The Dental Hygienist


Is there anyone in the entire world who LIKES to go to the dentist? I sincerely doubt it. I mean, who wants to go sit in a chair while someone stuffs their fingers and metal tools in their mouth to intentionally do things that will cause them pain? Not me for damn sure! If that wasn’t bad enough the lady that cleaned my teeth was a surly bad-tempered woman who probably went home at the end of the night and threw sharp instruments at her husband for fun. Well, at least that’s the way I envisioned the dental hygienist that my dentist had cleaning my teeth for the last who knows how many years. I was glad when she finally retired.

Her replacement, Mandy, was a breath of fresh air. Thirty-something , long blond hair, though it was always up in some kind of bun on the back of her head. She had a pleasant face to look at, which was nice since that’s the thing you see most during the half hour you lay in her chair. She was well endowed above and well-proportioned everywhere else, though it was hard to tell exactly how well under the almost knee length smock. Yes, she was definitely a breath of fresh air, which I always commented to her when I showed up for my three month cleanings. It used to be six months until I had to have some rather expensive surgery to resolve a problem, now it was every three months.

The other thing I liked about Mandy was that she always seemed to have an appointment open for me at the end of the day so I didn’t have to take a bunch of time off of work. I frequently thanked her for it and generally spent a few minutes after she was done in my mouth just chatting with her. Okay, so it was more like flirting with her, but I was pretty sure that she knew I was just being friendly. Pretty sure, that is, until my last visit when she seemed to press her thirty eight D’s into the side of my face or arm at every opportunity while she worked. How did I know they were thirty eight D’s? That’s easy. She told me, right after I complimented how nicely they filled out her lab coat. I probably shouldn’t have, but then after having them brushing my cheek for half an hour I couldn’t help the bulge in my pants and the load of hormones that even a fifty five year old can’t ignore, running through my veins.

I showed up for my three month appointment at what had become my usual time, ten minutes to five. I often wondered if it bothered her that she had to be the last one gone with me there so late, but then she hadn’t ever seemed to mind. She’d clean my teeth and then we’d chat for a few minutes while she went around and turned off lights, computers and other equipment, finally walking her to her car, since it was dark by the time we were done. As usual she settled me into the chair only a few minutes before the receptionist left for the day. The dentist came in and took a quick look around inside my mouth, checking for cavities and other anomalies before declaring my mouth in good shape and leaving for the day himself. That left only Mandy and myself in the office as she started working on my teeth with the little steel tools, as usual, her chattering away with me grunting occasional responses.

“So it’s been a pretty good day for me. Lots of patients. Makes the day go really fast, ya know? Whew. It’s been hot in here all day. Let me go check the thermostat. I’ll be right back,” she said before getting up and pulling the rubber gloves off. She disappeared out of the room and came back two or three minutes later. “Now where were we?” she asked sweetly as she settled on her little stool and pulled a fresh pair of latex gloves on.

She started working the steel picks around my teeth, cleaning off any tartar she found as she scraped around them and the gum line. “So I went to the lake this weekend with some friends. Do you like going to the lake?” she asked as she leaned against my face with her breast again.

“Uh huh,” I answered with my mouth held open by her probing fingers and tools.

“I haven’t been in years. I didn’t realize how much I missed it,” she said as she shifted again, her breast sliding down my cheek a bit farther as she leaned to look into my mouth better. “I usually wear a one piece swim suit because my boobs are so big , but I bought this new bikini. It was such a small little thing, but I wanted to get a nice tan,” she continued, twisting slightly. As she leaned a little more away from my face toward my feet, I couldn’t help but notice that the second button down on her coat wasn’t done, the material gapping away from her body as she moved.

“So anyway. I wore this tiny little bikini and my tits practically fell out of it every time I bent over. Sometimes they did fall out. Jimmy, that’s my friend’s husband, well, it seemed like he couldn’t keep his eyes off of em. He was staring at them every time they popped out. I bet you’d look too, wouldn’t you? It seems like you like boobs. Are you a boob man? Yeah. I know you are. You get such a nice bulge down there when I’m working on you. Yeah, I can tell you’re canlı bahis şirketleri a boob man. Jimmy is too. God he had such a big hardon when I was wearing that suit. I bet you would too. Now Randy, my other friend’s boyfriend , he said they were just too big. Do you think my boobs are too big?” she asked.

