The Earworm


You know about earworms, right? Those annoying songs that get stuck in your head and you can’t get rid of, playing over and over. Maddening. Songs like… Well, I am not going to start naming any since that would probably trigger one. I take that back, I am going to name one. One that happened to me. The song got more than stuck in my head, I almost feel like it took over and made me a part of it. Weird, right? Well, let me tell you about it. Hope the song doesn’t get stuck in your head, and if it does, I’m sorry up front.

“I was once out strolling one very hot summer’s day.” That was exactly what I was doing. I’d parked my car along a deserted gravel road next to a field of wheat. I had come back to the midwest for a class reunion, not a special year, just a chance to get together with some people I hadn’t seen in years, some for decades. That had gone well, but as I headed back to my home, I decided to take a back road, the road less traveled. The field looked so inviting, golden, the wheat blowing in the wind, so I decided to get out and stretch my legs and enjoy a nice, if hot, day. Then that line hit me. What was it from? Ah, some old song from way back. That guy from War and the Animals.

“When I thought I’d lay myself down to rest in a big field of tall grass.” I remembered, it was “Spill the Wine.” Catchy song. Funny, That was exactly what I thought I might do. I walked a little further out into the field, far enough to be away from the road and any noise from anything remotely human or man made. Just the sun, the breeze and the wheat. I started humming the song, as much in my head as actually humming and decided to do exactly what the lyric suggested. I laid down, it was hot and bright, so I decided to get some sun and removed my shirt. Besides, I did need something to sit on. Then I decided “what the hell” and took off my shorts and then my underwear. I decided to stretch out and embarrass the sky. No one around. Warm breeze, hot sun. A song twirling in my head. It didn’t take long for the eyes to get heavy. Then heavier. “And I fell asleep and dreamed.”

I must have been out for only a short time, but I woke up and shook some of the cobwebs out of my head. As my eyes began to focus, I became aware of countless eyes watching me. I felt them more than saw them and then I saw a crowd around me. Women. All nude. “…there was black ones, round ones, big ones, crazy ones…” Every kind of girl. There was that song again. I could even hear the high pitch of a flute playing it in the distance.

“Out of the middle came a lady.” Indeed, one dark haired woman stood up from the others and made her way toward me. Long dark hair, toned body with full breasts and an olive skin tone. She sported a full bush of pubic hair which hid any other detail between her long athletic legs. She approached and knelt beside me as I sat up.

“Welcome. We have been waiting for you, expecting you.” The woman placed her hand on my shoulder and with her other hand motioned the women closer.

There truly were women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. Some were shaved, some had never known a razor. And here I was. In the middle of them. I must be dreaming was all I could think. Or going crazy. And that song kept playing in my head as I looked around. The assortment of breasts was fascinating. Some were large, others pendulous. Still others were small, barely noticeable bumps on smooth chests. Even the nipples offered diversity. Some large others small. Pink, brown and even nearly white in color. Some reminded me of the hard pink erasers on the end of pencils. All looked enticing and very tasty, begging to be licked, sucked and fondled. I found myself staring and then looked at the lady beside me who smiled and rose to her feet and beckoned my to rise as well.

As I rose, I noticed that my penis had begun to become aroused. Not fully erect, but getting there. I saw the women, there must have been at least 50 of them there, all watching and looking at me, watching my cock, seeing it point closer to the sky with every heartbeat. And those heartbeats began to come closer and closer together. I looked around, each face was different. Some stared wide eyed while others wore a crooked grin that made me think they wanted to sample more of what they saw. I could not have controlled my hardening cock had I wanted to, it was as if it had a mind of güvenilir bahis its’ own, and it wanted to know each woman that was gathered around. “If only”, I thought, but clearly my penis had other ideas and didn’t know the limitations I might have considered. It merely saw what it wanted and literally rose to the occasion.

It started as a murmur, a barely audible sound above the rustling of the wheat in the wind. The it became louder, but still muffled. As I stood and became harder and harder, the sound grew. At last I caught it. The crowd was beginning to chant “Spill the wine. Spill the Wine. Spill the Wine.” Slowly, but it increased in speed as I turned and saw that I was completely surrounded. As it increased in speed, it also got louder.

The lady motioned to a woman in the front row who stood up. She was easily as tall as I am, six feet and sturdily built. Not fat by any means, but muscular. Auburn hair with delicate pinkish white skin. She came to the front and stood in front of me, only a few inches separated her from me, I half thought of reaching out and pulling her to me, but since I was greatly outnumbered, I decided to let the action unfold before and around me. Again, the lady motioned and the Auburn woman moved behind me and went to all fours, resting on her knees and hands directly behind me.

