The Final Punishment of Rosalyn Sanderson.

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The Final Punishment of Rosalyn Sanderson.The Final Punishment of Rosalyn Sanderson.Rosalyn Sanderson received her last punishment under the direction of Sir Walter Astonbury on a warm day in August just a week before the second anniversary of her association with that gentleman. It was an event she had been dreading for many weeks now and when the summons had arrived at her Chelsea apartment two days earlier she had been filled with foreboding and facing an uncertain future. For the past two years Rosalyn’s life had been a comfortably ordered and predictable existence albeit one punctuated by painful interludes on the occasions Sir Walter had exercised his control over her. Now all that promised to change and Rosalyn faced a future that was all too likely to be more painful than the whips or canes Sir Walter had administered to her body at regular intervals throughout her acquaintance with him.It was unthinkable to Rosalyn to abandon the lifestyle that Sir Walter’s patronage had made possible. Although she had attended an expensive private school for girls, Rosalyn had made poor use of her academic opportunities and possessed little in the way of solid qualifications which would allow her to make a living in the world. In fact when she had first been introduced to Sir Walter she had been working as a serving girl in a West End coffee shop, living in a dilapidated bedsitter and thoroughly disgruntled with her life. To Sir Walter however Rosalyn had possessed all the qualifications he was looking for. She was a warmly beautiful brunette that would have arrested the attention of any warm blooded man; she had a pliable, submissive nature that was easily dominated and, best of all, she hailed from that indolent class of young ladies for whom honest hard work was anathema and to be avoided at all costs if an agreeable alternative existed. Sir Walter was just the man to provide such an alternative. Sir Walter’s entrance into her life could not have come at a better time for Rosalyn. She had hated her job with a passion and with little funds at her disposal she was precluded from those echelons of society where she might have realistically hoped to find a prospective future husband with enough wealth to his name to keep Rosalyn in the pampered lifestyle to which she yearned to become accustomed. She therefore had had very poor prospects on the day that Sir Walter had coincidentally stopped by her coffee shop for a cappuccino on his way to a meeting. As chance would have it he had been keeping an eye open for new candidates to join the select entourage of young ladies he retained for his pleasure and stimulation and he had been sufficiently impressed with the beautiful young lady who had served him to decide that she merited a longer appraisal at his leisure. Rosalyn had not suspected the extent of Sir Walter’s interest in her when he began to frequent the coffee shop more regularly over the next couple of weeks although she was flattered that he usually took the time to have a few words with her. From these brief conversations Sir Walter had learned all he needed to know about the attractive twenty year old girl and determined to make a serious bid for her services.Rosalyn had been astonished and not a little mystified the day a letter had arrived for her at the coffee shop bearing the letterhead of a respectable but discreet firm of solicitors requesting that she attend an interview at their offices to discuss a proposition forwarded by Sir Walter that it was hoped would prove to be mutually advantageous to all parties involved. Her curiosity excited Rosalyn had donned her best clothes and presented herself at the offices at the appointed time. She had been ushered into a small side office and there a gentleman acting as Sir Walter’s private representative had outlined Sir Walter’s astonishing proposal. Rosalyn had listened in mounting disbelief.In short, the gentleman had informed her, Sir Walter wished to retain her services as his private consort for a contracted period of two years. As Sir Walter’s escort she would be provided with her own apartment in a fashionable neighbourhood, her own motor car and a personal allowance that was quite frankly breathtaking. In return she would be expected to remain exclusively at Sir Walter’s service and to be ready at all times to hasten to Sir Walter whenever he summoned her. Naturally she would be expected to terminate her current employment so as to be available on demand whenever Sir Walter required her services. When Rosalyn had tentatively inquired what “services” Sir Walter would require the gentleman behind the desk had somewhat austerely remarked that this was a personal matter between herself and Sir Walter and doubtless he would explain the nature of those services at his leisure should she decide to take up the appointment.Rosalyn, despite the gentleman’s discreet avoidance of the subject, had been in little doubt about the approximate nature of the services expected of her. She was well aware that Sir Walter found her attractive and was quick to complement her on her appearance. It was also fairly conclusive when she was informed that, as a proviso to the contract, she would be obliged to dress attractively whenever called upon to attend upon Sir Walter and that she would be provided with a generous clothing allowance to allow her to do so. Also the terms of the contract forbade her from entertaining any other gentleman suitors for the duration of the contract. Furthermore she was to regard herself exclusively at the beck and call of Sir Walter and her loyalty, complete discretion and obedience to his wishes were regarded under the terms of the agreement to be paramount. Rosalyn had been shocked at first. There had seemed little doubt that she was being retained as a high class exclusive escort for Sir Walter’s sexual gratification.Once she had recovered from her initial shock however the advantages had become apparent. The allowance awarded her would easily have allowed her to indulge herself in the expensive lifestyle she craved without the disagreeable necessity of having to work for a living. If in fact she was to be little better than a prostitute then at least she would be a very highly paid one. In any case, she had justified to herself, it was rather a different matter being the paid mistress of a single fabulously wealthy patron rather than a call girl. She had also been forced to admit that she found Sir Walter attractive although he was old enough to be her father. Certainly a life as his paid concubine had sounded considerably more exciting than her current life. Ultimately though it was the money that had swayed her. Sir Walter had rightly judged her as a girl with far more expensive tastes than her meagre salary would allow. Rosalyn had signed the contract with barely a twinge of conscience. Blinded by her own greed Rosalyn had sold herself into slavery.The fact of her slavery had only dawned upon Rosalyn slowly and by the time she had come to realise it she had been trapped by the lifestyle she had come to enjoy as a result of her master’s patronage. Certainly the rewards of the agreement had been everything she could have wished for. Her luxurious private penthouse apartment; her Aston Martin; her designer clothes from Gucci, Prada and Armani; the trips abroad when she had been obliged to accompany her master; the gifts of jewellery and other presents; all had been testimony to Sir Walter’s generosity. She lived in a gilded cage; her slavery sweetened by the seemingly inexhaustible wealth of her master. Sir Walter had tightened the chains of slavery on her slowly, training her to be entirely submissive to his will. She had learned early that he had very firm ideas on how he wished her to dress. She was never allowed to wear trousers or