The Diner


Edited by and dedicated to Destiny Parker

Out of the hot, humid and sticky NY summer, where the air was so thick it was hard to breathe, he stepped into the cool, crisp gust of air-conditioning. His shirt was soaked through, as only it can be when its 100 degrees out and there is no shade to hide in. The diner’s air-conditioned interior immediately gave him a welcome chill and he knew this place was going to be his salvation. His earlier meeting went as planned yet he couldn’t get away fast enough. His mind was still reeling from the fight he’d had with his wife. How could she, today of all days, start something? Their summer plans could have waited. They didn’t need to discuss it at 6 am on one of his most important days, but then she always had been selfish.

The logistics of combining their two families had become a primary focus of the marriage. What started out so easily when their kids, of first marriages, were young had become a pain in the ass, as they grew into teenagers. More and more the process was becoming a source of tear-filled arguments. He laughed as he thought to himself that second marriages were supposed to be easy and fun filled. The sex was good but ever more infrequent and the time spent having fun with each other was being replaced with one argument and misunderstanding after another. Ah, what he would give to be single again and unattached.

The waitress came over and handed him the menu as she poured a tall glass of cold water.

“Take your time and figure out what you want. I’ll be back in a bit to take your order. I assume you are in no rush to get back out in that heat?” she said, in a raspy, once sweet, southern drawl. Giving him his space she retreated, seeing he was lost in thought.

“At least someone knows how to do things right,” he mused.

She was a good looking woman. Tall with long, curly, red hair and a chest that was full and straining at the one-size-too-small blouse she was wearing. She was just the far side of being a bit too old for him but she obviously had once had a sweet, shapely figure that she still tried to show off in the hopes of a slightly bigger tip. Again he laughed, as he found himself actually starting to fantasize about her, a waitress almost 20 years his senior at the local diner. “Damn,” he thought. “A few years ago I wouldn’t have given her a second look.”

Just as he was starting to relax, the bell above the door jingled with a shrill tone. The door swung wide open and two young girls, making a grand entrance of it, sauntered in wearing the skimpiest of clothing.

One of them was wearing a white tank top that made obvious the fact that she was not wearing a bra over her small, pert breasts. She was all but poured into a pair of short-shorts that showed off her shapely legs, barely covering her tight, round ass, exposing crescents of white skin at the hem, accentuating the wonderful swell of her behind.

If that wasn’t enough, the second girl was in a powder blue, sleeveless t-shirt also showing no signs of a bra. Her Lithe, 5’7″ body was encased in a short, loose fitting miniskirt that made her legs look twice as long as they really were. All this was deliciously topped off, like the cherries on an ice-cream sundae, by her bright red painted toenails. They crowned her perfectly tanned, sexy feet that were bound by the straps of her supple leather sandals. The straps, which wound up high above her ankles, were pulled taught and tight, just like the silk ropes she enjoyed being tied up with in the privacy of her bedroom.

To top all of this off, both of the girls’ breasts reacted to the coolness of the air-conditioning in the most obvious of ways. Their nipples stood erect and hard, sitting atop their oh-so-perfect tits, poking through the thin gauze of their shirts, calling his name, just asking, no begging to be fondled, touched, licked and nibbled. Yet these women, girls really, were as young as the waitress was old compared to his 49 years. They were not much older than his teenage step-daughter. Yet he couldn’t take his eyes off the tall, leggy one, as beads of sweat were starting to soak through her shirt, taunting him.

The waitress sat the two at a table that gave him an unobstructed view of the beauty with painted toes and ankles wrapped in leather. He wasn’t sure if she was playing a cruel joke at his expense or giving him a present that she knew he would love. She then made her way over to him, her pad out, asking if he was ready to place his lunch order. Realizing he was staring at the young woman, lost in a dream, she cleared her throat and gave him a bit of a bemused look.

“I see the heat’s getting to all of us today,” she laughed.

He turned red and hurriedly ordered a large iced tea and his usual turkey sandwich on rye with Russian and coleslaw. The waitress gave him a knowing wink, smiled and walked away swaying her pretty, heart shaped ass gladly teasing him some more.