The chant of “Spill the Wine” became faster and and louder. The lady placed her mouth to my ear. “We will not harm you. Far from it. We will pleasure you, and you, us. Be seated on your throne. And we will ‘spill your wine’.” Her eyes glistened, her mouth turned to a smile. Then she joined in the chant of “Spill the Wine.” as I lowered myself onto the softest throne anyone had the pleasure of sitting upon. My bare ass upon her back. Two other women approached and were at my side. They bent and became my armrests. A fourth moved in behind and held my shoulders. I felt myself grow harder still as the words “Spill the Wine.” echoed in my head.

“It is time, my sisters. Time to spill the wine.” The lady reached her arms up. She was ahead of me and just off to one side. Her ass was a perfect upside down heart, each cheek a mirror of the other. I saw her spread her stance and her sex became exposed. It looked moist and tempting, two perfect pink lips between two larger folds and a surrounding beard of dark hair. She motioned and a pale young woman in her twenties stood and approach the lady, my throne and me. The two women faced each other, embraced and kissed deeply. I could see the lady moving her tongue into the younger woman’s mouth and the two becoming entwined and then entering back into the older, taller woman’s mouth.

As I watched the longest most erotic kiss I had had the privilege of seeing first hand, the voices kept their cadence in the background. “Spill the Wine. Spill the Wine. Spill the Wine.” It seemed they too were enthralled with the vision of these two women sharing a long sensual kiss in the hot sunlight. Watching and putting their chant on auto pilot for a moment. After what seemed an hour but was probably only a few moments the two parted. Both licked their lips tasting any remnants of the other before they turned. The lady stood sideways as the younger of the two approached me. As she neared, she lowered herself to her knees and placed a hand on each leg, lightly spreading them and moving her torso in closer between them. Her breasts were smooth and white with delicate pink nipples. Though delicate, they were clearly erect. Hard pink buttons. I held no illusion that it was me that had made them that rock solid, the kiss had clearly excited everyone present.

The lady returned to my side and bent to my ear. “Let her pleasure you. Your Wine will spill. It is what we need, what we desire. Share it with us.” If it was what I thought, they wanted my cum. I had no intentions of withholding that. A sinister note crossed my mind. There could have been a veiled threat in the statement, but my cock ignored anything but the young woman as she bent forward to take my hard cock into her mouth.

“Spill-a-wine, Spill-a-wine, Spill-a-wine.” The group chanted faster and faster. I chose not to look at them, but watched my dick slide deeply into the mouth that most recently had held the tongue of the lady beside me. I felt my hands grip harder on the women on each side of me, my armrests. My ass wriggled on türkçe bahis the woman who was my seat. The pale woman withdrew slowly as the chant continued. Her tongue circled the tip and she held my hard member in her hand as she licked from the tip downward to my balls, tickling the underside delicately before firmly licking it back to the tip and again devouring it in her mouth.

I watched the show almost with detachment. The chant. The movement of the women around me and in the crowd all became hypnotic. I was getting the blow job of my life, but it was almost as though it was happening to someone else and I was merely observing. I watched as my cock was serviced expertly. The mouth held just the right amount of pressure. The tongue applied just the perfect stimulation. I was as wet as I could possibly imagine, my hard phallus glistening in the sun and then disappearing into the pink lips of her mouth. I found a new level of excitement and began to feel the tensing of every muscle from my feet to the top of my head. I was about to explode.

A voice came into my ear as the lady bent to it. “Rise and Spill your Wine. Cover the woman with your Wine. Cum on her, cum hard!”

I rose and as I did the woman rocked back and lay beneath me, completely exposed, awaiting my discharge. I grasped my cock just as the feelings reached their peak and I began to climax. I aimed my cock’s swollen head as much as I could and the thick white rope of my cum squirted a long arc down to her waiting belly. She was clean shaven and my next throb of liquid went close to her swollen lips. Pinker than even her nipples, they seemed to quiver as my cum came to rest near them. Time and again I came, harder than I could ever remember. Finally it stopped. My cock and I were both spent. A drop glistened on the tip. “Spill-a-wine, Spill-a-Wine, Spill-a-Wine” echoed loudly across the field.

The lady motioned to the four women who had served as my throne and each came around, put a finger into the puddles of my semen and raised a drop to their lips. Then each grasped a part of the woman before me and raised her to the sky as the group of women leapt to their feet in a thunderous cheer.

The five moved to the crowd, and the assembled women began to each take a finger full of my seed . Some licked their fingers, a few moved it to their pussy and smeared it around and into their vagina. The lady did not join them, but instead eyed the droplet that remained on the tip of my penis. She knelt and expertly cleaned my cock, her tongue circling the head and darting in and around the hole in the tip. Searching for and finding any remaining cum that had not shot out to the other woman. She rose before me and again set a stance with her legs apart. She whispered into my ear “Take the pearl.” I wasn’t clear what she meant untill her hand guided mine between her legs and I felt her wet pussy. The moist folds were hot to the touch and slick. My fingers moved in and out easily, but soon encountered a hard little button at the top of her slit. “Yessssss.” she hissed. “Take the Pearl.”

