The Game Begins


Thursday. 0625. The ping of my phone filtered through my sleep. Even as my mind started to function, even before my bleary eyes had managed to focus, I knew it was you. And that the game had started.

A text. From a number I didn’t recognise. And in the text a simple URL, which led to a Google doc with a picture of an airport, somewhere hot and dry, and another URL. This one led to a flight booking, already checked in and in my name. Hand baggage only.

My morningdrowsy mind scanned the flight time on the boarding pass and then the time on the phone screen. I grinned. You had timed it well to test me – tight but doable. 1 hour and 50 minutes until the flight took off. 15 minutes to leave the house, 35 minute drive to the airport, 15 minutes for parking, 15 to clear security, 10 minutes to spare before last call for the flight. I was out of bed and into the shower. Stuffed my passport, wallet and few extra things into the small rucksack I had half packed the night before, and jumped into the car.

It had all started about ten days ago. You realised you had a couple of weeks of spare holiday to use up, but I only had a few days. As we sat together pondering what to do, I saw that wicked, thoughtful smile creep across your face. You wouldn’t tell me any more, but the following day you came home from work and said “Book Thursday and Friday off next week. I’m going to leave a day or two before you.” You didn’t tell me anything else. Destination? Plans? Mode of transport? But that smile told me all I needed to know. You had an idea, and it would be fun for us both. On Tuesday morning I got a text at work telling me that you had left the country and that I’d hear from you on Thursday. Nothing more for me to do but wait and see where your adventure would take us.

0830. I smiled as I looked down on the green fields of England slipping away beneath me, lit by the slanting summer sun, wondering what you had planned for me and where the day would end. I knew at least that I would be landing in a small airport in France in 90 minutes, and the adventure would continue from there. Would you be waiting for me? Or maybe a man with a card with my name on. No way of telling. I was entirely in your hands.

0955. On the ground a few minutes early, and my phone leapt into life as we taxied towards the small terminal building. Outside the sun burned down on the brown parched grass at the edge of the runway, and a deep blue sky hung over distant hills and forests. Another ping. Another text. Another smile. Another URL. This time it was the details of a hire car, booked in my name.

Out of the plane, down the steps and a short walk in the hot summer air of southern France and into the terminal building. With no bags to collect I was soon at the car hire desk, where a pretty and friendly assistant sorted out the paperwork for the small car, and then smiled a conspiratorial smile as she said “The lady asked me to give you this”. She passed me a plain white envelope. güvenilir bahis Her grin and parting remark of “Amusez-vous!” made me smile and wonder how much of your plans you had shared with her.

1030. Sitting in the car, in the cool of the underground car park, I open the envelope. The single sheet of paper just has the single word “Campouriez”on it, and a kiss. A quick search showed that Campouriez is a small village deep in the mountains, about three hours drive away. Satnav on, I left the airport and was soon on the open road, windows open and enjoying the drive.

1306. My phone pings. It’s a text with the words “2L 1R 4.7 km” and picture of a road junction with a sign to Le Fajol. Second left, first right? Hanging on over the sign is a stripy colourful bra, which I immediately recognise as yours. I smile. Your game is getting naughtier. I like your game.

1335. Slowly driving through Campouriez looking for the sign and the turning. I miss it the first time, but spot it on a second pass, just on the western edge of the village. Another ping. Another text. Another picture. The text just says “1400 :-)”. The photograph shows a small-pull off by a country road and a track leading into the woods. Hanging on a tree by the path are the knickers that match the bra. Broader smile. I feel myself start to get hard..

1353. I pull off the road and park, a few minutes before your 1400 deadline. I am tempted to set off straight away, but I pause, and savour being under your remote control. The knickers are still there and I wander over and pluck them from the tree. Holding them to my face I can smell your excitement. Harder. Folded inside them is a note. It has a time (1430) and a Lat and Long. Very precise. I spend a couple of minutes looking at maps on my phone and see that you have found a spot away from paths, in the woods, by a river. It is about 1.5km away – an easy stroll in the 30 minutes you have allotted me.

1400. I set off up the path into the beautiful open woodland, climbing towards the high peaks and surrounded by patches of light and shade and the occasional burble of the river as it cascades down the valley. Nobody to be seen. I spook a couple of deer, which bound off into the open woods and disappear. Distant birds chatter in the forest and an eagle circles lazily overhead. It is a perfect summer day and I smile to myself as I get closer to you, wondering and imagining.

1417. Time to turn off the path My phone shows I am as close as I can get, and your location is about five minutes away up the side of the river. The deer or sheep or pigs have made a tiny track into the woods, and I follow it to the side of the river. I pause again, not wanting to be early. I’m hot and sweaty from the climb, and on a whim I pull off my clothes and climb into a deep pool where the river tumbles over a small waterfall. The sudden chill of the mountain water make me shiver, but it’s invigorating and cooling. I rinse off the sweat and climb türkçe bahis out into the hot sunshine. I dry myself quickly with my shirt and then shove all my clothes into my bag. Wearing just my shoes I set off up the path, enjoying the nakedness and the sun on my skin. Eager to find you.

