The Gynecomastia Kid Ch. 01


This story will be told in first person narrative but this first part is written in third person narrative because the first person, or main character, is unaware of the events unfolding in this scene.


Inside the kitchen of her boyfriend’s house Crystal makes a last ditch effort, calling his stepmom, Dr. Burns, for help:

“Crystal, you’re saying all the medications I’ve prescribed for Nick for the last year and a half has had no effect on him, has affected no positive changes at all? And you’re sure he’s been taking them just as I directed?”

“Yes Barbara I followed the instructions exactly. Because of his inability to swallow pills whole, all the pills were crushed and either sprinkled on his food or mixed into his drinks. But no Barbara, they don’t seem to be helping. We’ve both noticed how much tighter his shirts have gotten as they’ve really started to bulge out again. Yes, his breasts have definitely gotten bigger. I’d say he’s nearly a B-cup bra size now.”

“This is not good, Crystal, not good at all. This means that Nick has probably contracted a very virulent strain of the disease, one that medication will not control. We’ll need to find a reason to get him into the hospital. We need to find out what’s wrong.”

“I know Barbara. He just doesn’t like them, not since both his parents died, not now…but I’ll try.”

“Do that. He has to get here, Crystal.”

“I understand. Goodbye, Barbara.”

“Goodbye Crystal.”

Meanwhile outside in the living room prying ears have lingered. After calling her on a cell phone we hear, “Mom, hey I heard the call between you and Crystal. Pretty great, right?”

“Yes dear, things are going just as we’d hoped. We do need to get Nick to the hospital though. I have a plan to accomplish that which you may be better able to accomplish than Crystal.”

“Oh? How so?”

“Here’s what I want you to do next. You need to stop by for another pill for Nick. I can’t write a prescription for this one – it’s too dangerous – for me, at least. All you need is the one. It’s a knock-out drug in capsule form. Break up the capsule into a drink on Nick’s. Once he’s out we’ll bring him to the hospital and deal with the rest of his problems.”

“Will do mom, and hey, thanks for everything.”

“Oh Andre, you know I’d do anything for you. After all, you’re my son, he’s just my stepson. Besides, that father of his, the honkey bastard, willed his entire estate to that brat when he died. The only thing that keeps us in the ball game is that codicil he added stating that he doesn’t get it until he turns 21 and even then he won’t get it if his gynecomastia ever comes back again and makes a sissy out of him like it did when he was a kid. That addendum has given us the once chance to get that money and believe me dear, I’m working very hard to make sure everyone believes it does so that money becomes ours, honey.”

“That’ll be great mom, he replied.”

“We just have to work fast darling, Nick turns 21 in a little over a year.”

“I understand, mom. Don’t worry; everything will be done as you wish. Tell me though, when should I pick up the drug, and when should I give it to him.”

“Pick it up today, dear. Put it in his dinner drink tonight and have an ambulance send him here right after. We’ll be ready for him. It will be interesting to see just what his darling Crystal thinks of him when we’re done with him.”

Actually Andre was a little worried about his mother’s obsessive hatred toward Nick. He understood the will and all, but it wasn’t Nick’s doing. As much as he loved his mother, he had to watch out for the boy too. For although Barbara would never believe it, Andre just wasn’t concerned so much about the money. No, Andre had a much more perverse reason for wanting to see his stepbrother sprout breasts. He was in love with him, and at the same time he hated him.

Nick’s mom died at childbirth and was 10 years old when his dad remarried to Barbara, the doctor of our story. Many people thought it an odd arrangement – William McAdams, Nick’s father was a rich successful businessman who was born of blueblood stock. Nick’s mom, Olivia, was also of the same stock. When she died in childbirth William put most of his time into his work and never seemed to have any time for his surviving son or for a second love life.

Then one day he was getting a checkup and met Barbara, an African American physician and for some reason, it was love at first sight. After a year’s courtship they married. Nick was William’s only child while Barbara had two boys, Andre and Marcus. At the time they got married Andre was 17 and Marcus was Nick’s age, 10. A year later, when Nick was 11, he got gynecomastia and by the time he was 13 and Andrew was 20 he had C-cup boobs. He was 16 when the disease had finally run its course but it left him with barely noticeable A cup boobs.

