THE EIGHTH GRADE TEACHERTHE EIGHTH GRADE SCIENCE TEACHERThis story is true and reflects every detail that I can recall. The next encounter with Beverly was equally unbelievable. More to follow. I was taking a huge risk of getting caught speeding and another with the wintry conditions of the road, but I had promised my wife that I would make it home in time for the Parent Teacher conference for my stepson. As we mingled with the hundreds of parents, clutching the schedule, searching the halls for the room number, and realizing that each room would be well attended and we didn’t want to end up standing in the back of the room, we quickened our pace. My wife spotted the room number, and the teachers name on the door, Miss Beverly Ivankovich and we rushed in to grab seats, actually the c***dren’s desks. As was expected, my wife’s ex, was already there on the other side of the room. They both had been able to maintain communications without any animosity towards each other. That was pretty unique in itself considering my ex wouldn’t even be in the same room with me. As the din of the chatter from all the parents continued, the door opened and in walked the teacher. Remember the look on Simon Cowell’s face when Susan Boyle began to sing on Britain’s Got Talent in 2009? That was probably the look on my face when she walked in. Holy shit! She was a very sophisticated young lady, beautiful and probably 27 or 28 and she looked like Kate Middleton, with hair not quite as long down past her shoulders About 5’5”, slender, soft features, great body, easily seen in the electric blue form fitted dress rising about 4 inches above her knees, with matching high heels. This was his teacher? Wow! She addressed the class of parents with the curriculum she was teaching, and a general outline of the class work in the school year. She called out the students names and handed each parent folders that had been done by their c***d. .Of course, the immediate conflict arose when she called out Michael’s name. My wife and of course her ex both stood up to receive the folder. I stood up, offering them both the additional seat to look over his work, and I sort of shrunk back into the shadows. As she gave each set of parents time to look over the work, she announced that she would sit with the parents individually to discuss their c***d. I was trying not to stare at her, as I’m sure every male in the room was also trying not to do. She went through the class roster and proceeded to sit with each for 5 or 10 minutes. When she finished the ‘conference’ each set of parents would leave to the next scheduled room. She was pretty smart. She recognized a conflict immediately, and saved us for last. Being the stepfather, I wasn’t about to cause any further discomfort to either my wife or her ex. When we were the only three people left in the room, she pulled up a desk to speak with all three of us. I’m not sure what she said, all I could remember was that she was gorgeous. Both my wife and her ex were asking questions and she was giving them answers. My wife’s ex, satisfied, left to go to the next room. Now, alone with just the two of us, she got more personal. Explaining that she didn’t want to embarrass my wife’s ex, she proceeded to tell us in much more detail about Michael and his being looked up to by all his classmates because he was so “up’ on science. She indicated that he was the ‘superstar’ of the class, and often would lead discussions before she even had thought of them.He would create experiments and share them with her. She was quite sure that he had a future somewhere in the sciences’ and wanted to know if he excelled in other areas at home as well. .My wife was elated. Certainly I was impressed with her assessment, and the next thing I recall, a day and time for dinner at our home was being scheduled. I was stunned, and inwardly excited. I’d get to see and talk with this beautiful, smart, vivacious woman in my own home. Ooops! We said our goodbyes, thanked her profusely, and as we left the room, I asked my wife, “What the hell is that all about?”Her reply floored me. “Well, Michael is doing so well, and he likes her so much, I thought we could get some direction for him. And after all, she is beautiful, as I’m sure you noticed, as did every man in the room, very warm and friendly, and Michael has this huge crush on her, why not?”Why not, indeed? Now, my blond wife of 7 years is a stunner! When she walks into a room, conversations stop, and all eyes are on her. I’ve always been in love with her, even when she married the other guy (her ex).It was a couple of weeks later. Dinner was on a weeknight, so I had to drive like a crazy man to get home on time, I managed to get home just about the time everyone was sitting down at the table. This was quite a crowd, Michael, his three sisters, Mom, Beverly, and me. The conversations were continuous with much laughter and a lot of teasing. I listened a lot. Beverly was a charmer. She even