“Uh uh.” I answered, extremely turned on by her monologue.

“Yeah, I figured you’d say that. You seem like the kind of guy that can really appreciate a nice set of boobs.” she said as she scraped around the back of one of my lower molars. “Can you keep a secret?”

“Uh huh.” I answered, still not able to close my mouth.

“Would you like to see em? I mean, just between you and me of course. I’d hate to have it get out that I was flashing my boobs around. But since you are a boob man, and well, I kinda think you’re hot, for an older guy. You wouldn’t tell if I let you see them would you?”

“Uh uh,” I grunted, not quite believing what my eyes had seen in the gap of her coat or the suggestion that she would flash me her tits.

“Good,” she said, pulling her hands from my mouth. “You gotta promise though. This is just between you and me.”

“Um. Yeah. Sure,” I answered, not quite sure what she was going to do.

She set down the dental pick and pushed the little rolling stool she sat on back from the side of the reclined dental chair and undid the top button of her smock and then the button below the one that was already open. She wiggled her shoulders and worked the white lab coat off her shoulders, letting it slide down and off her arms, leaving her completely naked above the waist.

Her tits were not just big, but absolutely massive looking. While she said they were a thirty eight D , there was no doubt in my mind that they were actually closer to a double or triple D. Each large breast hung down her front, forming into a teardrop, her large, almost coffee cup sized areola was a darker brown than her slightly tanned and slightly sunburned breast. Her nipples protruded at least half an inch or maybe even a bit more from the center of the dark areola, practically pointing at my face as she sat in the chair facing me.

“What do you think? Do you think they look nice?”

“God. They’re incredibly sexy!” I answered her honestly, the bulge in my pants growing much harder as she sat and let me stare at them.

“I’d lift them for you, but my hands are gloved. I suppose it wouldn’t hurt if you did though,” she said, rolling the stool down towards my waist, bringing her body within range of my right hand. I probably shouldn’t have, but I did. I mean, we shouldn’t have been doing any of what we were doing right then, but I was clearly thinking with my lower head as I reached my hand to her breast and pressed my palm against her rigid nipple. I gently squeezed and massaged it for a few seconds, seeing her close her eyes and sigh softly. “You have such nice gentle hands. I wouldn’t mind feeling them all over my body,” she said as she stood up from the chair, standing next to me. The lab coat, held in place only by the fact she was sitting, now slid down her body, leaving her completely naked in front of me except for her shoes. Her mound and lips were nearly shaved clean, leaving only a small triangle of curly blond hair on her mound, pointing down invitingly toward her pussy.

“Damn.” I muttered as she stood in front of me.

“I think we better get back to your teeth,” she said, stepping away from my hand and sitting on the chair again, scooting it next to me so her bare breast and rock hard nipple pressed to my cheek. “Open?” she coaxed. “I suppose you’re wondering why I’m sitting here naked with you. Kinda unusual, isn’t it? Well, being at the lake this weekend, having my tits pop out like that in front of Jimmy and Randy got me soooo turned on.” She cooed softly as she worked in my mouth again, her arm motions making her breast wiggle and her nipple stroke my cheek. “I was so damn horny by the end of the first day I just wanted to pull the tiny bikini bottom off and have one of them fuck me. But that wouldn’t have been very good, at least not in front of their significant other. By the time I got home from the lake I had to throw myself on the bed and fuck myself silly with my vibrator. I have a nice one you know. Nice and long and fat. Shaped like a dick. I got thinking about it and I realized that it reminded me a lot of your dick. Well, as much as I could tell from the bulge in your pants. I got to thinking that I’d really like to see your dick.”

“uh?” I asked, wishing I could either talk better or turn my head and suck that nipple that was teasing the shit out of my cheek.

“Yeah. I know. It seems kinda strange. But there’s something about you that really turns me on. Most times I get done doing you I’m so wet that my panties are soaked. Listen to me. Get done doing you. I wish I was doing you. Sometimes I can’t even wait to get home. I have to push my panties off in the car before canlı kaçak iddaa you even walk away and put my fingers in myself.”


