The Disguise


Ted watched the girls in the Dirty Shame Saloon and tried to pick out a likely target for the evening. He automatically eliminated all that were too tall for his five foot six inch height. These days that seemed to be most of them. He was short and lightly built, but kept himself in tiptop shape by working out every day. His cell phone rang and distracted him from his search. He answered the phone and asked whoever was there to hold while he moved to a quiet spot. When he thought he could hear he said, “Go ahead now, this is Ted.” He heard a familiar voice but it didn’t click. Then he heard the voice say, “Teddy, this your sister Angel, how the heck are you?”

“Angel! Hi, sis, where are you? Still on the road?”

“Yes we are still on the road but we will be here in town for a few days.”

“Where can I see you?”

I am booked at the Sheraton Hotel Downtown in room 318. I will be here from now till about eight o’clock tomorrow night when we have a gig at a club for five nights.”

“Hey, that’s great, I’ll be right over, slim pickings tonight anyway.”

“Bye, Sweetie.”

Ted started for the door and was threading his way between tables when someone pushed back in a chair right in front of him. He slammed into them pretty hard and went down on top off them. He got to his feet and reached down to help the person up. “Hey! Gosh, I am sorry, please forgive me.” The person was a very attractive girl who said, “No, it was my fault, I jumped up in a hurry without looking.” He grinned at her and handed her his clean handkerchief, “Here use this to wipe your self off, keep it.”

A big hand grabbed his arm and spun him around and he was just able to duck a fist aimed at his head. He reacted the way he had been taught and instinctively brought his knee up in the guys groin as hard as he could. The man went down hard and was writhing on the floor.

Another large guy stood on the other side of the table and let out a bellow. “You cocksucker, what did ya hit my little brother with. I’ll kill ya.”

Two really big men grabbed Ted. They pulled him aside and then helped the one on the ground to his feet. He was holding his crotch and moaning loudly. The other big guy pushed his way toward them yelling that he would “Kill the little fucker.” The bouncers held him back. Ted heard the girl say, “It wasn’t his fault, it was an accident and then Hank tried to hit him.” The one she called Hank straightened up and glared at Ted, “I’ll break every bone in your body you little shit. Nobody cold cocks me and lives to brag about it.” He started towards Ted. The bouncers said, “You and your buddy are out of here, house rules, you start a fight and yer outta here. Now get off of this property, that means the parking lot too.” They escorted the two big men out of the club. The girl said, “I am sorry, you did no wrong. Be careful, they’ll wait for you.” The bouncers returned and told Ted he would have to leave, Ted told them he didn’t want any trouble and that he thought the men would be waiting for him. They said they watched them leave in a car, and that he would have to go. Ted stepped out the door and looked around. There where a number of people outside and he looked to where his SUV was parked, it was in the third row of vehicles away from him. He started across and went between two rows of cars when he heard a car coming at him. It narrowly missed him and screeched to a stop, the doors flying open. He ran and tried to unlock the door to his truck. He got it open when one of them hit him and knocked him down. A kick caught him on the shoulder. He rolled away and kicked out catching one of them in the ankle, knocking him down. Tad saw a chance and scrambled for the door to his SUV. He was half way in when someone hit him on the back. His hand fell on the handle of a tool and he clutched it and swung it back behind him. He heard a yell and thrashed the tool back and forth. He heard someone screaming and they let go of him.

He slammed and locked his door, found his keys and started the engine, yanked the shift lever into drive and bounced over the curb and across a grass strip and into the street. He cut hard and was headed toward town. He went about a mile and pulled into a convenience store parking lot. He stopped and looked at his hands trembling uncontrollably. His right hand was covered in blood. He saw his razor sharp fish fillet knife laying on the seat covered in blood. That was the tool he had grabbed. He heard sirens approaching and watched several police cars speed past. He pulled out of the parking lot and drove to his apartment and parked in the garage he rented from a house across the street. He locked the garage door and ran water from a faucet just out side and washed his hands. He could see from the street light there was only a little blood on his sleeve.