His height never changed either. He was 5′ 6″ when he first got gynecomastia back when he was 11 and at 19 he’s still 5′ 6″. The disease kept him from growing any body hair – except porno on his head, which his stepmom recently convinced him to grow that out really long because she told him that chicks think guys with long hair are sexy and hot. And his voice never changed like it should have – the disease preventing the development of the deeper register. Finally it prevented his testicles from ever dropping and it’s doubtful they ever will.

Andre’s love-hate relationship with his brother developed over those years he grew from an adolescent into an adult while growing up alongside Nick.

While both Andre and Marcus grew into strapping young men Nick during those same years grew from this scrawny preteen kid into a hot, sexy petite teenage girl any guy would have given his left testicle to fuck. Unfortunately for those same men he then turned back into a scrawny adult young man again.

It was only when the gynecomastia dissipated, when Nick lost his tits that Andre realized he’d missed his opportunity at the chance to screw the boy – the boy as he was as the girl that is – at least as the girl Andre had come to perceive Nick had become. When that moment passed Andre thought he’d never be able to love another girl again. However, when the will came to light and his mother’s plan was put into action, Andrew realized he had a second chance at true love. The desire to win the brass ring when it came by again this time around was why he went along with his mother’s scheme to feminize the boy.

“I bet you never want to see that place again, huh Nick?” my older brother Andre asked me as he pulled out of the hospital parking lot and began the trip home. I had just spent two weeks there trying to recover from what turned out to be the return of a disease I suffered as a youngster, gynecomastia – only this time it was a much more virulent strain.

“You aren’t kidding Andre,” I answered. “It’s bad enough I had to spend two weeks there – two weeks in a coma, I might add! But to wake up and see these D-cup size tits staring back at me and then to learn it was the return of my old case of gynecomastia that put them there sure doesn’t make me feel any better. I mean it was bad enough to have those C-cup tits as a teenager, but having to live through it again as an adult with even bigger tits? God, it’s really the pits!”

Just about then Andre pulled into a road that led to an overlook just outside of town. Many times Andre would get back late at night from a date and tell me about the wild times he’d spent with his girl out here and I would live that same date vicariously through his words. Now I was wondering just why we were here. I mean, the overlook view was great and all but after a 2 week stay in the near-by hospital I had to admit after leaving the place it would be great to finally be back home.

“Yeah, I can imagine Nikki,” Andre said with a chuckle as he shut off the engine and turned around to face me. Then, caressing my cheek with his fingers he added, “Still, I’m glad it wasn’t me…”

“Andre,” I interrupted, “Why did we stop here?”

“Because you may not realize it, Nick,” he continued. “But you really look great. I mean, okay, those tits you had as a kid the first time you had gynecomastia – I remember they were nice-sized and all, but they definitely weren’t as hellacious looking as these. What is mom saying about these?”

“Thanks Andre, that’s really sweet. I don’t know why my boobs have gotten so much bigger than last time – and so fast too – and mom’s not so sure herself. See, feel them,” I said, not really knowing I was doing it, but beginning to slowly lift Andre’s hand up to my breast to show him how much it had changed. “They’re so much bigger and the skin feels so much different than last time.

“Mom says maybe it’s because my first boobs hadn’t completely shrunk down and these new ones here developed when I was an adult that now my mammary glands have probably matured and become more fully developed. If that’s the case, she says there’s a good chance I may start lactating this time because of how much more developed I am. She also says that same maturity is keeping my tits from sagging, and if I take care of them, they shouldn’t ever droop.”

“Shit Nikki,” Andre said in amazement, as he continued squeezing my boobs. “You will let me keep playing with your tits like this, won’t you? I bet you will ’cause I know you like it a lot. I see your nipples are getting really hard – really, really hard.”

“Ha-ha, Andre,” I laughed. “You know I’m not gay – oh fuck, that feels great! I’m…I’m…only letting you feel them to show you how much they’ve changed. Oh…ah…nghhh, god, you’ve got such great hands, Andre!”

Shit, what was I saying? I couldn’t believe I gave Andre permission to touch me like this and that I was permitting – even begging – him to continue to take such liberties with my D-cup tits. After all, I knew I wasn’t gay and had only had relations with girls up till now but the moment he started fondling me feelings of heat and desire flooded my being and I couldn’t keep my eyes anime porno from closing and my head from falling back on the seat. He wondered if maybe Nikki was turning into a sissy, or even a fag. If he could keep this up, he sure hoped so. Leaving Nick’s breasts for a moment Andrew concentrated on his nipples, pinching and pulling on them.

