The Fence


This story is broken down into three parts. It is a little different from my other stories and I would appreciate any constructive comments. Thank you.

Part – 1

The new house was almost finished except for a few items, one being the 8′ high security fence and the shrubs and trees that were going to add more privacy along the fence.

I spoke to the contractor who told me that the fence and greenery would be here the next day and will be installed in two days.

Oh, before I forget, my name is John and my wife’s name is Debbie. We have been married five years and this is our first real house and we are very excited.

One thing I did was have a security system installed that covered the pool, front and sides. I could also see what was going on through my smartphone. I didn’t tell Debbie because she would be worried that the area wasn’t safe so I decided not to tell her.

We are both in our thirties and, I must say, Debbie is hot looking. She is 5’6″, a trim 115, green eyes, auburn hair, toned legs, a firm ass and tits that were just right to enjoy.

The house is a ranch style that has four bedrooms, family room, a huge master bathroom with a shower that can fit 4. There is also a jetted tub. We had a pool installed with a hot tub that was all screened in.

The house is a little bit away from the mainstream and there are only a few other homes in the area.

We decided on this area for a couple of reasons, one being we like peace and quiet and the other is that we are nudists.

Debbie will now be able to sunbathe in the nude without any annoyances. And, since I sometimes work at home, I will be able to join her.

By the end of the week, all the work was done and we were ready to move in.

The move went ok, with the usual mess associated with moves. By the end of the first week, most of our stuff was in place and the clean up moving along nicely.

Finally, we had a day of rest and we were going to make the most of it. The sun was out and it was 83 in the morning already.

We decided to take the sun and enjoy our new home for the first time. Since we were already naked, we grabbed a couple of towels and headed out to the pool.

It felt great having the sun beating down on our nakedness with nobody bothering us.

Then, it happened. We heard the door chime and our quiet time was now over.

Debbie went to the door and threw on her bathrobe while I ran to put shorts on.

Debbie opened the door and a woman was there. She introduced herself as Cindy and said she lived down the block and wanted to welcome us to the neighborhood.

Debbie invited her in and offered her some wine and showed her the house, eventually winding out by the pool.

Cindy was very attractive, probably in her early forties, brown hair, brown eyes, about 125, about 5’6″ and shapely legs, ass and tits.

She told us that she moved here a couple of years ago and that her husband was killed in an accident and that she volunteers her time with different charities.

She looked around the yard and commented on the fence and greenery.

I told her that we enjoy our privacy. Then, my wife decided to tell her that we are nudists in the hope of scaring her away but Debbie got a surprise when Cindy told her she was a nudist too but only in the house.

I saw Debbie with that look on her face and figured she was looking for help in getting rid of Cindy.

Then, I decided to help her.

I looked at Cindy and said, “Cindy, I hope you don’t mind but we were taking the sun before you came, so if it is ok with you, I am going to continue. You can stay if you like.”

With that, I slipped off my shorts and stood there naked and then sat on my lounge.

Cindy looked at us and said she had to go anyway and thanked us for our time and wished us good luck and Debbie showed her out. As Cindy was leaving, Debbie told her she could come by anytime to sunbathe and take a dip in the pool.

When she was gone, we laughed and Debbie said to me, “I think you have a new friend. I saw the way she looked at you when you got naked.”

I said to Debbie, “Not me. She was eyeing you up and down.”

Over the next couple of weeks things got taken care and the house was in good order.

I went to the office three times a week and worked from home two days a week.

The way the rooms were situated, my office faced the pool and I could always count on Debbie for a great view.

One day when I was working from home, the door chime sounded and it was Cindy. She had brought over a cake she made and wanted us to have it.

My naked wife took her and her cake to the kitchen and I went back to work.

Debbie invited her to the pool and asked her if she wanted to take the sun naked. Cindy said she did but wasn’t comfortable being nude with me around.

So, Debbie tanned nude and Cindy kept her bikini on. I watched as I worked but nothing happened.

We invited Cindy to stay for dinner but she declined and went home.

Two weeks went by and canlı bahis şirketleri I had to work in my office one day. Debbie said she was going to invite Cindy over. I told her to have a good time.

It was mid morning when I took a break and decided to check the security system via my smartphone.

