The Grand Strategy Ch. 10

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The Grand Strategy Ch. 10I didn’t go home on Sunday. I had a promise for Monday, and didn’t see how anything I might do on Sunday with Mom could add anything; I could only mess it up. Monday couldn’t come soon enough.Normally I would have slept in on Monday, since the semester was over and I had no classes. While others in my class had arranged internships, I had other plans for my summer and did not want to be burdened with work. Besides, I had my own kind of internship in mind. I was awake Monday morning at the crack of dawn. I knew Dad’s flight was a morning one, so I shaved, twice, showered, got dressed, and headed over to Mom’s at around eight.When I walked in the back door she was sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee, and jumped up to greet me. Since the chilly weather had broken, she wore a pair of shorts that she knew I liked and a light blouse. Immediately I could tell there was no bra – her nipples greeted me before she did. We kissed deeply, then she took my hand, clasped it to her breast, and led me to the kitchen. Taking her phone in her hand, she said, “He’s at the airport. Let’s see if they’ve taken off yet.”She texted him, “Flight still on time?”And Dad responded, after a bit, “Loaded and taxiing to take off. Turning off cell now. I love you.”She texted back immediately, “I love you. Call me when you get there,” and turned to me. I was eager, shall we say, and got up from my chair to kiss her. She led me into the den, to the couch where we had experienced such fun in the last few months, and we sat down. I couldn’t wait. I kissed her, and took her right breast in my hand.”Hold on, Big Boy. Not so fast,” she said. “Let’s give it thirty minutes and make sure the flight has left.”That was a long thirty minutes, I must say. We kissed and petted, but she wouldn’t let me remove her blouse and the best I could do was get my hands under it to caress her bare breasts. After the time had elapsed, she grabbed her laptop and brought up the airline website flight tracking link. Typing in his flight, the page refreshed and we read, “En route. Estimated arrival 1345.””Damn,” I thought. “She’s good at this.” I would have been in bed with her as soon as Dad left for the airport, but she knew flights can be cancelled or delayed and there was always a chance he might show up at home unexpectedly. Mom was taking no chances.She texted him again, “Got off okay? Let me know when you arrive.”We waited. No response. We waited another ten minutes. Still no response. He was on the flight, cruising at 35,000 feet, unaware that within another ten minutes his wife and son would be naked in bed together.Finally, Mom took my hand and led me up the stairs. “You choose,” she said. “Which bedroom?”Now there was a decision I had not considered. My bedroom, where I had grown from a boy to a man? My bedroom, where Mom had tucked me in at night, and awakened me with kisses in the morning? My bedroom, where I had feverishly masturbated while thinking of her?Or her bedroom? The marital bed of her and her husband, my Dad? Her bedroom, where they fucked each other?I thought fast. I guess it really didn’t make any difference, but her bed was bigger and I intended to have some gymnastics going on. Plus, I figured that if she were taking any other man to bed as a lover, she would have taken him to her bedroom. Turning left, without saying a word, I led her into her own bedroom.Now suddenly shy, Mom stopped at the side of the bed and looked in my eyes. “Are you sure about this, Bill? You know this will change everything. Once we go there, there’s no going back.”I kind of expected this, so I was ready. “Mom, some things will change. We will be lovers, not just Mother and Son. But other things won’t change. I will always love you and respect you, and this can only make it stronger.”She nodded and stood there holding my hand, making no move to get undressed. I unbuttoned her blouse, my hands shaking almost uncontrollably, and removed it. There were those beautiful breasts again, with those proud, hard, luscious nipples. I bent my head and gently kissed them, first the right nipple and then the left. She held my head to her, and I sucked the left breast into my mouth.I fell to my knees in front of her, hugged my face to her thighs, and reached for her shorts. After undoing the button, I slowly unzipped her shorts and peeled them down her legs. She was standing there in just a pair of purple panties. “What is it with purple?,” I thought. “Is that the color of the year?” I leaned forward and gently kissed her pussy through the panties. The smell was strong, not unpleasant, but strong, and I wondered how long she had been creaming her pants thinking about this moment.After sliding her panties down her legs, she stood there before me, perfectly naked. Mom, naked as a jaybird, with her Son kneeling before her as an acolyte praising his goddess. And she was my goddess. She was absolutely beautiful. She crossed her hands over her pussy, and I pulled them away. “No. Let me see.”Mom giggled, saying, “Aren’t you forgetting something?”I stood, took off my tee shirt, and removed my jeans and underwear. My dick was throbbing hard, pointing to twelve o’clock, and she reached down to take it in her hand. Lowering