The Game

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The GameThere were three of us and my dad loved to use us any way he could. Mom never stepped in to stop as I think she was glad it was not her. She must have had her share before we were old enough for dad’s pleasure. Dad loved to play “the game” every night. When he told us girls it was time for the game we would go to the bedroom and see what game he had chose that night. It was either sexual or abusive. We were not to complain or we would be whipped till we could not stand. Tonight dad felt mean. He told us to get naked and stand in front of the bed. As we stripped for him he than removed his clothes. He called us to him one by as he sat on the bed. He felt our nipples then pinched and twisted them and also pinched our clits till we cried out in pain. We saw his black whip on the bed.He then explained that we got to suck his cock and who ever did the best job would not get whipped just fucked as the other two would be tied and whipped. Dad was old and not handsome and having to suck and fuck him was no pleasure but he did it because we could not say no. We watched as the first one began suck him. She licked and sucked his old cock and he then grabbed her head and pulled her down all the way to his balls and held her there as she was unable to get free. She was gagging and trying to suck but the gagging got the best and dad took her to the wall and strung her up in the chains there. Next he grabbed my s*s and laid her on mersin escort the bed with her head hanging over and straddled her and rammed his cock deep down her throat and again held it there. He then took her by the hair and used her in a fucking motion as he fucked her mouth and many times held his cock all the way down her throat till she too was gagging. He then strapped her to the chains on the wall.It was my turn and I had been practicing sucking cock on any boy who would let me getting ready for all of dad insults. This time he laid on his back and pulled me down with my mouth over his cock. He held me by my hair and bobbed my up and down on his hard cock also holding it in me deep just to try to gag me. He was balls deep in my mouth and slapped my face and told me to suck his cock hard. I did as was told and sucked him hard feeling his cum seep from him. As he rode my face he then reached back to my pussy and pushed all four fingers in my hole and as he fucked my mouth he finger fucked my cunt. He would pull his wet fingers out and slap my pussy hard as he could several times and then insert his fingers again. He then filled my mouth with his cum and I was forced to swallow.He told me what a good cocksucker I was and that I would not get my ass beat tonight. But he was going to keep me here and fuck me after he whipped my sisters. Whipping us always made his cock hard. I was told to lie on my back on the bed escort mersin with my legs spread so he could see my cunt as he punished my sisters. He then picked up the whip and began to lash them. He used the whip on there legs, ass and back over forty times each. The skin was raw from the beating with scars from previous. He then turned them and gave each tit five lashes mostly on the nipples. He left them chained so they could see him fuck me.His cock was hard and ready as he mounted me and shoved his cock deep in my hole. As he fucked me he called me a slut, bitch and whore. He told me he owned my pussy and could fuck a slut like me any time he wanted. He always fucked us every night and used many different things to fuck us with. He was mean and rough and liked to show his power. We were his to do as he pleased.The next night about eight two of dad’s friends showed up and dad laughed and told us to go in the bedroom and get naked. After fifteen minutes he came in with the two men. He told the men to pick which one of us they wanted. Now there was three men to fuck us tonight. As soon as the men chose a girl they stripped naked. Dad told them we would do anything they wanted that we were sluts. they took turns licking our tits and sucking our nipples. I was in the middle and the men would take turns with me. Dad had a ruler and if felt we were not acting slutty enough he hould smack our tits or pussy with the mersin escort bayan sharp ruler. Dad had bragged what sluts we were.One man got on top of my sister and then pulled me over and spread my legs and began to finger my pussy before he then started to lick it. He was fucking my s*s and eating my cunt. He then sat me on my sisters face and continued to lick me as I sat there. Then he would kiss my s*s and and let her taste me on his tongue and go back to licking me more. He then turned me cunt down on my s*s and told her to lick my pussy as he spread my ass and began to finger fuck my hole. He would pull his fingers out and lick my ass then kiss my sister as she ate my cunt he went back to my ass. He filled my sister’s cunt with cum but kept fucking her. It was a turn on to fuck her as she ate me and he would kiss her and taste my cunt on the lips and tongue.Then he pulled his cock from my sister’s cunt and moved to my ass while my sister was still eating my pussy. I had my s*s licking my cunt as the man pushed his cock into my ass and fuck me hard. I felt my cunt pulse as this really felt good with all the action I was feeling. My dad then came and poked his cock in my sister and was fucking her as she and the man were making me cum faster and faster. It was the best fucking I had ever received. Dad never gave us pleasure just punishment and his pleasure.After several hours the men dressed and left. I heard them tell dad they would be here every Wednesday for more action with my dad’s sluts. Dad treated us like whores and I knew some day he would sell our bodies to any man who would pay. But for now, we were just slut toys. We were dad’s cocksucking bitches.