The day was getting stranger by the minute. First there was the fight with his wife, then getting caught playing the old lecher by the waitress. Yet there was something güvenilir bahis in her wink and smile that led him to believe he wasn’t the only one having these provocative and stimulating thoughts in the diner this hot, sticky day. Figuring the heat of the day was playing tricks with his mind, he shook his head trying to clear them out.

The waitress came with the glorious, frosty iced tea that he downed in nearly one gulp.

“Another?” the waitress asked smiling.

His nod gave her the answer she needed.

All of a sudden his head felt light and he was feeling a bit dizzy from the chill of the tea. His eyes blurred, and there was a faint ringing in his ears. He wasn’t sure if he could sit upright.

“What is going on?” he thought. “Why am I feeling this way?”He leaned back in the chair and exhaled deeply. Then he realized the young girl in the skirt, the one with those long legs that just wouldn’t quit, was staring straight at him, beaming a smile that made his heart melt and his insides stir.

“Is she really staring at me or am I just imagining it?” he asked himself. “What could she be thinking? Is she teasing me? Why?”

“Damn this isn’t fair!” his mind protested.

Again he closed his eyes to the swirl in his head and hoped when he opened them she would be gone.

Instead when he opened his eyes he was greeted by the redheaded waitress giving him a quizzical look.

“Are you alright?” she inquired as she put another iced tea and his sandwich down in front of him. “Is there anything else I can get you?”

Again, did he see the waitress give him a conspiratorial wink? Usually he was in such control of both his actions and emotions, but whether it was the heat of the day or the fight with his wife, now it seemed he had lost his grip on both

“Maybe I just need some food, need to eat.” he thought to himself.

He waved the waitress off with a pleasant smile and focused on his sandwich like it was a life line. Usually he had the paper and would be reading the sports pages while eating lunch, but in the effort to get out of the heat as quickly as possible he had skipped the newsstand today. Now he had nothing to distract him while eating. One bite after another the sandwich went down. Yet he couldn’t clear his head and had this feeling that someone was looking at him. He scanned the room and again his eyes came to rest on the girl in the skirt. This time he was sure she was looking straight at him. Her girlfriend was chattering away oblivious to the fact that she was not paying attention, but the Skirt held his gaze and wasn’t about to let it go.

The skirt shifted and slowly uncrossed and re-crossed her legs. She draped an arm over the back of her chair and twisted her upper body so her shirt pulled tighter across her chest, making her already hard nipples cry out for more; a taste, a kiss. She was so fucking sexy he couldn’t possibly look away. With a nod of her head, she acknowledged to him that she knew she had his full attention, made clear she was in control, prepared and willing to play with him.

At this point he couldn’t deny the stirring in his crotch as his cock started to swell and get hard. It was he who was doing the shifting now, though it was out of discomfort as well as an attempt to hide his growing member. He had just cooled down from the heat outside and now had begun to sweat from the teasing grin this young beauty was flashing at him. He quickly looked around the diner and realized that they were the only customers in the place. He felt a bit relieved by this. He surely didn’t want to get caught looking with such lust and want at a girl half his age.

When he looked back he was in for the shock of his life. The skirt had spread her legs allowing him to look straight at her sweet, powder blue, tight, skimpy panties. She was slowly and subtly opening and closing her legs causing the thin fabric of her panties to climb up between the lips of her young, clearly shaven, pussy. The folds of the cotton material left nothing to his imagination as it followed the contours and folds of her opening. He could almost imagine her clit poking up behind her blue panties mirroring her erect nipples straining the front of her shirt. And if her nipples were yelling to be nibbled, her clit was a clarion call wanting to suckled and tweaked. If he was starting to stir before it would not compare to what was going on in his pants now, his cock was completely erect, straining against his boxers. He looked up from her crotch, past her hard nipples and to her eyes. He still found her staring straight into his, her lips slightly parted and her tongue slowly licking across their plump, pouty exterior moistening them with the sheen of saliva.

“What’s next?” he thought.”This is too much of a fantasy to be real.”

But the pressure in his pants told another story and left no doubt that he was awake and that the girl was real enough. His hand slowly made its way down and across his lap to rub lightly against his cock through the fabric of his pants. If he wasn’t careful he might cum in his pants and that would türkçe bahis be most embarrassing, topping off the craziness of his day.