her head to look, she said, “Oh, Bill. What a nice one. What sivas escort a very nice one.””It’s all yours,” I replied, and pushed her onto the bed. Maybe I could have come up with a better answer, but what I said was the truth. At that moment, as far as I was concerned, that dick belonged to her and for as long as she wanted it.Mom took charge. I expected her to do that. She was always in charge, so why should this be any different? She had kept hold of my dick as I laid her on the bed, and swiveled to her knees so she could kneel on the bed at my waist. She gave my dick a few pumps. “You like that, Honey? How many times have you done that to yourself, while thinking of your Mother?””Oh, no more than a million and a half, I guess,” I replied, and she laughed.”I thought so. I’ve always known what you want.”With that, she slowly lowered her head and kissed the head of my dick. Opening her mouth, she slid down on me.Yep, here we go again. If you have ever watched as your Mom’s beautiful mouth took your dick in, then you know what I’m going to say. If you’ve only imagined it, then you know what I’m going to say.And here it is. The first time you see your Mother take your hard dick in her mouth, well, you will never see a more beautiful and exciting sight.She looked up at me, making eye contact, and then gave a suck. Looking down, she sucked more, although still a bit tentatively. She increased the rhythm, and starting pumping me with her left hand while she sucked, more and more eagerly. I looked at her hand, pumping away on my dick, and focused on her wedding band. “What is it with me,” I thought. “God, that’s a turn on, seeing a woman’s hand with her wedding band on your dick.””Mom, you have to stop. I can’t hold it,” I said, because I couldn’t hold it and didn’t want to take a chance of not being able to get it up again. I know I shouldn’t have worried about it, but damn, that would have been a disappointment. I had been holding her head as she gave me our first blowjob together… Sorry, let me just reflect on that and relish it a minute. My first blowjob from Mom. The first blowjob she gave me. I’ll swear, and swear it all my life, that was a beautiful thing.I had been holding her head as she sucked me. I would brush her hair back so I could see her face on my dick, so I could see her lips as they surrounded my dick, so I could see her cheeks compress as she sucked. Her eyes were open and occasionally she would come off my dick to look at it closely, then look up at my eyes. A few times the feeling got so overwhelming that I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed down as I hunched up, fucking her mouth. Fucking my Mother’s mouth. Fucking Tammy’s mouth.My Mom gave a good blowjob.I guess we don’t often have that as a talking point. Do you think your Mom even gives blowjobs? If so, and chances are that she does, are they good blowjobs? Does she know what she’s doing? Does she enjoy it, or is it a requirement and a chore?Well, I had that answer. Mom seemed to enjoy giving blowjobs and she was damned good at it. Even if she hadn’t been good at it, that would have been the best blowjob I ever got. Icing on the cake, though. She was good, and remains good at it to this day.One more question. Does Mom swallow? I don’t know why that makes any difference to us men, but I wondered. “Is she going to swallow?” That was a question that would have to remain for later, though, so I moved my hands from her head, took her under the arms, and pulled her up to me.She kissed me. She kissed me with the mouth that had just been on my dick. Whew. What a kiss.I went down to her breasts, and gave them a good working over, alternating from one breast to the other. She loved that. She cupped her breast in her hand, holding my head, and feeding it to me. I knew she was remembering when she had done that for me when I was a baby, and I could only imagine how hot it must be for her to do the same thing for me now that I was a man. Mom loved having her tits sucked.Raising my head from her breasts, I looked in her eyes and then slowly started inching my body down. I kissed her belly. I could see the stretch marks from her pregnancy with me, and I kissed each one. “Those are from me,” I said, and she giggled.”Yep. Every one of them, you big goof.”Her pubic hair was dark and untrimmed. I liked that. I kissed it, and moved my fingers through it. “I didn’t trim it because I didn’t want your Father to wonder why,” she said.”I love it, just as it is,” I said, and moved my mouth down to her pussy. The lips were glistening with her juice, and I licked gently to taste it. I gave a long lap of her pussy with my tongue, from bottom to top, and looked up at her. Her head was thrown back, and she had her face tensed.I pressed my tongue in her, then pulled it out and gave a tentatively lick to her clitoris. She jerked, so I did it again. She jerked again. I sucked her clitoris into my mouth, and slid my forefinger into her pussy, curving it up so I could rub her G-spot. She had her hands on my head, and when I did that she bucked up and pulled my face into her. “Well,” I thought. “That answers another question. My Mom likes to have her pussy eaten.”Now I got into it. I sucked, I licked, I probed and rubbed with my finger, and brought everything to bear that escort sivas my limited experience