The Halloween Party

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The Halloween PartySue was glad she worked late and all the other workers had left the office when she looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. She had just changed into her costume for the company Halloween party and it was a little more revealing than she had realised. The skirt was way short for her tastes and the cleavage was way to low, but it looked good on her, very good. Her large tits looked great and the skirt showed her awesome legs, but she didn’t like to show that much, especially to co-workers. “Atleast it has a mask and they shouldn’t know who I am” she said to her husband on the phone. “I’m sure it looks great honey, what is it anyway?” he asked. “It’s batgirl” she laughed, “Ok hun, I’ll see you there I’m getting around late and got to go, luv you bye” and he hung up. Dang she thought, I wonder what his is, oh well I will find out soon as she started to head towards the parking lot. Oh crap I forgot about the security guards she thought, she decided to put her mask on and just walk out liked she owned the place but she was nervous. The two large black men stationed at the front door looked at her like they would eat her and it turned her on considerablely. She felt a little tingle as she got to her suv and started it up to head to the party and was shocked cause that was not like her, especially them being black. Sue pulled up to the covered parking and made her way to the door hoping not to be seen until she was away from her suv so no one would know it was her and she made it all the way to the elevator unseen. The party was on the 8th floor of a nice hotel, the whole 8th floor. She walked in and seen she was probably about the last one there and she looked for her husband. She saw a pirate at the bar that she thought was him but he was with a pirate wench and a devil girl and figured the two pirates were a couple. She looked around and a man in a batman costume giresun escort approached her, it was a nice costume and probably very expensive and it was molded with muscles and had a full mask where you couldn’t see a bit of his face. It looked to be the same height as her husband and assumed it was him. The music was loud and the mask was muffling his voice so she couldn’t tell but after he said “You look great lets get a drink and dance” Sue knew it had to be. He got her a drink but didn’t get one for him, “Where’s your drink honey?” It was muffled but she understood something about couldn’t drink cause it was to much of a pain to take the mask on and off. After a few drinks Sue was starting to feel a little frisky and was ready to dance, and she grabbed his hand and headed for the floor. They danced alot and after awhile the drinks kicked in more and the feeling of no one knowing who she was cause of the mask she started dirty dancing and grinding with batman. She felt dirty and started getting turned on and thoughts of the security guards keep crossing her mind wondering about what she had heard about black men were true. Batman started rubbing her ass and pulling her close to him and it really started getting her going. He spun her around and pulled her close to him and started rubbing up and down her body as she grinded into his crotch. He was rubbing her body and gingerly rubbed her tits as to ask it if was ok, she grabbed his hands and put them on her tits to say it was ok, he got the hint and went to rubbing her tits and pinching her nipples through the light material. Sue moaned as this really got her going and she started grinding hard into his dick and she could feel it start coming to life and that made her realize how wet she was getting. Dressed skimpy in public, grinding with her husband on the dance floor and no one knowing who she was made her escort giresun as horny as anything but as she looked around most women were dressed more or less as skimpy and all sorts of dirty dancing and fondling were going on. She came out of her trance as she felt a gloved hand lift the hem of her skirt and softly rub her pussy and she let out a moan and leaned back into batman and then slid her hand between them and rubbed his hardening cock through his costume. She saw that some other couples were heading off to the corner of the room and getting more bolder, then she saw a girl drop to her knees and start sucking a guys cock in the back corner and she couldn’t take it anymore, her pussy was wet and craving cock. Sue turned around and leaned up to Batman’s ear and said maybe we should get off the floor to a more private place and with that he grabbed her hand and lead her out a door onto a balconey and they had it all to theirselves. She started really rubbing his cock and his hands went wild, lifting up her skirt and rubbing her pussy through her panties and making it even wetter and hotter. She couldn’t take it anymore and dropped to her knees and unzipped his fly and pulled out a massive black cock, omg she thought this isn’t my husband, but she couldn’t take her hands or eyes off it. She was mezmerised by it and with out even knowing it was slowly easing her mouth to take it inside. I shouldn’t be doing this she thought what about my husband, but she couldn’t resist and was parting her lips and easing them over the large black shaft. Sue couldn’t believe she was doing this but couldn’t quit, she worked up and down the big black cock getting as much in her mouth as she could. She was getting wetter and hotter, doing this in public and not knowing who it was even. The black cock keep growing the more she sucked it, she had never seen such a huge cock. He reached giresun escort bayan back and keep rubbing her pussy and she moaned and rocked her hips into his hand. He suddenly grabbed her and leaned her over the railing of the balcony, slid her panties to the side and pressed his cock against her dripping wet pussy. Omg she thought he is gonna fuck me, she wanted to resist but she couldn’t, she wanted that big cock inside her hot pussy. He started slowly pressing his huge cock against her lips and it eased its way inside. Sue grabbed the railing and gasped “Its so big” she moaned. He worked it in inch by inch til he had it all the way in and started slowly working it in and out, she came on is dick instantly moaning loudly. After he got her adjusted to his massive size he started getting faster and faster and she was in heaven moaning and enjoying the big black cock fucking her. He grabbed her hips and started ramming her harder and harder fucking her like she had never been fucked before in her life, he was fucking her so hard if she had known what was going on she would have been scared of being pushed over the railing. After a bit he picked her up and laid her on her back on the small couch on the balcony and put her legs on his shoulders and slid his large cock to his balls in her hot, wet pussy. She had a massive orgasm as he continued to ravage her pussy for what seemed forever. After a long time he started fucking her even harder and she felt him tense up and he drove his cock as deep as it would go and started pumping her full of hot, sticky, thick cum. He shot load after load deep in her pussy and she felt it fill her up and start running out around his cock, she couldn’t believe one man could cum so much. He stood there with his big black cock in her for several minutes then finally pulled out and slid her panties back in place, “Don’t want that all to drip out” it sounded like he said through the mask, then he zipped up and walked back into to the party leaving her a well fucked sticky mess, her knees were week and she didn’t think she could even move, but she thought “I can’t wait til the Christmas party.”