The Erotic Tales of Chris and Bettie Pt. 03


The Sports Event

Chris is involved in sports. He used to be an athlete, but his playing days are now behind him. Outside of his full-time job, he works part-time as a coach and event organizer. He often serves as an official, too. While Bettie enjoys participating in his sport, she often finds herself unable to participate due to the time constraints of her family and career.

Bettie was able to join him one evening at an event where he was officiating. He picked her up on his way to the arena. It was a 40 minute drive outside of the city limits. As he drove, Bettie’s hands wandered around his lap, her fingers finding their way into the pocket of his sweatpants. She reached in deep and fished around, locating his sensitive balls. She gently took hold and began fondling them as he drove.

Fighting the urge to reciprocate, Chris forced himself to keep his hands on the steering wheel and his eyes on the road. Bettie’s teasing made this difficult, as her hand wormed its way up the length of his hard shaft. “You’re being mean!” he hissed through gritted teeth.

“You’re one to talk!” she countered.

Chris could only grin, knowing full well that he takes advantage of her heightened sex drive at every opportunity… He often takes risks to run his fingers across her chest, teasing her nipples, while in public. A seemingly innocent hug would often become an opportunity to breathe heavily in her ear or run his tongue along her long neck. Perhaps he’d run his fingernails across her knee, sending shivers up her spine. Though Chris and Bettie had only become intimate with one another over the last few weeks, he had quickly familiarized himself with many of her erogenous zones.

Upon arriving at the arena, Chris went inside to check in while Bettie waited in the car. Chris discovered that he was to be a referee for the evening’s event, and was provided with the appropriate access passes for him and his date. After confirming the schedule for the night, Chris returned to the parking lot to give Bettie her pass.

Bettie had moved to the driver’s seat of the car and was reading a magazine. Chris opened the driver’s side door, leaned in, and gave her a passionate kiss on the lips. “You’re doing the referee!” he joked.

Bettie smiled at his lame joke. “You’re such a dork!” she said. Chris grinned. They often teased each other regarding their tendency towards nerdiness. Bettie’s now familiar, mischievous grin slowly crept across her face as she quickly surveyed the surroundings… She looked up into his eyes as her hand slowly reached up his leg to cup his balls.

“Oh, shiiiiiiiiiiit!” he hissed, as he glanced nervously about. He pressed his body forward against the car, attempting to conceal the action as he felt Bettie’s hands grasp the elastic of his waistband and ease them down, exposing his cock. With the same evil grin, Bettie glanced around the parking lot to confirm no one was in eyesight. She then looked Chris directly in the eye as her soft lips gently closed around the head of his cock.

Chris’ breathing became ragged as her head bobbed along the length of his shaft. His hands reached down to run his fingers through her long hair as her tongue danced across his organ. She took her mouth off his penis and lifted it to gain access to his scrotum, and gently begin sucking his balls into her mouth, swirling her tongue around them.

Chris’ knees began to weaken, as she lifted his waistband back into place, patted his still-erect cock through his sweatpants, and said, “See you inside shortly.”

Chris grimaced as he returned to the arena with his erection plainly visible for all to see.

The rest of the evening was a whirl of activity. The sports event canlı bahis şirketleri was action packed, the crowd was huge, and live music was being played. These sporting events are kind of like a “homecoming” celebration for Chris. Each event gives him the chance to meet up with old friends he has made over the years as a competitor, coach, and official. Handshakes, hugs, and chestbumps seemingly occurred every few minutes as he ran into yet another old associate.

During intermission, Chris found Bettie and came to hang out for a few minutes. As he came to hug her, she noticed a long blonde hair on his shoulder, undoubtedly left by one of the many friends he had hugged throughout the evening. She lifted it from his shoulder, and playfully gave him a reproachful look before they both broke down into giggles.

“Sit!” she commanded, indicating the floor in front of her seat. Never one to disobey a direct order from his Mistress, Chris promptly took a seat as Bettie took her own seat behind him. Chris winced in a mixture of pain and pleasure as Bettie’s strong fingers suddenly dug deep into his shoulders, giving him an expert deep-tissue massage. For such a tiny girl (barely 5′ tall and 110 lbs soaking wet), she has incredibly powerful fingers, and she was penetrating thick layers of muscle with relative ease. The groans emanating from his lips and the expression on his face became a source of amusement for those around them, evoking claps and laughter with each grimace and cry of pain. Too soon, intermission ended and Chris returned to refereeing the event.