jeans and was obliged to wear dresses or skirts of the most feminine style. The first time he had ever beaten her was a day early in their relationship when she had ill-advisedly turned up on demand to see him at his London apartment dressed in a trouser suit. He had ordered her to strip naked, bent her over the back of a settle and beaten her buttocks with a leather strap hard enough to leave bruises. Then he had destroyed her trouser suit and further punished her by sending her straight home in a chauffeured limousine in her underwear. She had never made the same mistake again but Sir Walter was exacting in his tastes and any time her ensemble failed to please him she had come to expect being punished for her failure. Even her underwear was expected to be alluring and feminine. A pair of knickers Sir Walter found unattractive would quickly find themselves decorating Rosalyn’s ankles as her exposed buttocks experienced the extent of his disapproval on the end of his cane.Rosalyn therefore had had to apply herself to her position diligently and learn all Sir Walter’s tastes in regard to her appearance. In truth it had not been so onerous. Rosalyn was an extremely vain girl who loved to dress well and the fact that she was being paid handsomely to shop in expensive boutiques for the sort of clothes she could never before have afforded was ample compensation for the occasional beatings she incurred through a momentary lack of judgement. Shopping was Rosalyn’s favourite pastime and it was dream come true to be able to indulge herself in it without regard to expense under the pretext of doing that which was professionally demanded of her. Sir Walter however had not merely punished her for her failure to live up to his standards in the matter of her dress however. As time had passed he found more and more excuses to beat her until eventually he would just have her whipped for his own pleasure. Even after many a painful session Rosalyn could never still the screams and tormented cries that escaped her throat as her master lashed her body and he exulted in her pain and his mastery over her. He delighted in tying her wrists to an overhead beam in his London chambers and taking a long whip to her naked body; snaking it around her and watching her writhe in agony as the whip left red weals around her loins, buttocks, back, stomach and breasts. Often he would cane her; expecting her instantly to bend over and present herself with skirt raised and knickers lowered when informed she was to be caned. He admired Rosalyn’s bottom greatly and watching her buttocks jump and squirm under the impact of the cane as she squealed in pain excited him immensely. Frequently, after lacerating her cheeks with angry red welts he would no longer be able to control himself and would unbutton his flies and take her just like that; bent over and gripping her swollen buttocks in his fists as he thrust between them. Although Rosalyn was forbidden to have any boyfriends away from her relationship with Sir Walter he occasionally made her available to his close business partners and friends; sometimes even having her whipped in their presence for their amusement. On one occasion she was ordered to present herself at his London office where four of his business colleagues had just signed an important agreement with him. To show his pleasure and gratitude to his colleagues at the conclusion of a successful piece of business he had ordered her to strip and caned her as they watched. Her caning completed he had then offered his colleagues the use of her. They had needed little encouragement and he had sat back and smoked a cigar and partaken of a glass of brandy while they used her for their pleasure. It had been an ordeal for Rosalyn for the four men had greedily taken the opportunity to explore the possibilities afforded by her body. They had taken turns at her laid spread-eagled across Sir Walter’s desk or made her kneel on the carpet whilst one took her from behind and another grasped her hair and thrust his penis into her mouth. They had even explored her back orifice and Rosalyn had gritted her teeth in pain as they penetrated her there. Finally, by mutual consent, they had made her keel on the floor whilst they formed a ring around her. They had tilted her head back and ordered her to open her mouth and masturbated themselves; directing their streams of hot semen into her open mouth and across her face. It had been the most humiliating experience of Rosalyn’s life but Sir Walter had been most pleased with her performance it seemed for the next day he had bought her a new car; the Aston Martin of which she was so proud.For her part Rosalyn had become accustomed to her slavery and the beatings and humiliation she was forced to endure as the price of her pampered luxurious life. Curiously she even began to need it. It couldn’t be said that she ever really enjoyed being whipped but in a strange part of her mind she began to crave it. Sir Walter trained her well; turning her natural submissive nature to his own ends and exploiting her deep seated need to be dominated. Gradually she became entirely subject to her master’s will and, to a girl like Rosalyn who was never equipped to make her own decisions in life, there was something comfortingly reassuring in her subservience as if through her obedience to her master she was relieved of the necessity of facing the difficulties of life and all her responsibilities reduced simply to the task of making herself attractive and available to her master whenever he required it whilst enjoying the fruits of his generosity.But there was a catch. Rosalyn had become aware that she was not alone. In fact Sir Walter was a man who enjoyed variety in his life and he maintained his own private collection of pliable slaves for his entertainment. There were usually four or five young women who Sir Walter kept in luxurious comfort under similar circumstances to Rosalyn in their own private apartments to be at his beck and call when required. To a certain degree this relieved the pressure on Rosalyn for even a man with such seemingly inexhaustible desires as Sir Walter couldn’t service that many young women without respite and there might be periods of several weeks when Rosalyn would not be called upon to cater to her master at all. On the other hand it hardly indicated a particular fondness on Sir Walter’s part for Rosalyn herself or any promise that her current lifestyle was in any way permanent. Sir Walter after all frequently changed the personnel in his private harem and it was known that he never retained any girl beyond the allotted two years of their contract.This was deeply worrying to Rosalyn. Had she been a different sort of girl she might have invested her generous allowance a little more wisely and put some money away against that day when Sir Walter dispensed with her services and she was obliged to make her own way in the world once more. But Rosalyn wasn’t that kind of girl. For two years she had been on an uninhibited spending spree. The loss of her master’s patronage would leave her virtually penniless. Gone would be her luxury apartment. Gone too would be her designer clothes and she would never be able to afford to run her Aston Martin. She might even, God forbid, be obliged to look for a job! All this would be bad enough but there was a further complication. In direct contravention of the terms of her contract Rosalyn had a secret lover. In fact Rosalyn had been clandestinely supporting her lover out of her allowance; a situation she would lose once that allowance was discontinued. Rosalyn was deeply in love with her lover and feared the loss of them as much as her pampered life. But there was hope. Sir Walter was said to be generous to the young ladies who had pleased him upon terminating their contracts. It was even whispered that he made arrangements for particular favourites for good