The Divorce Chronicles Ch. 15


Tammy and I stayed together for a while, with Lynn either joining us, going out with Tammy, or spending time with me when she wanted male companionship. Soon, though, Tammy started spending more and more time with her cousin, and we started drifting apart.

One night, while we were talking, Tammy and I decided that it would be best if we ended things as they were. She told me that she and Lynn were enjoying going out together, and enjoying the attention that they got when they were out.

We both wanted to remain friends, and would probably get together for more incredible sex whenever we could, but neither of us really wanted a committed relationship at that point.

I offered to let Tammy and Lynn rent the coach house as long as they wanted, but we all agreed that it would feel odd bringing a date home, knowing that we could be seen by our former lovers. Instead, I helped the women find a nice house, and helped them move in.

The night before the big move, I cooked dinner for both ladies. During, and after, dinner, we managed to knock off almost three bottles of wine. That led to some mind-blowing sex with both women, one watching while the other one played.

Knowing that we would be seeing each other often, due to the friendship struck up by the kids if for no other reason, we parted on rather happy terms.

The first week or so was an adjustment. I had gotten used to having a house full of people, and going to sleep next to someone again, and here I was, sleeping alone once more.

The next weekend was St. Patrick’s Day, which is a big party day around here. The closest thing to a real Irish pub around here, without going into the city, is in one of the largest hotels, and they are known for having a huge bash that day.

I decided to get a room for the weekend, so that I could drink, relax, and drink a little more. That day, after checking in and taking a mid-day nap, I went down to the pub around five.

The place was already packed. I managed to elbow my way to the bar, ordered something to eat, and had a pint. While I was waiting, I looked over all of the people there. I had a good laugh or two at some of the people, who, at that early hour, were already wasted.

After I ate, I took in the band, holding on to my spot at the bar. That spot also gave me a perfect base for people watching. At one point, a woman, about my height, walked past me, and I did a double take.

She was tall, for a woman, with short, almost spiky, blonde hair, wearing a green-tinged blouse, a short tan skirt, and a pair of low heels. What got my attention, other than her long legs, was the fact that I recognized her from one of the internet dating sites that I had subscribed to before I met Tammy.

I never wrote to her, mostly because I prefer women shorted than me, and I love long hair. Getting a close up look at her, I started to think that maybe I should have given her a second thought.

Finishing my drink, I got the bartender’s attention (tipping well, early, always helps, especially on a busy day like that), and ordered myself another pint, and told him to send the blonde a Dirty Martini, which I remember her mentioning in her profile.

As he handed her the drink, she looked over at me and smiled. I took that as a good sign, and walked over to her.

“I hope you didn’t mind my ordering you a drink,” I told her. “No strings attached. If you’re not interested, just enjoy the drink, and I’ll go back to my spot at the bar.”

“No, not at all,” she told me, with a beautiful smile that reached her bright green eyes. “That takes a certain amount of confidence to just order a drink for a woman that you’ve never met. I like that in a man.”

“Good,” I responded. “I was hoping you wouldn’t be offended.”

“Not at all,” she said. “But how did you know that I liked Dirty Martinis? I haven’t even had a chance to order one for myself.”

I explained that I had seen her profile on line, and that she mentioned them there. She then asked why I hadn’t written her there, and I told her that I had just seen it recently, which really wasn’t a lie, I HAD just seen it the day before.

“Well,” she said as she sipped her drink, “maybe it’s a good thing that we both decided to come here tonight. It saves us some time writing back and forth before we got to this point.”

“Could be,” I responded, as I drank my pint.

“By the way, I’m Patti,” she said, offering me her hand.

“I’m Kurt,” I told her, taking her hand in mine.

We talked for a bit, as well as we could in a loud, crowded bar, and had a couple of more drinks. After a third round, we decided to check out one of the other rooms, where they had another stage set up, with more bands.

During a slow song, Patti and I danced, and then she asked if we could go outside for some fresh air. I could tell that she was feeling the Martinis, so I walked her to the patio.

Fortunately, the weather was pretty mild for that time of year, so coats weren’t necessary. Once we were outside, we decided canlı bahis to walk around the grounds of the hotel.

While we were walking around, we talked a little more. We talked about our kids, and work, and compared notes on some of our on-line dating experiences.

We found ourselves behind the hotel, in what was supposed to be a Japanese garden. As we walked down the path, Patti steered us towards a pagoda. Stepping into it, she walked towards a railing overlooking a pond.

