The Forgotten Panties


Jamie got into her car and realized she had left her panties in the office. There was no way she was going back there and besides they were under Nick’s desk, hopefully he wouldn’t realize it. He had blackmailed her into rubbing her pussy for him by threatening the only thing she ever cared about – Steve. He knew that was her one weakness, her personal Kryptonite. He knew she would do anything to protect the man she loved, and he had used that knowledge against her.

No, she wouldn’t risk going back now. Monday morning she would go in early and get them back. She couldn’t just forget them, they were her favorite pair, and they were very expensive. More importantly, they were the ones that Steve had bought for her when they were in France last spring, and he was sure to miss them sooner or later. But more pressing right now was how to slip a pair on first thing when she got home, before Steve noticed.

For now she was too shaken up to head directly home, and Steve would surely notice her mood. She figured that a drive would help calm her down. She drove for more than 45 minutes trying to figure out what to tell Steve before finally deciding to go home to face him. She hoped Steve would be out and she could go upstairs and change unnoticed; but to her dismay his Saab was still in the driveway.

“Shit” she muttered to herself. “Maybe I can get in from the back door”, she thought to herself. But that thought quickly vanished as the front door opened and her husband stood there waiting for her. Jamie started to panic.

“Hi honey” she said quietly as she gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

He knew immediately that something was wrong; Jamie never entered the house without an embrace and kiss on the mouth when she returned home.

“Did you have a nice day at work sweetheart?”

Her mind was racing, trying to decipher his mood; did his tone seem almost accusatory, or was it maybe just her imagination working overtime.

“Umm… it was ok, I was there all alone”.

She made her way past him and up the stairs. He followed.

“No one else was at the office?” He asked.

“Ummm no, only me, alone” She again lied.

It was killing her to be dishonest with him; their entire marriage was based on trust. But Jamie was afraid that he wouldn’t believe her, and she would lose him. And she would rather die than to lose him, she rationalized; and besides, she did it all for him.

“By the way, baby, Nick came by”, Steve said casually.

Her stomach dropped to her feet, and she froze. Oh my God, could he have told Steve what she did? Was that even possible, after what he did? She stopped before she entered the bedroom without turning around to look at him.

“Oh? And what did he want?” Her voice cracked and she continued into the bedroom.

“He came to drop off something you forgot at the office”.

“Something that I forgot at the office? Like paperwork or something? Ummm when?” She was struggling to sound conversational. “Just stay calm”, she kept repeating to herself

“Today of course” he tested.

“Ohhh… I’m sorry baby, I didn’t know he wanted me to deliver anything to you.”

“But you did see Nick though.” He pressed her.

“Oh, now that you mention it, he was there… but only for a few minutes.” Jamie could feel her face burning, and she turned away from him. Steve could always tell when his wife was lying; She was horrible at it.

“And you leave something in his office?” Jamie still couldn’t tell what steve was getting at; did he know or didn’t he? Part of her wanted to confess to him, and warn him about Nick; but she was too afraid.

“Ummm of course not baby. What could I possibly forget?” She tried to keep her voice upbeat as she went into her walk in closet looking for something to wear. She had hoped he would just drop it and leave the room.

“Honey, I’m going to jump in the shower and rinse off. I just want to get out of these clothes”, she said heading from the dressing room toward the master bathroom.

“Then you should do exactly that.” he said. “Why don’t you let me watch you undress… you know how much we both enjoy that” She felt he was practically demanding that she do it in front of him. Was he?

“Let me rinse off, then I’ll put on something nice for you baby.” She tried to put him off with a promise of potential sex, a tactic she knew she could usually count on.

“Good idea… maybe you should wear these” he said casually, as he dropped her panties onto the bed.

Jamie was horrified at the sight of her fine French panties, now rolled down and crumbled into a ball. Still, she bluffed “ummm no that’s ok, baby. Where did you get those from… the hamper?” She knew it was feeble, but she was fighting the panic that was building inside her.

“Well, no baby… apparently they’re yours” he challenged. “Nick said you forgot them in his office.”

“What?? Why would he say such a thing? Those aren’t mine honey. What a joker he is!” She tried laughing it off, but she knew that Steve could canlı bahis şirketleri see right through her game.