had the girls wanting to do activities with her. My wife, the ever gracious and beautiful hostess with her silk blouse emphasizing her large 36DD breasts, sat next to me and very secretly, under the table, would playfully place her hand on my crotch, and run her fingers over the ever hardening outline of my cock. Finally, dinner was over, and all the k**s went to do other things, leaving the three of us at the table. As we began to pick up the plates and carry them over to the counter, my wife, behind me, would playfully tweak my ass. It was time for Beverly to go. She insisted we call her “Bev” as everyone else does. My wife, very spontaneously, invited me to drive her home. I hadn’t realized that my wife had picked her up at school along with the stepson. As we put on our coats, and trudged through the snow and cold to my car, I held the door open for her as she slid in. She was wearing a pink down jacket with a hood with white fur around it. I started the car, turned the heat up to ‘high’ and she gave me directions to her home. Surprise! It was ten blocks away in an upscale apartment building. I pulled into the parking lot and the car hadn’t warmed up yet. She was getting ready to open the door but was having trouble releasing the seatbelt. I reached around her to assist, and my face came within an inch of hers. The next instant I was kissing her and she was kissing me back. Not a little kiss but a deep, probing, tongue mashing, passionate kiss. Our breathing was becoming labored. I broke the kiss, and catching my breath, said, “Bev, I’m sorry, you just look so gorgeous I couldn’t resist.”“Did you feel me resisting you?” she said coyly. “No, but where can this lead to, I mean I’m quite a few years older than you, and you know…” I left the married man part just dangle.“What’s that got to do with anything?” she queried, and took my face in her mittoned hands and kissed me again.The intensity was making me breathless and having a profound effect on my groin. Meanwhile, the car was getting quite hot. As we broke the kiss, I unzipped my jacket and she unzipped hers as I turned the cars’ heater ‘off’. I wrapped my arm inside her jacket and felt the soft texture of her skin hidden under her blouse.Chapter 2I didn’t recall what she was wearing at dinner I was so caught up in the moment. Once more, we kissed. It felt like we were teenagers exploring a new found playground. Our tongues were now dancing with each other, exploring every inch of our mouths, pendik escort and moving our open mouths and lips together as if we were one. I moved my hand to her waist, purposely not wanting her to stop me. As we broke from this kiss and caught our breath, I said, “Why don’t you cut school tomorrow and we can play all day?”Without hesitation she replied, “Sure, I can call in sick. Where will we go?Being a salesman in the women’s apparel fashion industry and traveling around 4 states, I knew exactly where I would take her. “I have a place in mind, about a half hours drive, is that OK” I asked.“Perfect”, she replied, “what time will you pick me up?”“Well, I have some phone calls to make and some appointments to set up, is around 10 OK? “ I replied. “Great, I’ll be expecting you, it’s on the second floor, #210”, and with that, she opened the door and slid out. I started to get out to escort her up to her place and she immediately said, “No, don’t bother, get home to your wife. I’ll see you in the morning “and she was gone.I drove home slowly so as not to arouse suspicions and also to calm down, and to let my obvious arousal get reined in. I pulled in the drive and hustled into the house.My wife was in the den, I could see the back of her blond head sitting in the large overstuffed recliner. I thought it unusual as she seldom is in the den. I had hung up my coat, stamped the snow off of my feet and sauntered in to the den. I turned to face her and my mouth dropped open. She was in a silk lounging robe that I had not seen before, with the front wide open, displaying her succulent large almost perfect breasts, and had no panties on, showing me her delectable dark hairy pussy that I absolutely loved to eat let alone slide my cock into, and a pair of high heels. What is it about women’s high heels that turn men on? She obviously was not a real blond, but no one ever knew because her complexion was so light and unblemished. She was hot!Stunned, I said, “Wow honey, what did I do to deserve this?”She stood up, walked towards me, reached for my buckle, started to undo it, and unbuttoned my pants and zipped down the fly and reached in and snuck her hand into my shorts and grabbed my stiffening cock, and said, “I thought you’d like to fuck my brains out tonight after watching you drool over Bev and your cock getting so hard at dinner.” I had never heard her express herself like this before. Well she was certainly right about my fantasizing over Beverly. Our sex life was usually pretty good, at least I thought so, but there was never any