We looked over the pond in silence for a brief minute, and we could see into the ballroom that we had just left, watching the people dancing and carrying on.

“I want to ask you something,” she said to me, as she leaned on the rail.

“Ok, ask away,” I told her.

“What is it that you are looking for?” she asked, stepping towards me.

“Actually,” I told her, “I am just looking to meet some women, and have a good time. I just ended a relationship, and I’m not really looking to get back into anything serious.”

At that point, I expected Patti to tell me that she was looking for a relationship, and that would be that. However, she surprised me by stepping in to me, pinning me up against the railing, and giving me a deep, hot kiss.

The kiss lasted a couple of minutes, and our hands were roaming all over each other’s back. Finally, she pulled back, and looked at me.

“Wow, you’re a good kisser,” she said as she caught her breath.

I chuckled, and responded, “You’re pretty good yourself.”

She stepped back into me and planted another hot, wet kiss on me. This time, our hands were wandering all over each other’s bodies. I reached down and squeezed her ass, feeling nothing but cheek, and she slid her hand between us and grabbed my growing rod.

As she squeezed my quickly stiffening shaft, she pulled back a bit and had a wide-eyed look on her face.

“Oh, my,” she said softly. “This feels quite nice!”

“It will feel even nicer when it’s buried deep in your pussy,” I told her, pulling her back in to me.

Patti slipped her hand out between us, and moaned as I started kissing her again, this time sliding the back of her skirt up her ass and slipping my fingers underneath.

While my fingers explored her ass, I found the back strap to the thong that she was wearing, and slid a couple of fingers underneath. As my fingers found the moisture seeping from her pussy and spread it around, Patti gasped and ground her hips against mine.

I dipped a fingertip just into her wet pussy, and then slid it back a little and started to slide it around her puckered asshole. When she felt my finger pushing against her tight rosebud, Patti gasped loudly, and attacked me with a fierce, passionate kiss as she ground her pussy against my now hard cock.

I gently pushed Patti away from me and walked her towards a bench along one wall. This time, I pinned her against the railing, with the bench next to us, and started kissing her. While we were tongue-wrestling, I slid one hand back under her skirt, and started sliding her thong down her long legs.

Patti gasped as she felt her panties being lowered down her legs, and slipped one leg out of them when they fell around her ankles. As she did that, I lifted her leg, and placed her foot on the bench.

I slid my hand to the front of her leg and under her skirt. I stroked her mound, feeling the heat and moisture radiating from her pussy. I slid my finger along her slit, from her clit down to her wet hole, and then down to her ass.

Patti moaned, and then reached between us again. She grasped my cock through my pants and squeezed it. She started to unzip my pants, but I stopped her, telling her, “Let me take care of you, first.”

I knelt down and lifted her skirt. Leaning in, I stuck out my tongue and flicked it lightly and quickly from the wet mouth of her pussy up to her clit. Patti gasped as my tongue passed lightly over her hardened nub, and reached down to hold my head in place.

As she was holding my head, I reached up and grabbed her asscheeks, lightly spreading them apart as I ran my tongue down her moist slit.

When I reached her wet hole, hot and leaking her juices, I stiffened my tongue and slid it in, fucking her with it. When my tongue was as deep in her pussy as I could get it, I flattened it out and licked the top wall of her steamy tunnel.

Patti gasped and moaned when I did that. “Oh, yes,” she whispered.”Oh, god that feels good!”

As I was holding her asscheeks apart, I slid my tongue further down, and flicked it over her tight asshole. That caused Patti to gasp and moan even louder, and I felt her body shudder.

I slid my tongue back up to her clit, dipping it back into her pussy momentarily. As I reached her sensitive bud, I slid a finger to her still moist asshole, and pressed against it as I took her clit into my mouth and started to suck on it.

“Oh my god!” Patti gasped loudly. “Holy shit, that feels good!”

I continued pressing my finger against her puckered rosebud bahis siteleri as I sucked and lightly nipped on her clit. I released her clit and used my tongue to spread her pussy lips apart at the top of her pussy, completely exposing her stiff clit.

With her little nub standing out, I again took it into my mouth, sucking on it as my tongue flicked across it. As I pressed harder with the finger rimming her ass, starting to slide the tip in, Patti started getting louder.