My one hand cupped her ass and pulled her in close as I put my leg between hers forcing my hand onto her mons Venus, covering her and holding the swollen button between my thumb and forefinger. Squeezing it, rolling it, rubbing it. Tormenting it in anyway I could think of, I was definitely following her order to “Take the Pearl.” Again a few moments seemed like an hour, but I rubbed, rolled and fondled until I felt her back arch and she pressed into me as hard as she could and I felt more than heard her breath escape. She was cumming. I maintained the pressure feeling her throb beneath my hand. My leg was wet from her juices. She relaxed and must have been spent. I know I was. From my orgasm to her release we were both covered in sweat and a variety of bodily fluids. The sun glowed brightly, but I felt strangely tired.

The lady kept her legs beneath her and turned to the group. They bearers had offered the woman and my cum to the crowd and all were watching the two of us in the center. I looked around at the rows and rows of naked women. Flesh in all shapes and colors and textures. My head began to swim as I settled to the ground. I’ll sit for a while was the last thought I had as my eyes became incredibly heavy. I felt I saw shadows departing, but heard nothing.

I awoke and It must güvenilir bahis siteleri have been several hours later. Had I dreamt that? If I had, I must have thrashed around something terribly, there was quite the crop circle around me. A circle in the wheat stretching out about twenty to thirty feet. Extending from the circle were a dozen paths, not unlike a clock or sundial or even a sun with rays extending outward from it. I rose up and stretched, slowly put my clothes back on. A little sting from the exposure of the sun without any sunscreen, but I would certainly live. My head spun. Was it a dream? If it was, it was one hell of a wet dream. I still felt the tingle, the release. A very satisfied feeling. Now which way was my car.

I walked and stumbled back the way I thought I had come and was close enough. As I approached the road I noticed I was no longer alone. A Sheriff’s car was parked directly behind mine. “Shit. I can’t afford a ticket. But wait. I haven’t done anything wrong. Well, at least nothing other than trespass on a farmer’s field.” I am not sure if I thought those words or said them out loud. So much of that afternoon is a blur between the real and the surreal. I came closer to the two cars and I heard the door open to the cruiser.

“This your vehicle?” A woman’s voice came to my ears as a uniform and full hat came out of the police car. The female officer stood beside it, keeping it between her and I. I was about to call in the plate to see if it was abandoned. Or stolen.”

I recognized the voice. It was the lady. From the field, from my dream. “Yes, it is mine. Need the registration and insurance card? Is there any problem?”

The dark haired officer came around the vehicle. “Just move slowly, keep your hands out. You have the keys? I figure that is proof enough. I doubt anyone is stealing that car. Mind telling me what you are doing out here?”

She had a point. Anyone who wanted to steal my ride should be evaluated. But it was paid off. “Here are the keys. And I grew up not far from here, haven’t strolled in a field for a long time. Guess nostalgia got the best of me. And the sun. I lost track of time, had a bit of a nap, I guess.”

“A nap? Sure there wasn’t any substance involved? If I check your vehicle, will I find anything that I shouldn’t?” She moved slightly closer. No doubt at all. It was the Lady from the field.

“No, you can search if you need to.” Mentally I inventoried what I had, and it came back negative for any items that might be suspicious. “I was in Devers City for a reunion and I’m driving back home, heading to Chicago first to see some friends. That’s only a few hours, right?”

“Yes sir. About three and a half if you obey the posted limits which I am sure you will. You were out in this field, right?” She pointed to where I had come from. “Guess you didn’t see this sign.” She pointed to an orange sign that shouted “WARNING ERGOT Contamination. Respirators Required.”

“No, I did not see that. I guess I was more taken with the field. What is ERGOT? I am hoping that it isn’t something toxic or fatal. I am guessing if it were that dangerous, the sign would be bigger?’ I tried not to let my panic grow. What the hell did I just wander into?

“You should be fine. You may want to check for some symptoms and see your doctor if you have any side effects. But it isn’t fatal or life threatening in the dose you might come in contact with. Just produces some unusual thoughts. in some people. Just get checked if you see blisters on your skin or begin vomiting.”

“Okay, I will. You said ‘unusual thoughts’. What types of thoughts. I had, um, a strange dream while I was out in that field. Like there was a crowd, some chanting. One of them even looked a little like you. Without the uniform, of course.”

“See there you are. Ergot is a disease of the wheat and can cause hallucinations or visions. It must have seeped into your dream. I’ve been patrolling the county for the last seven hours. Just at the end of my shift now. So, If you are feeling alright, I suggest you get in your vehicle and head off to Chicago. Before either of us have to fill out more paperwork then we want to.” She headed off to her patrol car and I unlocked my door and started to get inside. As she drove off, I could see her eyes in the rearview mirror. Definitely the same eyes I had seen. In my vision. In the field. I started the car and let the air conditioning blow out the hot air that had filled the car before I put the car in drive and headed off. In my head I still had that damn song running. Damn earworm. “Spill the Wine….”