could offer. Whether I was the best pussy eater she had ever had was irrelevant. She was loving it. I slid my middle finger into her to get some lube on it, and then reached down for her ass. I gently rubbed my middle finger around her ass, then pulled my face from her pussy and slid down to tongue her little rosebud. She writhed on the bed, and moaned. Sticking the tip of my tongue in her ass, she bucked again and moaned louder.”So Mom likes some ass play, ” I thought. “This brings possibilities,” and I continued doing that. Returning my face to her pussy, I rejoined the battle with her clit and put more pressure on her ass with my finger, slowly – ever so slowly – sliding it in. I felt it pass the ring of her anal muscle, and it slid in as far as I could get it. I didn’t pump it in and out, but just held it in her while I sucked and licked her pussy. I could feel the muscle of her anus squeezing with increasing frequency on my finger and then she stiffened, gave a loud moan, and started making a low grunting noise. “Uh, uh, uh…,” she repeated over and over, then she collapsed into herself and released my head. I looked up at her, and she was laying her head on the pillow with her eyes closed.My first thought was, oddly enough, “I don’t even remember turning the covers down,” but we must have. Or maybe she already had them turned down, knowing I would take her in that bedroom.I moved up to her, kissing as I went, and let her taste her pussy on my mouth.”Oh, my Billy. Where did you ever learn that?””It’s the first time I ever did it, Mom,” I laughed. “I guess it’s just native ability.”She laughed with me. “Yeah, right. Well, you didn’t get that ability from your Father, I’ll tell you.”So, key point. Dad didn’t eat her pussy the way she liked. Note to self: “Always eat her pussy and make it good.”Her orgasm must have taken a lot out of her, because she just wanted to cuddle for awhile, and I was okay with that. After about ten minutes, I slid my right hand down to cup her pussy. I slid my finger into it, and she was dripping wet. I looked at her, and she gave a slight nod.It was time.Suddenly I was timid. I know I had just eaten Mom’s pussy and gotten a blowjob from her, but I was hesitant.”It’s okay, Bill,” she said. “I want this as much as you do.”I rolled over onto her, kissed her again, and then went down to those tits again. Maybe I would get enough of them at some point, but for now I was insatiable. I loved sucking those tits.”Nice tits, Mom,” I said, kind of smirking.”They’re all for you, Baby” she purred, and I sucked at them again. They were. All for me. I had sucked them as a baby, and now I sucked them as a man.She reached down with her hand and took my dick. Swiping it back and forth along her pussy to wetten it, she then placed it at the mouth of her pussy. I pushed slightly, and the head slipped in.”Easy, Honey. It’s been awhile,” she whispered softly. “Let me get used to it. With the change of life I’m not as pliable in there as I once was.””Mom,” I said. “I don’t even know what that means. Does that mean it feels wonderful? ‘Cause it does,” and she giggled.I pushed in a bit more. And then a bit more. And then I was in, down to the bottom, and I could feel the head of my dick bumping against the mouth of her cervix. I could feel the absolute warmth, the smoothness, and the moistness as she squeezed my dick with her pussy. She was tight, which surprised me a bit, and made me wonder how much action that thing had been getting, or not getting. I had my dick in Mom’s pussy. I had obsessed over this, wanting it, needing it, feeling it, tasting it. And now I had it.You know what I’m going to say, so this time I won’t say it. I’ll just let you imagine, if you have not been there yet, how you’re going to feel the first time you sink your dick into your Mom’s pussy.We started humping each other and it wasn’t long before she gave another shudder, moaned, “uh, uh, uh,” and climaxed again. We worked each other rather gently, lovingly, and for me it was the best I could imagine. I had made Mom come by sucking her tits, eating her pussy, and working my dick in her. She knew I had not finished yet, so with her hands on my butt she encouraged me to keep going. It didn’t take me long, and I came about a gallon. I collapsed on top of her, and we lay there breathing heavily, with each of us repeating, “I love you, I love you, I love you.”If you’re expecting a recount of all sorts of bed gymnastics, you’re not going to get it this time. If you’re expecting me to say she was screaming, “Oh, fuck me, Big Boy. Give your dick to your Mother,” you’re not going to get it. It was pretty vanilla fucking, if you want to know the truth. I think Mom was hesitant to really get into it – she wouldn’t want her son to think she was a sex freak, would she? But it was the most satisfying sex I had ever had, or that I would ever have. It was not fucking, really. It was making love.I rolled off her to my side, and traced her face with my fingers. Her face had aged. She had wrinkles on her forehead now, and crow’s feet around her eyes. To me, that face was the paragon of beauty.I tensed, and blurted, “Mom! I didn’t even think of condoms. Is that okay?”She sivas escort bayan smiled at me. “I wouldn’t expect disease to be a problem between us, and it had better never be a problem, Mister. If