He was praying that the waitress would stay in the kitchen and not catch what was going on. This had to stop; it had already gone too far. But he made no move to take his hand from his crotch or to avert his gaze from her exquisite and sensual body. He couldn’t. He wouldn’t.

The skirt wasn’t about to stop herself either, she had other plans for him. After she had worked herself up to a point where her juices were flowing and her wetness was soaking through her thin cotton panties turning them a darker shade of blue , she slowly reached down under the table with her hand and pulled her panties to the side. Now her cunt, with its fine, downy and soft blond pubic hair, was completely open to his view and that pointy little clit was poking through the top of her glistening, swollen labia. She slipped one finger in then a second, lightly teasing the outside of her lips. Beginning to stroke her inner wet walls, strings of pussy juice coated her fingers. So wet and sticky was she, it seemed that his nostrils filled with her scent. Her clit, now very clearly evident and so filled with desire it seemed to increase in size, willing her fingers to play with it. She took her button between two fingers and gently began pinching and teasing her nub. Her juices were now sliding down her thighs and landing on the chair. He was so close to coming in his pants it was almost painful. Never had he seen something so daring, so erotic. He could almost imagine what she tasted like; almost smell her sweaty scent filling the room. Damn!

Then, as if a cannon had shot off, the swinging door from the kitchen slammed opened and closed, bringing him back to reality. He quickly averted his eyes and took another quick bite of his sandwich. Nearly choking he felt his cheeks flush red with embarrassment, yet the waitress seemed to have no clue what was going on. She made her way over to the two girls and asked if they wanted anything more. The skirt’s friend barely stopped talking enough to ask for the check. Within minutes they had paid their bill and made their way out into the afternoon heat without a look back, leaving him with a raging hard on that was going to need attention.

So quickly his private show had ended. In one sense he was disappointed that it was over and in another sense grateful. What a great distraction to his day, though her age made him feel conflicted and old. She really couldn’t have been older than 21. So young, so fresh, so…

“What am I thinking? I should have put a stop to it right away,” he chided himself. “If she was my daughter I would have first decked the guy out and then dragged her back home by her hair and locked her away for a few years,” he thought, shaking his head.

“Can I get you anything more?” The waitress asked breaking into his internal conversation, jarring him back to the present.

“A coffee please,” was all he could manage to say and then asked, “Where’s the bathroom?”

“To the left of the counter and through those double doors,” she replied in a matter of fact tone, showing no inkling that she saw anything that had gone on earlier.

He rose, adjusted himself a bit and walked across the diner. His mind was still on the young girl, her shirt clinging to her nubile tits and the image of her wet pussy with her fingers lightly making their way through her moist lips, poking at her hard, engorged clit. He was sure if it continued a little longer he would have had a mess in his pants. He hadn’t come in his pants since high school when a girlfriend had rubbed him off in his pickup truck in the parking lot of the local stadium. And this, only after he promised not to expose himself to her. Making a mess in his pants in the diner would surely have been a humiliating cap to his day.

He was still a bit hard when he got to the bathroom. The excitement wouldn’t go away. Something needed to be done about it. If he knew he could be alone at home he would drive there before heading back to work and jerk off. As it stood now he knew he needed to relieve the pressure he was feeling between his legs. The bathroom was clean and well lit. The stall was roomy. He knew no one was in the diner so he wouldn’t be disturbed. He laughed at himself. It had been 30 years since he had jerked off in a public restroom like this. Not since he had a roommate in college and he had to use the shared bathroom for privacy.

