The Handkerchief


I could tell what was on my husband’s mind even before he pushed his half clothed body against my back. Baggy old pyjama bottoms are not much of an aphrodisiac.

Just as she was about to speak, to tell him to go, he moved towards her! He was close, too close. She could feel his eyes burning into her, willing her to meet his gaze. Finally, unable to resist, she looked up into his wild eyes. The breath caught in her throat as she met his penetrating stare. Without warning, he pulled her to him and kissed her with passionate need that alarmed her almost as much as it aroused her.

Feigning sleep never worked, he would just do it anyway. I had read the story two days before and fantasy helped me to survive Saturday nights.

‘Do you realise that I’ve never had sex simply because I wanted to?’ he asked. ‘It’s always been for money or in return for a favour or to stop someone from hurting me.’ His voice was bitter. His eyes were angry as if he held her personally to blame. She opened her mouth to offer some words of comfort but, without bothering to listen, he pushed her roughly down on to the bed.

The routine was always the same:

The unexpected fall winded her momentarily. Startled, she looked up at him standing over the bed. Suddenly she felt a heady mix of fear exhilaration. He looked truly wild, menacing and dangerous. As he wrenched the belt from his jeans her heart pounded in a frenzy of dread. She let out a loud gasp as he lunged at her. Grabbing her wrists, he swiftly bound them together with the belt. Then he pulled her arms high above her head and wound the remaining strap around the brass bed-head. Struggling and thrashing on the bed beneath him, she demanded to be released and know just what he thought he was doing! Now visibly excited, her breath came in short, panting gasps. For a moment he paused to savour the sight of her bound and helpless before him.

– Cold hands lifted the hem of my nighty.

Then he plunged towards her, tearing open her blouse and ripping off the lacy bra beneath. Crudely he squeezed her breasts together in his callused palms. A wicked smile spread across his young handsome face as he purred, ‘Now you’re my prisoner.’ She thought she might pass out with the sheer exhilaration of his torrid licentiousness.

– I felt powerless to stop him, I knew there would be trouble if I said no so I lifted my bum and he pulled it up to my arm pits.

Painfully slowly, he unbuttoned his jeans. Then he slid them down his muscular thighs in a leisurely manner. He large cock sprang out, erect and primed for the inevitable. With the speed and agility of a predatory tiger he pounced at her.

– Mull tits for 30 seconds while kissing neck;

In one fluid movement he thrust her skirt up to her waist and wed off her knickers and tights. Overtly relishing her helplessness, he made her wait for what they both knew to come. With a baiting grin he slowly ran just one finger the entire length of her silky slit. In response to the tantalising touch her cunt moistened even more and her clit convulsed.

– Hand on cunt;

Breathlessly she begged him to fuck her. But he slowly shook his head. ‘Not yet. Not until I’m ready.’ Digging his strong fingers into her milky flesh he grasped her thighs and spread them wide. She was intoxicated with lust as the young man gazed down at her now glistening vulva. The sheer powerlessness of her bondage intensified her arousal, making her clit throb and her juices flow.

– Rub clit for one minute;

‘I could hurt you,’ he smirked, obviously enjoying his new-found dominance, ‘and there’d be nothing you could do.’

– Roll onto back and kiss;

Trembling With a mixture of anxiety, trepidation and sheer carnal need, the woman watched as the young man descended between open legs. The first touch of his tongue on her luscious sex sent shock waves through her entire body and made her cry aloud. Gradually he licked and sucked harder, roughly penetrating her creamy cunt with his long tongue. It delved and explored deep within. All the while his hands squeezed the flesh of her thighs so hard he could feel the dull throb of impending bruising. Breathlessly he panted through his nose and groaned as he licked her out with an inexplicable urgency. Unable to move or guide his actions she could not prevent her orgasm. It was spontaneous and tumultuous; a violent eruption from deep within which seemed to go on and on. greedily he sucked harder and harder, as if trying to extricate every last drop of her cunt honey.

– Part knees and climb between;

When finally he released his grip on her legs it was merely to shove his rigid cock hard into her sodden cunt. Knocking all the air from her lungs, he powered inside her. The velocity and brutality of his pounding thrusts increased as he fucked her. Each violent jab of his huge muscle banged against the very neck of her womb.