“Of course they are, baby. Remember? I watched you put them on this morning, and you modeled them for me. So unless you’re wearing an identical pair under that skirt, we may have a small problem here.”

“Honey, they aren’t mine.” She knew this was a losing battle but she continued to deny it anyway.

She watched as Steve lifted the tiny panties to his nose, and inhaled deeply. God he loved the aroma of his wife’s sweet pussy, but he didn’t take the time to savor it now.

“They even smell like your pussy, and I certainly know what my wife smells like” he insisted, his eyes fixed on hers, unblinking, looking her straight in the eyes.

She knew he knew. She trembled at the knowledge that she was caught; her mind raced as she was trying to sort out her options; she could confess everything, and explain why she did it. Steve might understand. Or she could continue to deny everything, to continue to lie to the man she loved. She heard his voice as if it were a million miles away.

“Show me Jamie!” his voice said, softly, but firmly.

Her head was spinning, and she felt the walls closing in on her. She could feel her heartbeat in her ears.

“Baby, please don’t make me.” She was now on the verge of tears.

He was uncharacteristically merciless to her.

“Lift up your skirt Jamie” He ordered in a harsh voice.

Even though he knew she didn’t have any panties on, he prayed it was all some terrible nightmare, and by some miracle she would reveal that she was indeed wearing panties. She lifted her skirt and exposed her nubile flesh.

Steve closed his eyes and shook his head in disbelief. She knew then it wasn’t a dream, that she really did rub her pussy for another man. Even worse, now it was her still moist and exposed pussy that told her husband the awful truth rather than her own voice.

“Oh my God…it’s true! Why Jamie? Why would you do this??” Tears welled in his eyes as he collapsed on the bed. She had never seen him so fragile; he looked almost like a sad lost little boy.

She ran across the room to the side of the bed where he was sitting. She kneeled at his feet as she implored him, “Steven, let me explain”

Tears ran down his strong handsome face as he looked up at her angrily. “Explain? What is there to explain?” He said both disappointed and furious.

“Nick told me everything. He told me how you offered to fuck him to reduce your workload”.

Jamie was stunned; Nick was an even more vile and conniving than she had even realized.

“What??? Oh no baby, that’s not what happened!”

He wanted to believe his wife, but she had lied directly to his face so far, and certainly Nick didn’t get her panties by magic.

“Why don’t you enlighten me on what happened then, Jamie? How did Nick come to possess your favorite panties? How could you? You don’t even have to work, why do this??”

He grew angrier as he thought of his wife betraying him, and for what? For money they didn’t need, for a job he didn’t even want her to have?

“Fuck!” He picked up the lamp on the nightstand and threw it across the room. It shattered into a hundred pieces and dented the wall it hit.

She stood there scared waiting for him to say something else. Then she broke the silence with a quiet voice.

“Steven, you need to calm down. I want to talk to you, but I will not stand here and be accused of something I didn’t do”

His anger flared again; she had never seen him like this.

“What you didn’t do Jamie?? Don’t play me for a fool… These panties are soaked! Am I not enough for you? Do I not satisfy you? Or are you just some sort of nymphomaniac??”

He suddenly bolted up and charged at her, pushing her against the wall. Jamie gasped and then shrieked in surprise. Steve had never laid a hand on her in anger before, but his usually handsome tranquil face was now contorted with what she could only describe as rage.

“It’s always something with you isn’t it Jamie? Once it was James, now it’s Nick… who’s next?” He reached under her skirt and roughly touched his hand to her cunt.

“What’s the deal… does this pussy have honey or something? It’s always about sex with you and I’m getting tired of it!!”

He thought for a minute, she was a beautiful woman, a sexy woman, a seductive woman; she was his whole world but this was getting to be too much for him. Every man who she ever came across lusted after her. He hadn’t signed up for this. He let her go and turned his back to her.

She remained silent and it was eating him inside. She wanted her to tell him it was a mistake but she didn’t. She didn’t want to, she was his wife and he should have asked her instead of assuming.

“You know what Steve? I shouldn’t have to explain anything to you. I’m your wife and I don’t deserve this kind of treatment!”