sized severance fees that allowed such girls a good güngören escort deal of independence in their futures. Rosalyn hoped fervently that such a future would be forthcoming to her. The alternative as the date for the end of her contract loomed large was unthinkable.Rosalyn had learned much of this from the other girls who served as her master’s slaves. She had met them the previous year when Sir Walter had gathered them all up and taken them on a month’s long vacation to his private villa on a small Caribbean island. To all intents and purposes it had been a working holiday for the five girls for their master had invited several of his friends along as well and the girls had had to entertain several men as well as their master. The holiday had been somewhat of a revelation to Rosalyn. She had noted with relief that none of the other girls seemed able to take their whippings with any more equanimity than she herself demonstrated and some screamed even louder than she did when whipped. But they were a well trained bunch and absolutely obedient to whatever demands were placed upon them.The biggest revelation however came as a result of the men’s particular tastes. One of their favourite games was to order the girls to make love to each other while they watched. None of the girls dared disobey this order and they obligingly acceded to any request made of them. The girls were obliged to caress each other or ordered to use their mouths and tongues; kissing and licking any part of their sister’s bodies they were directed to. Sometimes they were even ordered to penetrate each other with dildos and even worse, on occasion, to whip each other. The men seemingly never tired of the spectacle and any girl suspected of faking was instantly punished severely. Rosalyn discovered that she didn’t need to fake it. In fact she discovered a hitherto unsuspected enormous pleasure in making love to another woman. She became greedy for the silky texture of their skin and the delightful softness of their bodies. She loved the scent of them and the taste of them and she became so wildly excited by them that she became an enthusiastic participant in these staged tableaux. To her astonishment she even enjoyed those occasions when she was ordered to whip one of her sisters. She loved to watch them writhe as she caressed them with the whip and see the shine of perspiration on their bodies as they struggled in their bonds as she whipped them. She adored their cries under the lash and loved to run her hands over the welts on their soft skins; soothing their burning flesh with her caresses. Even when it was her turn to be whipped by one of them it was different from the harsh beatings the men handed out and although she would scream in agony under the lash her sex would be swollen with desire and juices would trickle down the inside of her thighs as she craved their caresses in the aftermath of her whipping. Her evident enjoyment in these scenes made her a great favourite among the men and caused Sir Walter to take a particular interest in this side of his slave he had not noticed before. It was an interest that would have profound consequences for Rosalyn.Of immediate consequence was the change that came over Rosalyn as a result of these experiences. On her return to England Rosalyn experienced a new found dissatisfaction with her life. It had been easy previously to maintain her complete abstinence from sexual relations other than those proscribed by her master. Young men her age generally bored her. Now however she had discovered a delight in women and that was a completely different matter. Now she became obsessed by them and yearned for them daily. With enormous caution, fearful of being found out, she began to look for girls of like mind. After a few tentative forays she had found Josephine. Rosalyn’s spine tingled every time she thought of her beautiful Josephine; a petite nineteen year old art student in the city, timid and submissive, she had been bowled over by the seemingly sophisticated Rosalyn with her mysterious source of wealth, designer clothes and fast car. Rosalyn had rented an attic studio for her out of her allowance and slowly taught her those lessons she herself had learned under her master’s tutelage.Josephine was entirely compliant and trusting and she had not objected the first time that Rosalyn had tied her naked to the beams in her studio. Her eyes had opened wide when Rosalyn had taken the coiled whip from her bag but other than a few whimpers of fear she had voiced no complaint as Rosalyn lifted the whip over her trembling body. Her cries of pain had been sweet as Rosalyn stroked her flesh with the whip and Rosalyn had buried her hand in her crutch, masturbating herself as she applied the lash to Josephine’s soft flesh. Finally she had flung the whip aside and sated herself on her young lover’s tormented body. Rosalyn had held her long after releasing her as she cuddled like a kitten against her and crooning softly as Rosalyn kissed her and soothed her with gentle caresses. From that day on Josephine had been almost pathetically devoted to Rosalyn and Rosalyn, in her turn, had become obsessed with her little compliant Josephine. For months Rosalyn had concealed her relationship with Josephine. She tried to tell herself that the contract had specified that she have no relations with other men and thus having a girlfriend did not violate the letter of that contract but she did not care to test the matter by revealing her secret lover. But her contract was shortly coming to an end now and unless Rosalyn could persuade her master to part with her on generous terms then she would hardly be in a position to maintain either her lifestyle or support her beloved Josephine. Worryingly too her master had not called upon her for two months as if he had already tired of her and now there were only days of her contract left.For all her worries the call from her master, when it finally arrived a week before the expiry date on her contract, was gratifyingly reassuring. He required her presence at one of his country homes the following day he told her. He was sorry that he had neglected her for so long but he had been away on business. She was to be beaten he told her. It was entirely reprehensible that he had allowed business affairs to so distract him as to neglect her disciplinary requirements he was afraid. He disapproved of disregarding his slaves’ regular required beatings and therefore, if she would be so good as to present herself the following day, he would endeavour to correct his negligence of his duty by giving her a sound thrashing. After her beating, he further informed her, they might find some leisure to discuss her future.Rosalyn could have wept with joy. The fact that Sir Walter considered she had a future at all was eminently encouraging. It didn’t sound as if she was to be thrown completely out into the dark. Moreover she had a back up plan. If Sir Walter was to terminate her contract he might well be looking for a replacement. The lovely little Josephine would be perfect! Under Rosalyn’s careful mentorship Josephine could become a perfect little slave for Sir Walter and perhaps they might enjoy another two years of Sir Walter’s patronage as a result. Josephine’s compliance in the scheme Rosalyn took for granted. She was so helplessly devoted to Rosalyn she would do anything for her; even selling herself in slavery to Sir Walter!The following day therefore Rosalyn set off in her Aston Martin for Sir Walter’s country residence with renewed optimism. Sir Walter had a number of residencies in the country but Rosalyn had never been to this one. She set off early for it was a long drive out of the city and she was unsure of the direction. She dared not be late for such a pivotal meeting however and, although the promised beating filled her with trepidation, she felt exuberantly excited. In the end she