– lay on me and push cock in;

With eyes fixed in a blank stare at the wall before him, canlı bahis he did not look at her once while he fucked her. Throughout, he squeezed and twisted her nipples way beyond the point of pain. Mesmerised by the sight of him, the mature woman could not tear her eyes away while he screwed her with every once of strength he possessed. His sultry expression contorted into a grimace of agony as his muscles strained and every sinew in his body stretched to the limit. A sheen of perspiration glistened on his body. He was truly magnificent in his turbulent possession of her. There was not a trace of love or tenderness in the act. Just sheer physical release. This realisation made her come again. This time her orgasm gushed around his penis like a wave breaking over a rock.

– It hurt a bit, his fumbling foreplay never got me quite lubricated enough;

Deep within her cunt she could actually feel the glens at the head of his cock swell as his balls began to contract. The spunk shot from him in violent bursts. Her cunt contracted around his cock as it spasmed again and again, sending jets of come deep inside her.

– Gratefully he was usually quick

Immediately following his orgasm before he had even withdrawn his penis from the contracting velvet interior of her cunt, he reached up and released the strap which bound her hands.

– He rolled off and went straight to sleep.


His snoring was the signal for me to get back to my fantasy.

‘I think this is what you really want.’ He grabbed her by the forearm and pulled her to an upright chair. Her protests were loud in volume but weak spirit and they both knew it. Again he took the belt from his jeans but this time he kept hold of it.

~ When I was younger it had been a tramp reaping me in a field, now it was a teenager using me as a sex slave in my own home.

‘Bend over the chair and the lad’t move,’ he ordered and she obeyed. In one strong movement he flung her skirt up over her back and pulled her panties down to her knees. As she endured the indignity without further objection she wondered why this young stranger had such power over her. What compelled her to obey? She knew the belt across her soft buttocks was going to hurt but the spreading warmth of arousal lower in her belly made her submit.

~ I pinched and squeezed my hard nipples. The room was hot and spinning, my body ached for release.

‘I’m going to enjoy this,’ he breathed a detectable waver in his tone indicating his mounting excitement. Gently he caressed her bottom with his hand. In an involuntary response her buttocks clenched and her tummy flipped, making her knees go weak. ‘What would your important friends say if they could see you like this?’ he mocked.

~ my fingers opened my pussy lips and danced on the stiff button. The tension twisted my belly into a ball of sexual power.

All to soon the first white-hot searing pain of the strap against her skin sent a shock wave through her. The following stinging blow sent shivers through her entire body. Her eyes filled with tears and she bit her lip in a vain attempt to stifle her cries. Each successive blow added a new dimension of pain loaded on top of the previous one until all the individual strokes blended into one burning sensation.

~ My fingers moved faster, now rubbing harder.

When he had finished an afterglow spread down from her buttocks to her damp pussy which glistened its approval of his treatment. Remaining in the recumbent position over the chair back the mature woman was weak and trembling but also satisfied at having endured the physical test.

~ The tension in my belly was almost too much. The image of being helpless before a randy young man was burnt into my mind.

‘Do you want me to fuck you now? Would you like to feel my cock in your cunt?’ As he spoke the lad teased her by stroking the bulbous head of his erect penis up and down her moist gash.

‘Yes,’ came her hushed reply.

I would have begged too, wanting to be filled with his youthful hardness.

In one rugged movement he thrust deep inside her silky cunt. Her extreme wetness ensured every stroke was as smooth as velvet. She gasped as his fingers tweaked the hard bud of her clitoris.

~ I could almost feel the young, virile cock of a man who really wanted me.

He masturbated her with his fingers while continuing to fuck her from behind. All that was required of her was to let him do what he wanted. Within minutes she was coming. Her stomach surged in the familiar spasm of climax. The swift merciful release as her juices soaked his fingers and further lubricated the strokes of his cock made her cry real tears. Taking hold of her flared hips he fucked her hard and fast with short aggressive jabs until he, too, came.