I logged in and saw the front of the house and then the sides. The system was working fine. I then panned to the pool area and saw the two sunbathers.

However, this time Cindy was nude.

I kept watching as Debbie motioned to Cindy to come over and put some lotion on her.

I watched as Cindy got up and sat on Debbie’s lounge chair and started rubbing the lotion all over my nude wife.

I was mesmerized as Cindy spread the lotion all over Debbie. Then, I couldn’t believe my eyes, when Cindy started rubbing the lotion on my wife’s tits and stomach.

Debbie laid back on the lounge and let Cindy rub the lotion all over my wife. When Cindy got near Debbie’s pussy, Debbie spread her legs and let Cindy’s hands get between her legs and even touch her. I could see Debbie smiling.

I then realized that Debbie had a thing for women, at least for Cindy.

It didn’t go much further but I figured this was going to be the start of something and I knew I had to be out of the house to enjoy it.

When I got home, I asked how things were and Debbie said ok. I asked her if Cindy got naked. She said she only took off her top, which I knew was a lie, but congratulated her for getting her to do that.

That night, while Debbie and I were fucking, I asked her about Cindy and how she looked topless. Debbie said she looked great for her age and that she had big nipples.

I smiled and asked her if Cindy made any passes at her. My wife looked at me and said no.

We finished our fuck and fell asleep naked and hugging each other.

I told Debbie that I would be working more at the office next week. Debbie said that would be ok and she would ask Cindy to visit.

“You women getting close? That’s nice. Now you have someone to chat with.” I said. “Maybe she’ll get naked for you too.” I said, laughing.

The next week, I worked at the office and around noon, I logged into my security system and went right to the pool area.

There they were, both women completely naked and sitting close to each other on the lounges.

I could even see Cindy’s trimmed brown pussy and Debbie’s smooth pussy.

I watched awhile and then Debbie sat up and started spreading lotion on Cindy. I watched my wife rub the lotion all over Cindy’s tits and belly.

Then I saw it…Debbie moved her mouth to Cindy’s nipple and started sucking it. I watched as Cindy took Debbie’s face and lifted it off her nipple and to her mouth and kissed Debbie.

Debbie and Cindy kissed for what seemed like forever as their hands roamed over each other’s nakedness.

I never saw or knew Debbie do a woman. My cock was rock hard as I watched.

The highlight was when Debbie mounted Cindy and they rubbed their pussies together and had their orgasms. Before they finished, I watched as they got into 69 and lapped up their juices.

When they finished, they jumped into the pool and hugged and kissed until it was time for Cindy to leave.

I finally got home and Debbie had dinner all ready. We ate and then cleaned up and took some wine and went out to the pool to relax.

I asked Debbie how her day went and she said that she finally got Cindy to go nude. I asked her how she enjoyed it and Debbie said she was a bit self conscious but relaxed after awhile.

As we chatted, I was thinking of a way to join in on their fun. I thought that maybe I should surprise them and walk in on them while they were going at it. Or, I could sneak in and get naked and catch them in the act, then I could fuck them both.

Anyway, it was getting late and we headed inside to get ready for bed. My cock was rock hard just thinking about what I saw them doing. Debbie saw my hardon and asked if that was for her. I told her to help herself to it and she did. She gave me a great blow job and I filled her mouth with my cum. Then we went to sleep.

Before I left for work I asked Debbie what her plans were for the day. She said that she and Cindy were going out shopping. I told her to have a nice time and I left.

Around noon time, I logged into my security system and, sure enough, the two women were by the pool naked.

I told my boss that I had to leave early and knew what I was going to do when I got home.

As I drove home I kept an eye on what they were doing and they were really getting into it.

When I got near my house, I parked a little before it and walked in the front door. I quickly undressed and saw that they were eating each other out and knew it was the right time.

Part – 2

My cock was already hard when I stepped out into the pool area. Then I said, “Well, it looks like Cindy isn’t shy anymore being naked around people.” As I walked toward them.

Debbie pushed Cindy away canlı kaçak iddaa and said, John, what are you doing home? This isn’t what it looks like.”

I said, “Debbie, it looks to me like you guys were eating each other out. Unless you two were searching for something in each others pussy.”