found the location relatively easily; a country house a couple of miles outside a small picturesque village. It was set back well off the main road at the end of a leafy lane and Rosalyn pulled up in the drive way before the somewhat imposing facade of the large house. She took a final check of her appearance in the rear view mirror and, taking a deep breath, stepped out of the car. Her arrival seemed to have gone unnoticed for the place seemed deserted. She mounted the steps in front of the double doors at the front of the house. To her surprise the doors were wide open. It seemed as if this residence served as a rural office for Sir Walter for the hall beyond the doors was given over to a reception area and, seated at a desk just inside, was an exquisitely beautiful Japanese girl in a smart uniform, wearing a headset and tapping at the keyboard of her desk top computer. Feeling slightly incongruous Rosalyn stepped inside. The Japanese girl saw her immediately and raised her head and affected a little bow with a smile. “Good afternoon. Can I help you Miss?” she inquired in perfect English although with a captivating lilt to her voice.Rosalyn hesitated in confusion. “Er I’m… er Miss Sanderson. I… I have an appointment with Sir Walter.”The Japanese girl smiled warmly. “Ah! Of course! You are early. Please wait one moment and I shall inform Sir Walter of your arrival.” The girl pressed a button and spoke into the mouthpiece of her headset. “Hello Sir Walter? Yes reception here. Miss Sanderson reporting for punishment sir.” The girl listened for a few moments to a stream of instructions from her earpiece. “Yes sir…. of course sir…. I shall see to it sir.” The girl broke the connection and turned to Rosalyn. “I’m afraid we are not quite ready for you Miss. Would you care to take a seat whilst I see to the arrangements?” Feeling foolish Rosalyn took a seat at one of the chairs provided in the hallway. The Japanese girl pressed another button and spoke at some length in her own tongue before speaking to Rosalyn once more. “I’m sure it won’t be long now Miss. May I offer you a coffee while you wait?”Nervously Rosalyn shook her head. “Er no thank you. I’m fine thank you.” For the next few minutes Rosalyn sat there in silence trying to come to grips with the bizarre experience of having a polite receptionist calmly announcing that she was reporting for punishment! The unreality became even more pronounced when, after what seemed an interminable wait, another Japanese girl appeared in the reception foyer. Rosalyn blinked in surprise. The girl was dressed in an identical uniform to her colleague but that wasn’t the only feature of resemblance. In fact Rosalyn was almost sure the two girls must be identical twins so alike they looked. This second girl was carrying a plastic basket rather like the ones you would find in a launderette. She placed this carefully on the reception desk before turning to Rosalyn and greeting her with a courteous bow. “Good afternoon Miss Sanderson. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.” Rosalyn rose politely to her feet. “Er that’s alright. I was a bit early in any case.”The girl bowed once more. “Thank you for your understanding Miss Sanderson. Sir Walter has instructed us to prepare you for punishment Miss Sanderson. Would you be so kind as to disrobe?”“Er… sorry?”“Disrobe Miss Sanderson. Take off your clothes.Rosalyn swallowed. “You… you mean all of them?”“Yes please… and your jewellery as well if you please.”The first girl stepped from behind her desk carrying a small box. “You can put your jewellery and watch in this box Miss Sanderson. It will be quite safe I assure you.”Biting her lip Rosalyn removed her earrings and necklace. The girl took them and placed them carefully in the box to be followed by Rosalyn’s bracelet and her watch. Once divested of these ornaments the two girls looked at her expectantly. With trembling fingers Rosalyn began to unbutton her blouse. The two Japanese girls waited patiently as Rosalyn unfastened her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders. One of the girls held out her hand. “Please give me your clothes Miss Sanderson. I will take care of them.” Rosalyn handed over her blouse and the girl folded it neatly and placed it in the basket on the desk. She turned to look at Rosalyn once more and Rosalyn took a deep breath and unzipped her skirt. The two girls’ eyes watched her every move as she slid her skirt down her legs and stepped out of it. Once again her skirt was folded and joined her blouse in the basket. “I will take your shoes Miss Sanderson.” said the girl with her jewellery and Rosaline slipped them off obediently. Divested of her outer clothes Rosalyn felt shy and vulnerable under the steady gaze of the two beautiful oriental girls. They nodded at her undergarments. “Your underwear too Miss Sanderson.” one of them urged her. “You are to be punished naked. Sir Walter was quite explicit in his instructions.” Blushing in embarrassment Rosalyn unfastened her bra as the girls regarded her breasts dispassionately. Rosalyn had deliberately worn pretty matching lacy bra and knickers for her meeting with Sir Walter today but it seemed as if he would not see them after all; just these two poker faced young women watching her with perhaps a tinge of amusement in their otherwise expressionless faces. Rosalyn slipped her knickers down her legs, stepped out of them and handed them over. One girl took her knickers while the other inclined her head slightly the better to observe Rosalyn’s crutch. She raised an eyebrow in interest at the sight as Rosalyn blushed crimson. Rosalyn had no pubic hair whatsoever. Sir Walter disliked pubic hair and she was obliged to wax herself regularly. The waxing hurt but not as much as the thronged whip he was apt to punish her there with should he happen to find any unsightly hair. Rosalyn stood naked in the middle of the foyer as the two girls placed her belongings to one side. One of the girls then produced a pair of leather cuffs from a drawer and approached her. “Your hands if you please Miss Sanderson.” she said quietly. Rosalyn held out her hands and the girl buckled the cuffs to her wrists before stepping behind her and drawing her arms behind her back to fasten them together behind her by means of a metal clip. With her hands secured firmly behind her the other girl took Rosalyn’s elbow and gestured forward. “If you would follow us Miss Sanderson we will take you to the place we have prepared for your punishment.”Naked and bound the two girls led her through the house flanking her as they steered her along the corridors. The ground floor seemed to be a collection of offices for the most part and Rosalyn hoped fervently that nobody was working on the weekend and would emerge from one of the offices to see her so shamefully displayed. She expected to be led to Sir Walter’s private chambers but the girls surprised her by leading her out through some French windows at the back of the house into an enclosed garden bathed in sunlight. In front of the French windows was a small veranda upon which was set a garden table and two chairs. Immediately beyond the veranda was a patch of lawn surrounded by flower beds. At the front of this lawn a low wooden platform had been placed with a stout wooden stave attached to the side facing the veranda. There were coils of rope and what appeared to be bundles of twigs on a small table to one side. The girls led Rosalyn gently but firmly to the wooden platform and instructed her to kneel on it close to the wooden stave facing the veranda. Rosalyn knelt as close as she could and felt the rough wood of the stave against her breasts which came just up to their level. There was an iron ring on the opposite side of the stave and one of the girls unclipped the leather cuffs on her wrists and passed her hands around escort güngören the stave to secure them