A seeming eternity later, the event ended. Chris attempted to take Bettie to the after-party, only to discover by the time they had located the bar that the party was winding down anyway. They opted instead to patronize an IHOP in order to grab a quick bite to eat before heading back to Chris’ place for the night.

Upon arriving home, Chris and Bettie were all hands and mouth, beginning to explore each others bodies as clothes flew off in all directions. As Chris reached to remove Bettie’s panties, she stopped him, “I hate to say, but it’s that time of the month.”

Disappointed, yet not deterred, Chris led Bettie back to his bedroom. He lifted her then lay her back on the bed. Their eyes met and lingered for a long moment before Chris’ eyes feasted on the rest of her body. Chris had not turned on any of his home’s lights, and was admiring her through the light that filtered in through his bedroom’s blinds.

Chris began by taking hold of her foot, and lifting it to his mouth. His hands gently caressed her calves as his lips and tongue explored her toes. She gasped as he sucked her big toe completely into his mouth, feeling his teeth gently grasping it. As he slowly extracted her toe from his mouth, she felt his teeth lightly drag along her flesh.

She could feel her pussy moistening at his every touch. His mouth and hands seemed to be everywhere. She longed to take him inside her as he explored every inch of her long, lean legs. His soft lips… His stubbly chin… His teeth… The delicate touch of his fingertips… He seemed to sense what excited her most, and made every effort to satisfy her.

Her body was quivering in excitement. Her hyper-sensitivity to touch was causing her to have a series of mini-orgasms as he stimulated her body. Unable to take more, she took control of the situation. She firmly pushed him back onto the bed and knelt between his legs. He gasped as she slowly dragged her fingernails up the insides of his legs from his ankles to his hips then lightly brushed the back of her hand across his scrotum.

Chris groaned aloud as he felt her hot breath slowly travel up his shaft. canlı kaçak iddaa Her moist tongue gently brushed along the underside of his cock as she reached its head. She delicately sucked the head of his cock into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it, causing him to squirm. He reached for her head, but she grabbed his wrist and pulled it away, pressing it down into the mattress. “Just lay back and enjoy…” she commanded.

He gripped the sheets as her mouth engulfed his rigid penis. He felt its mushroom capped head bump against her tonsils and her tongue stroking along the underside of his shaft. “Ohhh shiiiiiiit!” he cried.

Chris broke out in a sweat as Bettie expertly serviced his cock. Her lips and tongue danced across the full length of his organ, tantalizing it. She would stop from time to time to run her tongue up the sides, and take his heavy, sperm-laden balls into her mouth. She nibbled the inside of his thighs, eliciting cries of pleasure from his lips.

All too soon, he felt the tingling sensation that starts in his balls and slowly works its way up the full length of his cock. “I’m gonna cum, baby!” he whispered hoarsely.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhmmmmmmm!” she moaned, his cock still in her mouth.

The vibrations of her moan set him over the edge, and he cried out as his cock began to erupt his seed into her wet and willing mouth. Spurt after spurt of creamy cum drenched her tongue and tonsils as his hips bucked upwards, the sheets clenched in the white-knuckled grip of his fists.

As the throes of passion subsided, she gently sucked his deflating organ in and out of her mouth, cleaning up any residual residue of his sticky sperm. He slowly relaxed, settling back down against the pillows. Letting his penis slip from her lips, she grinned at him. “Did you enjoy that?” she asked slyly.

Catching his breath, he decided to show her rather than tell her. He rose into a kneeling position and gently pushed her back on the bed. He lowered himself on top of her and kissed her passionately. His lips traveled from her mouth to her ears, her ears to her neck, and back to her mouth again. She arched her back and gasped as his tongue stimulated her sensitive areas.

He took her arms, and pinned them above her head, effectively restraining her. She began to grind upwards with her hips at this, grinding her pubic bone against his hip. “She likes this,” he mentally noted. Taking both of her wrists in one hand, he slowly dragged his fingertips down her exposed arm, causing her to squirm. Soon, his lips and tongue followed. She gasped as his mouth closed on the flesh of her armpit, and she felt his wet tongue brush across it. Her vagina was throbbing as his lips and tongue were replaced by teeth as he gently began nibbling her.