Her tone was more firm than angry, more annoyed. She decided that she no canlı kaçak iddaa longer wanted to explain, as he wouldn’t listen to her anyway.

This infuriated him even more.

“What did you say??? Another man hands your panties to me, and says you offered to fuck him… and you don’t think I deserve an explanation???”

She saw the fire burning in his eyes and she almost regretted saying that to him… but she was the one that had humiliated herself for him, and she stood before him guilty anyway.

“Nick was embezzling from the company… he was going to pin all the firm’s losses on you and send you to jail! I didn’t offer to fuck him, but he did force me to cum for him and I’m sorry!!”

His eyes grew wider in disbelief. He couldn’t believe his ears… embezzlement, fraud, and jail?? His head was spinning now; could it be true? He was so confused that he uncharacteristically lashed out at his wife instead.

“Sorry? You mean you’re sorry that I found out?”

Jamie was both furious and incredibly hurt by his remark, and she lashed back at him.

“No… I mean I’m sorry that I did that for you… and you’re not worth it!”

He thought of her being in front of Nick, having to do what she did, being humiliated in that way… for him no less! And now he had acted like an ass, forcing her to stand before him now and be questioned like this. He felt miserable. But just as quickly as he felt remorse, the image of his beautiful wife with her long sexy legs wide-open, rubbing her gorgeous pussy for Nick flashed into his mind. The thought of Nick watching as she came for him was seared into his brain. He was infuriated by the thought!

“I think you need to get your shit together Jamie. I’m going to be 45 soon and I don’t need this kind of stuff in my life. I’m always having to rescue you from something… or someone!”

She choked back on her tears, unable to comprehend his anger toward her. Didn’t he see that she only did it for him?

“Then don’t Steven. Maybe I don’t want you rescuing me… if you would just trust that I can take care of myself, you wouldn’t have to feel like you have to rescue me all the time.”

Steve laughed through his tears and his anger.

“Take care of yourself? If I don’t interfere, you’re always in a predicament!”

“If that is the way you feel why did you marry me then?” She was rapidly getting angrier than he was.

He wanted to make her hurt the way he was hurting.

“I married you because you fuck like a whore.” He lied.

She slapped him… as hard as she possibly could! “Go find some other whore who will fuck you now!”

She had once promised him she would never slap him; she broke her promise and she didn’t care. His words had broken her heart in two, and the tears flowed like a river now. As Steve stormed from the room and headed down stairs for a drink, Jamie took a few things from her closet and shoved them in a knapsack. She quietly slipped out the back door.

Steve sipped his scotch and thought of everything that just happened. He was furious at his wife, but it wasn’t because she slapped him, but because he couldn’t get the image of her masturbating for Nick out of his head. He would make Nick pay… not so much for threatening him, but for what he had done to the woman he loved.

But Steve hated himself for losing control and saying the awful things he did. He married Jamie because he fell in love with her, because without her there was no reason to live; Jamie was his life. He realized that in his anger he had gone too far, and went back upstairs to tell his wife he was sorry, and to beg her forgiveness. He looked around the room, no sign of her. He had never felt so alone in all his life.

Heads turned as Jamie walked into the bar; they always did. But tonight she didn’t even notice the men looking at her, she didn’t want to… That’s what got her into this mess in the first place. She sat and asked the bartender for a shot of grappa.

“That’s a pretty strong drink for a woman” said the man who sat next to her. He was in his mid 50’s, clean cut, handsome. Jamie assumed he must be some kind of businessman as she noticed his Hugo Boss suit. He didn’t look at her as he spoke. She gave him a polite smile.

“Well that’s what I need, a good stiff drink… and a job”.

Neither of them spoke for a few minutes, just drank. The man ordered her another drink, paid his tab and hers, and threw down a huge tip before he spoke to her again.

“You know gorgeous, if you do need a job, I happened to have an opening for someone with your looks and personality.”

She knew enough to ask questions before she agreed to anything when a man is involved. She had been reminded of that again this morning.

“What kind of job?” she asked curiously. He started to explain, “I own a string of topless bars” but she cut him off.

“No thanks” she mumbled, not sure whether to be flattered or insulted.

Undeterred, as if used to the reaction, he continued.

“From the size of the rock canlı kaçak bahis on your finger, I didn’t figure you for the stripper type. It’s a hostessing job at my swankiest club.”

