The Girl at Work in a Car Ch. 02


So Susan and I had been seeing each other for a while. We met at work and was have a rough time with her fairly new husband. She a shorter brunette lady was is quite pretty in the-girl-next-door way. She had a nice bosom, because that is what I like and honestly, why bother with anything else? I feel sorry for guys who date girls with small bosoms.

We had hooked-up in her car after a works happy hour. I thought that would be it, just a one-off fling, but three months later we were still seeing each other. It appeared that her spats with her hubby had tailed off later and I thought the writing was on the wall for us.

We did the car thing twice more, but it was just easier for her to come to my house. Normally she just made straight for the bedroom. But things were changing over time. Sometimes she would bring over some food like Chinese or India, both of which I love. We would sit down to eat and clean up, and then head to bedroom. Later we would just hang out on the sofa and make out, and then head to the bedroom. I always wondered what she told and where she was to her hubby, but either he didn’t care canlı bahis or was very inattentive.

I was looking around my house and saw her small bag of toiletries in the bathroom, mostly a toothbrush and little tubes of God knows what, her drawer in my chest of drawers with a change of clothing and underwear, just in case she needed them, and a pant suit in my closet. … O … M … G … is this a girlfriend situation? I put it to the what would happen if another girl came here test.

Clothes … check

Toiletries … check

Cute picture of her in the kitchen … check

Hair pins on the toilet sink … check

Tampons under toilet sink … check, but gross, no guy wants to look at them.

Said other girl would storm out. I’m in trouble.

She was still in denial but she was still cheating on her husband. In her mind it did not matter as she was going to leave him soon anyway. I was beginning to have my doubts about this, but still she kept coming over and spent time with me, plus the usual lunches etc.

So what is a boy to do?

Well, to be frank,

I’m going to bahis siteleri keep on humping her.

I was now of sound knowing that Susan was not with it. She was off. Her rationale was off-beat. There was something missing in her. She was young, prettyish, married, and kept coming over. She was also a liar. To those who know her, and maybe to me. I was playing with fire here.

I found her diary. I’m not sure why she even brought it over, maybe for me to find it. Anyway it turns out that I am not the first, middle or last. She has continual hook ups. She sleeps around like a cat. Details are sparse, but she has names, dates and locations. With a few comments with respect to what had transpired. I read it in rapt awe. This vanilla girl from work was sounding more like a Vegas girl. The entries with her and other girls held my attention more. Holy Smokes. I was way in over my head here. Fudge fudge fudge. It was like something out of a French movie.

It was at this time I want into Detox. It was just time to go. I was messed up and needed to know it I could pull through it. Fortunately I did not have any bahis şirketleri sweats or seizures, it just went ok for me. Five days in a hospital jail. Some guys were messed up beyond belief. Shaking in the morning and incoherent in the afternoon. They were nice guys in all, just messed up in a way that I knew I would never, ever do drugs. Not that I wanted to in the first place. My roommate had serious issues that resulted in him going to the ICU. I had to press the red button buzzer to at 2am to get the attending medics to the room when he stopped breathing for two minutes. He had big issues with lots of heart monitoring etc.

He was there the next day but was gone the day after. I checked out the day after that. I ordered a key-lime pie and wrote a note for the nurses to give it to one of my friends in the ward as I was checking out that day and didn’t want her to get in trouble as there had been some food thefts that week. Sad I know. Most of them were junkies, so 8hrs sleep and 3 meals a day were probably the best medicine they had.

Anyway, back to Susan. How is it that God can make a female so soft? So warm? Men are tougher, their arms and torso are stronger, yet a women is so soft. This drives men nuts to be honest. Women run their hands and arms down said appendages and moan. Why do they do this? I’m not sure.