Working his way down her body, his lips, tongue, and teeth teased her ribcage. She arched her back, moaning as she attempted to press her torso more firmly to his face. He slowly dragged his tongue from hip to hip across her torso. “Aaaaaaaaaaaah!” she groaned.

He released his hold on her wrists and straightened himself up. He grasped her by the hips and made her roll over onto her stomach. Directing her to stretch out with her arms above her head, he slowly dragged his fingers from the backs of her hands, down her arms to her shoulders, then down her back to her shapely ass. His fingertips continued to trail down her long legs to her feet. He took hold of one foot and lifted it. She felt his mouth close on her heel, gently chewing and licking the sole of her foot.

“Oooooooooooooh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkk!” Bettie exclaimed.

Chris licked and nibbled the bottom of each of Bettie’s feet, then slowly worked canlı kaçak bahis his way up the backs of her legs. Her entire body trembled at his touch as he reached her firm buttocks. He licked and nibbled his way back and forth across her shapely globes, occasionally dragging his stubbly chin across then as well. She pressed her hips backwards, pressing her ass up against his mouth. He rewarded her by biting her firmly. “AAAAH!” she cried, though not in pain.

He slowly began working his way up her spine to her shoulders. Laying his body on top of hers, his lips, tongue and teeth worked their way from shoulder to shoulder, and up the nape of her neck. She felt shivers of pleasure coursing through her body as his hot breath teased the back and side of her neck. She felt his warm, wet tongue in her ear and gasped.

Turning her head and slightly twisting her spine, her mouth met his in another passionate kiss. Her body was still quaking from the series of miniature orgasms she experienced. He rolled off of her and lay on his side facing her. She, too, rolled on her side to face him. His hands gently stroked her face. She closed her eyes and nuzzled his hand as he gazed longingly at her.

A noise outside startled them. They quickly rose from the bed and went to check the windows of the living room. Seeing nothing, they giggled to themselves at how easily they were startled. Making their way back to the bedroom, Bettie suddenly turned and embraced Chris in the hallway, kissing him. Slowly bending her knees, she lowered herself to a kneeling position and took his organ into her mouth once more. He quickly grew erect once more as her hands reached up to rake her fingernails across his chest and abs.

Using one hand to brace himself against the wall, and the other to grasp Bettie behind the head, Chris began gently fucking her face. Her hands continued to travel all over his hips and thighs, cupping his balls and grabbing his ass. Incredibly, Chris soon felt his balls begin to draw up into his body in anticipation of another orgasm.

“Oh shit, Bettie! You’re making me cum again!!!” he shouted as a torrent of semen exploded from the tip of his cock and down her throat. Chris’ weight collapsed against the wall, his knees too shaky to support his weight. Panting heavily, he said, “Fuck! That’s NEVER happened before!!!”

“What?!?” Bettie asked, alarmed.

“No one has EVER brought me off twice in the same day with their mouth!” was his reply.

“Really?!?” Bettie asked incredulously. Bettie could not help but feel proud to have serviced Chris in such a unique fashion, knowing that he would forever remember this night.

Catching his breath, and continuing to brace his weight against the wall, Chris slowly made his way to the bathroom to freshen up, Bettie following close behind. After freshening up, Bettie and Chris again begin to kiss. Sitting down on the edge of the tub, Bettie climbed up into Chris’ lap as they continued to kiss and explore each others bodies with their hands. Bettie mused, “I am tempted to fuck you right now despite my period.”

“Want to?” Chris asked, “I’m all for it!”

Bettie did not answer, but returned to his embrace. They continued exploring each others mouths with their tongues when Chris felt Bettie’s thighs attempting to clamp together in spasms. She began mewling into his mouth as the spasms became more pronounced. She suddenly broke their kiss and shouted, “Oh FUCK, I’m CUMMING!!!!”

Her entire body shook in the throes of the most intense orgasm of the night. The orgasm seemed to go on forever, shaking her from head to toe. Chris continued holding her tight, sharing the moment with her. Her passionate throes slowly began to subside, and she collapsed against his chest, panting heavily.

“Holy shit, that was fucking intense.” she exclaimed between gasps.

Chris held her tight and smiled, knowing that she would now have a reason to always remember this night as well.