The Gynaecologist’s Chair – Part IV


Juliette and Sharon lay there, under the duvet, with arms around one another. Mark had just finished fucking Sharon and was taking a shower before heading off to work. She had spent Wednesday night with them. She and Dave had had a huge row earlier, and after he had stormed off to the pub, she phoned Juliette and then packed an overnight bag. Mark had climbed into bed between the two of them before enjoying, the now familiar body, of Sharon.Juliette had helped. She had found her way between Sharon’s legs and prepped her ready with her tongue before taking Mark in her mouth and making sure that his erection was at its fullest before guiding it to Sharon’s opening. With one shove, he was fully embedded inside her vagina. Throughout their fuck, Juliette cupped his testicles while urging him on to fill the slut with his seed. The next morning, she woke him with her lips and tongue, before guiding him into Sharon’s well-fucked cunt for one final time of pleasure.They talked as Mark showered. Juliette told her that so far they had only managed to get three guys for the following weekend. “I’m okay with that,” Sharon told her.Juliette caressed her tummy. “Thing is, they’re not white guys,” she told her. Sharon was silent for a few moments. “Two of them izmit escort are guys that fucked me. They managed to get a mate who was up for it.”“I’m not sure whether to risk it or not?” Sharon responded.“Well, if you intend on taking a gamble, forget it,” Juliette said. “Your chances of escaping pregnancy are small. And besides, these guys are primed. They know what they have to do. It will be like being thrown to a ravenous pack of wolves.”“Th… they know that I intend getting… ?”Juliette’s fingers stroked her mound before sliding over her clitty. “Yes. They know their job is to knock you up!”Sharon groaned. Whether it was the work of Juliette’s fingers or the thought of being deliberately impregnated, Juliette was unsure, but she sure wanted to watch them fuck Sharon. “Maybe we should cease letting Mark get you pregnant and leave it to those guys?” she said as she leant closer to take a nipple between her lips.Sharon gasped. “You think so?”Juliette took her nipple between her teeth and gently nibbled before speaking. “Yes, I do,” she answered. “A week without sex will do you good. Get you all primed, ready. Maybe toss Mark into the mix next week.”Sharon didn’t respond for a few minutes. “You know, my period is due any day,” she said yahya kaptan escort quietly. “I would be quite close to being my most fertile next weekend.”Juliette kissed her. “The decision is all yours.”“What would you do?”Juliette kissed her again. “I think I might be inclined to gamble, but that’s just me. You have to make your own mind up.”“But it’s all arranged now, isn’t it?” Sharon said.“Yes, it is. So, you don’t have much choice do you?”“You would love to see me get knocked up by them, wouldn’t you?”Juliette smiled. “It would be a delight to watch them with you, and then watch your pregnancy progress.”Sharon laughed. “You have a wicked streak in you!”“I know, but I would be by your side all the way.”Sharon kissed her. “You’ve always been a good friend to me. I appreciate it.”Mark’s return from the shower drew them apart. They lay there watching as he dressed in silence. There was a smile on his face and an inner feeling of smugness. He had two women in his bed, and at his beck and call. He wished that he had a clear diary for that day.  ***** Sharon sat alone in the consulting room, fully clothed and waiting. Her hands nervously cupped a glass of wine that Juliette had brought up to her. The gebze escort door was closed but there was a lot of activity outside the room. Doorbells had rung, voices had been heard, sounds of greeting and laughter. She waited patiently, sitting beside the chair that she was about to be strapped down on. There were going to be four of them now, five including Mark. Juliette had told her the day before that the original three had managed to get another mate to join them. She also told her that they would be staying for a couple of days. “I got them booked into the nearby Travelodge,” she had said. “They’re very eager and conscientious!”“Bloody hell!” she had responded.Juliette had laughed. “Bloody heaven, you mean!”Sharon had managed to get a concession out of her. “Can Mark go first?” she had asked. “I know I’m going to end up pregnant, but I would like… well, you know what I mean.”Juliette had hugged her. “Of course, he can,” she responded. “And he’ll be joining in for sloppy seconds as well.”There was also another concession – there would be no blindfold for her. “You’ll be able to look them in the eye as they fuck you. See the enjoyment on their faces as they cum.”She was looking forward to that. Dave rarely looked her in the eye these days when he fucked her. His eyes would be closed tightly as if picturing someone else taking his cock. Which was why she enjoyed Mark so much. He kept his eyes open, he looked at her. It was her that he was fucking, her that he was enjoying, and her that he was pumping his seed into.