with a short length of cord through rings on the cuffs to the ring on the stave. The other girl took a longer length of rope and looped it around her waist binding her tightly to the stave with three or four turns. Then there was another length of rope to bind her legs to the stave just above her knees and finally her ankles were bound together and secured to another ring at the back of the platform.Rosalyn was trembling with fear at these elaborate preparations which seemed to foretell a frightful ordeal awaiting her. The garden was a peaceful place; its quietude broken only by birdsong and the whispered consultations between the two Japanese girls. Rosalyn swallowed the rising bile of fear in her throat. Her heartbeat sounded thunderous in the tranquillity of the garden. She glanced up fearfully at the house. Numerous windows overlooked the garden and she wondered how many eyes were watching her as she was bound helplessly to this frightful whipping post.The two Japanese girls examined her bonds closely before satisfying themselves that she was firmly secured. Then one of them picked something off the table to stand in front of Rosalyn and show her it. Rosalyn quailed with fear. The girl was holding a frightful implement. Seven of eight long green twigs had been bound closely together with strong tape at one end and again about half way up their length leaving the last two feet free but in a compact bundle of thin stalks. “You are to be birched today Miss Sanderson.” the girl told her in a matter of fact voice. “Sir Walter is concerned that you might have relaxed the high standards expected of you as a result of his negligence of your discipline in recent weeks. Therefore it is his intention that you be given a thorough beating today and he has chosen to have you birched. Do you have any questions?” Rosalyn could only shake her head for she think could of nothing sensible to say. Her mouth was open and her lower lip trembled as she stared in horror at the birch in the girl’s hand. “Very well then.” the girl continued. “We shall inform Sir Walter that you are ready for your punishment.” With that the two girls left the garden leaving Rosalyn quite alone, bound naked to the post and staring in dread at the birch promised her.She was left to contemplate her coming ordeal for perhaps twenty minutes but it seemed an age to the frightened girl. She was bound so tightly she could barely squirm to ease the discomfort of her bindings or her knees on the rough wooden platform. She closed her eyes and tried to find some inner fortitude to bear her through the beating she was to receive but each time she opened them she saw again the long birch awaiting her. She squirmed her head around and saw that it was not alone. A second birch lay on the little table. She shivered at the sight. Was her beating to be so severe that a single birch would not suffice?Finally she heard voices from within the house and Sir Walter emerged through the French windows into the garden. To her surprise he was not alone. Accompanying him was a tall, elegant and remarkable beautiful woman perhaps in her mid thirties smoking a long cigarette. Bringing up the rear were the two Japanese girls. They had changed in the interval however for they were now dressed in Japanese style; not the full formal kimono but the simpler more basic light summer yukata which resembled a kimono but was much easier and lighter to wear. One of the girls was carrying a platter with strawberries and small delicacies on it while the other bore a tray upon which reposed two glasses and an ice bucket containing a bottle of vintage champagne. They laid these burdens on the table on the veranda but Sir Walter steered the woman by her arm towards the helplessly bound Rosalyn.“Well here she is Alicia.” he said, evidently continuing a conversation started earlier. “What do you think?”The woman took her cigarette from her mouth and walked around Rosalyn, examining her closely. “Why she’s exquisite Walter! I see you haven’t lost your taste. She’s lovely!”Sir Walter nodded in satisfaction. “I’m glad you like her Alicia. She’s been with me two years now and she’s been well trained I can assure you. She does need beating regularly or she tends to get a little lazy but otherwise I’ve been most satisfied with her.”“Well she seems delightful Walter. Of course I shall need to see her beaten but my first impressions are excellent.”“Well she’s due for a sound thrashing Alicia. I’ve been away so much lately I’m afraid I’ve been letting things slip a little. She hasn’t had a good hiding for over two months! Still that’s soon corrected.”“May I take a closer look at her Walter?”“By all means Alicia. Be my guest.”Rosalyn shivered as the lady stepped forward to examine her. She stroked her flanks and ran a hand over her naked buttocks all the while murmuring approval. “She has wonderfully soft skin Walter and almost blemishless as far as I can tell.”“Yes. I’ve tried not to mark her permanently in any way and she does seem to heal quite quickly even after a severe beating.”The lady hefted Rosalyn’s breasts in her hands and ran a hand through her long hair. “She’s what… early twenties Walter?”“Twenty two Alicia… plenty of life left in her yet. She’s still got a good few years in her.”The woman nodded thoughtfully and turned Rosalyn’s face to examine it. She even prised her mouth open to look at her teeth. She seemed pleased by her examination. Finally she stepped back for a last appraisal. “Well she seems perfect Walter. Very pretty and she seems suitably submissive. Not a peep out of her! I like that.”“Oh she’s been trained well Alicia. She’s knows better than to open her mouth out of turn.”The woman stepped back and flicked her cigarette into the flower beds. “I’d like to watch her beaten Walter. I want to see her in pain. I want to hear her scream!”“But of course Alicia. That’s why I’ve had her prepared for you here. She’s going to feel the birch today. It’s the first time I’ve had her birched. I’m interested to see the results myself.” Sir Walter indicated the table and chairs on the veranda. “Come let’s take a seat and Sakiko and Sayuko can pour us out some champagne and we can observe her being beaten at our leisure.”The Japanese girls bowed as Sir Walter and his lady guest took their seats. One of the girls took the champagne bottle from the bucket and bowed to the woman. “Champagne Lady Alicia?” She nodded and took another cigarette from her handbag. Instantly the girl held out a lighter to light it for her. The other girl offered her strawberries and she took one with studied grace. Sir Walter was chatting away pointing out some of the flower beds which Lady Alicia seemed most taken with. Rosalyn had not dared to speak whilst this woman had examined her and it seemed almost as if she was forgotten now. Covertly she observed the woman closely. It was apparent that the woman was rich. The short designer dress she was wearing was a very expensive label and her diamond earrings and pearl necklace were further evidence of her wealth even if her obvious friendship with Sir Walter was not conclusive enough proof. She had the haut tones and mannerisms of one of the upper echelons of society and it had not surprised Rosalyn in the least to hear her referred to as Lady Alicia. She was clearly a powerful and wealthy woman and titled to boot. Why was she so interested in a wretched naked girl bound to a post and about to be birched then?After a few minutes of idle chatter Sir Walter nodded at the two Japanese girls. “Very well girls! You may begin.”The two girls bowed formally and stepped off the veranda. Rosalyn clenched her fists in fear perceiving that it was to be the two Japanese girls who would administer her birching. They seemed to be taking the task seriously for they unfastened the obis around their waists and slipping their yukatas off. Beneath their yukatas they wore only