her legs and stretching the fingers across her slit, I could barely see, pink. She opened it for me to see. “I want to watch you.”

I put my drink down next to hers, kicked off my shoes and pulled off my socks, almost falling. I heard her laugh and looked to see her smiling sweetly, rubbing her fingers across that glistening, wet pussy.

I tossed off my shirt, and unbuckled my pants and let them fall, stepping out of them. I hadn’t worn any underwear. “Ahhh” I heard her say. I was about half erect.

“Your education begins, sweet healer. Have you ever tasted a woman?”

“Uh, no. Not that I haven’t wanted to, or anything.”

“Come taste me then. Come to me.”

I nervously moved over and not knowing what to do, I just did what seemed right. I knelt by the bed, with her legs spread and leaned down and kissed her there. She moaned. She smelled like burnt chocolate, orange and lavender. It was earthy and it was heady. I kissed her and felt the wetness and moved my lips around and licked with my tongue.

She responded. Her breath got shorter and she was mewling, like a kitten. I licked and teased and circled her clitoris with my tongue and sucked it gently in and out. I worked her lips with my lips and tongue. She tasted like the glories I had always expected life to be full güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri of. She got wetter and I could feel my face becoming wet. I licked her sweet skin and moved down to the aperture of her anus and flicked. She bucked. I poked my tongue in and drove it as far as I could. She was breathing faster now. I put two fingers in her pussy and moved them in and out, adjusting speed and pressure and moved my mouth back upward and concentrated on her hard, erect little bud of a clit and used all my imagination and followed her moans. I worked the fingers out of her pussy and slip my pinkie in her ass and picked up the pace, vibrating my lips and tongue on that energy center until I felt her start to go.

I slowed and got forceful for a moment, and then feeling her slacked, drove the pace up with all the tools I had and felt her arc and scream and throb under my tongue. I kept it up and she rocked, and moaned and I felt like the king of the world. She slowly subsided her convulsions and eased. I slowed, trying to bring her down, trading sucks for kisses, and thrusts for caresses.

And then I climbed next to her and held her. She was gurgling, but doing it pleasantly, murmuring not words, but feelings, and I understood every word.

Finally, she shook her head and opened her eyes and looked at me, and smiled. She had a wide mouth and this smile seemed to truly be ear to ear. “You are good at that. So good, Malcolm. You made me cum hard. You like women, don’t you?”

“Well, yeah, sure.”

“No”, she said. “You really like women, love making love to them.”


“That is good. So good. You have a gift, do not be a pig about it.”

“So, are you healed now?” I said. As soon as I said it I knew it came out wrong.

Her expression dimmed. “No, Malcolm, that was part of your education. Do not take this lightly, I warn you. My healing begins now. We shall start and then I shall tell you during the night what you need to know. We have a bond now, you and I, which will never be broken, and we will talk much over the next few years. Your life has changed, and so has mine.” And then she smiled wickedly and said “Or is about to.”

She reached for her cane and propped on it, stood, magnificent in her nakedness and the glow of after-orgasm. She handed me my drink and took a strong hit of hers. I did the same. She put them down.

She knelt and grabbed my legs and pulled me over to the side of the bed, my legs hanging off the end until my feet hit the carpet. She looked up at me from between my spread knees and smiled.

“Now, my healing begins. You remember this afternoon, eh? It was nothing compared to this. I get headaches, and have bad thoughts and dreams from it all, all that I have been through. And know you will cure me.”

I could feel her warm breath on my thighs and then felt her hands, just above the inside of my thighs push my legs farther open, causing me to rock back and fall flat on the bed. I had never felt so exposed, but went with it. I felt her tongue first, on my balls. The coarse texture of that wonderful organ dragging delirious sensations causing my scrotum to tighten. She licked, and flicked and put them in her wet mouth, rolling them with her tongue. I felt air and then realized she had moved and had those full, cerise-painted lips perched on the head of my cock, and then I felt them slide down, her saliva coating my shaft as she decended purposefully on it.

She sucked me into her throat and would come all the way up, releasing me before pistoning down. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast, taking it all in one gulp, Ohhhhhhhh, but it was heavenly. My cock was blue-steel under her ministrations. It felt like it would burst from pleasure alone.

She took her mouth off and replaced it with her hand. “I güvenilir bahis şirketleri am going to make you come, Mal, but I want you to try something. When I suck you, concentrate on your cock, you can make it bigger or smaller. Trust me. Feel the pleasure and imagine it, focus on your cock and make it grow or diminish. Okay?” She had slid down and I felt her lick my ass, and the electricity went up through my balls and into the tip of my cock and I thought I would lose it right there. I realized I was making sounds. Sounds that came from somewhere I never intended, or knew about. Her tongue probed my tender hole and I felt her drive it into me, making me thank whatever for making me be alive at that moment. The pleasure was intense.

“Now, I am going to make you come, and I want you to come strong and deliver what I want, what I need. Don’t hold back, release.”

Her tongue was replaced by that slender, red nailed index finger and she wasn’t gentle. It went up into me all the way until I could feel that ring. And I felt her mouth close on me, wetly, like a too tight rubber band and slide down and up, and down. I could feel the sensations beginning in my spine, like a freight train heading out of control. She took me deep in her throat, snorting to breathe and humming with the effort. I looked down at this incredibly sensual woman with her mouth stuffed with my cock, and I closed my eyes and willed it bigger. I felt it grow. She gagged and that did it.

The fire flew from my spine through my balls, up the shaft and crescendoed at the head in a burst of intense pain/pleasure and I felt myself spurting and heard myself moaning as I poured it into her.

With each spurt the pleasure got more intense. My cock was on fire, and it was packed in ice. I kept spurting and looked down and watched with half-closed eyelids as she pistoned and gulped and tried to swallow it all. But it was too much, it ran out of her mouth and down my cock, and I could feel it dripping down my ass onto the sheets. I didn’t care.

The spasms started to diminish, and as they did, so did her pace. She slowed and caressed me down. She was beautiful with her mouth wrapped around my cock and the come dripping down her chin onto her breasts, off nipples, onto her thighs.

I lay back with the sanity of the ages relaxing me into stupor. Ah, so this is what it was like, really like. I was ready to stay here forever.

I felt myself softening and her mouth pull off. She was a mess. Her lipstick was smeared and there was cum dripping from her chin and covering her lips. She stood and lay down next to me, reached a gentle hand behind my head and pulled me in and kissed me long and deep.

“So how do you taste, Mal?”

“Not bad. I guess. This is all new, ya know.”

She laughed. “Yes. I am so lucky. You are sweeter than most men, you know. They are not bad, but you are a healer, and your cum is more savory.”

“What?” I said. “Am I supposed to believe all this shit?”

She sat up. In a whisper, raspy and serious, she said “Don’t fuck with me. Don’t fuck with this.” And she smacked me so hard I thought me fillings would fly out. I hadn’t expected it.

“Now we shall eat, and we shall talk. And rest. There is so much more we have to cover.”

“So”, I asked “Are you healed?”

She looked at me and smiled the smile of a young girl who has kissed her first boy and said “I am healed in part. I am a third healed. There is much to do, but the night is young, and thank god, so are you. We have only this, this night, do you understand, Malcolm. No, of course you don’t. But by morning you will. I have to arm you against the world, and give you directions. You must know. It is all different for you now. And we must eat and talk, and then we will come back here and fuck some more. And we shall fuck until all the evil in the world is gone, or we are too tired to go on.”

It sounded alright to me, and when she got up and threw on a robe and grabbed her cane, and headed for the kitchen, I followed, putting on my pants and figuring that covered the dress requirements for the next several minutes.