you’re worried about a new brother or sister, don’t. Honey, your Mom is older now, and I haven’t had a period in a few years.”We lay there, whispering to each other.By that time it was almost noon. I didn’t care, for I just lay there looking at her. I had, to my satisfaction, regained an erection. Mom gave me a half smile, said, “I don’t think I finished what I was doing. You know I hate a half-finished job,” and went down to it. She held my dick in her hand, studying it. “You know,” she said. “I was not k**ding. You have a nice dick, Bill. You’re going to make your young wife very happy someday.”I don’t think I had ever heard Mom say “dick” before. It thrilled me, and I replied, “Mom, right now I just want to love you. I want to make you happy.”She put her mouth on my dick and sank down on it, again pumping with her left hand while she sucked, cradling my balls with her right hand. If she gave me a good blowjob before, this one was ten times better. She was a woman possessed, sucking, slurping, licking. I knew I wouldn’t last long at this rate. A deep groan came from my mouth. “Oh, Mom. Oh, Mom. Suck it, Mom. Suck it for me,” and she seemed to double her efforts. I erupted in her mouth. I was going to warn her, but by the time it came I seemed paralyzed. She continued sucking, concentrating on the head of my dick, and swallowed every drop. She’d suck, swallow, suck again, and swallow again, as if she wanted every drop of me.My Mom swallowed. Wow. My Mom gave a ten out of ten blowjob. Six months ago I could not imagine Mom giving a blowjob. It just was not something I could contemplate. Sure, I wanted it. I had fantasies about it. I wondered if she did it. But I had no idea, until this moment that she would do it with such elan.We spent that day in bed. In the early afternoon Dad called to say he had arrived safely, and to chat with Mom for awhile. They talked for quite awhile, just as if she had been sitting in the den drinking a cup of coffee. The whole time they were talking, though, she had my dick in her hand while I sucked her tits. I think the little mink was getting off on it. Yet another thing to file away about my Puritan Mother.We finally showered, together, and got dressed to go out for dinner. Seems like both of us had worked up an appetite. She cautioned me before we left, “Now, look, Bill. Nothing, no sign of what we have between us, can ever be shown in public. You understand that, don’t you? Don’t think I’m being cold with you when we’re out. It’s just that we can never look like anything more than Mother and Son. OK?”I kissed her.We got to the restaurant and had a glass of wine together, then ordered. I was famished, and she did a pretty good job with her meal, too. We were nothing but a Mother and her Son, out having dinner together. We chatted and laughed, but there was no touching or hand holding, although I hungered to touch her. At the end of the meal, she looked at me, her face softly lit by the candle in the middle of the table. I had never seen, nor will I ever see, such a beautiful woman, her face full of love. Her slight smile spoke volumes.”Mom. I love you more than you will ever know.”And she softly replied, “I love you, My Bill. You have always known that, I hope.”In the restaurant we were Mother and Son.When we returned home that night, we were lovers.This time, we were more measured and not so rushed to get it done. Mom was a little sore, so we had to take it easy, but that seemed to make the lovemaking even more sensual for me. She finally reached a point where she was too sore, and couldn’t do it anymore. She looked at me with an angelic smile, and asked me, “What can I do to please my boy?” I reached around her butt and put my finger on her ass. She burst out in laughter. “Honey, your father has wanted that since we were dating, and he never got it. I’m not saying no, but that will have to be a special treat for you, just for you. Even then I can’t make any promises. I’ll try for you sometime, maybe, but I don’t know. You’re pretty big, and I’ve never let anyone – anyone – in there before.”Just talking about it, all the while my finger probing her tight little ass, made me as hard as I could be. She again gave me that sweet smile, and licked her lips. “Are you sure there’s not something you can think of?”Of course there was, and she did. Gloriously. After she had gotten really started, she pulled her mouth off my dick and ran her right forefinger down the length of it. She gave me a sultry look – a look I had not seen before from her – and whispered, “My baby likes my butt. What else does he like?” She slowly traced her finger down my ball sack, finally resting it just touching my anus. The sensation was marvelous, and then she took me back in her mouth. She never penetrated, but simply rubbed around the outside, and I came again in her mouth. This time when she looked up at me there was a dribble of come on her lip, and she looked me right in the eyes and licked it with her tongue.Good God. Mom had a side of her I had never known. She had a side that was a hot, sexy, and giving woman, ready to try almost anything. Where was strict, by the numbers, Puritan Mom?When we woke the next morning, we were snuggled together, holding each other. I guess we had slept like that all night.It just felt right. Nothing before had felt so right.