“Uh huh. I do. Didn’t know that, did you? If you stood next to my car for a few more seconds you’d have seen me pull my skirt up and take my panties off,” she said as she leaned farther over me. “I go home and fuck myself silly with my vibrator thinking about how big that bulge in your pants is. God I’m so wet right now I can feel my pussy squishing on the seat. Wanna feel?” she asked, standing up and pulling her hands from my mouth and stepping far enough back that I could reach her pussy without bending my arm over backwards. “Go ahead. You can feel me,” she said, noticing my trepidation and hesitation.

“You sure?”

“Oh yeah. Definitely sure!” she said, moving closer to where my hand rested on my own lap, her leg pressing against the side of the chair. She stepped her feet apart almost a foot and a half, spreading her legs and exposing her full round outer lips and delicate looking inner lips protruding from between them. I moved my hand toward her pussy and rolled it over, palm up, to stroke my finger between her wet lips “Ohhhh god yes. Fuck I wanted you to touch me so bad last time you were here. I wanted to stand naked and let you play with my pussy, but you didn’t know. How was I supposed to ask you to stick your fingers in my pussy? Ohhhh damn. You better stop that now or you’re going to make me come!” she said, pulling herself from my hand.


“Oh yeah,” she said, sitting back down and moving back to work on my mouth again. “Ohhhh fuck am I turned on,” she half moaned as she looked down in my mouth again. “You know, I’m almost done with this part. I still need to polish them and after that we’re done. I’d really, really like to see your cock before I’m done. How ’bout it?” she asked softly, scraping around another tooth. “If your pants just happened to get open and slide down to your knees you’d be almost as naked as I am, well at least that part of me. I’d sure like to see that,” she cooed softly as she picked here and there in my mouth. “I’d do it myself, but my hands are gloved and I’d hate to have to change gloves again.”

“Uh huh,” I agreed, deciding quickly, though maybe not intelligently, to follow her suggestion. It only took a few moments for me to get my pants open and then work my pants and boxers down to my knees, leaving me naked from the waist to my knees, my hard cock sticking straight up in the air.

“Ohhhhh damn. That looks even better than I’d imagined. It’s gotta be what, eight and a half or nine inches long?”

“Uh uno,” I managed to get out instead of ‘I don’t know ‘.

“Well, looks like nine to me,” she said before pulling her hands from my mouth. She stood up and stepped next to me, standing where I could easily reach her pussy while she reached for the water and vacuum hose. “Why don’t we rinse,” she said with a smile as my fingers slipped between her legs again, teasing back and forth across her wet lips. “Mmmmm god your fingers feel good in my pussy. I see something else that would feel good in there too,” she said as she worked the water sprayer around my teeth and let the vacuum suck the water from my mouth. “Now I need to polish your teeth. I’ve never done anything quite like this before, but if your cock just happened to get all lubricated with my juices I might be tempted to sit on your cock while I do this next part.”

I grinned to myself as she pulled the vacuum from my mouth and reached to my own cock, smearing her juices and my own pre-cum around my engorged head.

“ohhhh god yes. That looks so good. You just hold it like that,” she said as she moved to the end of the chair and knelt over my legs. She slowly walked her way up my body, pushing the light out of the way as she moved closer to me. She lifted herself up over my cock and then lowered herself slightly. “Just rub that between my lips. Ohhhh yeah. Just like that. Soooo good. Fuck I want it inside me. See if you can get it lined up… Oh yeah. Right there. Feel it right there? Fuuuuuuuuck!” she moaned as she settled her weight down on my cock, my mushroom head resisting her as it tried to spread her entrance, finally expanding her to allow my cock into her soft vaginal tunnel. “Ohhhh god yes!” she moaned loudly as she lowered herself down several inches and then lifted again, allowing her juices on my shaft to lubricate her lips. She lowered down again, sliding me into her farther. Up and down she moved, working more of me into her until her clit was pressed to the base of my cock and I was fully enveloped by her hot soft pussy.

“Damn,” I groaned as she rocked slowly, working my cock around inside her pussy. She wiggled around on my lap, sliding her legs off of the chair so they hung down both sides. I felt her lean to the side as she felt around for the foot pedal, my cock fully buried in her as she sat astraddle me.

“Now. If we’re going to canlı kaçak bahis do this, you have to keep your mouth open.” She said with a smile. “If you can’t then we can’t do it this way.”