With the fantasy images still vividly flashing in my mind, my body pulsed and shook as I came with a heady beat of rushing blood. I drifted into sleep very quickly.


Even bahis siteleri before I was a wake, John had mounted me. It was as unpleasant as the night before. This time I did not even bother to take refuge in a fantasy. With his semi limp cock he just bobbed the head in and out of my cunt until he shot a load of watery come over my bum.

As he jumped up and rushed to the en-suit, he gave me the best news for weeks, he was going to a conference in Germany for three days. I hurriedly packed his bag and got him breakfast. What a dream, three whole days without having his cock anywhere near me. It’s not that I don’t love him just that more and more his love making bores and even sickens me.


What to do to make the most of my freedom? The first thing was to phone in sick, the next was to put on my glad rags and take the tube to London. John hated art, called it a lode of crap. I walked to the gallery, taking in the spring air. I wondered around the rooms for an hour or so, taking in the wonders and beauty. Stopping for a time in front of paintings and sculptures which took my mind, breath or heart. One in particular did all three. It was of a couple wrapped in a kiss. It seemed to be both erotic and romantic at the same time. The Image took me on a trip of reminiscence back twenty five years to the days when sex with John was good. He had never been a good lover but at least then he had been a considerate lover.


I became aware of someone beside me on the bench. The after-shave and his movements told me it was a man. In the past I had had no problem with this sort of situation but somehow this time my heart started to beat and I felt the compulsion to look at him.

He was young, probably twenty, with a tan, or he could be from the middle east. I milked in the shape of his body, slim yet muscular, his face was turned away. I felt a hotness fill me, I was probably flushing too. A voice of common-sense nagged at me, ‘you are a married woman so stop behaving like a pathetic school kid, he could easily be your son’.

I turned my attention back to the painting but I could feel his eyes on me. Studying the painting with an intensity I could resist the painful urge to look again. However someone coughed at the end of the gallery, automatically I turned to look, catching his gaze. His black eyes seemed to look right through me, almost not seeing me at all. The expression on his handsome Arab face gave nothing of his thoughts. Panic filled me and I again turned away to brake the distress.

I had to do something, say something but I was rooted by fear and trepidation. The voice started again and I bowed to its sense. I opened my handbag to get a hanky to mop my wet forehead. I had to go but one try at least so deliberately let my hanky drop to the floor.

Hoping he would take the bate, I walked to the painting and pretended to study a detail. When nothing had happened for a minute I turned; he was gone, so has my hanky. There was no sign of him in the adjacent galleries, my heart sank and paintings seemed to be charm-less then.


As I left a taxi was at the front, my hanky dangling from the window. As I rushed towards it, the door opened and I almost fell into it. Suddenly I was in the man’s arms and his lips danced over my whole face. When his lips kissed mine I melted allowing his tongue to probe into my mouth. He sucked at my lips and kissed in a wild and passionate way, covering all my face and neck. He pulled me across the set until I was laying down. My eyelids felt heavy, my breasts seemed to swell and my senses felt consumed by lust.

I had not noticed the taxi moving off however I became aware of the driver moving his mirror to get a better view of us. In my state his voyeuristic leer only added to my lust. He was getting quite an eye full too because my blouse was undone to the waist and he was now pulling my bra up. He was as gifted with kissing, sucking and licking my breasts and nipples as he was with my lips.

My guts were on fire, my body trembled and my head span. All the time he whispered to me in his own language. It sounded rude and romantic at the same time. I felt his fingers trail from my knees up wards gathering my skirt as they went. I eagerly spread my thighs wide as his large and powerful hand cupped my pubs, squeezing it. Then slipping a finger into the very wet gusset, he drew them down my legs and off. His hand returned and started a slow frigging. This was too much I just exploded in violent tremors.


So immersed in my bodily pleasures the taxi stopping and the door opening did not bring me around. It was the cool air touching my naked breasts that made me hurriedly pulled my clothes about me as he whisked me into a hotel.

The few minutes it took for him to get me into his room are just a hazy memory in contrast to the slow, deliberate stripping of my clothes. I just stood passively, milking in the erotic delight of having a handsome bahis şirketleri young man remove my clothes item by item. I almost observed the whole denuding with a detachment, almost like watching a blue film.