thin satin petticoats leaving them naked from the waist up. Ordinarily Rosalyn would have admired their pert high oriental breasts but her gaze was fixed on the dreaded birches they picked up. If Rosalyn couldn’t tell the two girls apart there was one distinguishing feature between them it appeared. One of the girls was left handed for she hefted her birch in that hand in contrast to her sister. In grave formality they bowed to Rosalyn before taking up positions on either side of her and slightly behind her. Rosalyn stared straight ahead clenching her fists to still the shaking in her hands. Her eyes fell on Lady Alicia. The lady was smoking her cigarette intensely her gaze transfixed on Rosalyn. Sir Walter looked mildly interested but Lady Alicia’s face was flushed with arousal; her breathing was deep and with her right hand she pulled the hem of her dress up her leg to caress the inside of her thigh as she waited for the beating to begin. Rosalyn could see the white lace of her knickers beneath her dress.The girl to Rosalyn’s right lifted her birch and looked to Sir Walter. He nodded curtly and with a long sweep of her arm the girl brought the birch down crisply across Rosalyn’s buttocks. Rosalyn jerked under the impact and gasped at the sudden searing agony from her nether regions. She’d had no idea that the slender Japanese girl had such strength in her arm. The pain was frightful as if somebody had taking a torch to her rear. She was still gasping for breath when the other girl brought her birch down to land from the other direction. Rosalyn arched against her bonds and cried out at the redoubled agony of the second stroke inflaming her already burning buttocks. There was no respite for the first girl lashed her once again, this time searing the birch across the back of her thighs. Relentlessly they flogged her, alternating strokes from either side, the swish of the birches cutting through the air almost a rhythmical cadence to Rosalyn’s shrill cries which turned to squeals and then to screams and finally to long howling wails of anguish.And still they whipped her. Rosalyn writhed helplessly under the tight ropes powerless to avoid the blazing pain of the birches on her buttocks and thighs. Her wrists were sore from the cuffs on her wrists and her stomach, legs and ankles chafed under the ropes as she struggled futilely under the rain of searing lashes. Her hair was wild as she threw her head from side to side in her agony and her body became slick with perspiration as she writhed uncontrollably under the torment. Lady Alicia was watching with burning intensity and her arousal grew as Rosalyn’s agony ascended. Even through the mists of her pain Rosalyn saw her ladyship part her legs and squeeze her hand against the fabric of her knickers. She tossed her cigarette aside to use her other hand to squeeze her breast and as she did so she lifted the hem of her dress further to slip her hand under the waistband of her knickers to stroke her sex almost panting with desire.Then Sir Walter raised his hand and the beating stopped. Rosalyn collapsed against the post sobbing and her chest heaving. Lady Alicia looked disappointed. “You’re stopping already Walter?” she asked.“I just want to observe the effects so far Alicia.” With that he rose from his seat to walk down from the veranda and out onto the lawn behind Rosalyn so that he could examine her rear. Her buttocks and thighs were admirably covered in a lace work of angry red welts but he deemed it insufficient and shook his head. “She can take more than that yet.” he declared. He nodded at the two girls wielding the birches. “You may continue.” He told them. As he resumed his seat the beating recommenced. Rosalyn had no idea how many strokes of the birch she endured or how long her suffering continued. The minutes passed by in one long blur of agony. A mist formed before her eyes and her anguished screams seemed to come from far away. She barely had the strength to struggle anymore and she leaned against the post limply her hair hanging in bedraggled ruin over her face streaked with tears. The whole region from the backs of her legs to the top of her buttocks was just one tortured field of burning pain. In the end the individual strokes seemed not to hurt her any more as if the protesting nerves of her body had reached a threshold beyond which it was impossible to hurt anymore. Yet still they beat her. Even through the burning agony she could feel trickles of wetness on her thighs and she knew that her skin had broken under the lashes of the birch and her body was bleeding.Sir Walter was curiously not watching her by now. Instead he was watching Lady Alicia closely and with amusement. Her ladyship’s arousal had overcome her and her hand was thrust determinedly inside her knickers, rubbing urgently as she masturbated openly seeking release. Her panting increased and soon she was emitting little cries of rising pleasure. Then her body tensed and she gave vent to a long shuddering cry as she climaxed. Then and only then did Sir Walter raise his hand a final time and end poor Rosalyn’s suffering. Rosalyn was barely conscious. She hung limply in her ropes and her head rested on the top of the post to which she was secured. She was emitting soft moans and twitching feebly. Their work done the two Japanese girls stepped back and awaited further instructions. For her part Lady Alicia struggled to regain her breath and composure. Sir Walter regarded her with amusement. “Well Alicia! You certainly seemed to enjoy that!”“It was wonderful Walter! I think we may be able to do business!”“Well we can finalise details this week Alicia. Now are you still staying tonight?”“Yes if that is alright with you Walter. Will you still be joining me in my chambers this evening?”Sir Walter chuckled. “As if I could resist the rare opportunity of your pleasure Alicia my dear. However I’m afraid I must leave you to your own devices until then for I have business to attend to.”Lady Alicia clutched at his hand. “Can I have the girl? This evening I mean. I want her to play with until you decide to grace me with your presence.”Sir Walter looked doubtful. “I’m not sure Alicia. I mean the girl’s had a pretty severe beating. Don’t you think it would be better to allow her some time to recover before you play with her?”“Oh I don’t want her immediately Walter. I’ll give her a few hours to recover and for the girls to tend to her in the meantime. I promise I’ll be gentle with her. I just want a little stimulation this evening.”“Well alright Alicia but go easy on the girl alright. She’s had one sound thrashing for today.”“I just want to play a little with her Walter. I’ll be careful I promise.”“Very well then have Sakiko and Sayuko deliver her to your chambers. I shall see you later on. Now I really must go.” Both Sir Walter and Lady Alicia left the veranda but not before Her Ladyship had murmured a few instructions to the two Japanese girls. They nodded their understanding and bowed courteously in compliance. Alone with Rosalyn they re-dressed themselves in their yukatas before untying the ropes which bound Rosalyn to the whipping post. Rosalyn rose clumsily to her feet under their assistance. Her legs were trembling and unsteady beneath her and her tormented rear felt aflame and swollen as she tried to walk. The girls were solicitous but firm as they guided her indoors with her wrists once more clipped by her cuffs behind her back. She was taken in stumbling fashion to a series of luxurious guest chambers at the rear of the house overlooking the gardens and into a capacious bedchamber. The large room was dominated by an enormous double bed and facing this, affixed to the wall, was a large X shaped cross with leather straps attached güngören escort bayan to the extremities of the cross pieces. It seemed that Lady Alicia had curious notions of what constituted suitable rest and recuperation