The Flood


The water was rising faster and I was running out of higher places to go. Water was already up to my knees and the chimney was my last resort. Let me start from a bit ago and fill you in.

“Stephanie! Turn the news back on, what did they say about the dam?”

“Sam, I want to watch “Law and Order”! Fuck the news and the dam!”

“Stephanie, this is important! Now what did they say?”

Stephanie threw the remote down and stormed off upstairs into her room. She can be a bitch, but she’s still my best friend. We moved to this small town about a year ago and I love it here! The town of Ares is quite small with only two-hundred people, which is good and bad at the same time. Anyway, I turned the news back on since they had been talking about the dam. All I know is that the dam holds thousands of gallons of water and they check it on a regular basis for leaks. So, I sat down, turned the volume up some, and that’s when I heard something. Stephanie ran down the stairs just then, nearly tripping on the last step.

“Stephanie? What was that?”

“Sam, get the fuck out of here; I think the dam just burst!” she yelled as she fumbled with the front door.


“Let’s go! Now!”

We rushed outside and could see people running all around. Stephanie was right, the dam must have burst and water was flowing down the hill. It was about a mile away, but I could only guess that water would be here in seconds at the rate it seemed to flow. Stephanie took off towards the garage as the water rose to our ankles to get the raft we kept in case of emergencies. Together, we tried getting the door to open but remembered we needed a key. I scrambled inside to grab the key off the table and hurried outside to open the garage. Unfortunately, I dropped the key in the now muddy water and knew we just had to get to higher ground instead.

“The roof Stephanie! We have to get on top of the roof! Let’s go!”

“Don! Oh my God, Don!”

“Stephanie! Come with me!”

Stephanie struggled to get towards her new boyfriend Don, who had been standing in the road to get into his life raft, and wouldn’t listen to me. The water was getting stronger and rougher by the minute and it was cold! I closed my eyes for just a moment, and when I opened them once again, I screamed in terror. At that moment, I saw the water sweep my best friend and Don off their feet and carry them away. Tears poured down my face while I struggled to get myself up on the roof. I could only pray that I’d be kept safe, so I sat and waited for help.

Unfortunately, the water wasn’t going to wait and it rose faster to where I was. Scrambling, I somehow hoisted myself up onto my chimney and stood there, looking at the destruction all around me, and cried. During the next few hours, or so I believed to be, I saw helpless neighbors and friends get swept away by the flood. A few times, I thought about going down to help them; but knew I just couldn’t risk it.

A little while later, I heard a buzzing sound coming from above my head. Looking up, I saw at least five helicopters spread out and men jumping out with something like bungee cords attached to their bodies. They went in different directions, at least thirty that I could count, and were lifting up the people canlı bahis out of the water and pulling them to safety.

By now, the water was up to my shoulders, and I hoped for my own rescue. Thinking that help was never going to come, I closed my eyes and waited for the water to pull me away, but instead I felt someone put their arms around me and hold me tight. When I turned my head to look behind me, I saw a man attaching something around my waist and attaching a clip or buckle to both of us. He looked to be about thirty, possibly a little older. Tears came to my eyes in relief.

“My name’s Mike ma’am, what’s yours?”

“Samantha, but call me Sam.”

“Ok Sam, here’s the plan: I have you hooked to my belt and we’re gonna get pulled up into the copter above us. Once we get to land, I have a few supplies in my bag and I’ll see to it that you stay warm. Try to stay as still as you can, and you’re welcome to put your arms around my neck. I hope you don’t mind if I wrap my arms around you so that I can hold you close; is that okay?”

Nodding my head yes, he gave a tug on his cord and the cable started pulling us out of the water. True to his word, he put his arms around my back and held me close to his body. Taking his advice, I put my arms around his neck and laid my head on his shoulder. Looking down, I started to wonder if Stephanie and Don were ok, but then I realized something else was happening; I was getting so fucking aroused by this guy! I pressed my body just a little bit more to his, and he held me tighter and closer to his body. He was pure muscle and smelled of strawberry and kiwi.

We were halfway to the helicopter, when I felt a drop in my stomach. Looking around, I saw that we had fallen some. Figuring everything was still okay, I laid my head back down and closed my eyes. A few moments later, I felt another drop and noticed we were getting closer to the water instead of the helicopter. Frightened, I went to ask Mike what was wrong, and that’s when I noticed the helicopter closest to us was spinning out of control. Seconds later, I screamed in absolute horror when I saw the blade cut a huge gash into the cord that had been pulling Mike into the helicopter.

“Get your arms at your sides now and your legs straight.”


“Just fucking do —”

The snapping of the cord cut his words off. Quickly, I did as Mike had instructed and felt the cold water once again as we fell into the flooded street. Struggling to keep my head above water, I looked around for Mike and couldn’t see him. I wanted to cry, or give up, until I felt strong arms pick me up so that my head, shoulders, and breasts were above water. Turning around, I saw it was Mike and that he was fighting to keep his balance on what looked like to be the outline of a car roof that he was standing on.

“Mike! Are you ok?”

“I’m fine Sam. Are you all right?

“What are you standing on? A car?”

“I don’t quite kn —”

The swirling current knocked Mike off his feet and we once again were at the mercy of the water. I tried grabbing onto branches around me but they broke in my hands and I was getting tired fast. Mike swam over to me with a board of wood and hoisted me up on it. It reminded me of “Titanic” except Mike was able bahis siteleri to get on top of it as well. Looking around me, I saw life rafts and men all around me rescuing the townspeople.