sexual verbalizing. I’d always thought that she was un-comfortable talking about sex, but she really liked having sex.I was about to wrap my arms around her and give her a passionate kiss, but I was a second to slow.She grabbed my pants, tugged them down to the floor as she kneeled down on her knees, letting my briefs down also and grabbed my now very stiff cock. She looked up into my eyes and said, “I love sucking your beautiful cock and making you cum in my mouth.” I was once more stunned, and she has never told me that. She had lowered her beautiful face to my groin and licked the pre-cum off of my cock, swirled it around in her mouth, and slid her mouth over my hard cock. She slowly went down as far as she could, and slowly came up and repeated the motion several more times all the while cupping my balls and using her other hand to guide my cock up and down in her mouth. My head was back and my eyes closed at this supreme effort from my magnificent wife. I wanted to reach down and play with her large tits and rub the nipples, but I was to far gone, and murmured “Honey, I’m going to cum!” She sped up her sucking and on the downward motion, I shot a hot load of cum in three spurts into her hot mouth. She gagged a little and then started to let up, showed me the cum in her mouth and deliberately swallowed every drop. She stood up, placed her hand gently around my softening cock, and said, “I love the taste of your cum. Ok honey, come with me so you can fuck my horny pussy” and gently tugged me towards the master bedroom. As we walked in, she let go of my now flaccid cock, turned to me, slipped off the silk robe with both hands, cupped both of her large tits, spread her legs a little on those high heels and said, “C’mon baby, suck these big titties and eat my wet hairy cunt.” I was speechless. I said, “Honey, you’ve never spoken this way before, what has come over you?” “Yes, that’s true, but I’ve always been thinking the words, I just thought you wouldn’t respect me if I said them, and you’d think I was a slut and I love you too much to lose your respect.”“Ok babe, you’d never lose my love or respect, but what changed all this?” “I stumbled across a web site of porn and have been watching in the evenings when the k**s are asleep and you’re travelling. I didn’t know I could get so turned on in my life. Then I realized that I needed to share that with you. Our sex life has always been good, but maybe now we can make it exceptional, what do you think?” As I was about to reply, she flopped down on her back on the bed, spread her legs as far as she could and said, “C’mon baby eat this cunt and make me cum, I’m so horny.”I didn’t need any more incentive. All thoughts of Bev had vanished. I knelt down, placed both hands on my wife’s thighs and dove into her hairy cunt. I love her cunt. I never told her, so I kissed her hairy pussy, licked up between her pussy lips, took in her musky aroma, lifted my head a bit and said, “Baby, I’ve always loved your hairy pussy, the way you keep it trimmed just so, the thickness of the hair and the way you get so wet when I eat you. I could eat your pussy forever.”“Oh yeah Honey, I love hearing that, and I just love when you suck my clit and I cum on your face. I never told you that I wanted to lick up my cum from your face and suck on your cock after you cum in my pussy, so keep talking and doing me.”I dove into her pussy. I sucked, licked, kissed, tongued her slit and hole and sucked on her clit, and stuck my tongue in as far as I could, and nuzzled her hair all over so that she was completely wet from my saliva and her juices all over this delicious cunt. I held her cunt lips open so I could suck them into my mouth. I was in ecstasy. She was thrusting her pussy up to my face, which she had never done before, and moaning and clamping her legs around my head, and almost yelling, “Oh God, yes, eat my cunt, Oh yeah, it feels so good, suck me, Oh God, I’m gonna’ cum right now honey, here it comes,” and she let loose a fountain of her juices. I bathed my face in them, drank as much as I could, moved my face all around her pussy, getting every square inch of her sopping wet. Loving every minute and loving her even more. This was by far the most intense sex we had ever had, and we hadn’t even fucked yet. I came up for air, and she loosened her grip with her legs around my head, then reached down and scooped up as much wetness as she could, and stuck three fingers in her mouth, sucking them, and savoring the taste and moaning. Needless to say, my cock was like a piece of steel. I got up from my kneeling position and said to her, “Baby, do you want this stiff cock in your cunt, right now?”