“No, not that,” I cried, beginning to gasp and pant because of all the breast play going on now.

“Oh shit that feels so nice. Damn, I just remembered something!”

The sudden realization of this important fact caused me to unknowingly pull away in reflection as I worked hard to get my senses back and to recall what it was exactly I was trying to remember.

“What is it, Nikki?” Andre asked, somewhat impatiently.

“Oh, I remember now. It was something else mom said. She also said because this strain of gynecomastia hit me as an adult, I’ll have these tits for life, so I just have to get used to them. That’s not the important thing I remembered though. What is important is the jar of cream she gave me to help ease any pain or itching I might get with the sudden swelling of the skin the breasts caused. She said it can also help reduce the size of the breasts somewhat, maybe take them down from a D-cup to a C or at least a C+ cup. However, she said it worked like that because it was made up mostly from testosterone hormones, a male hormone which my body is missing a lot of. However, she said it also contains some estrogen hormones – very few, but some – and that it might be that I’ll start becoming affected by them and act more girly in my desires and wants, although she said it would not be very likely. If it happened, she said, it would be very likely I’d show signs of becoming a sissy.

“Well, I think if you turn into a sissy it’s just fine with me, Nikki,” Andre said. “Yes, it’s really okay, cause we both know that I’ll be here to provide you with everything you need, and what you need is all the testosterone you can handle. After all, what’s a big brother for if he can’t help his little brother out when he needs it?”

Then he removed his hands from my tits and began unbuttoning my blouse. Once undone Andre then pushed the lapels aside and unclasped the front clasp of my bra and let it slip down. Then he wrapped his hands around the bare flesh before him. As he began to gently fondle and caress my tits he added, “I mean, it’s only right that when his little brother’s in trouble big brother steps in to help out, right bro?”

I felt I should curse at him or hit him or something for suggesting such a thing and doing what he was doing without asking permission first, but he then began sucking my tit when he removed his hand from there. Oh, the feeling was exquisite, I couldn’t stop moaning and squirming. Then his free hand was suddenly caressing my bare thigh, his fingertips teasingly running up and down the exposed flesh there, gently stroking and caressing it in a sexy, loving manner. I couldn’t believe the tingles the two actions sent up my spine and down my tiny pee-pee. I was rock hard in moments.

“I do think you look really sexy in these shorts I got you, sweetie,” Andre whispered.

As he did I again questioned whether I should have dressed like this, let alone accepted his gift. But after Andre told me all my clothes were in the wash I asked him to buy me something to wear home at the store. I would have refused but he was so nice about it – said I didn’t even have to pay him back. He just liked to see me happy. I mean, okay, so they were just a pair of men’s thong shorts, and so what if they were the sexiest, laciest pair in the shop? They were just so hot, you know…and having them on, I just felt so, you know, sexy and comfortable, and really, I don’t mean to be vain, but these things just let me show off my sweet, sexy bubble butt. God, I can’t believe my thoughts are drifting that way, causing me to think about my dreamy brother like that. I mean he is my brother, and I’m not gay. Still, I bet he’s got the nicest, juiciest cock…

“Um,” I started by pulling down the front of my lacey thong shorts. “Mom says my cock, which used to be, like five inches long, got shortened because of the gynecomastia. See, now it only gets about three inches long at the most. She says it would be best if I started calling it a clitoris now, or simply my clit – but she does say I’m lucky as I have one of those clits that can squirt! Isn’t that nice Andre?”

“I think that’s very nice, Nikki,” Andre said. “Why don’t you show me how it squirts, okay? I’ll keep playing with your tits here and you start playing with your clitoris.”

“Okay Andre,” I replied as I started to jerk off my little clit. “After all, that’s not gay.”

“Uh, ugh, oh yes, yes,” I moaned and muttered, panting harder and harder as Andre teased and played with and sucked on my breasts and nipples while my hand pulled at my clitoris furiously. Finally my release came about.

“Nngghhh,” I groaned and then sighed, exhaling gratefully, as my little clit sputtered arap porno out a few cummies over my hand.