He leaned against the garage and tried to think, his mind wouldn’t seem to work right. Angel, he thought of Angel. He unlocked the garage and pulled out his old motorcycle. He relocked the door mobil porno and took his leather jacket and helmet from the saddlebags. He pushed the Yamaha down the street and around the corner before he climbed on it and kicked the starter. It fired right up. He toed it in gear, let out the clutch and roared off, his back was killing him by now. He found the Sheraton and went past it and turned up a side street. He saw what he was looking for and parked the bike half a block down the street from a group of black kids playing catch under a street light. He left the key in the bike and walked down an alley towards the Sheraton. He dropped the jacket and helmet in a dumpster and walked on. He entered the Hotel and went straight to the elevator and pushed the button for the third floor. He found 318 and tapped lightly on the door. When the door opened he slipped in and shut and locked the door.

He turned and looked at the girls staring at him. “Teddy! Are you all right?”

“I think so, I may have a broken rib or two and a nick here and there, but I am alive!” Angel looked at him and put her arms around him, kissing him on the lips. “Sit down Dear and tell us what happened. He told the three women what had happened to him. Angel introduced the other girls as Dixie Miller and Jane Goodall. They insisted that he take off his shirt and they looked at his back. There were two large black and blue areas on his back, one in the kidney area and another higher near the shoulder. Jane pressed on the area near the kidney and he almost passed out. The place on his shoulder was not as bad. She said she thought the shoulder was just going to be a little sore but that they needed to put a pressure bandage around his waist. “We don’t have a stretch bandage that big. Ours are for knees and ankles.”

Dixie looked at him and said, “stand up if you can.” Ted stood and asked why. Dixie smiled and said, “because I think we have the perfect thing in our wardrobe trunk.” Dixie was wearing a baby doll nightie and when she bent over the trunk and dug around in it he saw her cute little rear end mostly exposed to his view. He looked quickly away but saw Angel smiling at him. “You aren’t hurt that bad, do I see a bulge in your britches.” Dixie turned around and smiled at him. “Oh! My yes, he does have a boner going there. Here , What do you girls think?” She held up a corset. “He is just about our size and it should keep everything in place. He will have to take off those jeans though. Angel took the corset and held it up to him. “Perfect, drop those jeans.”

“Here, now?”

Angel tucked the corset under her arm and unbuckled his belt and pulled his zipper down, then with a yank his jeans were down around his knees. He wore no underwear and his erection popped straight out. The girls looked down and Dixie reached out and touched the tip. “Oh! It’s beautiful, just right. I love it”

“Me too.”

“You girls can play with him later, let me get this thing around him. Here, Jane get behind him. Hey! Gosh that thing just poked me in the pussy. Ok, Jane lace him up. Wow it fits just right, gives him a girlish figure. How does it feel, Teddy?”

“Hey, I am amazed, it feels good, it eases the pain in my rips. Can I pull my jeans up now?”

“I doubt if you can get that thing in those tight jeans. No way. Take them all the way off. I will give you a robe to put on.” Angel went to the closet and came back with pretty flowered robe and helped him put it on. His cock stuck straight out through the front, The other girls giggled as he tried to hide it. Dixie smiled and looked at Jane, “I guess we will have to give him a blow job so he can relax a little.”

“Sounds like fun to me.” agreed Jane.

Angel looked at Ted and said, “I have never tasted him either, I know he is my brother but he has my pussy dripping too. Here let him lay back on the bed.”

Ted eased back and tried to not cry at the pain when he laid back, it eased when he was all the way down. They looked at him, “That must have hurt, his cock went instantly soft. Oh! Here it comes back.”

He closed his eyes and felt soft warm lips brush his. A little tongue slipped into his mouth, he smelled sweet perfume and tasted a sweet breath. Someone slid a hot wet mouth over his penis. It kept sliding further and further down his shaft and a tongue licked his balls. The mouth moved up and down on his cock and then pulled off only to be replaced by a different mouth that was helped by a grasping hand in its movements over the length of the staff. The hand twisted as it moved. The mouth kissing his lips kissed down his chest to the corset then landed on his hip next to the base of his cock. Suddenly there were three mouths rubbing up and down his penis. He shuddered, God it felt good. He knew he could not last much longer. He groaned softly, “Oh, yess, I’m cumming.” The mouths were replaced by three hands jerking him softly but rapidly. He climaxed in a spurt of hot sperm. Then another, and then three more. Three alman porno tongues licked up all the cum and cleaned his cock carefully.

