The Doorbell Rang

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The doorbell rang.

“Hello, Penelope. What’s up, sweetie?”

“Hi Peter. Just thought I’d stop by. Is Esther here?”

“You know she isn’t. This is her day out with her club.”

“Oh sure. Of course. You don’t mind if I just chat for a while, Peter?”

She was dressed like a lady. As we walked into the living room I watched her. I never got enough of that derriere. It was sweet. Her whole body was choice. She sat on the couch and I took my easy chair nearby. She put her ankles together and tilted her legs, just like the lady she was. I smiled.

“Tell me how the writing is going, Peter. Have you finished the novel yet?”

“Oh no. But I’m getting there. I expect it’ll be finished in a few weeks, easily. How’s Edgar? Is he still out of town?”

“Yes. He must be gone about three weeks in the month. It’s getting rather tiresome. But we’ve talked about this, haven’t we? It won’t change. He loves his job. But he always expects me to be right there when he gets home. I don’t know. I’ve wanted to leave for a long time. I should just do it, shouldn’t I? What do you think, Peter?”

I grinned. “You know what I think, silly woman. I don’t mind listening, but you already know what I think. Don’t you, Penelope? Don’t you?”

I rose up and approached her. Still grinning. She smiled up at me. I took her outstretched hands canlı bahis şirketleri and she stood up. My arms drew her in and we kissed. The way we always kissed. The way she needed it. This was why she was here. I released her.


“Yes, Sir.”

She bowed her head and began shedding her clothes. I did the same. I wanted her right here on the living room floor. When she was naked she got on her knees. Her head was still bowed. I was there in front of her. I raised her chin up. Her lips were quivering.

“Tell me, Penny. Tell me what you want.”

“Oh god, Peter. I want you. Any way you want me. I want you. I always want you.”

I leaned down and kissed her again. I did love her lips and the way her tongue would so eagerly taste my mouth. I knelt down and hugged her. She was delicious, and she knew it. Now it was time to play.

“Get down my precious. Get down. On your hands and knees. You’ve done it before. Let’s do it again. Yes, my sweet little secret tramp. Get on your hands and knees for me again.”

I laughed and so did she as she moved to fulfill my commands. That sweet, juicy ass was there to see now. Exposed to my view and to my hard prick. Ready to use it once more.

“Oh, Peter. Oh damn, please fuck my ass this time. Please baby. Oh fuck. Do it now!”

Never a problem to play canlı kaçak iddaa with my sweet Penny. My adored secret slut. My little whore, begging for my cock as she did so often now. Now was the time. I bent my knees and pressed the head of my steel hard cock into her ass hole. Yes, I could tell she wanted it badly as she moaned and pressed back to take me in. She was almost fucking my cock the dear, sweet little slut.

“Want it hard now? Yes? Want it hard? Who’s my little whore? Oh fuck, take me Penny.”

I lunged my body forward forcing my dick into that well-known ass. That well-fucked ass. My ass. She was my little slut and she knew it. Fuck! It was so tight. Ramming into her ass and holding her tight with my hands on her broad ass. This was fucking choice meat. I knew it and I told her so. She knew she was my favorite little slut and she loved it. My pounding that ass. My fucking her over and over. Oh, holy hell, it was good fucking.

“Baby… Oh shit… Oh fuck… Yes… Fuck me… FUCK ME… FUCK!”

Now it was working. Now it was good. I was so hard. So damned hard. She made me this way. I loved being the man she always came back to. The one she always secretly wanted and needed. Lusted for. She was all mine and she knew it. I kept ramming into her ass and she kept screaming out my name, begging for more.

Every canlı kaçak bahis hole. She loved it in every hole she could give me. Today was the ass. I was holding her tightly as I thrust forward and fucked her deep and hard. Rough. My baby loved it rough. Crying out for more and more.

Reaching around now, leaning over and humping into her ass, I felt for her clit. I found it and pinched it, and felt all of her cream running down her pussy lips. She was cumming so much for me. She always did. She was a perfect slut for me, always cumming over and over. I loved that. It made me cum all the harder. I wanted my woman to love cumming for me.

“Can’t take much more. No. No. No. Oh fuck. Peter. Cum now. Are you cumming? Are you cumming?”

Now I could unload. Now I could cum inside that hot, tight ass. Now she got what she came over for. Now it was time to fill her up with my spunk. Oh, fuck. I was jamming it in so deep, and I felt the first hard spurt. More. Over and over. Cumming into my little slut. Oh fuck. So good.

God. Oh shit. I pulled out slowly. It was so fucking sensitive. My prick was still hard but I was through.

We got up and went into the master bedroom. My shower there was huge. I scrubbed her clean, and she returned the favor. She couldn’t help getting down and licking my prick after giving it a good soaping and cleansing. She loved my cock any way she could get it.

As I let her out the front door she turned around to wave bye.

“Tell Esther I stopped by. And, oh, Peter. Kisses dear.”

I grinned. My little secret. Ain’t life grand?