I don’t know when I shut my eyes, or if I had dozed off, but when I woke up Mike was nowhere to be found and I was laying on the ground somewhere. It took me a minute to realize we were in the woods several miles from my house and I was lying wrapped up in a blanket like a cocoon. The fire that Mike must’ve built was inviting, so I walked over to it and sat down. That’s when I realized I had only my bra and panties on.

“Hey, you’re awake, great!” Mike said.

“What the hell?”

“Excuse me?” I could see confusion in Mike’s eyes.

“Where are my clothes? Why did you undress me?”

“The fire over there is warming them up, I couldn’t have you go into shock on me or hyperventilate,” said Mike.

I realized he was right so I sat down at the fire and began to warm myself. All around me, I saw planks of wood, chairs and other things that the water had destroyed. Branches were scattered everywhere and the water flowed gently like a stream past us. Hell was coming to a slow end, but I still had no clue if my friends were all right. Looking over at Mike, I saw him pull branches and debris out of the way as he opened up his bag and laid three blankets all around. His hair had dried and I saw it was a deep strawberry blonde color. Taking something out, he walked over and handed it to me.

“What’s this?”

“It’s a bodysuit and it’ll keep you warm for forty-eight hours. I sent up a few flares that I had in my bag, thank God it’s waterproof, so by then we should be out of here,” Mike explained to me.

“Will it fit me?” I asked as I looked at the bundle with skepticism.

“It will, it’s very form fitting. It’s more comfortable without clothes underneath, but either way works.

Mike walked away and I contemplated putting this suit on. It was navy blue and the material inside seemed very soft and comfortable. I undressed the rest of the way and stood there naked for a moment. The fire felt amazing as I started to put the outfit on. Noticing that it had a zipper, I figured it would go in back, so I slipped it on and fumbled behind me for the zipper. That’s when I found out that I would need help to get it up.

Walking around, I looked for Mike so I could ask him to help me. I found him behind a tree but just stopped to gaze at him. He had only his boxers on and he truly had muscles all over. Standing there, practically drooling over his body, I watched in anticipation as he took off his boxers. Mike was about six feet tall from what I could only guess and I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Of course, I couldn’t think of anything to say when he turned around and saw me staring.

“Well Sam, can I help you?” he asked.

“The zipper — I can’t get it — help —”

“You have it on backwards, the zipper goes in front.” Mike said with a laugh.

“Well, since you know so much, can you help me?” I said grinning.

He was still naked as he slowly walked over. I slid the suit down, took it off, and held it out to Mike.

“I can help you with your suit if you help me with mine, Sam.”

“Take your time; it was kind bahis şirketleri of hard to get it on. You know, since it’s so form-fitting and all,” I said with a smile.

I tossed the suit at him and motioned for him to come over. Having a strong man rescue me was always a fantasy of mine. Having him save me twice, well I just had to fuck him for that. He smiled back at me and set the suit down as he strolled over to where I was. Mike slowly walked around me and kissed my neck. Sliding his hands down my sides, he pulled me closer. I fell against his hard chest and ran my fingers through his thick hair.

My lips found his and our tongues danced. It was the most passionate, romantic, gentle kissing I had ever had. Mike ran his hands down my back and pulled my body closer. Breaking away from the kiss, he leaned down and began licking my nipples. He cupped one small firm breast while the other hand ventured lower. He pushed my legs open with his knee and ran his thumb over my aching clit.

“Mike, that feels so good.”

“I’ve only started Sam. We’ll be here for quite some time, so just enjoy it.”

I threw one arm around his neck as we kissed again and used the other hand to play with his swollen cock. The massaging and tugging made Mike breath quicker so I went a little faster with each pant. His hand wrapped my fingers around his shaft and helped me to jerk it. Mike teased my swollen lips before dipping one finger inside my sopping wet pussy.

Kneeling down on my knees, I began to lick and playfully bite at his dick He held my head to him as I licked him before sucking him into my hot mouth. Mike groaned a little and started panting again. Putting my arms around his waist, my hands found his tight ass and I began to rub it as I bobbed my head faster and deeper on him.

“Shit Sam, I’m gonna burst!”

A few moments later, he did and I cleaned him off and began to kiss his thighs and work my way back up. I ran my tongue over his rippled stomach as I ventured up to his chest. I licked and softly nibbled at his nipples for a few minutes and then licked from his neck to his mouth and finally had his passionate kisses once more. Breaking off, he got on his knees and gently but firmly held my thighs apart.

“You’re fucking good Sam. But now it’s my turn.”

He started to lick and nip at my clit and then started dragging his tongue all over my pussy. I ran my fingers through his hair and pulled him closer to me. Taking his hands, he wrapped them around my waist and held me closer to him. After a few minutes, he shoved his tongue deeper and my body went into waves of orgasmic pleasure. Laughing, he picked me up, carried me over to the blanket, and gently put me down.

Being ever so gentle, he laid himself on me and slid his dick into my needy pussy. I gasped as he started to thrust in and out. Mike began to kiss my neck again as he went faster and deeper. I buried my face in his chest as he unloaded in me. Both gasping for breath, I screamed out as I came again. Exhausted, we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Later we stirred but didn’t notice that the helicopters were above us and that the men were waiting for us. Mike and I scrambled to get dressed, and I gave my hero one last goodbye kiss before we parted ways. It turned out that Stephanie and Don had made it to safety but the town had sadly lost thirty-four people in the flood. We’ll all move on, but I’ll never forget Mike.

(Thanks so much to my editor Lynn ^_^)