“That was delicious, Angel, Teddy can stay in my bed tonight, I want seconds.”

He opened his eyes and saw the three girls smiling at him. Angel leaned over and kissed him, he recognized her perfume and taste. “Gosh! Little brother, think of all we missed growing up.” He laughed, “You don’t know how many times I jerked off thinking about you. I still have wet dreams about you.”

Dixie said, “Isn’t that the sweetest thing you ever heard. I think I want to keep him around. What will the other girls say?”

“Other girls?”

“Yes, there are two more girls next door. Lets get them.” Dixie put on a robe and went out the door. She was back with two more lovely girls in sheer night gowns. Ted smiled at them as he was introduced to Sherrie and Grace. He saw where they were looking and he tried to cover himself as his cock sprang to life. The two new girls giggled and grinned at him. “We heard what went on in here, we want some too.” They quickly moved to the bed and Sherrie grasped his rod and kissed it. Grace was right behind her. The others watched until Ted looked at Angel and said, “Darling, Sis, please sit on my face and make a fantasy of mine come true” Angel crawled over his head and pulled her panties to one side. His tongue flicked over her vulva and found her inner lips. His fingers parted them gently and his tongue shoved back the fleshy folds covering her clit and his lips closed tightly around it. He ran his hot tongue over and around he erect nub until she was quivering. He lapped at the juices that were now really flowing from her in copious amounts wetting his whole face. She rubbed her pussy back and forth and put a hand over her face as she screamed in pure joy. Ted spurted jism over the girls sucking his cock.

Angel lifted off of his head.

“Wow! Wow! Wow! What a mouth on him. It has to be my brother when I find the best cunt eater in the whole wide world. Just my luck. I can’t marry him.”

Ted said, “Time out, lets watch the news on TV.” Angel turned the set on and they relaxed to watch the show. A few minutes into the news they had a story about two guys being knifed in a bar fight. One girl witness said, “It wasn’t the little guys fault, the other guys were trying to kill him.” Then they interviewed one of the guys who beat on Ted. “I’ll kill that guy for what he did to my brother, I will get him any where he goes.” The reporter said that the brothers had been in trouble before and were gang and drug connected. Angel switched the set off. Ted put his face in his hands. “Shit, where can I hide, they’re going to find me and kill me. What can I do.

They all sat and looked at each other. Dixie jumped to her feet, “I know, he can hide with us.”

“What do you mean?” asked Angel. “How can he hide with us?”

“He can’t. She can. I still have all my sister’s I.D.s and drivers licenses and stuff from when she died last year in the Islands. The pictures are not that good. Look at him, with long hair, some falsies , he could pass for a girl, a cute one too.”

They all looked at him. Angel said, “I think you are right. Sherrie, do you still have that blond wig you had a year ago?”

“Yes, let me go get it.”

“Wait a minute I can’t pass for a girl.”

“Well then, what is your Idea? How are you going to hide. You are cut off here. You ditched your bike. You can’t go home. What will you do?”

Ted looked at them and shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know. I guess we can see how I look.”

Sherrie went out the door and was back in a minute. She handed the wig box to Angel.

“Set here on this chair Ted, hold it’ her name was Jennifer. Ted, we will all start calling you Jennifer or Jen from now on. You have to get used to it.”

“Let’s see how I look before we go overboard.”

“OK, put you head back, when did you shave today?”

“This afternoon, about five or six.”

“You must have a light beard, your face is very smooth. Sit still and close your eyes, You will get lessons on how to do this your self later. You and I have the same coloration so my stuff should work fine on you. Keep your eyes shut while I but some eyeliner and eye shadow on you. Now some lip stick and then lip liner. Hand me the wig. Let me take a look. Wow! Look in the mirror, you look lovely, almost beautiful.” Ted looked at himself and touched his face to be sure it was him.

“We have to start you out with plain clothes until you learn to walk right and learn to walk in heels. I have some things you can wear. We will shave you all over in the morning. I will get you some of those glue on breasts, they look so real it is hard to tell. This is going to be fun.”