He paused for a second; No drink in his face was a good sign.

“You don’t ever have to take your clothes off, and the job is yours if you want it. Think about it, ok?” he handed her his card and walked away.

Steve knew where his wife would be. She would be at the bar, sitting alone, drinking and thinking. He sat next to her and ordered a double scotch.

“Don’t you have somewhere else to be?” she spit out the words, still angry with him.

He knew he had to be careful, he had been disrespectful and, if he knew his wife well, he knew she would find a way to get even with him tonight.


She turned to him “Don’t ever call me that again.” She downed her second shot, and got up; a group of guys were watching her as she walked to the dance floor. She grabbed the most handsome by the hand.

“Dance with me” She said to him.

The guys he was with were green with envy. She was a stunning woman and could no doubt have any man in the place. She wore a backless top, exposing her supple back and well-toned shoulders. Her skirt was mid thigh exposing her smooth creamy legs.

The man wrapped his arms around her waist and she wrapped her arms around his neck. They moved to the music and Steve watched as another man held his wife close. His instinct told him to go get her but he knew her feisty temper all too well. She hated scenes and would never forgive him. She was pushing his buttons and he knew it.

The handsome stranger rubbed his hands up and down her back holding her close. Steve was overcome with jealousy. He was barely more than a boy really, in his mid 20’s. But he was built like a professional football player, with broad shoulders and a small waist. He was wearing a tee shirt that only showed off his muscular build even more, and jeans that showed off his other attributes as well.

Steve’s eyes fixed Jamie as she danced with the handsome stranger. The music picked up and they started rubbing against each other. She turned her back to him and pressed her ass against his crotch, teasing him, all the while she looked directly at Steve. The man ran his hand up and down her thigh, pulling her close to him and grinding into her firm sweet ass. He knew the young man was hard, pressing against his wife. Not many men could resist her, and he was no different than the rest.

She turned around to face him, holding on to his neck she closed her eyes and tilted her head back as she moved to the music. Steve knew she could feel every inch of his hardness, as he pressed harder against her, grinding his hips. Then it happened, the line was crossed.

As the stranger reached for her breast, her eyes flew open, as if she suddenly realized where she was. She slapped him, the second man she had slapped in a single evening. But this one was in no mood to be trifled with; he simply pulled her closer to him and continued to maul her with his big bear paws. He started kissing her neck as she struggled to free herself.

Steve had started out of his seat to again rescue his wife when he heard her warn the man to let her go, but the stranger just laughed. Like lightening her knee came up, smashing into his testicles with a ferocious force. He dropped to his knees as if his legs were suddenly amputated, roaring in pain and anger. As Jamie turned to walk away, Steve looked around and saw the others were laughing at their friend on the floor.

Jamie had already left the dance floor and was headed towards the ladies room, as Steve caught up with her. He surprised her when he grabbed her arm and she turned her around quickly as if to punch him.

“Let go of me!” she said firmly. “Jamie it’s me” he said almost ducking. “What is it that you are doing Jamie??”

“Let go of me! You said I was nothing but a whore, so that’s what I’ll be. But your whore wants nothing to do with you, now!” Jamie replied angrily, but the tears welled again in her eyes.

“You’re my wife not my whore and I’m sorry” Steve also was welling up at the thought of how deeply he had hurt his wife.

But she turned away from him. “Well, your sorry isn’t good enough, so leave!”

Steve took her by the arm and he led her through the back door of the club into the alley.

“What do you want?” She laughed mockingly as she spoke

“What do you think I want?” He pushed her against the cold brick wall. “I married you because you are my world – not my whore Jamie”

“It doesn’t matter what you want Steven, I’m done with you” She said trying to resist him; she knew it was no use.

After everything that had happened, he wanted her like never before. In the dim light she looked angelic but she wasn’t. She had trouble written all over her but he didn’t care; he couldn’t live without her, not even for a minute.

“Let me show you how much you mean to me babydoll”. He kissed her but she didn’t welcome his kisses as she usually did. She wanted to push him away because he had been so hurtful and inconsiderate but in his arms, she melted. It felt so good to be there in his arms, where she had wanted to be all day long.