Then I looked at Cindy and said, “It seems that you are now ok with being nude in front of others. I guess my wife made you feel real comfortable being nude with her.”

“Well ladies, I think we have a situation here, don’t you think?” I said.

“What do you women think we should do about it?” I continued.

Debbie walked over to me and said, “John, maybe we can work something out. What do you think Cindy?”

Cindy stood up and moved toward me and Debbie and said, “I definitely think we can work something out.”

As I watched them get closer, Debbie started kissing me and Cindy knelt down and started sucking my cock. I soon had my hands all over their naked bodies, feeling them up and grabbing their tits.

Debbie started whispering things in my ear, saying, “So, my hubby liked watching Cindy eat your wife, didn’t you? You like watching me playing with another woman, don’t you? Tell me if that turns you on baby. We’ll let you join us, if you like.”

I pushed her head back and told her she was a cunt whore and I owned her from now on. That seemed to turn on her on and knelt down with Cindy and started sucking my balls as Cindy sucked my cock.

In an instant, I told them I was going to cum and started shooting my load into Cindy’s mouth, then Debbie pushed her away and took some of my cum as it still spurted out of my cock.

My legs almost buckled from my coming so much.

I looked down at them with my cum on their faces and told both of them, “I own you two, do you understand? Both of you will do whatever I want or tell you to do. Do you understand?”

They looked up at me and both said they understood.

I told them to get on all fours, side by side and they did.

Even though I came a little while ago, my cock was already hard. I lined up my cock to Debbie’s cunt and slipped it in and started fucking her. Then I pulled my cock out and slipped it in Cindy’s cunt and started fucking her.

I fucked them both, going from one to the other until I shot a small load in Cindy. Then I told Debbie to lick my cum out of Cindy’s cunt and she did.

Once we were all finished, there were a lot of questions to be answered.

As the three of us sat naked on the lounges, I asked Debbie if she wanted a divorce. She said no. She said she loved me and asked my forgiveness.

I asked Cindy if she wanted to continue her relationship with my wife. She looked at me, then Debbie and said that she liked Debbie a lot and would like to continue but that would be up to her and myself.

As we talked, my cock started getting hard again and the women noticed.

I thought about the situation and said, “Ladies, look, I am ok with you two doing the lesbian scene. I really am if that is what you want. However, when I want, I will join you two so you can take care of me.”

They looked at each other and Debbie said, “John, I want to thank you for being so understanding. I think that is a fair request.”

Cindy looked at Debbie and said, “I think you both are great and I would like to be with Debbie and I know I would like you to join me and Debbie at any time you want.”

I told them I had one more request.

They looked at me and asked what it was.

I said to them, “From now on Cindy, you will be available for our threesomes pretty much whenever I want one. I will always give you enough notice and you will always be welcomed in our bed, day or night. And, if I want to fuck you alone, I will be able to, right Debbie?”

Cindy said that wouldn’t be a problem.

Debbie also said that wouldn’t be a problem.

With all that being said, the three of us went back to taking the sun. My cock was nice and hard as I was thinking of the luck I just ran into.

For the rest of the afternoon, we enjoyed the pool and each others nakedness.

Cindy didn’t care that I saw her making love to Debbie and she sure was ok with me fucking her.

I told Cindy that I wanted her to stay the night and she agreed. However, she said she had to go home to get a couple of things and will be back in awhile.

While she was gone, I had a talk with Debbie.

I asked her if she was ok with everything. She said she was and thanked me for being so understanding. She apologized to me a thousand times and said it just happened and she enjoyed doing it with Cindy.

She also said that if I wanted to fuck Cindy any time, she would be fine with that.

Then Debbie got close to me and started whispering in my ear, “So, my hubby likes our new arrangement? He is getting two cunts now instead of one. Can my baby handle us both in bed? I bet you always wanted this. You like your new cunt whore wife?”

I told her I loved her and everything else about her.

Then canlı kaçak bahis I said to her, “Well, my new cunt whore, you are going to get a surprise from me. Even though I forgive your playing with Cindy, there is one more thing you are going to do for me.”

She looked at me while stroking my cock and asked me what it was.