“Oh yes, fuck me baby, stick that great cock into my wet hot cunt. Ram it in me.”I couldn’t get over her lust and the verbal bantering, I never knew this side of the woman in all these kartal escort years. I slid between her out stretched legs, still with her high heels on and positioned my self. With both hands, I held open her pink cunt lips, and pushed just the tip of my cock in, and she screamed, “No, No, don’t tease, slam your cock in my cunt!”I slammed it in up to my balls. She caught her breath and said, “Oh god yes, I love your cock in me, c’mon babe, fuck me.”I withdrew and slammed it back in, and started a rhythm, and with each thrust she would groan, “yeah, yeah, right there, Oh god, yeah, fuck, fuck, I love it, fuck me baby, gimme your cum in my cunt.” I knew I wasn’t going to cum anytime soon after her fabulous blow job, so I kept fucking her, and we were both building up quite a sweat. I could feel her cunt muscles clamping on my cock with each thrust, and then she screamed, “Yeah, I’m cumming again, here it comes baby, Oh yeah, here it comes”, and let loose another gush of juices. This woman is not the one I’ve been married to for all these years. I was elated and in seventh heaven. In all of our sex, I can only remember once or twice when she came so hard. Wow! I had a whole new woman to explore. As she enjoyed her orgasm, she let up on the pressure of her legs wrapped around my waist, and it was then that I realized her heels were actually digging into my back.I withdrew my cock from her wet pussy, and stood up to regain my breath and straighten up my arched back. Her head was to the side, with her hair cascading around her, eyes closed, her beautiful tits sliding to each side, she was mumbling, “yeah, yeah, feels so good, Oh my God.”I moved her leg to give me some room, and sat down on the edge of the bed. As I did, I ran both hands up her leg, gently and soothingly from her ankle up to her now sopping wet pussy.I bent down and kissed her nipple, sucked it into my mouth gently, and as she turned to face me, I kissed her with deep probing passion. When we broke the kiss, I said, “Honey, I have never loved you more than I do at this moment.” Her response was to gently caress my face with her hand, and said, “Me too.”I laid back on the bed, and we curled up facing each other, with her leg over my thigh. We fell asleep quickly.Sometime during the night, one of us must have gotten up and covered us both up.Chapter 3The morning chaos awakened us, as the k**s were all getting ready for their respective days at school. We both sauntered into the bathroom, brushed, I shaved, and both jumped into the shower. We were chatting about the days events. I had a sales call to make a few hours away, but thought I could get back by early evening, and she was off to her job as a dental office chain manager. I was eager to pick Bev up, and knew in the back of my mind, at 50, I might not be able to perform, so I secretly grabbed two Viagra. I dressed in my usual suit and tie, kissed my wife goodbye, and playfully grabbed one of her delicious tits and squeezed it. I had plenty of time so I drove over to the local Mall parking lot to kill some time. At precisely 10, I knocked on Bev’s door. She opened it, said “good morning” and gave me a little kiss on the lips. I responded accordingly, and said, “Ready?”“I’m always ready”, she replied with a cheeky grin. I took her hand and we went to my car. The morning chill had not yet warmed up, so I turned on the heat again. She had on the same pink down jacket, and I noticed a black skirt, and leather boots. I commented that she looked just like she was ready for school. She laughed and said, “Well, I couldn’t tell my roommate that I was going to spend the day with you now, could I?”“By the way”, she inquired, “exactly where are we going?”“To be honest Bev, I want to make love to you, so I have a Motel not to far down the Interstate I was planning to take you to. Is that OK?”“Sounds delicious” she replied, “I was hoping that was your intention.”We chit chatted about non -sensical things and I pulled in to the Motel parking lot. I went in, paid for the room, got the key, and came back out and pulled the car around the back, out of sight. By now, the chill outside was gone, and the car had heated up beyond a comfort zone, so we were both quite warm. We walked in to the room, she tossed her down jacket on the floor, turned and wrapped her arms around my neck and proceeded to swallow me whole with her mouth. She had her mouth open so much that I could have gotten lost in there. She tasted like fresh mint from her toothpaste. Her tongue was doing things that I didn’t think could be done with a tongue. She explored my tongue, the roof of my mouth, under my tongue, inside my cheeks and all the time had her mouth moving all over mine. This kiss could’ve made a dead man rise. I had both hands cupping her sweet little ass and bringing her to me. The Viagra had to be working, my cock was once again, hard as steel. She broke the kiss, each of us, catching our breath, and she said, “Wow, you sure know how to kiss.”I replied, “Looks who’s talking. That’s the most sensual kiss I’ve ever had, and I certainly want more, but not just yet. That car was so hot, I was sweating, so