for whipped young ladies for, instead of being laid upon the bed to recover as she dearly wanted, Rosalyn was led straight to the cross on the wall. Here she was firmly strapped onto the cross facing the double bed, her arms pulled high and wide above her and her legs spread wide to be fastened to the lower beams. Once she was stretched on this frightful apparatus to the two Japanese girls’ satisfaction one of them walked over to a dressing table and opened a drawer. From her limited vantage point Rosalyn could only catch the most fleeting glimpse of the contents of the drawer but that glance was enough to rekindle her fear for she caught sight of a fearful collection of implements within all, clearly designed for the infliction of torment upon some hapless victim. The girl removed a ball gag on a leather strap and stepped back across the room to face Rosalyn. “Would you be so good as to open your mouth Miss Sanderson?” she asked politely. With a small whimper Rosalyn obeyed and the girl eased the ball gag between her teeth and fastened it firmly into place with the strap behind her head. With this final preparation complete the two Japanese girls bowed formally and, for the second time that day, departed and left Rosalyn to her own devices.Rosalyn had no idea how long she was left alone but it must have been hours. It was by no means a comfortable position in which to rest. Her stretched limbs ached horribly as she squirmed in her bonds to ease her discomfort. Her swollen buttocks chafed agonisingly against the rough wood of the cross and her breathing rasped coarsely through the constricting gag in her mouth. Occasionally she gave vent to groans of discomfort and her groans sounded like gurgles. It was difficult to swallow with her mouth forced open by the gag and she felt her saliva dribbling down her chin to match the wetness of the tears on her cheeks. Through all of this ordeal however she remained certain in her mind that once Lady Alicia returned to her guest chambers there would be further suffering to endure.Rosalyn’s intuitive certainty was faultless was faultless it seemed for when Lady Alicia finally returned to her chambers to attend to her bound victim that evening there was nothing in the sadistic pleasure of her demeanour that indicated that she was inclined to be merciful to the helpless wretched girl. She entered her chambers without speaking to Rosalyn and spent several minutes smoking a cigarette and observing her intently from the bed with such a look of pleasurable anticipation on her face that Rosalyn quailed. To even the least astute person it was obvious that Her Ladyship was running through an inventory in her mind of the possibilities afforded by the helpless young lady at her mercy and restricted in them only by the limits of her fertile imagination. Rosalyn dared not speak even if the gag in her mouth would have allowed anything more than garbled grunts. She just hung in her bonds hypnotised under Lady Alicia’s unwavering gaze and shivered in fear. She was powerless to avert whatever Lady Alicia had in mind. She was just a plaything; reduced merely to the object of Lady Alicia’s gratification. At last it seemed that Her Ladyship had decided upon her the course of her entertainment for she rose from the bed, extinguished her cigarette and left the room through the door into the adjoining bathroom. Rosalyn heard the sound of the shower and some minutes later Lady Alicia re-emerged with her hair slightly damp and clad only in a long diaphanous negligee. Slowly, teasingly, she stalked up to Rosalyn. Even as she quailed before Lady Alicia’s slow approach Rosalyn could not help but admire the exquisite lines of Her Ladyship’s body beneath the translucent fabric of her negligee. The breasts were high and firm; the waist slender and the hips and buttocks rounded perfectly. Through the thin material Rosalyn could discern the pert nipple and even the little tuft of hair at her sex. Lady Alicia knew full well that Rosalyn was staring at her body for she flaunted herself in exhibitionist narcissism before her; teasing her seductively with the promise of her sexuality. Rosalyn felt her body responding and her breathing hissed more hoarsely through her gag.The response seemed to delight Lady Alicia and she smiled evilly and she stroked her hands over her body, feeling her breasts through the thin material of her gown watching Rosalyn closely. “Well you really are a little slut aren’t you my dear?” she crooned in a low voice. “Do you like my body? Would you like to touch it?” Rosalyn’s face flushed and she tried to swallow. Lady Alicia laughed. “You would, wouldn’t you? Well you’ll have to earn that my dear.” Lady Alicia came to stand in front of her and raised a hand to stroke a finger across Rosalyn’s breasts. Rosalyn trembled at the caress and moaned slightly, gurgling in her throat. For a few minutes Lady Alicia indulged herself by caressing Rosalyn’s stretched naked body. She seemed fascinated by the softness of the skin and enjoyed squeezing Rosalyn’s breasts and pinching the nipples. Her smile became ever more languorous as Rosalyn’s evident arousal grew and, teasingly, she ran her hand over the Rosalyn’s firm belly and slid it between her legs to tickle and stroke her sex. Involuntarily Rosalyn groaned with the urgent mounting desire those teasing fingers elicited from her exposed sex and Lady Alicia grinned in triumph. “Do you like that?” she inquired softly. “Do you want me to carry on? Shall I stroke you until you come?” Rosalyn could only croak in response. She could feel the wetness betraying her desire on the inside of her thighs. Cruelly Lady Alicia removed her hand and held it up for Rosalyn to see; the fingers glistening with the dampness of her juices. “Oh no my dear. It’s not as easy as that! You will have to wait. Before the pleasure there must be a little pain.” She wiped her fingers on Rosalyn’s breasts leaving a trail of dampness across them before turning and walking over to the dressing table. Rosalyn groaned in frustration but she stiffened as Lady Alicia opened the drawer; the same drawer from which the Japanese girl had extracted the ball gag and in which reposed the frightful collection of implements she had briefly observed earlier. With careful relish Lady Alicia selected a whip and turned around to show it to Rosalyn. Rosalyn felt her throat dry in fear as Her Ladyship held the whip for her inspection. It had a long thin handle perhaps three feet long and from this handle was a long thin, single leather cord the same length again with a knot on the end. Lady Alicia ran the whip deliberately through her fingers taunting Rosalyn with it. “Yes dear,” she told her, “Take a good long look because you’re about to feel this. Let’s see if you can scream through that gag shall we?” She let the cord of the whip stroke across the front of Rosalyn’s body and Rosalyn shuddered at the touch of it. Then she stood to one side and lifted the whip, pausing for a second to allow Rosalyn to anticipate the lash on her flesh.Rosalyn squealed and writhed against her bonds as Lady Alicia brought the whip in searing pain across her stomach. Her Ladyship stood back to admire the thin white mark turn scarlet before raising the whip again. The thin cord across her belly and hips was excruciatingly painful as Lady Alicia began to whip her in earnest. She writhed against her bonds and as she reared backwards futilely trying to avoid the lash the rough wood of the cross ground against her swollen buttocks re-inflaming the pains of her earlier birching. Lady Alicia was becoming aroused by whipping her and Rosalyn’s strangled cries through the gag only served to intensify her pleasure and stir her to greater efforts. She became intent upon whipping Rosalyn’s legs and letting the lash kiss the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs even on occasion allowing the cord