“I’ll do my best,” I said breathlessly as she reached for the high speed air tool and dipped the little rubber cup into the paste. She leaned towards me, her huge tits pressing against my chest and her face hovering surprisingly close to mine as she pushed the tool into my mouth and began working it around my teeth.

“I’ve never done anything like this. Kinda kinky, but hey, if it lets me sit on your cock…” she said with a smile. “I know. You don’t understand why a nice young girl like me would like to sit on an older guy’s lap like this. Well, I paid for my school by being an exotic dancer. Yeah, that’s right: I used to be a stripper. You don’t make shit on the stage, but the lap dances, that’s where you really make the money. I could make a thousand dollars in one night. Of course, most of my customers for that were older guys. Some of them were just kinda… oh well. This is nice. But their dicks didn’t hardly get hard. That was a shame because I got used to snuggling up to older guys. Of course the bouncers wouldn’t ever let us get a guy’s cock out and play with it. That wasn’t allowed. But on a few special occasions I did sneak a handjob in for a really good customer. Does that turn you on? Thinking about me dancing on a stage?”

“Sorta,” I answered as she pulled the air tool out of my mouth to get more paste.

“Yeah, I thought it would,” she said, wiggling her hips on mine before pressing the pedal and starting on my upper teeth.

“Anyway, I got really turned on by how gentle some guys were. I mean, the younger guys I’ve been out with are too much… oh bang me. Oh suck me, oh let me get off. And then they’re done and leave you hanging. Lots of older guys are like that too. But some of them, like you, are more considerate. I mean, you walk me to my car to make sure I’m safe and you’re always a perfect gentleman, even when I’m sticking my tits in your face. I can see you get turned on, but you just lay there and try not to make a big deal out of it. Well, you’re the nicest guy I’ve done in here. No, not that way,” she said before I could respond. “You’re actually the ONLY guy I’ve done that way in here,” she said as she pulled the tool out. “Okay. Let’s rinse now,” she said, pulling the water gun and vacuum over to rinse my mouth. She worked the water around, getting all of the gritting paste out of my mouth, leaving only the mint taste behind.

She pulled off her gloves and then the paper bib from around my neck. “I think we should take this off too,” she said, reaching for my shirt. She pushed it up and helped work it over my head, hanging it carefully on the roll-around stool. With a grin she felt around on the floor with her foot and then lowered the chair closer to the floor. “You know. I’m so fucking horny that it’s going to take me no time at all to get off. So I hope you’re not too disappointed if this goes fast.”

“Don’t worry, I promise not to be disappointed,” I answered as I moved my hands to her hips. She started to lift and drop herself on me, her feet pressing on the floor on either side of the chair to support her weight. She leaned towards me, letting her big tits drag across my chest with each stroke, her eyes closed as she sighed.

“Ohhh god you feel good inside me. There were some guys at the club that I might have wanted to do this on. One guy in particular. He loved to have me dance on his lap. He came in once every few weeks if he knew I was on and would let me do half a dozen dances on him, his fingers teasing over my whole body. A few times I pushed my crotch right in his face and let him kiss my pussy. God he loved that. I always got a really big tip if I did that. We weren’t supposed to of course. The bouncers were there to keep the guys from touching the wrong places, but sometimes I could sneak one in. Fuck you feel good in me,” she moaned as she slowly rode up and down on me, my cock plunging unhurriedly in and out of her. Each time she settled down on me I could hear the gentle squish of our juices as she impaled herself on my rigid cock again. “You enjoying this?”

“More than I can put into words,” I grunted, feeling the tingle spreading through my body as she pushed my excitement higher with each stroke.

“Sometimes I’d go home and fuck myself silly with my dildo, pretending I was riding some older guys cock in the back room. Ohhhh shit I think I’m going to come!”

“Uh huh. Me too,” I groaned, trying to hold back.

“If you’d have come in would you have watched me on stage and then wanted me to give you a lap dance?”

“Without a doubt,” I groaned. “God you’re sexy!”

“Mmmmmm I like hearing that. I like knowing that you’d have wanted me to dance naked for you. I bet you’d have wanted me to pull your cock out and sit on it like this too.”

“Oh fuck yes,” I groaned, knowing that she had pushed me past the point of no return, with my climax moments away.

“God I can feel you getting fatter inside me. You’re going to come, aren’t you? You’re going to fill my dirty little cunt with your cum, aren’t you?”