I need to take a quick shower.” “Hey you go for it, big guy, I’ll be waiting for you.” I thought she’d appreciate the fact that I wanted to be perfectly squeaky clean for her, even though I had taken a shower less that 2 hours before. While I was in the shower, she must have turned on the TV to GMA or something as I could hear the talking. I soaped up quickly, rinsed off, dried myself, opened the bathroom door with a towel wrapped around my waist. Standing with her back to me, watching the TV, she stood there obviously with no bra on, and a wisp of a thong. I let out a low grunt of approval, and she turned to face me. Oh shit! She was fucking gorgeous. Her black hair cascading over her shoulders, almost covering up her small tits, maybe 32 B’s, perfectly shaped with huge very dark brown areolas, and at least 1 inch nipples. She tapered down to a magnificent small waist, perfectly toned legs, and ‘Oh My God’, black pussy hair peeking out from the triangle that was covering her pussy. As my mind focused on her my cock became a steel rod. The towel came undone and dropped to the floor. My cock had reached an unprecedented length, almost 6 ½” and was throbbing.“Oh yes, that’s a beautiful cock, can I play with it?” she asked teasingly. “Bev, you can do whatever you want with it, my God you’re beautiful” She slowly walked towards me, throwing her long hair over her shoulders, then let both hands cup her small tits, tweaked each nipple, dropped her hands to the thong, untied the bow at the side, and let it drop to the floor. I thought my wife had a great hairy pussy, this was unbelievable. Trimmed into a large V, thick black hair, that covered every inch of her womanhood. I stood with my mouth open. She stood there unmoving, with her hands on her hips, and said, “Do you like me?”I was almost speechless but managed to mumble, “You are a Goddess!”“Oh good, I thought you might be disappointed.” she said.I went to her, wrapped my arms around her, my hands feeling, kneading and fondling her small ass cheeks, and bent down and sucked in one of her nipples. Both hands went up to hold my head to her tit. I sucked, licked, and her nipples became even bigger and harder. “Oh yes, suck those baby, it gets all my juices going.” she said a little breathless.I maltepe escort moved my mouth from one fantastic nipple to the other, and while I was sucking, I moved one hand to caress, squeeze and fondle the tit I wasn’t sucking, and let the other hand wander down to her patch of glorious pussy hair. I ran my fingers through this thick patch of hair searching for her cunt lips, and finally slid my finger up and down her slit. Now she was moaning and saying things. “mmm good, yeah, love it, don’t stop, bite those nipples, squeeze my pussy lips, Oh God. Yes, it’s so good.”I let up on my sucking and fingering to catch my breath, and physically picked her up, all 98 pounds of her, and planted her on her back on the bed. I wanted to get into that hairy cunt right now. I spread her legs and she helped by grabbing her ankles, and spreading them as far as she could. Her beautiful hairy pussy was completely exposed, and her pink cunt lips were just parted a little, but they glistened she was so wet. I grabbed my cock, and shoved it into her with a strong thrust. It actually moved her back on the bed a little. She yelled with that first entry thrust, “Oh yeah, c’mon you fucker, fuck me good.”I began to piston her, and she let her ankles go sensing that I was as deep in her as I could get, then she reached for my ass cheeks and with each thrust, drove me in even deeper. I hit her cervix with ever thrust. She was squealing, “Oh my God, fuck me hard, c’mon harder, drive that cock into me.” After 5 or 6 minutes, I pulled out of her cunt, took a few deep breaths, and dove my face into her furry pussy. She tasted like almonds and cinnamon and I was alternating between her cunt lips, her clit, and her hole. She creamed, “I’m gonna come all over your face, don’t stop, don’t stop, suck my clit, yeah, I’m cumming!”I drank up every drop and continued to lick, suck, kiss, and plunge my tongue deep into her hole. My tongue and mouth were getting a little tired, so I stopped and came up for much needed cool air. As I did, she yelled, “Oh God, here I cum again”.As I watched, a fountain erupted from her pussy, shooting all over my chest, arms and stomach. It was all clear liquid, and in the midst of her thrashing about, I put my mouth over her pussy and got the rest of her liquid. I had never been with a squirter before. Never knew what to expect, even though you see it on porn, you know it’s.staged. This was not. She was in the throes of absolute ecstasy and was squeezing my waist with her legs. I was spent. I though she was also .I had to catch some fresh air. Extricated myself from her legs, and went over and sat down on the chair. I could not believe that my cock was still hard. Lesson: Never doubt the power of Viagra. I looked over at her, splayed out, and her hairy pussy was wet and glistening everywhere and down both of her legs. The bedspread beneath her was soaking wet also. Fifteen minutes later, we finally spoke. I said, “Bev, are you OK, babe?”