So he entered the stall and lowered his pants. This wouldn’t take long as he was still a bit erect from the show earlier. He sat down and started to lightly fist his cock. Quickly it reached its full length of around seven inches. His wife had always been happy with the size and shape of his penis. Though very small when flaccid it grew respectably and was of a nice thickness, not too big, so he fit comfortably in her mouth and at times taken in her ass but also a nice full size to fill her pussy. His eyes closed and he was transported back to the table where he could envision the young woman in her güvenilir bahis siteleri skirt. The vision of her pulling her panties to the side, fingering herself, letting the cool air hit directly on her clit, the folds of her lips and the curves of her vulva being spread open by her second hand as the first danced in light, rapid circles over the button of her womanhood, made his cock twitch with each stroke. He could feel his cum rising in his balls as he started to fist himself more quickly. How he would have liked to have a taste of her pussy, to drink her warm and savory nectar. Oral sex was one of his most favorite sexual activities, both giving as well as receiving. A woman straddling his head really grinding herself , her pussy, into his mouth and nostrils, so all he could breath and taste were her juices, now that was heaven, that was bliss.

His eyes were tightly shut at this point, lost in the moment, so when the door to the bathroom opened he could not hear its squeak. Even if he did hear it, it would not have mattered, for he was completely consumed by his fantasy, so ready to explode the only thing he was aware of was the throbbing cock in his hand and the pumping of his fist.

It was the knock on the stall door and the voice of the waitress that brought him crashing back to Earth.

“I saw how she teased you so and the effect it had on you,” she whispered. “To be honest I too was totally taken by her beauty and daring, the way she played with her lovely young slit. How I would have joined her if she had only let me.”

The waitress continued, her voice dripping with excitement, “I know I would have reacted the same way you did because I have. Let me show you. If you would open the stall door I am sure we could help each other out and take care of each other as only adults can. No teasing. I want you inside me.”

He didn’t need to be asked twice. Quickly, he opened the door and saw the redhead in front of him, her shirt already open and her pink bra straining against her full breasts, begging to be released. Her right hand was already lifting her skirt up and inside her white panties rubbing circles around her clit. Her eyes were riveted on his hard and pulsing cock. For a minute or so they both stood still as they watched the other masturbate. Finally, she made the first move by lowering her panties showing him that she truly was a redhead with a nicely trimmed bush of fine red, now wet, pubic hair. Her pussy lips were already swollen and glistening with wetness, slightly open as a sweet, delicate butterfly.

She moved forward and straddled his waist lowering herself onto his hard, warm, throbbing cock. Slipping his member easily into her wet pussy .They both let out a moan and exhale of air as if they had been waiting for this moment their whole life. She completely lowered herself onto him, taking his full cock into her very wet and warm pussy, feeling his veined manhood slide along her now extremely sensitive pussy walls. For what felt like an eternity she didn’t rise up but with the control of experience and practice he felt her tighten herself around him as if milking his cock. He had never had a woman with this type of control. Finally, as slowly as she had lowered herself down, she carefully and with wondrous control, slowly raised herself up only to impale herself again and again on his thick penis. It was as if she was masturbating him with the strong, pulsing muscles of her pussy. This was truly a new experience for him, the feeling of a pussy masturbating his cock.

His hands reached around her, finding the clasp to her bra he deftly unbuttoned it and let it fall by the wayside. Her breasts spilled out, nipples engorged and erect. Thick and full, they were like plump erasers just waiting for the touch of his lips and the caress of his tongue. For a woman of her age her body was surprisingly toned and as sleek as that of a woman half her age. Her breasts were natural yet didn’t sag one bit. This was a woman who took good care of her body and knew how to use it to pleasure both herself and a partner. He leaned forward and took one nipple in his mouth, the other he began rubbing with his open palm on just the very tip. She let out an audible moan. For two people, never having met before, they both knew exactly what the other wanted. It was instinct pure and simple.

With the determination of an experienced lover he made her slow down on his cock. Finally, making her rise completely off of him, reluctantly slipping out of her he had her turn around and close the stall door. Leaning her forward and against the door he lifted her butt in the air and pulled her ass toward him a bit. He spread her cheeks and slowly parted her pussy from behind with his tongue. His nose was slightly pressed against the tight rosebud of her asshole, teasing her there as she loved. She pushed back trying to get his tongue to snake further into her pussy. She ended up pushing hard against his face completely grinding her open and wanting pussy toward him as if to have him disappear inside. The waitress set the pace, his tongue, chin and nose at her disposal. His hand reached around her and started to fondle the fullness of her breasts as if holding on for dear life. Her taste was only to be outdone by the wetness itself. His was becoming completely drenched in her juices.