The Encounter


He grabs me from behind. I grow excited. As his minty breath caresses my ear he whispers, “I’ve been waiting.” I sigh in relief and begin to whisper my response, but he gently covers my lips with two fingers. His voice slides into my ear again, “Don’t speak, just feel.”

The shadows shift and I feel his hot, hard body move closer behind me and feel his naked torso on the backs of my bared arms. I slide the back of my right hand slowly up his dark, hair-roughened chest and turn fully into his embrace. He brings his hands up to cup my face and tenderly places a smiling kiss on my nose as his fingers caress my jaw.

Drowning in his hot cocoa eyes, I feel his left hand travel slowly from my jaw caressing my neck, moving down to my shoulders, and lightly cupping one full, aching, nipple-hardened breast. His hand then moves to the space between my breasts and spreads. As his left hand continues its downward exploration his lips find mine and we taste each other.

Breathing raggedly, my hands struggle for purchase, gripping his shoulders in need. My mind numbs, the only thought, the only purpose for this moment is to find sexual release canlı bahis with this man – to feel his semen squirting into me as his body comes into mine.

His hand touches every electric spot on its descent. Massaging, knowing fingers find the clasp to my pants and work the buttons loose until the cloth falls into a puddle at my feet. I feel his index finger poke under the band of my panties and I begin to squirm. I move my hands slowly down his back all the while still sucking on his full lips. My fingers find the band of his sweat pants and as I peel them from his taut backside he begins to remove my panties. I grab his now naked, firm posterior and squeeze, kneading his buttocks as our tongues wrestle for control.

He breaks the kiss and lightly kisses my jaw. Slowly, I kneel before him and peel his sweat pants down his body until he can step from them. As he leans down to grab the hem of my shirt his penis looms before my face – hard and angry looking – it’s turgid length beckons. My arms rise as my hands rise to grab him.

I feel him dragging my shirt up slowly. When the shirt clears my head, he grabs my wrists together above my bahis siteleri head holding me captive – my mouth tempted by him. Looking up, I see the desire in his eyes. I train my eyes on his as I open my lips to take him into my mouth.

I’m assaulted by his salty taste as I lick around the bead of semen at the tip of his penis. Slowly I take him into my mouth, caressing his length with my tongue. I hear him groan with pleasure as I begin to softly suck. Managing my wrists with his left hand he moves his right hand to hold my head. He begins to thrust into my mouth as I’m suckling him, his hand now caressing my neck.

I feel him coming into my mouth and taste his semen as it slides down my throat. As my mouth slides away from his penis, he pulls me to standing, my wrists still captured. He then picks me up cradling me to his chest as he finds my velvet, canopied bed. His knowledgeable mouth unerringly finds my now sensitive, wet labia and begins sucking as he did with my tongue.

I feel the pressure grow as all the blood rushes to my breasts and hot pussy. My nipples grow harder. I feel his beautiful hands caressing my body. As his bahis şirketleri left hand slowly cups and squeezes my breasts his right hand dips below to clap my ass.

He looks up at me, his lips wet from me and asks, “Do you want me to fuck you?”

“Yes!” I scream. Over and over again as his mouth continues to attack my now swollen lips. My orgasm comes with exploding lights as my eyes roll back. His tongue is suddenly gone, but very quickly replaced with his thick, hard, hot length and as he pushes into me I can feel the hair on his chest rub my sensitized nipples, enflaming me further.

His large body engulfs mine as he pumps into me over and over again. My mouth finds his again and he begins to push his tongue into my mouth in rhythm with his thrusts below, first slow then faster. I feel him tense. His buttocks clench as he releases his semen into me crashing harder and harder into my body. At the last of his shuddering release I clench around him, coming in a torrid orgasm.

We stay connected until our bodies cool. He then slowly slides out of me, my muscles still clenching around him – residual aftershocks. Walking to the connecting bathroom, he cleans the sex from himself and finds his pants. “You knew I wouldn’t stay, didn’t you,” he utters, pulling his hands through his sleek, black hair. “Yes, I always knew,” I whisper as he walks away.