“No, I’m not OK, I need you to cum either in my pussy or my mouth, your choice.”I laughed, “Are you k**ding?” I may not be able to move for a few days”.“Oh, you’ll recover, I guarantee it, so come over here.” she commanded.I slowly went over to the bed and sat down on the edge, with my still stiff cock pointing up in the air. She scrambled off the bed, got on her knees and with both hands holding the base of my cock, she slid her mouth over the head and just went all the way down.Her mouth was hot, wet, and sucking. Her head was bobbing up and down on my cock. I leaned back, and then I knew it was time. “Bev, I’m cumming” no sooner than I uttered the words, I shot a load of cum and then another short one into her mouth.She devoured my cum, and was moaning ‘um, um, um”. What a feeling. I could feel the release to the tip of my toes. She kept sucking and licking, and when she lifted her head, both hands were gently jacking my cock up and down. I was amazed. It was still hard. “No way”, I uttered.“Yes, Way!” she said, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. She turned around got on all fours and said, “C’mon baby, fuck me again, slam it into my pussy”.I got down slowly behind her, and stuck my cock into her pussy from the back side. She was so wet that I slid in easily. I got into a slow rhythm, which was all I could muster, with my hands holding on to her petite ass, drove my cock into her and surprisingly went in even deeper than before. Her head was down on the floor, her arms supporting her and was driving her ass back to meet each thrust, grunting. I figured , ‘what the hell’ and shoved a finger right into her little pink asshole.All of a sudden she yells, “Oh God, yes, shove it in, once more, and I’ll cum again.”I wasn’t sure if she meant my cock or my finger, so I gave her both. I gave her one really strong thrust and she erupted. The juices were pouring out of her and she’s gulping for air, and yelling, “Oh my God, what a fuck, what a fuck, I love it, I love it.”I was completely and totally exhausted. Finally, my cock was showing signs of fatigue as well and was actually starting to go down. I leaned back, scooched my legs out from under the kneeling position I was in, laid against the foot of the bed, and Bev just collapsed onto the floor. I was sweating from all the exertion. Bev didn’t seem to be any worse for the wear. I gazed down upon her prone body, with the hair on her head tossed everywhere, her arms under her head, her smooth flawless back, the curve of her waist rising to her petite ass and her shapely thighs, legs and the high heels. I thought, ‘that’s twice I’ve been blessed in two days’.Somehow we both managed to get between the covers, and in minutes we were fast asleep. The loud knocking on the door awakened me with a start. I heard “Maid service” and promptly yelled back, “Come back later.” I looked at my watch on the night stand, it was almost 2:30. I leaned over to Bev, her hair tousled all over her face and neck, moved a few strands, and lightly kissed her. She moaned, “um, um, yes.”She threw her arms around my neck and pulled me to her to kiss me more firmly. “Baby, we probably need to shower, clean up, and get out of here. It’s 2:30, we’ve been sleeping for almost two hours,” I proclaimed.“Oh, OK, but I could stay here for a couple of more days.” she said, jokingly.“Yeah, wouldn’t that be nice, and we could kill each other,” I replied also jokingly.After a quick shower, soaping and playing with each other, dressing and getting ourselves as presentable as possible, we climbed into the car. It was bone chilling cold, it had snowed lightly, and the road was slow going. I got her to her apartment around 4, which was just about the time she would have come home from school that day. On the way back, she told me that ‘it had been the best ‘fuck’ of her life’ and she wanted to play with me some more. Knowing my circumstances, she chided me and hoped for my sake, ‘that your wife doesn’t want to fuck tonight.” We laughed, kissed, and made plans for one day next week. I found out that she was never married, was in fact 29, didn’t mind being ‘the other woman’ and had no intention of being a home wrecker. If our tryst was only for one day, she was fine with that, just hoped it would be more regular as she loved sex. Like I couldn’t tell? I thought ‘if you only knew what doors my wife has opened’. That was the first time my wife had come to mind since early morning today. I drove to my local coffee shop, went into the restroom and got myself presentable to go home. Fortunately, I got home before the wife, ran to the bedroom and changed into sweats and a sweater, no signs remained. I was definitely going to bed early tonight. We planned to spend another day together next week..