“Oh, yes!” she moaned as her body started to shake. “Oh my god, that feels good! Oh, damn, I’m gonna cum!”

I held her tight against the railing as I increased the intensity of my assault with my tongue and finger. Soon, I felt her legs start to weaken, and her breathing got heavier and shorter.

“Oh god, I’m gonna cum!” she gasped loudly. Suddenly, Patti groaned even louder, “Oh yes! I’m cumming! God damn, I’m cumming!!! Oh my god, YESSS!!!”

I continued to hold her, and slowed down the attention with my tongue as her body slowed down. Her juices were flowing from her pussy, coating my tongue and face as she caught her breath and came back down to earth.

Finally, as she stopped shaking, I took one last, slow lick, sliding my tongue from her clit down to her ass, and back up again.

Patti gasped and shuddered when I flicked across her clit one last time, and then I stood up. She looked me in the eye, and pulled me in close. Wrapping her arms around me, she gave me a deep kiss, tasting her juices on my face.

As she kissed me, I unzipped my pants and let them fall to the floor. I took my hard cock in my hand and rubbed it along her wet slit. Patti moaned as she felt it, and started to kiss me harder. Finally, I placed the head of my cock at the opening of her pussy, and started to slide it in.

Patti pulled my ass in, burying my shaft deep in her waiting hole. Laying her head on my shoulder, she moaned, “Oh yes! That feels sooo good! You were right, it does feel better deep in my pussy that it did in my hand.”

I chuckled at her, and said, “Baby, I’m just getting started,” as I pulled her ass in tight to me and started to grind my pelvis against hers.

I bucked up against her like that for a minute, and then slid my cock out. Patti moaned in disappointment as my thick cock emptied her hot pussy, and I turned her around, facing the railing, and overlooking the pond.

Bending her slightly, I placed my cock back at her pussy, and buried it deep again. She gasped as she felt me press up against her asscheeks. Holding her by the hips, I started to slide my thick shaft in and out of her hot, wet depths.

Pushing myself in as deep as I could go, I leaned in to her and whispered in her ear, “Look at those people in there. What would they think if they knew we were here like this right now?”

“Ohhh!” Patti moaned, and then whispered, “They would probably be jealous, and forget about the band and watch us instead.”

I let go of her hips and reached around to her blouse. Unbuttoning it, I asked her, “Do you like that thought? Would you like to be watched by a room full of people, knowing that you will never see any of them again?”

Patti groaned as I pulled her bra down, exposing her tits, and gasped, “Yes, god yes, that would be hot.”

I started squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples as I started to fuck her tight pussy. I slid almost the entire length out, leaving just the head inside her, and then pushed it all back in.

“Oh, yes!” she cried. “Yes, that feels sooo good!”

I started to fuck her wet pussy faster, and I told her, “I want you to play with your tits, just the way you like it.”

She let go of the railing and leaned into it as she reached up and cupped her tits. As she squeezed and pulled on her tits, I placed my hands back on her hips and started to fuck her harder.

“Oh, yes!” she exclaimed as I picked up speed and fucked her harder. “Fuck me! Fuck my pussy! Make me cum again!”

I slammed my cock into her pussy for a minute or so, and she continued to squeeze her tits and pinch and pull on her nipples, stretching them out. Then, I pulled my cock out and slid it up and down her slit, brushing it over her clit, and spreading her fluids across her asshole.

Placing my cock back at her pussy, I slammed it back in. “Oh my god!” she gasped. “Oh god, that feels good.”

I placed a thumb at her asshole, and spread her juices around it. As I started to apply pressure with my thumb, I asked her, “Do you like that? Do you like that way that feels?”

“Oh yes!” she cried out. “Fuck me! You’re gonna make me cum again! Fuck mee!”

I started alternating sliding my cock in her tight pussy and pushing my thumb against her even tighter asshole. Soon, I had the tip of my thumb in her ass, up to the first knuckle, and I fucked her pussy harder and faster.

“Ohhh! Yess! Oh god yes!” Patti exclaimed, and I felt her pussy and ass start to pulse on my cock and thumb.

Picking up even more speed, Patti started bucking back bahis şirketleri against me as I fucked her. Soon, she cried out, “Oh, god, yes, I’m cumming! Oh, damn, I’m cumming again! Fuck me fuck me FUCK ME!!”

I slid my thumb out of her ass, and I heard another moan of disappointment, as I grabbed her hips again. I started pounding her pussy hard, and that pushed Patti over the edge.