1427. I come across a break in the woods, and peer into a clearing. I see you, and grin, transfixed by the sight. You are on your back on a big picnic rug set on the grass in a pool of sunlight. Naked apart from a white blindfold covering your eyes. Arms loose by your sides. One leg bent and drawn up, the other out straight towards me. I stand still, soaking up the sight of you. I wonder what you are feeling. Exposed to anyone who passes. I wonder how long you have been lying there. Ready. Waiting.

1430. I slip off my shoes and step out of the shade. You can’t see me, and the sounds of the river hide my breathing and footsteps. I get closer and silently place my bag down. I stand for a moment, naked in the sunshine, admiring your body and your openness and all the careful planning that brought me to be here. You are beautiful. Pale skin in the sunshine. Nipples hard on your gorgeous small breasts. Legs apart and inviting. Trimmed red hair surrounding your lips, which are slightly engorged and open, demanding a touch, a kiss, a lick. I know what you want now.

I silently kneel and reach out towards you. My fingers featherstroke your thigh, and you start, a momentary look of surprise on your face. And then smile. This is what you have been waiting for. The game has worked.

My fingers trail slowly up your body, over your tummy and your right breast, teasing your nipple as they pass. Up your neck and onto your face. You open your lips to lick my finger and then suck on it, hungrily, erotically. My other hand strokes your thigh and then slides between your legs, covering you and holding you. Your hips thrust into my hand and despite the blindfold covering your eyes I see the look on your face that I know so well. Hunger. Anticipation. Desire.

I reach into the bag, then take your hands and raise them above your head. A look of surprise and question crosses your face, but is soon replaced by realisation as you feel the familiar soft touch of a silk rope wrapping round your wrists. I tie the rope to a root, leaving you exposed and open to my caresses and touches and desires. Excited now, I start to cover your body with kisses and touches, feeling and exploring every inch of you. Your legs open and I stroke you, feel you and finally slide a finger into you. You are wetter than I have ever felt you and I add another finger. Deep. And slowly start sliding them in and out.

My lips join them, licking you and tasting you. I circle your clit with my tongue, feeling you push your hips up against me and hearing your low moans. I add a third finger and start a rhythm of finger fucking you as I lick you, feeling and hearing your excitement. You push against me and your güvenilir bahis siteleri breath deepens and gets faster. We have done this so often, and I relish the feeling of the familiar movements and sounds, combined with the eroticism of the open air, nakedness and exposure. Slowly I feel your body working faster and harder, giving in to the passion and desire and need for the orgasm that you have yearned for ever since you started the adventure. You utter a single “Yes!!” and your body tenses, back arched, spasming into my fingers.

As you come down your muscles relax and your bum settles back onto the rug. I give your clit a final kiss, slip my soaking fingers from you and kneel up, looking down at your gorgeous body and satisfied smile. I untie the rope and release your hands, and you reach up and grab my face, pulling me down to a passionate kiss, tongue swirling with mine, tasting yourself on me. I run my hands over your familiar body, touching and feeling and stroking. But we haven’t finished yet.

I reach over into my bag with one hand and use the other to pin down a thigh, holding you open. You moan a little as I push the first of the love balls into you, and then the second. They slide in easily, with you open from my fingers and so wet, and I start to gently work them in and out. Your right hand drifts down to your clit and starts to trace slow circles. Your wetness, combined with my saliva, has dribbled down into your bum, and I used the slick fluid to ease a finger deep into you. A slow rhythm of my finger, the balls and your own fingers slowly builds and gets more frantic. I take my cue from you as your breathing deepens and your body takes over. Faster and faster until suddenly you call out and moan and another orgasm overwhelms you.

I watch you relax and slowly remove my fingers and the balls. I am hard. So hard. I want to fuck you. And I feel your fingers wrap around me and pull me to you. You know my desires.

I push your knees apart and enter you in a single deep thrust. I have been so turned on by the sight of you and your orgasms and the whole scene that we both know I won’t last long. I drive into you and your fingers again find your clit. I can feel your warm wetness around every inch of me, and I can feel the wave coming. I slow down and savour the moment, feeling you starting to reach the same peak. And then it hits me. I push deep into you just as you get there too, and we are both frozen in time as the feelings flood through us and I explode inside you.

I collapse onto you, and then roll off beside you onto the rug. There is blue sky and warm sun on my skin. Distant birdsong and the gentle tumbling lull of the river. We lie there. Sated and exhausted. I remove your mask and see your smiling eyes for the first time.

“I like your game”, I tell you.

You smile and remind me that we still have the rest of the day, and Friday and Saturday before we have to fly home.

“I’m glad you enjoyed Part One.”

Your wicked knowing smile tells me you have been busy making more plans and preparations. Your fingers find me and I start to get hard again, wondering where your imagination and inventiveness will be taking us in Part Two ….