to strike deep into Rosalyn’s sex and delighting at the frenzied muffled shrieks and violent contortions the agony of it provoked. She pushed her negligee aside and her left hand found her own sex to masturbate urgently even as her right hand continued to ply the whip over Rosalyn’s body. Then she raised her head and Rosalyn’s eyes flew open in fear for she had fixed her gaze upon Rosalyn’s breasts. Rosalyn tried to cry “No!” but her words were just strangled croaks. The whip across her breasts was frightful and she screamed loudly through her gag. But Lady Alicia was not about to be content with a single red stripe across those quivering orbs. Methodically she brought the lash down time and again across them, taking the most pleasure when she succeeded in landing the whip squarely across Rosalyn’s nipples. Rosalyn shrieked dementedly and writhed uncontrollably; her face wet with tears and saliva and her striped body glistening with perspiration. In the end it was Lady Alicia’s very arousal that saved Rosalyn from further torture for, unable to hold back any longer, Her Ladyship tore off her negligee and cast the whip aside to rub herself against Rosalyn’s tormented body, stroking herself quickly to a climax. She cried out in a****l pleasure at the peak of her orgasm and collapsed onto the bed gasping air into her lungs. She lay for several minutes with her chest heaving as Rosalyn hung limply on the cross sobbing softly; her body aflame with the stripes of the whip.Finally Lady Alicia recovered her composure and reached for her cigarettes; lighting one to draw the smoke gratefully into her lungs. She took her time to smoke her cigarette stroking her hair and thighs languidly; Rosalyn seemingly forgotten for the moment. Rosalyn hoped fervently that Her Ladyship’s lust was sated. She felt quite unable to withstand a return bout.At this point there was a knock on the bedroom door and, in response to Lady Alicia’s command to enter, Sir Walter stepped into the room. He was dressed only in a silk dressing gown and his eyes took in the scene with amusement; Lady Alicia naked on the bed, her negligee cast aside and the weeping figure of Rosalyn hanging on the cross, her body streaked with angry red stripes from her knees to the top of her breasts. “Well Alicia,” he commented wryly, “I see you’ve been amusing yourself whilst waiting for me!” “I’m sorry Walter. I just couldn’t wait!”“So I see! Well now that you have attended to your own needs Alicia perhaps you would be so good as to attend to mine!” With that Sir Walter unfastened the sash on his dressing gown and, standing at the edge of the bed opened his gown to display his erection, large and proud. Almost eagerly Lady Alicia squirmed across the bed to take hold of Sir Walter’s penis. The transformation from the cruel dominating woman into this suddenly eager to please subservient was remarkable and Rosalyn, blinking away her tears, was astonished to see the compliance with which Lady Alicia took the shaft of Sir Walter’s penis into her mouth to gobble away almost hungrily in her submissiveness. Sir Walter grunted in satisfaction and grasped her hair the better to facilitate his thrusting into her willing mouth. He used her mouth cruelly, thrusting so deep into her throat as to cause her to gag. Finally he pulled away and as she gasped for breath he spun her around on her knees and thrust fiercely into the cleft between her buttocks. He used her savagely. Using her hair to pull back her head and reddening her rump with hard slaps. She shrieked in tormented lust and pain as he pounded her crying each time he plunged his member deep inside her. Rosalyn could not tear her eyes away. The burning of the whip marks on her body now fused indivisibly into the mounting flame of her own aching unalleviated, desire and she felt the throbbing urgency of that desire mounting with every thrust and accompanying wail of passion from the tableau on the bed. She watched in frustration as Lady Alicia shuddered into yet another scalding climax and felt her own sex hot and swollen between her legs. Sir Walter withdrew from her abruptly and barked a command. Obediently she turned and crouched before him, her face upturned with her mouth open, inches from his glistening penis. Sir Walter allowed himself a short gasp of pleasure before ejaculating his semen straight into her open mouth and across her face. Suppliantly Lady Alicia wiped the excess semen from her face with her hand and then licked it from her fingers swallowing every last morsel. Only then did Sir Walter release her to fall back on the bed exhausted while he coolly refastened his dressing gown and reached into a pocket for a cigarette. Having lit his cigarette he walked up to examine Rosalyn carefully. Her face was flushed scarlet: she was gasping air desperately through the constricting gag, her chest heaving and her body trembled uncontrollably. He regarded her impassively for a few seconds before turning to the prostrate figure of Lady Alicia on the bed. “I think we’d better do something with this young lady Alicia.” He remarked. “Would you oblige me by pressing the bell button on the bedside table please?” Obediently Lady Alicia complied and a few moments later the chamber door opened to admit the two Japanese girls in their yukatas. Sir Walter took a pull of his cigarette and nodded at Rosalyn. “Miss Sanderson here is in need of some relief girls. Would you see to it please?”The two girls bowed and unfastened their yukatas, baring themselves to the waist before approaching the trembling Rosalyn. Sir Walter smiled slowly and addressed Lady Alicia. “You may want to watch this Alicia. Rosalyn here is a girl of very particular tastes. I think you will find this interesting!” Lady Alicia reached for her cigarettes with trembling fingers but she raised herself onto an elbow to observe the spectacle with interest. The two girls began to stroke Rosalyn’s aching body sensually with their hands and licked at her welts with their tongues, rubbing their naked breasts against her flesh all the while. Slowly they inflamed Rosalyn eking out the tenderness of their caresses until Rosalyn thought she would lose grip on her sanity with desire. When they judged her to be almost fainting with unfulfilled lust, one of them, Rosalyn scarcely knew which squatted on her knees and buried her face in Rosalyn’s sex, licking her clitoris expertly whilst her companion nibbled at her nipples. Rosalyn cried through her gag and her body arched against her bonds as the unstoppable rush of her orgasm overwhelmed her. In the spasms of that reason robbing climax her body did something that happened only rarely to her for she gushed forth a stream of hot liquid from her vagina, soaking the Japanese girl’s face and hair, before collapsing limply in her bonds barely conscious.Lady Alicia was delighted with the result and clapped her hands gleefully. Sir Walter managed an amused chuckle. “I thought you might enjoy that Alicia!” He took another cigarette and nodded in satisfaction. “Well there she is Alicia. I’m sure you’ll be more than satisfied with her.”“I’m sure of it Walter!”“Just make sure she gets beaten regularly and you’ll get plenty of service out of her.” He paused to take a pull from his cigarette and chuckled again. “You’re getting a good deal from it as well. She’s got a pretty little girlfriend on the side that she thinks I know nothing about. I’ve looked the girl over and I’m sure she’ll respond well to proper training so you’re getting two for the price of one!” He nodded at the Japanese girls. “Anyway girls I think we’d better rest her for now. You can untie her and put her to bed.”A few days later, after all the final details had been resolved, Rosalyn was informed that she had been sold to Lady Alicia._______________________________________________________________________________ (Comments on this story will be welcomed)