“Oh, oh, ohh!!!” she gasped as I fucked her harder. “Oh, yes, I’M CUMMING!” she exclaimed as I felt her pussy squeezing my cock.

That feeling started to push me over the edge, and I started to groan. I bucked against her, and told her, “Oh, yeah! I’m gonna cum too!”

Patti pushed me away, and dropped to her knees in front of me. Grasping my cock, she aimed it at her mouth and engulfed the length of my hard shaft. Her mouth felt incredible as she sucked on my cock, and I felt my balls start to tighten.

“Oh, yeah,” I moaned. “I’m gonna cum. Oh, shit, here it comes. Oh, YEAH!” I exclaimed as I exploded in her mouth.

Patti stroked and sucked on my cock, until she was satisfied that she had drained me. “Mmm, tasty,” she said, wiping what remained from her lips. “That Guinness makes your cum taste good!”

We both collapsed on the bench as we collected ourselves and caught our breath. Finally, after a couple of minutes, Patti looked at me, and asked, “Do you think you can do that again?”

“Yeah,” I told her, “But it will take a while.”

“That’s ok,” she responded, “Because my little pussy is a little tender right now. Let’s go in and have another drink, and then we can decide where we are going to go for round number two.”

“Oh, that part is easy,” I told her. “We can go to my room.”

“You have a room here?” she asked.

“Yes,” I told her. “I didn’t want to take a chance and drive home after drinking all night.”

“I like a man who thinks ahead,” she said, as she hooked her arm in mine and we walked back into the ballroom, both of us on shaky legs.

As we sat, enjoying the afterglow of our tryst in the pagoda, we both worked on another drink as we watched the band and the drunk people try to dance. As we finished that round, Patti wanted to order one more, so I went to the bar for one final drink.

As we sat at the table, I placed my hand on Patti’s thigh and started to slide my hand up towards her skirt. She smiled at me, and placed her hand on my leg and started to do the same to me.

Soon, I was sliding my hand up under her skirt and started to flick my fingers over her pussy lips, which were starting to moisten again. She had her hand on my cock by then, and she was squeezing it as it started to harden once more.

At almost the same time, I dipped my fingertip into her wet hole, and she started stroking my cock through my pants. We looked at each other, smiled, and both picked up our drinks and finished them in one gulp.

I took Patti by the hand and led her out the doors, towards the elevators. With the music getting quieter in the background, we arrived at the elevator bank, and I pressed the button. While we were waiting, she stepped into me, and lay her head on my shoulder.

“When we get upstairs,” she whispered in my ear, “I’m gonna suck your fat cock until it’s huge and wet. Then, I’m gonna sit on your big, thick, shiny cock, and ride you until I can’t ride anymore.”

The elevator doors opened, and an older couple got on right behind us. I stood in the corner, pulling Patti with me, keeping her right in front of me. I pulled her back, so my rod was rubbing against her ass.

“That sounds good,” I whispered in her ear. “While you are working your magic on my cock, I’m going to be licking and sucking on your hot, wet little pussy.”

Patti gasped softly, and ground her ass against me softly. “You’re already wet, aren’t you?” I whispered to her.

She didn’t say anything, just nodded and blushed slightly as she closed her eyes and leaned into me. I held her by her hips, and pushed against them with my pelvis, grinding my hard cock along her ass.

The older couple got off on the third floor, and we still had two more to go. As soon as the doors shut, I ran my hands up the front of Patti’s blouse, lightly touching her. When my hands reached her full breasts, I gave them a gentle, firm squeeze.

Patti moaned and reached behind her to grab my cock. I started to unbutton her blouse, sliding my fingertips underneath, as we reached my floor.

We walked down the hallway, her blouse half open, and her hand on my cock. When we reached my room, I opened the door, and we raced in. She took me and directed me towards the bed.

When she had me at the edge of the bed, she stopped me and started kissing my body as she lowered herself to her knees. She started lowering my pants, and slid the over my feel, tossing all of my clothes in a pile against the wall.

She gently grasped my hard cock, and extended her tongue, running it up along the bottom. She tried to push me to sit down as she opened her mouth to take my cock in, but I reached down and pulled her up.

“I want to see you now,” I told her, as I gently pushed her back. “Show me what you’ve got.” I sat down on the bed and took my cock in hand as I watched her.