With ease he undid each button and zip, skilfully kissing and caressing each newly naked inch. How many lovers had this lad had to become this skilled? How many women had he stripped with such skilled ease? Would he be as skilled in love making? My pulse raced!

As my white cotton panties slipped down my legs, a thrill shook me. I was almost grateful to be naked and helpless. His lips followed them to my knee then as I stepped out of my last garment, his lips travelled up my inner thigh. Instinctively my legs parted as he advanced towards my most secret place.

Each light kiss about my pubic bush took my breath away and as his tongue press into it I almost fainted. I opened my eyes to the erotic sight of his long tongue parting the light brown muff. With both hands he gripped my bottom pulling the cheeks apart. I found myself playing with my own breasts.

He lifted me from the pool of my discarded clothes and sat me on the bed, my eyes level with his navel. He slipped off his jacket and shirt but it was not his muscular chest which had my mouth painfully dry but the very large bodge in his tight trousers. The rasping sound of zip sent a chill of realisation through me, he was going to fuck me and I, for the first time ever was going to commit adultery.

He took my hands and urged me to pull them down. The stark white cotton briefs did little to hide his swelling, they just emphasised his erotic skin by contrast.

Again he took my hands and urged me to take down the white cotton. I had difficulty in getting them past his erection, so reaching in I pulled it out. It seemed so massive, filling both my hands, or was it that I only had John’s to compare it with. As he stepped out of them his balls toughed my face.

In a soft Arab accent the lad began to give me instructions on how to give him pleasure. As I was old enough to be his mother, it seemed ironic. My fingers wrapped themselves around the hard shaft and as I slid them up and down it forced some clear lubricant to appear at the tip. It became a fat bead that slid down the shaft and made it easier to move my hand up and down.

Holding my head still he stroked my face and neck with the stem of his rod leaving a smear of his lubricant. Then he lifted my chin to the level of his cock-head and told me to lick up the juice. A twinkle in his young black eyes had me under his lustful influence and I did as I was told. My tongue licked over the silky smooth skin of the hard phallus tasting the salty, oily secretion which clung to the walls of my throat.

“Now suck me.” In the utter lust of the moment I did something I had not ever The lade much and not in years at all, I opened my lips and took his cock between them.

Although my fantasies had included a scene were I am forced to suck a man, I had only sucked John’s cock a few times in the early days, I had not liked it much. Now I seemed to be taking pleasure in slipping my lips up and down the length of his hot penis. However he did seem to be bigger than I remembered and I could only take some.

He kept telling me what to do: to rub my tongue along the nerve beneath the shaft, to spiral my tongue along the surface of his helmet and then gently nibble it, and to keep a steady stroke with my fist clenched around the base of his shaft.

I could only tolerate a few inches because each time the head banged against the back of my throat. It made me gag but my lust and growing feelings for the lad overcame my early difficulties and I discovered that I wanted to do everything in my power to please him. So, if sucking him off made him happy I would do it and do it well.

His foreign words excited me and the instructions in his sexy accent got me doing things I had never The lade before; using my tongue to play with the tip and underside, nibbling it’s whole length, pulling his tight buttocks apart as I plunged my mouth downwards and the tip touched the back of my throat.

He kept telling me what to do: to rub my tongue along the nerve beneath the shaft, to spiral my tongue along the surface of his helmet and then gently nibble it, and to keep a steady stroke with my fist clenched around the base of his shaft.

My saliva had drenched the whole of his dick and I could hear loud slurping noises as my lips slid up and down the greasy pole. This made it easy to take it deeper and deeper.

As my technique improved he had to tell me less and less what I should do, but he was getting very excited and he kept pressing his hips forward so that more of his cock slipped into my mouth.

“Oh! fuck you are fantastic. My bollocks want to fill your heavenly mouth with it’s fruit but it is your turn now.” He pulled himself from my lips, his phallus glistening with my salver. With a light push I lay back on the cool bed. He knelt between my very wide spread legs and lay himself on my willing and naked body. As his lips engaged mine he eased his cock into my waiting cunt like he was pulling a key into the lock of my sex.