“I’ll have to find out what the female impersonators do to hide their cocks. I think there is shop in town that handles that stuff,” said Jane. “We can’t have Jennifer popping a boner alexis texas porno can we?”,

Late the next morning, after a light breakfast, Angel, Jane and Dixie went shopping for Jennifer. Ted gave Angel a back dated check on his bank account for ten thousand dollars. The note on the check said ‘Loan to Sister.’

Sherrie and Grace had Ted shower and gave him a razor to shave himself with. He shaved his whole body, he had naturally light textured hair on his body so it went quickly, he also shaved his pubic area while he was at it. He called the girls when he was through. They inspected his job and found a few little places they shaved for him. They had him get back in the shower and wash again. This time they had him use scented body wash. They helped him dry off and dusted him with powder with the same scent. They teased him about his hard on but didn’t give him a chance to think about it. The had him put on a robe then they installed false finger nails. Sherrie gave him a pedicure and Grace painted his nails after trimming them so they were not full length. Sherrie painted his toe nails to match. Sherrie got a bra and helped him put it on. She stuffed the cups with socks until it looked right. She handed him some little panties and had him put them on. He had to let his erection protrude from one of the leg holes.

Grace brought a yellow crop top blouse for him to wear and had him slip on a pair of short white culottes. They helped him put on light make up and adjusted the wig, pinning it to his own hair which was close to the same color. He normally wore his hair longish anyway and they were able to blend in the hair line so the wig looked very real. They gave him a pair of sandals to wear, the heels were about an inch long and he had no trouble walking in them after a few minutes. He looked in the mirror and did not recognize himself. He saw a very pretty girl looking back at him.

He turned an looked at the back and saw part of the bruise on his lower back. It felt much better today. He decided he had a cute ass. He walked around the room for a while to get used to the shoes. He liked the way he felt in the girl outfit. He felt pretty and feminine. The girls dressed in similar cloths and asked if he was ready to face the world as a female. He said he guessed he was. They took him to the lobby and then out on the street. He felt as if everyone was looking at him. Many were, they saw three lovely women walking down the street. The girls took him to a local tavern that catered to the more affluent business people in the downtown area. They sat at a table and ordered beers. Several men approached them and two of them sat down and asked where they were from.

One a handsome fellow named Jack asked if Jennifer would like to go out that night for dinner and dancing. Ted gracefully declined saying they had to work that night in a show. The men said that explained why the three of them were so beautiful. They ordered a light lunch and then returned to a room cluttered with bags and boxes, suitcases and makeup kits. Angel and her two helpers were excited when they saw Jen. They giggled when they heard about Jen’s being hit on by a handsome guy. Jen smiled, “He was so cute I almost went with him.” They all laughed. Jen had to try on lots of new clothes. Most fit very well and looked adorable on him. A few would be returned. The shoes fit perfectly. His feet were the same size as Angel’s. He tried walking in the heels and was very unstable. He took them off but vowed to himself that he would conquer them in short order.

It was decided that it would be pushing his luck to accompany them to the club that night and that he should stay in the room. The girls left about five and when they were gone he put the high heels back on and walked back and forth in the room for hours. His feet hurt but he was getting the knack of walking in them but it was not second nature for him as yet. He rested for about an hour and then slipped into a little black dress from Victoria’s Secret and put on the black heels. He picked up a little black purse and dropped the room key in it.

He locked the door and caught the elevator to the lobby. He left the Hotel and walked down the street. When he reached the corner he turned and walked back. He liked the sound of the heels clicking on the concrete. He felt pretty and sexy. He went back in the hotel and walked the corridors for an hour and a half before returning to the room. His calves and feet hurt and he took the heels off. He removed the little black dress and carefully hung it in the closet. He wiped the dust off the black pumps and put them in their box.

The next day Angel took him to a shop that catered solely to Transvestites and cross dressers. He found false breasts that fit him perfectly. The clerk couldn’t believe Jen was a male. He bought two sets of falsies, one glue on set and one set to fit inside bras. He also bought a penis restraint that looked like a G-string but would not permit an erection. There were also cock rings that fit around the base of the cock to keep it from an erection. He bought one of those also. The clerk recommended that Ted start a course of female hormones to help the transformation. He was assured all of it was reversible. He said he would try it.