Cleaning myself off I looked over at Andre and said “We really should go home now, Andre.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right Nikki,” he replied, removing his hands and mouth from me, albeit reluctantly. “That was fun. I had a good time. Did you?”

“Uh, yes actually, I did,” I said, amazingly.

It was hard to explain but after Andre’s hands left my body I was feeling a sudden emptiness, though I knew there wasn’t any real reason for it. It must have showed in my eyes because he started giving me a strange look, as though trying to figure out what was going on in my head. Then to lighten the mood he grabbed me and began tickling me until I was squealing in his arms. When he finally stopped I was so weak and breathless in his arms. Then suddenly, he turned me in his arms and kissed me fully on the lips and – I don’t know why, but I fully accepted it. And when his tongue worked to invade my opened mouth I welcomed it with a vigor that belied my previous claims.

Saying goodbye to the overlook we again headed home. When we finally arrived at the house we left the vehicle and went inside. There I settled down on the couch and heard Andre make a call to invite the guys over tomorrow and to bring a pizza with them.

I figure I can take this time to tell you a little bit about me and my brother Andre and just what’s going on between us. It started when I was 11. I came down with a serious case of gynecomastia, which, by the time I was 13, caused me to grow a good sized pair of C-cup boobs. By the time I was 16 the disease had left me and the boobs had shrunk back down to a barely noticeable A cup and really didn’t bother me anymore. However, the disease also caused a number of other girlish things to happen to me which remained with me and have prevented me from appearing to have matured from a young teenager into an adult.

For one thing it kept me at the same height I was when I first contracted the disease. I was 5 foot 6 inches when it started and I’m still only 5 foot 6 inches tall now, 3 years later. Two, I never got any body hair – anywhere – except for my sexy-looking long blonde hair on my head. I’m not dumb – I know the girls go for guys with long hair. Three, my voice never changed like it should have. I have no deeper register at all. And four, my testicles never descended. I am still waiting for them to fall. The doc said I’ll be this way forever because the variation of the strain that struck me was that severe.

My most current visit was, as I mentioned, a 2-week stay in the hospital which I spent in a coma having collapsed in great pain and then fallen unconscious while at home. Waking up those weeks later I saw the huge mounds on my chest and realized the severe chest pains, nausea and dizziness I’d been feeling and that finally caused me to collapse was the return of a more severe strain of the gynecomastia I’d had as a kid. My stepmother was the doctor who looked after me while there. She also prescribed many drugs for me to take now that I’ve been released to keep the gynecomastia from taking over my life.

After Andre left the living room he called the guys from his room. I couldn’t make out what he was saying but it must have been funny because he was really laughing a lot. While he was doing that I decided to take a shower and clean up after such a tiring day. While I was being drenched and cooled off by the spray of the shower my brother was finishing up his call:

“Yeah bro, I tell you it’s true! Mom gave Nick these huge tits and now both my brother and that girl of his are convinced that the gynecomastia he had as a child has returned, and because of it in just two weeks his tits grew from an A-cup to a D-cup! Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. You and the guys have to come by and check him out for yourselves. Right, tomorrow? What time? Okay see you then. Bye!”

I only just turned the water off when Andre hung up so I didn’t catch any of his conversation but didn’t assume there was anything to worry about. I wrapped myself in two towels – one around my body, the other turban-style around my hair – and walked upstairs into my room.

“So, you get ahold of them?” I asked as I peeked next door at Andre.

“Yep,” Andre said. “He and the guys will be here tomorrow afternoon. He said they’d pick up some pizza before they got here.”

“Great,” I said. “It’s been such a long time; I’d love to catch up on old times with them.”

“You had a good idea there” Andre said scanning my towel covered body. “I think I’ll follow your lead and shower too. I should be done shortly.”

Right before me Andre stripped naked without a care. “My god, Andre,” I gasped as I gazed at the huge, thick cock he’d released. I was amazed that I couldn’t keep from staring – or drooling – at it all the while Andrew walked into the bathroom. After he closed the door I finally snapped out of my trance but realized I was still physically shivering and my mouth was still watering. I also saw my nipples were like pebbles. ‘Shit,’ I thought. ‘What the hell is wrong with me? I mean I’m not gay or anything. Yet that’s the first time I’ve ever reacted to someone’s cock like that – and this guy’s my brother – well, at least my stepbrother!’