I told her that a good friend of ours, Tony, who she knew, has always had the hots for her and she is going to let him fuck her in front of me and Cindy.

She stopped stroking me and asked if I was serious and I told her I was.

She started giving me a bit of an argument but I told her she had no choice and she finally agreed.

I told her that I already spoke to Tony and he was coming over tonight.

Now, let me describe Tony. He is in his late 30’s, about 6′, 180, blonde hair, blue eyes, toned body from working out and a very large cock, larger than mine. His cock soft must be 5″ so hard, it must be at least 8″ and is thick. He is also single and has said many times to me that he wishes he could fuck Debbie.

Part – 3

Before long, Cindy came back with a small bag and got naked as soon as she came in the back with us.

I told her that we would have dinner then relax for the rest of the night before going to bed.

I told Cindy that we would have a guest tonight as well. She asked who and I told her it was my good friend Tony and he was coming over to fuck Debbie.

Cindy looked at me and Debbie with a confused look on her face.

I told her that Tony was a good friend of mine who always wanted to fuck Debbie and tonight he gets to.

He was coming over to fuck Debbie and we were both going to watch them.

Then I said, “And Cindy, you will be naked while he is here and if he wants you, you will let him fuck you.”

Cindy said that would be ok.

We finally had a nice dinner and we cleaned up and went back out to the pool area with some wine.

The evening was warm with a gentle breeze that kept the women’s nipples erect.

It was around 8:30 p.m. when the door chimed. I went to the door and it was Tony. He came in and I told him we were all in the back naked. He smiled and I led him to the pool.

His eyes opened wide when he saw Debbie and Cindy naked.

I introduced him and asked him to get comfortable. In a second, he started undressing and soon his big cock sprang out from his shorts.

I noticed the women taking a look at his cock and I knew they were in for a good evening.

He laid down on the lounge and chatted with the women and making small talk.

I invited him into the pool and asked the women to join us. Soon, all four of us were enjoying the water. I watched as Debbie and Tony got close and I am sure that Debbie got a few feels from Tony as their bodies touched.

After almost an hour in the pool, we got out and dried ourselves off. Tony, being the gentleman, helped dry off Debbie.

After we were all dried off, I suggested we go inside. By now, Tony’s cock was getting harder.

I sat Tony next to Debbie and I sat next to Cindy.

As we drank our wine, I saw Debbie move her hand over to Tony’s growing cock. She looked at me and I smiled and gave her a nod of approval.

We watched as she wrapped her hand around his shaft and started jerking it slowly. Then my wife moved her mouth down to his cock and took it in her mouth and started sucking it.

As she did that, Cindy started sucking my cock.

I watched as my wife was sucking Tony’s cock and his hands were all over her naked body.

He looked at me and I nodded and pointed him to our bedroom. He got up and took Debbie to our bedroom. Cindy and I followed.

They got on the bed and Cindy and I watched as the two started making out. It didn’t take long before Tony mounted Debbie and lined up his cock to her slit. We watched as Tony started sliding his big cock into her cunt.

Cindy and I watched as his big cock disappeared completely into her cunt. We heard her moan as his cock was fully seated in her cunt.

He started fucking her slowly and with each thrust, I could see Debbie looking at me with a grin on her face.

I knew then that she was enjoying her big cock.

As he started fucking her faster and harder, she started screaming, “Fuck me harder Tony. Ram your big cock in my cunt. Give myself the husband a good show. C’mon Tony cum in my cunt. Shoot your load into me.”

Tony fucked her even harder and moaned that he was going to cum.

Cindy and I watched as he shot stream after stream of cum into her. Her body convulsed in orgasm after orgasm.

When things quieted down, Tony slipped his cock out of Debbie’s cunt and his cum poured out of her.

I told Cindy to go lap it up and she did.

Tony and Debbie just laid there, exhausted. Her legs spread wide and his cum oozing out of her cunt.

It was a beautiful sight, watching my wife getting fucked by my best friend.

As Debbie laid there, Tony got up and thanked me for letting him fuck Debbie. I told him that any time he wanted to fuck her again, he could as long as I was there to watch. He smiled and said thanks.

As he rested, he asked me about Cindy. I told him that if he wanted to fuck her too, he could. He said he would like that.